Monday, October 26, 2015

COSME DECORTE Liposome Treatment Liquid ❤

COSME DECORTE introduces the all-new Liposome Treatment Liquid, a ‘super lotion’ that harnesses the power of liposomes to immediately change the skin, bringing about instant, tangible effects.

Designed to awaken the potential of every single skin cell, Liposome Treatment Liquid instantly penetrates deep into skin, allowing it to stay moisturised for hours. As a result, the skin’s texture is refined, the T-zone is shine free, and there are no visible pores or blemishes. With frequent use, expect to notice improved clarity and hydration.

The technology behind Liposome Treatment Liquid is no less impressive, featuring a first in the beauty industry – the multi-layered liposome lotion is developed by applying two types of phospholipids suited to a lotion form. The newly-developed Potential Maximizer (PMZ) expands the ‘skin capacitors’ to enhance their cell repair function and cellular response. 

It does so with the help of two key ingredients: Eriobotrya Japonica Leaf extract and Ruscus Aculeatus Root extract. The former possesses strong anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory properties, and also boosts cell activity. The latter stimulates the production of filaggrin, a natural moisturising factor. It also increases the production of aquaporin, thus promoting the formation of a healthy keratin layer.

You can now experience this beauty evolution today by requesting a complimentary COSME DECORTE Liposome Treatment Liquid sample at You can choose to pick up your sample at COSME DECORTE counters in Isetan KLCC, Isetan Gardens, Parkson Gurney Plaza and Parkson Pavilion (opening in November).

That's not all, you can also join a simple contest -- #MYLIPOSOMEMOMENT, and stand to win a COSME DECORTE Hamper worth RM550.00! Just share your experience of using Liposome Treatment Liquid on COSME DECORTE Malaysia Facebook (also at A total of 16 winners’ hamper sets await you when you participate in this contest. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page. 

More information can be found on and our Facebook page at

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Journey to Hello Kitty In Oz Begins! ❤

Hello Kitty as the Great Witch of Oz made her way to Malaysia! 
Hello Kitty as the Great Witch of Oz has made her way to Malaysia! Giving the public a small taste of the upcoming Oz inspired attraction opening in Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour, Johor on 31st October 2015, the 'Journey to Oz' roadshow will kickstart at Quill City Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL from 23rd October to 25th October, before making its trail in various other states around the country. Visitors to Quill City Mall can look forward to being the first to hear the call of the Great Witch to save the enchanted Land of Oz.

Group photo of the VIPs
General Manager of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town - Mr Fakhruddin Najumudeen posed with Hello Kitty standee (: 
The 'Journey of Oz' roadshows will tour around the country to spread Hello Kitty's call for Heroes as well as bring a part of the Hello Kitty in Oz experience to her fans. Hello Kitty in Oz is a themed attraction brought by Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. Inspired by the timeless Wizard of Oz classic, it presents a whimsical fusion of Hello Kitty and the Wizard of Oz, bringing the cast of both stories  to life - the first of its kind in South East Asia.

Received a love letter from the Great Witch of Oz 
The Hello Kitty in Oz is specially curated for her fans and their families, who can participate in the Search of Oz - a search and win activity. Visitors will also enjoy character appearances from Hello Kitty, lucky draws, colouring activities for the children and a themed setting for photo opportunities.

In tandem with this new attraction, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town will also be opening a special Hello Kitty in Oz retail shop that will carry exclusive limited edition Hello Kitty in Oz collectibles merchandises.

Look at the cute Hello Kitty tote bag! 
Some of Hello Kitty as the Great Witch of Oz merchandises
Cute Hello Kitty figurines (:
With activities suitable for the entire family, Hello Kitty in Oz promises to be a big hit with the young and young at heart. For more information on the roadshow dates for Hello Kitty in Oz happening at the various states, please visit Sanrio Hello Kitty Town's Facebook page: or visit the official Instagram page:

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The Launch of Go Shop Chinese Segment in Channel 318! ❤

Go Shop, the first home-grown 24/7 multi-platform lifestyle shopping channel is now available in Mandarin on TV (Channel 318 on Astro and NJOI), Astro On The Go, online and mobile commerce platforms, offering an anytime-anywhere retail experience.

The models in the traditional costumes (:
Go Shop by Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (Astro), a leading integrated Southeast Asia consumer media entertainment group and GS Home Shopping Inc., a leading Korean multimedia retailer, was built on success of commercial launch of BM Channel 118 on 30th Jan 2015 with over 500,000 products ordered till July 2015.

