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Heineken Cities of the World Launch ❤

Heineken launched its latest global campaign, 'Cities of the World' at KL recently. This was my first time attending Heineken party. As far as I am concerned, Heineken is always known to organize parties with secrets. :P In this launch, it aims to inspire men to live worldly, new adventures by unlocking the secrets of their cities. This campaign aims to inspire the Heineken drinkers to inspire them to kick their daily routines and usual habits to discover more within their own backyards other that the hot spots of the cities.

The event was held at an industrial area which is a factory. The factory looked small to me when I first step into the area. We had the opportunity to discover and open our city by leading us through the maze that featured 3 of Kuala Lumpur's hidden gems before leading us to the final stop which is the party. These gems includes Paradox Café, Bespoked, Replacement and the Main Room where the party took place.

Paradox Cafe

The Main Room
DJ Goldfish and Blink were the DJs of the night playing the latest hitz and EDM songs to date. I was enjoying myself with the music and the beats that they played. 
To celebrate the launch, Heineken has produced a set of specially designed bottles, each with one of global cities printed on it. Throughout the month of August, 6 exclusively-designed limited edition Heineken bottles will be available to the Heineken lovers. Each bottle represents one of 6 global cities which are Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Shanghai, Amsterdam, New York and London.


Selfie with Nathalie and Kelvin. (:
With Sandy, Nathalie and yours truly with the limited edition bottle of Heineken.
Different cities printed on the limited edition Heineken bottles.

Meet  my new friend, Fong posing with his Heineken bottle. :)
If you weren’t at the launch, fret not because Heineken adds more fun to the campaign by developing a mobile-friendly website which reveals distinctive and unique locations across Malaysia, perfect for beer lovers who have a passion for discovery. This geo-targeted compass also gives consumers the chance to look into interesting locations around them, allowing you to enjoy new experiences wherever you are.

Acting as a social compass, @wherenext reads the pulse of a city by using real-time location-based social activity to show where is hot and guide urbanites to new adventures off their beaten track. The real-time recommendations engine will help consumers answer that eternal night-out question, 'Where next?' The real-time activity will also be provided on a mobile responsive website for access to all consumers around the world.

Heineken’s ‘Cities of the World’ campaign runs from 1 August until 15 September 2014. More information on the ‘Open Your City’ social compass, and the Heineken’s Cities edition bottles can be found here.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

[Review + Giveaway] Mayfair Bodyline Customised Treatment ❤

Everyone wants to be beautiful. So do I. At one period, I was depressed because I could not put on any body hugging dresses to flaunt my body figure. Who would want to see an ugly figure like me wearing body hugging dresses? I began to lose my confidence on wearing those dresses anymore. Most of the time, you would be seeing me wearing jeans, shorts or skirts match with blouse rather than one-piece dresses. =( Every woman would have problems losing fats on certain parts of body. So do I. It's hard to lose fats on my tummy especially. Did push ups number of times and still my tummy remained the same. =/

When I first came across this particular slimming centre from Mayfair Bodyline, I was eager to try out their free trial customised treatment. I know that Mayfair Bodyline has been in the slimming, beauty and spa industry for 29 years and has 31 outlets nationwide. It is designed to be a one-stop centre, with their services come with advance technologies and comfortable ambience environment. Ree’s Skin Formulation is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Mayfair group, a reputable beauty salon that provides excellent beauty and skin care services in Malaysia. Today, Ree’s skin is available in all 31 outlets throughout Malaysia to better serve its customers.

Mayfair Bodyline is operated by a team of professionally-trained consultants and therapists, besides facial and body slimming treatments which will bring you through a journey that comes with satisfying result that you will be proud to flaunt. 

Once I got there, I was told to weigh my body weight and fat percentage before proceed for consultation of which suitable customised treatment that I should go for.

Fat body percentage turned out to be a little bit higher than the normal fat percentage. =/ I was then ushered to the consultation room to do skin analysis before moving on to discussion on the body treatment. As for the skin analysis, my skin turned out to be sensitive and dry on the cheeks area.

While doing the skin analysis. (: 

Explaining the condition of my skin. 

Then the beauty consultant suggested to me to try out the Medi-jet Face and hydration mask to replenish the moisture on my face. Medi-jet Face was suggested for my case because my skin is not firm enough. They are worried that my skin would sag after the age of 30. 

10 mins after using Medi-jet you would be able to see your face is lifted up. 

