Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sorella Private Workshop ❤

It was my pleasure to be invited by Sorella to attend a private workshop with the bloggers a few weeks ago. Frankly speaking it's been awhile since I attended events and I was thrilled to meet my friends after so long.

Sorella Boutique is located at 1st Floor at Tropicana City Mall (:

I had the opportunity to have private session with Sorella Lingerie Guru from Taiwan, Miss Chen who has more than 30 years experience in lingerie industry to teach us on how to look after our lingeries, ways to wash our lingeries. FYI, Sorella is a brand from Singapore which is founded in 1975.

Sorella believes that every woman's innate felinity should be treasured and celebrated. They provide unparalleled support, superior shaping, desired toning and overall flawlessness through their high quality lingerie, with the purpose of highlighting and enhancing the natural beauty and sexy curves. 

Miss Chen shared with us some of the tips during the workshop and here are the 5 Ways to Make Your Body Look Hotter

1. The Importance of Body Measurement 
  • pros for right measurement 
  • to build reliable impression 
  • minimize bust size error for an individual 
  • able to fit in the right piece of bra to enhance the body curve line 
  • to save time and avoid trouble for goods exchange 

2. Ensure you are in a RIGHT size 
  • - Measure lower bust to ensure bra size as in 32 inches (70 cm), 34 inches (75 cm), 36 inches (80 cm) and etc. 
  • How to get a right cup size 
    • measure upper bust, and minus the number of lower bust to get the right cup size 

Lower Bust Measurement in Centimetre (CM)
70 size - 68 - 72cm 
75 size - 73 - 77 cm 
80 size - 78 - 82 cm 
85 size - 83 - 87 cm 
90 size - 88 - 92 cm
95 size - 93 cm and above 

Cup Size Measurement 
A cup - 10 - 12 cm
B cup - 13 - 14 cm 
C cup - 15 - 17cm 
D cup - 18 - 19 cm 
E cup - 20 - 22 cm 
F cup - 23 - 25 cm 
G cup - 26 cm and above 

3. 7 Steps to Cross Check after Wearing your Inner Wear 

  • When putting on a bra, do bend down to 45 degree, allowing your breast to fall a little slightly before fasten the bra hook.
  • Adjust the bra strap to ensure its comfortable and move left or right for 2 - 3 times to ensure the breasts are nicely placed. 
  • Bend down again by placing one hand into the cup and use a sweeping motion to lift your breast up into the cups to ensure whole breasts are fitted into whole cup. 
  • Hold on to the side bra panel, use one hand to make a sweeping motion again into your breast to ensure nipples are at the right place of bra 
  • To move bra cup slightly to the back, ensure there is no lining on the bra side panel 
  • Lastly make a little movement for hands up and down to ensure your bra are well fitted even you do any movements. 

  • 4. Cleaning Maintenance 
    Before Cleaning 
    • Ensure the washing symbols on the bra
    • Pick the right detergent 
    • Sequences of Cleaning
      • Preferably to hand wash it 
        • Soak the bra in water with detergent up to 30 minutes 
        • Cleaning Bra Cup with using side band. 
        • Press on the cup size slightly by using "fist" way to dry the water from each cup
        • Let it dry naturally by avoiding dryer 
        • Hang the bra upside down while drying to avoid the bra from out of the shape.

    Way to Keep a Bra 
    • Ensure the bra is fully dry 
    • To avoid the bra from getting out of shape, kindly keep all the bras in align and place on top of clothes or special drawer 

    5. When to Change to a New Piece?

    How long is your time frame to getting a bra change? Bra do stand an important role for every ladies. Do you aware that there is an expired date for a bra? 

    FYI, the longest time frame for a bra life sustainable up to 6 months (approximately 90 wash). A bra which expired after 6 months, it could generate some bad effect towards our boost shape such as out of shape. If you realize the bra is not longer fit and so happen that were your favourable piece, be aware, it could cause your breast out of shape and even the most worst situation as in bad illness might affect your daily lifestyle.

    6 Messages to Show That Your Bra is Already OLD

    1. Your bra is moving upward to often

    Sometimes this could cause major ladies in an awkward moment. Major of us feeling uncomfortable when you find our bra moving upward and you just would like to pull in down and back to where it is supposed to be. Have you imagined how are we going to do it especially when we are at such a public area? The reason why our bra moving upward continuously is because of bra elastic no longer stretchable or perhaps you might not getting a right size during your purchase.