The launch started off with a lion dance performance. The lions, decorated with LED lights, were dancing according to the beat of PSY - Gangnam Style.

It was then followed by the launch of Go Shop Chinese Segment - Channel 318 whereby all the VIPs were given traditional Korean drums to hit 3 times to officiate the ceremony.

VIPs are ready to officiate the launch of Go Shop Chinese Segment
Group photo of VIPs, Go Shop ambassadors and hosts (:
Go Shop selects only the best for each product from different categories (beauty, health and wellness, home appliances and kitchenware, living, sports and leisure, digital and many more) so that consumers can enjoy ultimate convenience and peace of mine with authentic items, great value from innovative product bundling, return policy, warranties and free shipping in Peninsular Malaysia.

Some of the products which were sold in Go Shop were displayed during the launch such as Laneige BB Cushion, Korean Red Ginseng, Lexpa Fitness Bike and Hurom Slow Juicer.

I even had the opportunity to try out the Laneige BB Cushion and frankly speaking I am a huge fan of BB Cushion and definitely this is a good choice to purchase from Go Shop. Miss Camelia from Laneige explained to us that the products sold in Go Shop somewhat are cheaper especially those comes in sets. So I would suggest to you guys to purchase in Go Shop.

Other than that, I also had the chance to try out the Korean Red Ginseng and it tasted almost like herbal tea. Good choice for the ladies especially for those who wish to try their Korean Red Ginseng. 

Well, I have to say that Hurom Slow Juicer is one of my favourite products sold in Go Shop as Hurom's exclusive auger works just like a manual citrus juicer, but with more pressure. It gently squeezes the juice out of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains without damaging the vital nutrition, colour and flavour. I shall get one for myself and start making my healthy juices. (: 

What’s more, products are demonstrated to provide an audio-visual experience to help customers understand the features and benefits of each product. The Go Shop hosts are local, trained to sell via TV and they undertake their own research on the products in order to localize the demo to serve better to the customers.

The Channel 318 Go Shop hosts are TV host and producer Ho Hai Chyi, dance choreographer and Astro Talent Quest 2003 runner-up Ezen Chan, former AEC news anchor Jenny Lim, Miss Astro Chinese International 2010 winner Emily Yap, actress, TV personality and radio announcer Emely Poon, MY FM radio host Catherine Ang and former copywriter and working mother Lim Ying Ling.

Go Shop ambassadors and hosts (:
Since everyone was busy taking selfies with the celebrities, I also took this chance to take selfies with both of the Go Shop ambassadors, Mr Jason Phang and Miss Gan Mei Yan. They were so nice and willing to take selfie with me. Thank you so much for being so friendly! (:

A selfie shot with Jason Phang (left) and Mei Yan (right). 
For more information or should you want to check out their best-selling products in Go Shop, do check out their official website here: Go Shop is also on Facebook: I can't wait to go shopping at Go Shop now. *wide grin*

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Monday, October 19, 2015

[Beauty Review] Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam 14-Day Challenge ❤

Most of you would have known that Avène is famous for their Spring Water many years ago. To those who are not aware, they also launched their own skincare which addresses certain types of skin concern. 

I received Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam, Avène Spring Water, Avène Gentle Toner, Avène Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream and Avène Day Protector UV EX two weeks ago and decided to take up the 14-day challenge to try out these products. 

Let me started off by reviewing their Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam. This cleansing foam for face and eyes are specifically formulated for normal to combination, sensitive skin. 

Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam
The texture of the Cleansing Foam is light and not creamy. It does NOT contain PARABEN and it is suitable for oily to combination skin and sensitive skin too. The key ingredients of the Gentle Cleansing Foam includes Patented Glutamic Acid which mattifies and controls the excess oil, Gentle CleansingBase which cleanses and removes makeup thoroughly on face and eyes and Hydrating Agents which leaves skin soft and supple. 

This soap-free cleanser is gentle and removes all the impurities on my skin leaving my skin soft. It also helps to regulate excess sebum production. You can apply to dry or damp face. Always remember to massage with fingertips focusing n T-zone and rinse thoroughly. 

Avène Thermal Spring Water
Next step to use Avène Thermal Spring Water to soften, calm and soothe the face. Avène Thermal Spring Water takes in vital minerals and trace elements as it filters through the rocks of the River Orb Valley. Avène is widely recognized as number 1 in French pharmacies among dermo-cosmetic skincare brands and also the most recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists worldwide. 

