Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Review] Maybelline Volum' Express® Big Eyes Mascara ❤

Recently I found a new mascara which would create false lash effect. Introducing Maybelline Volum' Express® Big Eyes Mascara which is the new innovation from Maybelline. This is their FIRST dual-ended brush for a captivating eye-opening false lash effect.

Big Eyes Volum' Express Mascara from Maybelline (:

Two brushes are specifically designed for top and bottom lashes - Upper-Lashes Brush and Lower-Lashes Mini Brush. This Upper-Lashes brush pushes lashes up and wide while the Lower-Lashes mini brush grabs and coats every thin lash. 

Apply the Upper Brush against the top lashes and sweep from root to tip until a clean, voluminous look is achieved, followed by the lower lash line using the Micro Brush. Do not let dry between coats.

I seldom put on mascara as I find that the mascara will clump after applying it or either it will create some allergies to my eyes especially I am a frequent contact lens wearer. However with this mascara, it did not cause allergies to my eyes. This Maybelline Volum' Express® Big Eyes Mascara is suitable for contact lens as it is tested by ophthalmologist.

I like how this mascara creates long lash effect on my lashes making my eyes look bigger as if I am wearing falsies. (:

I love how this mascara pushes my lashes over the top while the lower micro-brush grabs every tiny bottom lash for a full circle effect. I also like how it does not flake easily after a long day from work or outdoor activities especially after I excrete a lot of sweats.

However, I realized the lower lashes are a bit hard to apply because my lower lashes are short. It's easily smudged on my lower lashes and lower eye area. I noticed that there are some clumps on the end lashes after applying 2 to 3 coats each time. Prolly because it has special quick-dry formula so I would suggest not to reapply after the application of 1st coat.

Eyes look dramatically bigger, wide-open.

This Volum' Express® Big Eyes Mascara (Very Black) is sold at RM45.90 at all the Maybelline counters, local pharmacies and hypermarkets. For more info, check out Maybelline Malaysia Facebook or www.maybelline.com.my

I love my natural look with the only application of mascara. (:

Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

[Review] De Beauty Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee ❤

Recently, I came across a new slimming product in the market - De Beauty Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee. Thank you HiShop Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to try out this slimming product.

First of all, when I first received this product, I was hesitated to try it out because I never know that coffee especially green coffee can be used for slimming purposes. Green Coffee Beans has become the latest fashion in slimming products. The green coffee is coffee beans which have not been roasted and it contains high nutritional ingredients. Other than green coffee, this product also come with other ingredients such as Lecithin, L-Carnitine, Vitamin B, Green Tea, Garcinia Fruit and Chitosan which are good for slimming purposes. 

The Lecithin is the main ingredient of Soybean Lecithin and its main function is to break down the fat molecules. It reduces the size of the fat molecules so that these small fat molecules are easier to be burned away. Medical research has proven that the Lecithin can reduce cholesterol, enhance metabolism process as well as the function of liver.

L-Carnitine is one of nine essential amino acids. It also helps to deliver the glucose in the body to the whole body evenly and eliminate the problem of partial fat in our body. L-Carnitine will let the fat to be penetrated into mitochondria within short period of time.

Vitamin B
It helps to burn the fat fully and convert the fat to become energy for the body to utilize. It has no side effects. When we consume L-Carnitine, it is good to combine with aerobic exercise which will enhance the fat burning process as well as the slimming effect.

Green Tea
The green tea contains Polyphenols which help in anti-oxidation process, anti-bacterial, anti tumor, inhibiting Low-Density Lipoprotein - LDL (breaking down the blood cholesterol) and inhibiting the increase of blood sugar as well as protect the cells by preventing the damaging effect of free radicals.

Vitamin B
It helps to enhance the burning ability of mitochondria and it acts as the nutritional supplier to mitochondria. The lack of vitamin B in mitochondria will result insufficient of body energy which will cause the difficulties in fat burning process which is delivered by L-Carnitine.

Garcinia Fruit (Garcinia Cambogia) 
It has three main functions. Firstly, it inhibits the synthesize process of fat. It enhances the burning process of fatty acids and speedily activates adrenaline and therefore, fastens the elimination of fat. It also breaks down as well as burns off huge amount of fat and reduces the absorption of fat. The Carcinia fruit is enriched with dietary fibre which can increase stomach full feeling and thus reduce the consumption of food.

