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NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection - Laced With Edge ❤

Hello Narcissists! Year 2014 has finally come to an end. Remember if I told you guys about the Holiday 2014 Color Collection in the previous post? NARS has finally opened its counter in Penang! For more info, check it out here: Today I am going to review the NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection.
 NARS products that I am going to review (:

I were given four products of their Holiday 2914 Color Collection to do review - a lipstick, lipgloss, eye shadow and nail polish.

Cutting-edge color—anything but straightlaced. For Holiday 2014, François Nars projects a bold new design for the future femme. This captivating collection exposes a full range of colors and textures with dramatic dimension decoding the thrill of seduction. The custom packaging adapts architectural designer Chris Kabatsi’s digitally-rendered Nebula print into a dynamic yet delicate depiction. The intricate web of black gloss grips the signature soft-touch packaging in a modern take on lace.

Very pretty design for the Holiday 2014 Colour Collection

Here's a short background of Francois Nars, the founder of NARS Cosmetics:

"A perfectionist at heart, François soon became frustrated with the limitations of existing cosmetics. Taking products into his own hands, he began experimenting with new formulas, creating breakthrough concepts in the process. The NARS brand was born: In 1994, his collection debuted at Barneys New York with 12 richly-pigmented lipsticks encased in iconic soft-touch packaging designed by legendary creative director Fabien Baron. Coveted for its highly pigmented color, NARS—which celebrates 20 years of audacious beauty this year—has become a modern cult classic, revolutionizing the world of beauty by bringing imaginative artistry, breakthrough techniques, and professional makeup to women everywhere.

From 12 unforgettable lipsticks to two decades of rule-breaking beauty, NARS has grown into a collection of over 600 products—including a full spectrum of fashion forward and classic makeup shades, advanced complexion perfectors, state-of-the-art skincare, and professional artistry tools—available internationally."

I started off with the review from the nail polish in Barents Sea from NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection. I love this sparkling deep blue nail polish and I did not apply top coat after that which lasted me for almost 2 weeks. I would suggest you to apply 2 coats of this nail polish as the first coat is too thin.

The sparkling blue hue on my nails (:

This nail polish from NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection has 3 colors to choose from: 

L-R: Algonquin, Sherwood and Barents Sea - RM65 each

 Nail Polish in Barents Sea

Next one would be NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow. This NARS Holiday Collection for eyeshadow comes in 3 colors - Canberra, Opal Coast and Gabon. This pretty collection comes with shimmering lavender, bronzed green and iridescent white (the one I am going to review).

Top to Bottom: Canberra, Opal Coast and Gabon - RM90 each

I was given Opal Coast for review and this iridescent white color suits for my  lower lashline since I have sleepy eyes. It is suitable to apply my lower lashline for shimmery look especially on day time or night time. I am going to show you my look with all the products later on. (:

NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow in Opal Coast

Here's how I apply the Opal Coast on my lower lashline. (:

Another product from NARS Holiday 2014 Color Collection that you should not missed. Their lipgloss is simply amazing. You can easily pull a look with their three colors - Soleil D' Orient, Burning Love and Corsica from this collection.

Soleil D’Orient has a shimmering pink champagne while the Burning Love has a bright red ruby with subtle shimmer. I have Corsica with me in hand for review.  

L-R: Lipgloss in Burning Love, Corsica and Soleil D’Orient (RM85 each)

I was given lipgloss in Corsica to try on. The shimmering pink raspberry color is pretty! The color is suitable to be worn on daily basis or at night for a party look too! :D The scent was pleasant and I prefer applying it after my lip balm or lip treatment normally to ensure my lips are more hydrated throughout the whole day.  
 NARS Lipgloss in Corsica

Here's a look that I have created with the NARS Lipgloss in Corsica and NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow in Opal Coast. This look is more natural to my liking. (:

 Natural look with Corsica and Opal Coast. (:

 Before and After

A girl will never go out anywhere without putting a lipstick on her lips. I personally love putting lipstick a lot when I was young. However, half a year ago, I was down with severe chapped lips that no lip balms can cure my dry, chapped lips. Nevertheless, my lips get better out of nowhere (maybe I constantly apply lip treatment to treat my lips) and I started applying lipstick again. (: NARS Hardwired Lipstick is another lipstick that you should go for. It comes with 3 gorgeous colours that you should own it.

L-R: NARS Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch, Femme Fleur and Adriatic (RM90 each)

I want to have these 3 pretty colours with me as they can create different look to suit different occasions. Adriatic with glistening soft cream is another lipstick that can create nude look for those who wish to look natural. And the same goes to Femme Fleur, a shimmering brick red with gold pearl for party look or daily outing.

NARS Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch 

Since I have the Deadly Catch color with me, this crimson color is simply amazing! I love how pigmented the color is and it lasted me for the whole day. I can pull this killer look with the crimson color as the color is gorgeous. I would suggest to you to apply lip balm before applying lipstick to create more moisturized lips which can last you for long hours.