    2. Bra strap dropped off from the shoulder easily

    There are 2 facts. First, your bra size either too small nor loose. Second fact, you have been wrong pick for the bra which not suitable to your body. Everyone is unique and same goes to their body shape hence we should pay attention to pick a right bra and its strap according to an individual shoulder. The more thick design of its bra strap, the stronger holding power. So happen to thin bra strap, it may looks fashionable and sexy but in the meanwhile it hardly to provide best support to our breast. The longer we wear in a thin bra strap, the easier our boost running out of shape.

    3. Indentations on your breasts

    When you taking off your bra and thought proceed to a relaxing shower, you realizes there is an irritating indentations around your boobs. This is the reason that you might getting yourself a smaller cup size instead of actual size you have. If you thought this is a best way to enhance your sexiest cleavage, this is a big NO to your breast. It will cause the original fat from your breast getting out of your boobs as in it is running out of shape and of cause this could make your breast getting smaller perhaps. Our breast are made form by 70% of fats, when fats not longer in shape, that’s the reason why our breast look smaller than what we are. 

    4. Small sizes of bra cause breast pressure 

    If you find there is some pressure or too tight on your breast after put on your bra, we can be sure that the bra size is way too small for you. Some individual would like to get a smaller cup to put on in order to enhance deeper cleavage. However this could drive huge damage to our breast shape and might cause breast illness as bad in blood circulation, causing running out of shape and the worst it could generate another small little breast at side of our bra strap if any.

    Miss Chen also introduced to us the special product enhancer from Sorella which are Cool Fabric and Far Infrared Rays which are launched to enhance your cleavage and gives more support. 

    Cool Fabric 
    Dreamy Crystal
    • Unique massage padding which generates blood circulation well 
    • 13 cm high side panel to provide better coverage 
    • Inner wiring with seamless design
    • 2 cm lower elastic band to enhance cleavage 
    • "U back" design to provide a better outlook no matter what you wear 
    • Available in Green and Black

    Far Infrared Rays 
    Dazzling Night 
    • Breathable padding for better breathability in such a hot weather 
    • High panel to provide well support 
    • Bra cup in 3D design to give more uplift
    • Inner wiring with seamless design 
    • 2cm lower elastic band to enhance sexy cleavage 
    • Colour available in Black and Purple 

    Romantic Whisper 
    • 2cm lower elastic band to enhance sexy cleavage 
    • 2.5 cm AQUA padding 
    • Refreshing while wearing in summer hot weather 
    • Push up from A to C cup instantly 
    • Colour available in Blue and Pink 

    The newly launched bra from Sorella (: 

    Miss Chen gave us some one-to-one personal consultation on how to wear the bra correctly, the right bust and cup size measurement and which bra design and functionality we should go for before deciding on which to choose. 

    I was given the opportunity to try out Body Contour by Sorella bra which is their unique luxury range specially aimed at combining the benefits of quality materials, leading design and technology to bring the very best in comfort and support. 

    Could not decide on which colour to choose.
    Body Contour by Sorella offers supreme functionality, providing additional support and shaping to give every woman lift and tone where they need it most. With anti-odour, anti-static, anti-bacterial properties and breathability integration, this range has a strong focus on superior support, deep cleavage and shaping to unveil the ultimate in your feminine allure.

    With its price range and focus on functionality, Body Contour is ideal for working executives. This unique Body Contour bra moulds perfectly to the shape of the breasts, taking from an A to C cup instantly with their unique 'more air, less fluid-filled' padding. 

    Yours truly with Miss Chen. She is a hot grandma! :D

    Here are the advantages of wearing the right lingerie as shared by Miss Chen:

    • Getting Firm
    • Getting Slim
    • Firmer Skin
    • Bye bye to body fat
    • Confidence booster
    • More selection for fashion
    • Getting Lighten

    Not forgetting taking selfie shots with my friends whom I have not been seeing them for awhile was a bliss. It's been awhile since I have attended events and it's truly a fruitful workshop when I get to meet all my friends again. 