The theory is based on the fact that when body consumes fat and fatty acid, Chitosan will be able to block the absorption of fat in the intestines and yet, it will not affect the absorption of the essential protein which body needs. Therefore, those who intent to get slim will be able to consume fat protein without worry about absorbing too much of calories which is produced from fat. Hence, it helps to reduce additional fat and cholesterol and eventually achieves desired slimming effect.

This De Beauty Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee is formulated with 100% natural ingredients. It is non-irritating and contains natural starch decomposition effect. Therefore, it is a healthy slimming healthcare product which is absolutely safe, without any side effects and totally compliance with international medical standard. It decomposes body toxin for easier nutrient absorption, encourages bowel movement, removes accumulated feces and avoid constipation. It also helps to normalize body function, anti-inflammation and destroy free radical.


Each box of De Beauty Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee comes in 14 sachets. This silver packaging with the expiry date and name of the product printed on each sachet making me easier to keep track of the date if I am to throw the box away.

When I opened the silver sachet, I could smell the strong coffee scent. When I poured an adequate amount of hot water and stirred well, the coffee is diluted and did not taste like coffee. So I would suggest to pour a little amount of hot water in order to get the better taste of the drink. Remember to drink 2 litres of lukewarm water daily as this will help to eliminate the body waste and toxic from the body for better effect.

Here's my thought about the drink. Normally when I consumed coffee, my heart rate beats faster and tummy started to feel uneasy which causes a lot of wind in my tummy. I decided to give this product a try. To my surprise, this Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee did not cause my heart rate beats faster especially after I have taken my breakfast and tummy did not feel uneasy at all. This Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee helped to remove all the toxins in my body few hours after I drank it. I could see a difference in my size (of course not that obvious). Tummy became slightly flatter than before and be sure to eat healthily in order to maintain the body weight you have achieved. 

This drink is suitable for male as well who wish to maintain their standard body weight with a healthy and attractive body shape. However, do take note that pregnant and lactating women, serious illness patients (heart attack, kidney disease, cancer patients) and those who have just gone through surgery are NOT suitable to consume the Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee.

The coffee was slightly diluted when too much of water was mixed with the powder

De Beauty Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee is sold at RM110.00 for a box. However, you can get 15% discount by entering this coupon code: JANICEYEAP upon checkout. Thank you HiShop Malaysia for the opportunity to review this product. Remember to check out the link: http://www.hishop.my/de-beauty-reborn-lecithin-green-coffee for more info.  (:

HiShop Malaysia
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Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Manage Your Diabetes with Glucerna® Challenge Me ❤

Number of diabetes in Malaysia is alarming. The number of adults to be affected by diabetes in Malaysia is increasing and Malaysia is the number one country in Asean for having the highest number of diabetics. Definitely this is not something that we should be proud of and all of us must work together and help to educate the public on the importance of prevention and maintenance of the disease. 

The new Glucerna with the Triple Care System is the ONLY diabetes nutrition product

Last month, I was invited to attend this Glucerna® Challenge Me event with a group of invited bloggers to learn more about the issue of diabetes and how Glucerna® Challenge Me can help the diabetics to manage their condition better.

Diabetes Mellitus (DM), or more commonly known as diabetes, refers to a group of diseases that affect how your body uses body glucose, commonly called blood sugar. Glucose is vital to your health because it's an important source of energy for the cells that make up your muscles and tissues.

Exercising and eating a healthy diet, which can include diabetes specific nutritional products like Glucerna®, can have a big impact on your health. Glucerna® provides a unique system of ingredients to help patients manage their blood glucose levels, weight and cholesterol. It can help to reduce weight when used as part of an overall diabetes management plan. Dr Shaalani Ramachandran introduced to us the Glucerna® Challenge Me! during the event too.

Besides that, we also had the opportunity to learn baking from Miss Suraya. Who says that diabetics can't have sweet tooth? With cupcakes infused with Glucerna®, you can have less sugar desserts! Hooray! Miss Suraya taught us steps by steps on how to bake Hokkaido cake in pandan flavor. I personally love eating Hokkaido cake and this would be my first time trying out the pandan flavour! Yay! :D 

The cupcakes were almost done! :D

We also get to decorate the cupcakes with the provided ingredients too. There were so many creative decorations and two of the bloggers won the best decorated cupcakes on that day! Congrats to them! :D And sorry for my ugly decoration. Not really good at decorating food. =/

My ugly decorations on the cupcakes. :P

Glucerna® Challenge Me! Program

Glucerna® Challenge Me! is a simple customized 12-week program designed to support diabetes management with a healthy diet and exercise. This simple plan incorporates a healthy meal plan, specialized nutrition products such as Glucerna®, and exercise. The program helps people with diabetes to address 3 important components of managing their condition such as managing blood sugar levels, supporting weight management and reducing cholesterol as part of an overall diabetes management plan

Additionally, the program provides tracking tools and progress reports so they can monitor their progress and share it with their respective doctors. You can also download the app in either Android or iOS platform for easier access to the program.