Yours truly in Deadly Catch color. What do you think? (:

Here's a before and after photo for you to see the difference after apply the Opal Coast and Deadly Catch on my face. (:

Face doesn't look dull anymore with NARS Lipstick or Lipgloss. The Deadly Catch is definitely a-must-product that you should get as you can carry out any look you want with only one color! 

Here's the swatches that I had done and you can see that the NARS Hardwired Lipstick still leave stain on my wrist after wiping it off. This shows how pigmented the color is and this color will last you for long hours without having to apply it over and over again after the few hours.

Thank you NARS for the awesome products! Can't wait to purchase more of NARS products in the future. To those who wish to purchase NARS products, they are available in Pavilion, KL and Parksons, Gurney Plaza. For more information, check out their website or Facebook:

“In the natural pursuit of beauty, women change constantly - great products inspire and guide to this process. It's all about finding different ways to express individual beauty and personality."

Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the products were sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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Christmas Baking Workshop @ At 19 Culinary Studio ❤

Merry Belated Christmas guys! Today I would like to share with you guys my Christmas Baking Workshop with The Butterfly Project at At 19 Culinary Studio. (:

This will be my first time baking gingerbread with the bloggers. I am so excited! :D Miss Suraya briefed us on how to mix the ingredients of the gingerbread.

 All of the bloggers were excited on making their own gingerbread including me! :D Here's some of the ingredients that we had to prepare before we started to bake our gingerbread.

 Unsalted Butter, Vanilla Essence, Plain Flour, Brown Sugar, Egg and Ground Ginger 

You have to prepare 175g of chilled and diced unsalted butter, 175g of brown sugar, a medium size grade A egg, 2 tablespoon of Black Treacle, 350g of plain flour, 1 teaspoon of ground ginger, 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and 1 teaspoon of baking soda / bicarbonate soda which is for crispy texture of gingerbread. 

 Black Treacle

Remember to mix the plain flour, bicrbonate soda, ginger and diced butter till resemble fine breadcrumbs.

 Add sugar, egg, black treacle and form a dough.

 Next, turn out on to a floured surface and knead until smooth. Shape into a ball and roll out the dough thinly.

Cut out using shaped cutters provided such as Xmas tree, icecream and etc. :D

The doughs are ready for baking! :D Remember to preheat the oven to 180 degree and let it bake for 12 - 15 minutes or till the doughs are pale-golden. (;

A photo of yours truly with the cookies. (:

The cookies in pale-golden colour.

The cookies are now ready for decoration. To make royal icing, beat egg white with lemon juice and glycerin, gently add in icing sugar, batch by batch till you get a soft thick paste.
 Royal icing are ready to use.

The cookies had to be cool down for few minutes to prevent condensation on the bottom of the cookies. This is too ensure that the cookies do not turn soft easily and I am pretty sure that you will not like to eat soft cookies right?

With Arpita and I.

Decorate your gingerbread with royal icing and let it set. Or else the icing will melt. 

Here's my creation. 

Other bloggers are so creative to decorate their cookies. So pretty! :D

Last but not least, a selfie with my gingerbread man! :D

Thank you At 19 Culinary Studio and The Butterfly Project for having us! Since I have the recipe with me, I can't wait to try this myself at home for my friends. Till then, Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Experience Extraordinary Beautiful Hair with L'Oreal Paris Keratin-Smooth 72H ❤

Every woman wants luscious and shiny hair. L'Oreal Paris, the leading treatment brand, has studied, and observed hair for more than 40 years knowing the importance of hair to a woman's beauty. Therefore, a few weeks ago, L'Oreal Paris invited 7 of us to go for hair pampering session at The Loft Suite, Scott Garden. We had the opportunity to lay our hands on their new range of product - L'Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth 72H. Yay!

 L'Oreal Paris Keratin Smooth 72H
Since it's my 2nd time been there and my 1st time driving to Scott Garden, I got lost looking for The Loft suite's entrance. I wasn't familiar with the area and thank god I managed to find the entrance together with Kelly with the help from Miss Connie. (: 

Once we got there, we were told to change into bath robes so that the clothes we worn would not get wet during hair pampering session.

 7 of us who were ready for the hair pampering session! :D

 L'Oreal Paris has a wide range of home DIY treatments and haircare range that caters for different needs to offer results that are almost similar to what you would get from a salon. The existing range - Fall Repair 3X, Total Repair 5, Extraordinary Oil, Smooth-Intense, Re-Nutrition, Nutri Gloss Light and Color-Vive - covers all hair issues from damage to dullness, hair fall and even care for colored hair.

Before we tried out the new L'Oreal Paris Keratin-Smooth72H range, we got to try the Extraordinary Oil before hair wash. This hair oil is L'Oreal Paris' first-ever non-greasy luxurious hair oil that is formulated to give you soft, silky, healthy and extraordinary beautiful tresses. 
L-R: Extraordinary Oil in Gold and Extraordinary Oil Color Enhancer in Red - RM39.90 each.