    L-R: Kelly and Renee (:

    L-R: Shini and Angeline (: 

    From this workshop, I have learnt a lot on how to wear my bra properly and at the same time learning about the right bust size measurement for the right cup size. Thank you Sorella Malaysia for having us! To those who wish to know more about their products, log on to their website or Facebook page for more information and tips on how to wear / maintain your bra. 


    Group photo with Ms Chen (: 

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    Tuesday, May 26, 2015

    [Beauty Review] Kainda Velvety Body Lotion ❤

    Hola guys and girls! Today I am back with a beauty review again! How are you doing? My image hosting did not work well for almost a week now and I could not upload my photos in the website at all. So freaking frustrated. Thus I have to delay a lot of blog posts due to this problem. Sorry guys! 

    Anyway today I would like to share a review of body lotion from Kainda which is Kainda Velvety Body Lotion. Kainda Velvety Body Lotion is an all-over-the-body skin conditioner with a wealth of vitamins, oil extracts and minerals to hydrate, soothe and restore dry skin.

    Kainda is generally a good option for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities even though everyone's personal chemistry varies.

    In all of Kainda products, Kainda has made their packaging as close to environmentally friendly as possible by using PET "1" bottles, all plastic closures, environmentally safe label materials, printing and cardboard packaging, so that we can recycle or reuse all of their materials.

    It comes with a pretty design box to suit their brand's name.
    If you guys have no idea what Kainda means, let me share this with you. Kainda (meaning "The Hunter's Daughter") is a fierce warrior and noble leader who leads others towards a better world. Her natural instinct is to defend the purity of the living and the land. She harnesses the power of the natural environment to maintain equilibrium in her home and her environment. Strong of mine and intuitive by nature, she inspires others to follow in her footsteps.

    Velvety Body Lotion comes in two flavours which are Hashiki and Jasiri. This premium lotion is formulated with Mango Butter, Macadamia Oil, Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil which is perfect for everyday use on all skin types - for luscious skin that is irresistibly soft and smooth to the touch.

    I received Velvety Body Lotion in Hashiki which is a citrusy bouquet comprising of Bergamot, Orange and Fresh Herns that radiates from a floral heart of Rose, Orange Blossom and Lily of the Valley. The scent is held by a musky yet sweet base of Cedarwood and Vanilla which is quite refreshing. 

    Kainda fragrance products do not contain any phthalates, nitromusk and any of their derivative compounds due to their known carcinogenic properties. 

    • Avocado Oil - to hydrate and rejuvenate skin cells 
    • Chamomile and Lemon Balm - to smooth and reduce skin irritation 
    • Lavender - to soothe the skin, mind and body 

    As for the feedback of the product, I like its creamy texture of the lotion which will remain on the skin for a while after applying on the body. You do not need to apply much on the body as the small amount of the lotion is sufficient enough to be applied all over the body (depending on the surface area of the body). I rub the lotion on the skin until it's fully absorbed and the results are amazing. My skin is soft and smooth and in fact it actually lasts till the next morning. The lotion actually stays on my skin overnight even though I sleep in the air-conditioned room everyday. 

    Overall I am satisfied with the product and in fact if you were asking me if I am going to purchase it for the second time, I will strongly say YES because this product works very well on my skin and even on my sister's eczema skin too. Sis is also happy with the product since the lotion stays on her skin even after the next day.  Thumbs up for this product! 

    Kainda Velvety Body Lotion (Hashiki) is sold at RM 72 per bottle. For more information on Kainda products, kindly visit their website here:

    Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the products were sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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    Thursday, May 21, 2015

    [Beauty Review] Nunature Hair Care Products ❤

    I can't live without shampooing my hair every day. It's been my daily routine to wash my hair once a day. Hair care products have been very important as they play huge roles in maintaining my soft, silky and smooth hair. 

    I am the type of girl who will try out any type of hair shampoo whenever there's any good quality shampoos. Unfortunately some of the hair care products will only give you a short term effect which I do not feel happy about since I spent so much money on them. Recently I came across a new brand of hair care products in the market which really attracted my attention. Introducing Nunature Hair Care products which is formulated to suit all types of hair concerns. 