Remember to sign up for the Glucerna® Challenge Me program. You can enter your calories and weight to achieve your goal. In this program, you can also personalize your own meal plan. Non-diabetics can also use this plan in order to live a healthier lifestyle. (:


With the information you have provided, they will provide the recommended Daily Calories which is suitable for you. This program will also include daily meal plan with nutritious recipes in order to maintain your heathy lifestyle. You also get to choose your exercise level  with the prefered schedules of exercise to be done on that particular day.

Glucerna® provides a unique system of ingredients to help patients manage your blood glucose levels, weight and cholesterol. It can help to reduce weight when used as part of an overall diabetes management plan. With the recipes listed in the program, you can always try them out in order to manage your calories too. (:

You get to search for routines that you want to go for such as yoga, pilates and etc. At the end of the day, you will get the check out the progress of your glucose, weight and calories you have burnt. By keeping track of your meals, I am pretty sure that you will be able to go for a healthier lifestyle that you wish for!

Diabetes has often been diagnosed in conjunction with, and worsens, other comorbid conditions such as coronary artery and peripheral vascular disease, stroke, diabetic neuropathy, amputations, renal failure and blindness and leads to increased disability, reduced life expectancy and enormous health costs worldwide. Let us work together to reduce the risk of diabetes in our life.

A photo with Dr Shaalani.

Thank you Glucerna® for having us. People with diabetes can go to www.glucernachallengeme.com.my to participate in the Glucerna® Challenge Me program. Remember to download the Glucerna MY app in your smartphone for on-the-go access to the program. For more information on the Glucerna® Challenge Me, please contact us at 1800-88-6233 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm).

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Jeffrey Cheng Fan Gathering at Low Yat Plaza ❤

Sorry for this super duper late post. Photos were scattered everywhere. Some of them were in my Samsung S4 or iPhone and NX Mini too. Anyway, I had so much fun that day since it's my first time attending such fan gathering.

Lucky enough that I am able to understand Mandarin and the emcee was kind enough to speak in both languages, English and Malay for a couple of Malay fans who were there too. Jeffrey Cheng was one of the earliest local celebrities I have known since young. It's been awhile since I last saw him acting in local dramas and finally he is back in acting again! Yay!

The fan gathering was fun. It started off with ice-breaking session and followed by karaoke session with Jeffrey and the fans. I personally can't sing Chinese songs unless those I am familiar with. :P So I watched them sang along with Jeffrey. (:

Later on, we had an autograph session with Jeffrey. He produced a photobook before and each of us got a book each from him. Aww~ I can finally have the photobook along with his autograph (:

After the autograph session, we had group photo session with him.

Can you guys spot me? :P

We had a surprise celebration for Jeffrey too. There was a jelly cake for Jeffrey. (:

The cake is so pretty! :D

Last but not least, before I left, I asked for a selfie with Jeffrey. Yay! Thank you for having me in the fan gathering. Wish to have more fan gathering with Jeffrey Cheng in future! I wish Jeffrey all the best in your career and hope to see you in the upcoming dramas and movies! :D *wide grin*

A photo with Jeffrey. (:

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo and Conditioner ❤

Did you know that by simply washing your hair you might be damaging it? Minerals present in water can have an oxidative effect on hair, weakening its protein (keratin) structure.

Introducing Pantene's Keratin Damage Blocker (KDB) Technology which is reformulated into the Pantene Pro-V haircare range of shampoos. KDB Technology actively targets, captures and helps to neutralize excessive oxidative minerals in hair. Instead of waiting for free radicals to be produced before attacking them, Damage Blockers actually help prevent their formation by reducing excessive levels of minerals in hair. Pantene is the first global brand designed to prevent protein erosion by minimizing mineral accumulation in hair

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo 

With continued use, mineral-induced oxidative stress declines, hair's proteins are better preserved, and hair condition can improve over time, ultimately giving you beautiful, radiant and shiny hair. 