This range of rich yet light hair oil is formulated with a mix of active ingredients that consists of 6 floral oil extracts - Lotus Oil, Chamomile Oil, Tiare Flower Oil, Dog Daisy Oil, Rose Oil and Linseed Oil. Each oil provides hair with specific benefit to restore shine and vibrancy and supply nutrients and intense nourishment.

2 formulas are available - Extraordinary Oil in Gold for every hair type and Extraordinary Oil Color Enhancer in Red to enhance the vibrancy of colored hair. Both formulas can be used as a heat and UV protector, shine and curl enhancer, for frizz control and as a touch-up product to keep hair neat and fresh. This hair oil can be used before blow-drying, as a treatment mask and as a finishing touch.

I had to remove my makeup since L'Oreal Paris also provided facial massage by using L'Oreal Paris products. (:

Excuse my dark eye circle in this photo.

After removing my make up, I walked to the bathroom to get my hair wash done. For the first time, L'Oreal Advanced Research introduces MICRO-KERATIN TECHNOLOGY in Keratin-Smooth 72H, a new technology used by professionals consisting of 2 amino acids and a specific polymer. This technology acts in a precise way to smoothen the surface of each hair fibre throughout the length to restore hair's softness, fluidity and health without weighing it down.

Rich in oleic acids, the Camelia Extract selected by L'Oreal Laboratories for this new haircare range repairs hair with its hydrating and softening properties. Hair is not only smooth, it is soft and lustrous at the same time. L'Oreal team used the new L'Oreal Paris Keratin-Smooth 72H range in this event. (:

I also used Keratin-Smooth 72H 1 Minute Perfecting Mask right after the hair wash. The DIY treatment, priced at RM27.90 for 200ml is highly concentrated in protective smoothing agent. This hair mask takes care of hair on three levels: it provides softness and suppleness; it intensely nourishes to aid detangling; it nourishes hair fibre and sheathes hair in a perfecting veil. After application, roll hair in a warm towel or tuck into a shower cap to help the product penetrate more easily. Remember to rinse off with cold water to make hair shinier.

 A photo of yours truly in shower cap. :D

 It's time to go for facial massage! L'Oreal team was so kind that they included facial massage for those bloggers who attended that day. We were given two choices to choose which treatment that we would prefer - Anti-Ageing or Whitening. I chose to go for whitening facial instead. It was a fun and relaxing massage that I almost fell asleep immediately.

Facial mask placed on my face after the facial massage.

A photo with Kelly in our facial mask. (:

Immediately after the massage, I went over to upstairs to wash off the hair mask. Surprisingly the hair turned out to be soft and manageable without any tangle.

Since hair fall is always my concern, L'Oreal team used Fall Repair 3X Anti-Hair Fall Treatment on my scalp before blowdrying my hair. Fair Repair 3X Anti Hair Fall Treatment combines triple action:

  • Arginine, an essential active to nourish the hair bulb
  • Aminexil, available for the first time in L'Oreal Paris, this renowned anti-hair fall active improves the anchoring of the hair fibre to prevent hair loss. 
  • Protein, for added nutrition to the fibre from hair roots for more resistant hair. 

Fall Repair 3X Anti-Hair Fall Treatment - RM45.90 for 6 bottles x 8 ml each

Research stated that L'Oreal Paris' 1st intensive treatment combines 3 powerful actives to boost hair with a triple-strengthening action can save up to 1 600 hair strands per month.

Blowing ma hair. *blow blow*

It took awhile to get my hair blow-dried. However, I could feel that my hair was slightly lighter than before after using L'Oreal Paris Keratin-Smooth 72H products. 

This new range offers smoothness that not only counters rebellious frizziness but leaves hair in a supple and lustrous state where it falls naturally and beautifully. I love how this Keratin-Smooth 72H smoothens my hair fibre by fibre from the root to the tip. An added bonus is that my hair remains silky, smooth and soft up to 3 DAYS! 

Some of L'Oreal Paris hair treatments (:

Here's some of the refreshment provided by L'Oreal team. *nom nom*

Tuna cream puffs.

Chicken Floss Sushis (: 

 L'Oreal Paris Keratin-Smooth 72H also includes this Keratin-Smooth 72H Frizz Eraser (RM34.90 for 100 ml). L'Oreal Paris's 1st spray with Micro-Keratin Technology helps to boost hair and control frizz - fibre by fibre - without weighing it down. It's an effect that lasts up to 3 days. The Keratin-Smooth 72H range also includes a shampoo and conditioner to help you get on the right track for a frizz-free hair routine. The shampoo is currently available for an introductory price of RM10.90 for 170 ml and RM15.90 for 330 ml.

A photo with the bloggers after the hair makeover. (:

Thank you L'Oreal Paris and Tammy for the invitation. I had so much fun with the bloggers. For more info on their products, visit their social media platform:


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