    Nunature Hair Care Products (:
    Nunature offers an all encompassing range of products, formulated to suit all types of hair problems. With 6 shampoos and 2 conditioners, you can actually mix and match for a tailor-made hair pampering experience.

    6 Shampoos and 2 Conditioners 
    Let me start off with Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. This Daily Shine shampoo contains coconut oil and olive oil which is good for hair. It has ultra mild formula which is suitable for everyone in the family, including children. It gently cleanses and provides hair with its daily dose of proteins leaving my hair more healthy and manageable. 

    As for the Daily Shine Conditioner, it enhances the shine of the hair and keeping my hair silky-smooth and tangle free. 

    Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
    If you have dry and damaged hair, you should try this Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner. If your hair are always exposed to chemical treatments, you should go for this. It helps to deliver a doze of extra moisture and nourishment to keep my hair strong, soft and manageable. 

    As for the Hydration Conditioner, it is an intense conditioner which repair, regenerate and protect hair from future damage keeping it healthy.

    Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner
    Nunature also comes with a 2-in-1 shampoo which cleanses and conditions in one step. It makes your hair silky smooth and shiny while providing it with its daily dose of proteins. I truly love this product when it comes to me being lazy. Sometimes I want a quick hair wash and I will definitely use this as I can use this 2-in-1 shampoo alone without having to put conditioner after my hair wash. This is a product which you must try! 

    Nunature 2-in-1 Shampoo
    If you are concerned about dandruff, do not worry about it. Nunature also has a solutions for dandruff hair. This Anti-Dandruff Shampoo balances sebum production while improving hair and scalp health by activating the stem cells. No worry about itching, flaking or breakage and your scalp stays clean and soothed.

    One of my sister's favourite shampoo by far from Nunature brand. She has dandruffs on her hair and she noticed the significant results on her hair after using it for almost two weeks. She loves how it smells great on her hair and at the same time prevent the dandruff on her hair. She will absolutely go for this Anti-Dandruff Shampoo by Nunature again! 

    Nunature Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
    Voluminising Shampoo is another type of shampoo that you should try if you have oily and greasy hair. It controls excess oil production and also promotes hair growth leaving your hair looking and feeling very lively and healthy. I tried this and I love it. Hair started to look healthier than previous. Best of all, it does not make my hair feeling dry which I love it. 

    Nunature Volumizing Shampoo
    If you are concerned about hair fall, then you should try Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo from Nunature. It boosts hair and scalp health by activating the stem cells other than delivering nourishment to the roots and improves its texture to reduce hair fall. With the content of peppermint oil, it has soothing sensation on the scalp making your scalp feel refreshed each time after the hair wash. 

    Nunature Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
    Overall, I love all the range of Nunature hair care products. You can't imagine how much these shampoos create shine and moist to my hair after a few months of using them. You may refer to the photo of my hair after a few months. 

    Shiny, smooth and soft after two months. (: 

    Let me be frank with you guys. I do not go for hair treatment in the salon. All I ever do to my hair is   putting on hair mask once a month and put on some hair serum to my hair every after hair wash. With a good shampoo from Nunature, I can even skip on putting hair serum once a day because it contributes shine and moisture to my hair. 

    For more info on Nunature Hair Care products, kindly visit their Facebook page:

    Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the products were sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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    Sunday, May 17, 2015

    Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish Launch ❤

    I am honoured to be invited by Watsons Malaysia to attend the Pure Beauty Youth Restore launch , the all-new anti-aging skincare which was held at Cruise Tasik Putrajaya.

    It was first time to Cruise Tasik Putrajaya and the sceneries were breathtaking. It was raining heavily before we started to cruise around. The floor were slightly wet and thank god the rain stopped and we managed to hang around on the top deck of the cruise to enjoy the cool breeze. I think this place is suitable for wedding photoshoot and I would love to try it one day. *winkz*

    The view from the cruise. 

    Bridges in Putrajaya.

    Watsons Malaysia also treated us to delectable high-tea in the cruise, prepared delicately by the renowned chefs of the famed Shangri-La Putrajaya.

    All the medias were in the company of celebrity host and Watsons Celebrity Friend, Wong Chui Ling, who's a regular face in the local media industry.