If your skin feels dry or itchy, Avène Thermal Spring Water is the right product to use. Sometimes I even use this to spray on a piece of dry mask and place on my face for 2 to 3 minutes whenever I feel my skin is dry. You can choose to spray as often as necessary especially after exercise, sunburn or to set makeup too. 

If you are looking for a mild toner, I guess Avène Gentle Toner is the right one for you. This gentle toner is suitable for sensitive skin and does not contain any alcohol content which will dry out your skin. It also can be used to rebalance your skin and is formulated with natural silicates to protect skin from external causes of dryness, leaving skin soft and fresh.

I love how this tone helps to soften my skin and it leaves my skin feels fresh each time I uses it. Whenever I feel my skin is slightly sensitive especially after I have done my laser treatment, this would be the perfect toner to go for since it is gentle on my skin.

Avène Hydrance Optimal Light Hydrating Cream
Next is to apply moisturizer on your skin. Never ever try to skip moisturiser because it's one of the basic steps that no one should skip. Avène Hydrance Optimal Light Hydrating Cream is al lightweight daily facial cream which is formulated to mimic the eye's perfect moisturising system. 

This cream helps to restore skin's barrier and prevents moisture loss. I like this lightweight cream as it absorbs onto my skin easily leaving my skin fresh and soft after application. You will also notice that your texture are even out after using the cream. Certain cream will cause some itchiness on my skin but definitely this cream will not do that on my face. 

Avène Day Protector UV EX cream
Before you go out especially in the morning, try out this Avène Day Protector UV EX cream. This cream contains SPF 30 PA+++ which does not leave the skin feeling sticky each time applying it. Best of all, this is suitable for sensitive skin. I like how it is lightweight and absorbs easily onto my skin. Try to apply this everyday before you leave for work since it has sunblock protection to protect you from harmful UV rays. 

Overall Avène skincare range is suitable for those who have sensitive, oily to combination and dry to combination skin. You can choose to use whichever range which are suitable for your skin. I love how it helps to soothe my skin especially when I have outdoor outing the whole day and the Avène Thermal Spring Water always come to the rescue of my sunburns and tired skin. On the lighter note, I believe that this is a good skincare range to try for those who have eczema or sensitive skin. 

For more information on these products from Avène, do drop by at their Facebook page:

Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the products were sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Launch of Baby Foot, Dot Free and PureVivi ❤

We are fortunate enough to experience the newborn beauty as Watsons Personal Care Stores incorporate with Cason Trading Sdn Bhd to give us back the reborn youth by bringing in 3 new Japan brands into Malaysia - Baby Foot, DotFree and PureVivi.

Baby Foot in two sizes - M and L size
The launch took place at Ossoto Spa KL and the guests were told to change the outfits into Ossoto comfortable sleepwear. It felt like as if we were having pyjamas party. Woohoo!!~~ *wide grin* 

L-R: PureVivi Cleansing Lotion and DotFree
The team used Bonavoce waterproof eyeliner to draw on my left hand upon arrival of the venue. They told us that they would be using the PureVivi Cleansing Lotion to remove the eyeliner effectively. 

Jenn Chia was the emcee of the day who is the new 8tv Quickie host. She launched the event by welcoming the Watsons VIPs whom are Ms Caryn Loh, the General Manager, Ms Hamilah, the Admin Manager, Ms Shureen Lim, Marketing Manager and Mr Jude Benjamin Lisa, the Assistant Marketing Manager followed by Siew Phooi, the buyer and the rest of the honoured guests. 

Jenn Chia and Cheesie (:
Cheesie was there to attend the launch because she is the beauty ambassador for Cason's Trading which carries the Baby Foot, DotFree and PureVivi. Cheesie also shared some beauty tips and did same live demonstration on one of the guests in order to show us the effectiveness of the beauty products - DotFree All-In-One Essence and Purevivi Cleansing Lotion. 

After the product demonstration, all the guests had the opportunity to try out the Baby Foot Easy Pack treatment - a foot mask which is created to remove unwanted dead skin cells from the feet in just 7 days. It's effective, simple to use yet effortless. We would only need 30 minutes to leave on our feet in Baby Foot Easy Pack at home. I personally have tried this mask before when I got it during Nuffnang event previously and I loved it a lot. (: 

Baby Foot Easy Pack

Our feet wrapped in the plastic during the treatment (:
Since we had to wait for 30 minutes before removing the baby foot treatment pack, we proceed to try out the DotFree and PureVivi products. Dot Free All-In-One Essence does not leave any sticky feeling on the skin and the best part was it absorbs easily into the skin. 