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 10 Conditioner

It is priced from RM9.90 (170ml) and is available at all leading retailers nationwide. Check out their website for more info: www.facebook.com/PanteneMalaysia

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

[Review] Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish ❤

Holla people! How's your Thursday going on? Mine was pretty okay. I slept at 5.30 am this morning due to the coffee that I consumed on the night before at Starbucks. =/ Anyway, today I am going to review Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish all thanks to Natta Cosme. (:

As usual, Natta Cosme would pack the product in their pretty galaxy box along with a piece of Klairs Soothing Mask. Thank you Natta Cosme! *wide grin*

Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish which comes in 60 g size combines exfoliating black sugar and a special moisturizing blend of jojoba seed oil, shea buttercranberry oil and other ingredients to leave skin silky smooth. These gentle ingredients effectively exfoliate dead skin cells and help to control excess sebum

Black Sugar 
Very effective in removing dead skin cells and the wastes within pores. Abundant in minerals and vitamins, providing a natural glow to the skin while preventing the skin from drying up. Also very effective for scar healing due to its natural anti-bacterial effects.

Shea Butter 
Provides relief for everything from dry skin to many minor dermatological diseases. 

Cranberry Oil 
Helps to keep your skin anti-aging and supple 

Andiroba Oil 
Andiroba oil has anti-inflammatory properties 

Vitamin E 
Vitamin E helps to keep your skin supply and flexible 

It is recommended for every skincare routine and it is an effective facial polish for all skin types. 

- Instant moisture
- Skin flexibility
- Anti-aging treatment
- Relieve from minor dermatologist problems
- To exfoliate dead skin cells
- To remove blackheads and whiteheads while preventing new ones
- To remove and treat flaking dry skin

Brownish in colour. 

This sugar scrub for face contains an abundance of black sugar. Black sugar aids in the removal of dead skin cells and blackheads. It exfoliates of dry skin with ease and adds a glossy smooth look to the skin.  By using the Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Scrub once a week, you can achieve smooth soft skin that is perfect for makeup application. 

The scent is not strong as I have expected. There's little bit of herbs scent but it is bearable for me. I have a thing for herbs by the way as long as it's not strong. *wide grin* When I took a small amount of facial polish and put it on my palm, the texture was just like sugar and I feel like trying it. :P I mixed the facial polish with a few drops of water and applied it on my face. My skin did not cause any redness and did not feel harsh to my skin.

1. Cleanse the face
2. Mix an adequate amount of facial polish with 2 or 3 drops of water
3. Gently massage the scrub in a circular motion over forehead, cheeks, nose and chin (refrain from using on the eyes)
4. Rinse and follow with toner, then moisturizer

*Do not add water directly to the jar
*For the best results, apply twice a week

Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish is now at RM63.20 (original price RM79) at Natta Cosme's website. 

Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish indeed makes my skin more supple after 2 weeks of application. I love how it constantly firmed up my skin and it provides glow on my skin especially on the cheeks. I even used it to scrub on my hands and I can see the soft skin on my hands after a few application. In terms of removing blackheads or whiteheads, it did not help much in that as I can't see much improvement on the blackheads on my nose. However, it did minimize the pores on both of cheeks making my skin more smooth and supple. 

Skin feels so smooth and soft. :D 

Since the packaging comes with the mask, I decided to do a review of the mask too. :D Klairs Soothing Mask soothes your skin immediately with no irritation as it contains hyaluronic acid and phyto-oligo which moisturizes your skin gently. It is highly absorbent and with its high density structure, it effectively stays on and revitalizes the skin. It is a sheet mask that sufficiently treats the entire face. The high qualified cotton sheet is maintained to keep skin look healthy, young and vibrant. Price of the mask is RM9.90 for a piece. 

The cotton sheet mask is filled the mask serum.

- Replenish moisture 
- Gentle and soothing 
- Nourishing 
- Controls oil 

Upon application of mask on the face, I felt the cooling sensation on my face. I applied it for 15 minutes. The mask was still wet and I pat the remaining serum from the mask on my face. Skin became more hydrated and soft after one application. Since I have very bad chapped lips, I tried applying the serum around the lip area and it turned out to be less drier than before. On the hand, I love the mask because it included the sheet for eyes area too. So I can actually rest my eyes and sleep with it for few minutes. It was refreshing! 

For more info, visit http://www.nattacosme.com and thank you Natta Cosme for the great product. (: 

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