    Chui Ling still looking gorgeous as before (: 

    Chui Ling shared her beauty regime and her love for Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift and Nourish. She mentioned that she really love the Youth Restore Eye cream whereby it helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, giving her brighter, younger-looking eyes. Furthermore, the Youth Restore Night Cream really works well on her face, it helps to improve dull complexions and giving her supple & radiant skin in the next day morning.

    Watson Malaysia also flew in Korea’s famed dermatologist, Professor Dr. Seong J. Kim, MD PhD, for this event. He is Korea’s top Academic Research Dermatologist and the CEO of Ecoderm Inc.

    Dr Kim performed an instant demo of skin test (:

    The media and guests were treated to an inspiring talk and demo by Dr. Kim, using the Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish range of products. Inspired by nature and perfected by science, Pure Beauty’s Youth Restore range will rejuvenate and restore the users’ skin to its youthful radiance. 

    Containing unique natural formulas, specially concocted by our Korean dermatological team, Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish range is ready to help the users to diminish fine lines and restore youthful radiance to the skin. Its cruelty-free ingredients are rich in antioxidants that combat free radicals, delivering the best of skincare benefits by using only the best methods perfected by nature and science. 

    Photo of the VIPs

    Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish is the latest breakthrough in anti-aging skincare innovation. Equipped with four all-new products that promise to rejuvenate and restore youthful skin, Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish range will revolutionize the users’ skincare regime from day to night with its newest Lift & Nourish Firming Essence, Firming Eye Cream, Moisture Day Cream SPF 20 and Nourish Repair Night Cream

    Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish range features 4 key ingredients, which have been tested for their amazing abilities to restore youthful skin: LiftoninTM Complex, which boosts elasticity and reduces wrinkles. A unique combination of Red Korean Ginseng Peptide, Green Caviar and Blue Lotus Extracts with Certified Organic Active Extracts, specially combined to soothe your skin and to lock in hydration. 

    Pure Beauty Youth Restore Lift & Nourish is NOW available exclusively at Watsons! For more information, please visit or Watsons Official Website 

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    Monday, May 11, 2015

    Horien Eye Secret Launch @ 1 Utama ❤

    Horien Optic (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd launched a range of contact lens products at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama a few weeks ago.

    Can you spot my signature on the board? :P

    Since I was there super early, I walked around the area while waiting for the rest of the bloggers to come. Kak Lily was there too when I was hanging around the area. Spent most of the time chitchatting with Kak Lily and taking photos around. :P

    There's a photobooth for the public to take photos and bring the photos home to keep as memories. Since there were no one at the booth yet, we managed to capture a few shots and brought the photo home. (:

    Photo Booth 

    With the cute Kak Lily and I (:

    Horien Eye Secret sets itself different from the rest with its unique formula of 38% water content, as compared to 55% in most contact lenses in the market. The low percentage of water content means that the lenses do not need to draw as much moisture from its surrounding, thus has less tendency to dry up the eyes.

    Horien Eye Secret Monthly Soft Contact Lenses

    Coupled with the use of natural moisturising agent Sodium Hyaluronate and water locking agent Trehalose, Horien contact lenses treat your eyes to a moist, comfortable experience. On the other hand, its aspheric and HD technology also promote clearer vision.

    Horien Eye Secret 1 Day Soft Contact Lenses

    As for colour lens, which is becoming a must for the fashion-conscious, the unique BMW 3D Wrap Colouring Method ensures that colour additives do not leach. Besides, the technology also creates smoother and thinner lens when compared with traditional sandwich method.

    Horien Eye Secret Colour Contact Lenses

    Miss Shin Kong and Mr Baki were the emcee of the day. The event started slightly later than the specified time. Miss Yumi Wong, Horien ambassador, Yumi Wong of local productions Mokissu and Ah Beng: Impossible fame, were also present at the launch much to the delight of her fans.

    Other than that, there was performance from Elecoldxhot to make the grand launch more merrier.

    The company's pad printing facility uses a female's old which protects the corner and encourages sharper vision. In addition to that, multi-purpose solution, lubricating drops and fresh solution are also produced under rigorous procedure to complement the lenses.

    Certificates for Horien Eye Secret

    I can't wait to try out their contact lenses and do review about it. So stay tuned to my blog alright? For more info, check out their Facebook page @ or visit their website @

    Yumi Wong, Horien Eye Secret ambassador

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