Dot Free All-in-One Essence (:
Another product which fascinates me the most was PureVivi Cleansing Lotion. This cleansing lotion is a water-based cleansing lotion which is a 4-in-1 multipurpose cleansing lotion. It is used to remove makeup, acts as a cleanser, moisturizer and soothe the redness and itch on the skin.

I applied the Cleansing Lotion on the cotton pad and placed it on the hand which the team drew on my hand previously and leave for few seconds before removing the cotton pad from the specified area. 

To my surprise, the waterproof eyeliner on my hand was completely removed without any residues left on my hands. My jaw almost dropped when I saw the results. 

After that, we were given a tub full of water to wash our feet after 30 minutes. We removed the plastic from the feet and soaked our feet into the tub and washed it.

Can't wait to see the results after 7 days (:
The launch ended with a group photo session with the media. I seriously can't wait to drop by Ossoto Spa for the 3rd round and enjoy the spa session with my girlfriends. Anyway, I was glad to be able to meet up with some of the bloggers since I have not been attending events for quite some time.

With lovely JQ and I (:

Anyway thank you Cason Trading and Watsons Malaysia for having me. I can't wait to do reviews of the products I have received so stay tuned to my blog! Will do a more detail post on these products soon. For more information on these products, you may visit

Group photo with the media (: 

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jeannie Mai and Sazzy Falak Made An Appearance at How Do I Look Asia Launch! ❤

Holla readers! I have been pretty stressed up lately. Time flies super fast. In a blink of an eye, it's already mid of October and a few more months to end year 2015. Today I would like to share with you guys that I had the opportunity to meet up with Miss Jeannie Mai and Miss Sazzy Falak at the "How Do I Look Like Asia" launch which was held a month ago. *jaw drop* 

DIVA has brought the iconic US TV show to Malaysia, giving selected individuals a makeover from head-to-toe with the help of the celebrity stylist on the show. The US version of the show is hosted by the gorgeous celebrity stylist Jeannie Mai. 

How Do I Look? Asia is the Asian version of NBC Universal Formats’ makeover series How Do I Look? How Do I Look? Asia is available on DIVA – NBC Universal International Television’s leading women’s entertainment channel in the region. 

The show follows a professional stylist who helps style-challenged participants to get a fresh, new look through fun and glamorous makeovers. While learning vital tips to keep their style from going astray, the participants discover more about themselves and gain a brighter outlook on life. 

Both Jeannie and Sazzy shared some of beauty tips with the members of the floor.
The series features host Sazzy Falak, a team of local fashion experts and leading style icons, and appearances by Jeannie Mai – the face of the US How Do I Look? – in each episode. Sazzy will help fashion-challenged participants revamp their look through glamorous makeovers. 

Did I tell you guys that I had the once-a-lifetime opportunity to take a photo with Jeannie and Sazzy??!! *jaw drop* I was too excited for this! She is my idol. :D 

Jeannie is so friendly and nice. We requested for a selfie and she agreed to take a wefie with us despite having the group photo already. Yay! :D 

Group shot with Sazzy and Jeannie :D 
There were many activities on that day from fun activity booths to fashion and beauty makeovers. Kah Mon did her hair and face makeover while I did my manicure. 

Hair Makeover
Free Manicure
We had the opportunity to play with sunnies and accessories and took a few photos to bring home as memories. 

With my dearie, Kah Mon
Time to play some accessories. Thank you Zalora! :D
DJ Patricia K was the emcee of the day. I always love how she speaks during events. She is so friendly and gorgeous! Finally I had the opportunity to take a selfie with her! *wide grin* 

Patricia K and I (: 
That's not all, I had the chance to meet up with some of my babes in the launch and enjoyed chitchatting with them as usual. 

Babe Shivani and I. (: 
Group shot of us (:
Since it was all about fashion, I tried so hard to dress up nicely but in the end I chose to wear all black from top to bottom. 

Outer Wear - Sleeveless Vest from MNG 
Top - Black Spaghetti Top from Forever 21
Bottom - Black Jeans from Armani Exchange 
Shoes - Maroon Suede Pump from Clarks 
Accessories & Bag - Pandora, Ed Hardy and Longchamp 

Thank you Clozette for having me! I had so much fun with my babes and of course not forgetting to have fun chitchatting with Jeannie Mai and Sazzy Falak. (:

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