She also told me not to feel worried when Medi-jet Face equipment would be applied on the face as it has a little bit of electric shock sensation on the face. Later on, they checked on my body and to find that the area that need to be taken care of is my tummy. As I have mentioned to you guys previously, the fats on tummy have been my concern all of these while. So the beauty consultant said that the treatment would be involving tummy only. They suggested to me that I should try SlimMaster, CLA Chili Slimming and Heat Circulation treatment for my case. 

Mayfair won a few awards for CLA Chili Slimming. (: 

CLA Chili Slimming is one of Mayfair’s successful treatment and being one of the first few slimming industry in Malaysia which started it. With the essence extracted from chili pepper seeds, the active elements in capsicum can be effective and rapidly stimulate the decomposition and excretion of the body fats. Together with the heat circulation, it helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
My room for my customised treatment. 

The room was decorated with pretty light on the wall and has enough room to fit in the SlimMaster and Medi-jet Face machines. 

Medi-Jet Face machine

Miss Grace started off with facial treatment using Medi-Jet Face machine. I was quite nervous at first. This Medi-Jet face is the electric penetrating technique which generates fixed pulse currents causing the dermis to rapidly expand 650 - 800 micro pores within 2 seconds. Medi-jet Face instantly forms multiple channels for nutrient delivery which in turn, via electrophoresis stimulation, carries 99% of the desired nutrients to the stratum basal and allowed to be stored for up to 72 hours. It can also penetrate the skin for up to 6 cm deep into the subcutaneous tissue creating a firm perfect skin.

Cold gel was applied on my face with the equipment applied on my face to create firm skin. The second equipment was used on my face to lift my cheeks up and you can see the huge difference after 10 minutes. 

You can see that my right cheek had been lifted up compared to the left cheek. 

Photo below was taken before and after the facial. I felt that my skin was tightened up and skin texture was improved immediately. Skin was getting fairer after one treatment which I love it. 

Benefit of Medi-Jet Face
- Improve skin texture and pale skin tone
- Reduce fine lines, aged collapsed skin
- Acne, scarring sensitive skin
- Pigmentation, skin discolouration
- Dehydrated, dull oily skin
- Cellulite breakdown with weight loss products

Final treatment for facial was hydrating mask. 

Miss Grace brought in this SlimMaster machine and it was in red color. My first time seeing machine in red color. I sounded like a hooligan here. Sorry. *wide grin* This SlimMaster can help to break fats in 5 minutes and 1 SlimMaster treatment is equal to liposuction of 125 mg of fat. *jaw drop*

MayFair SlimMaster is a revolutionary slimming technology that uses positive and negative pressure to generate microbubbles that cause fatty deposits to break up. Then it is absorbed by the lymphatic system and drainage system to be eliminated from the body. It also stimulates the body to increase secretion of LPL enzyme which decomposes the fatty acids into energy. It also promotes metabolism for the body in order to enhance the shapelier contours. An exclusive, non-invasive slimming technology, SlimMaster does not cause any pain or damage to the skin as no surgery is needed.

Normally I don't reveal the photo of my ugly tummy because it's really big and ugly. However, through this treatment, I can see the difference on the shape of my tummy and it firms up my tummy with just one application. 

The left side with slight red mark on the skin showed the results after the SlimMaster treatment.

Special Features
- Detoxification
- Break stubborn fat
- Promotes metabolism
- Remove orange peel skin
- Create resonance to break up body fat

Last but not least, the final treatment was the CLA Chili Slimming. You would be wrapped like a mummy using cling wrap with the chili cream inside to stimulate the excretion and decomposition of body fat and hot blanket would be wrapped around your body at the same time to improve the blood circulation. You can always opt for lower temperature if you feel that the temperature set by the consultant is too high for you. I liked the temperature set by Miss Grace because I wanted to burn more fat. LOL! Surprisingly I doze off while doing this CLA Chili Treatment along with heat circulation treatment. It was kinda relaxing for me. (: 

CLA Chili Treatment + Hot Blanket

I measured the weight of my body and it reduced by 0.2 kg. However, after a week, I can see the results on my body. Tummy started to get slightly smaller than before and my metabolism rate had been increasing. Apart from that, I can feel that my skin is getting better than before after this trial treatment. My sister noticed that the size of my body is getting smaller which I was quite surprised. Overall, I am happy with their service and I can see the difference on my body by just one treatment. I am pretty sure if I am to continue the treatments, I can get those sexy figure that I always wanted to. So I have the thought of signing up their latest promotion package which is only RM29 for 5 treatments in conjunction with Mayfair's 29th Anniversary! It's so affordable right? *wide grin*


Here's a good news for all my readers! I am going to give out 10 customised treatment to all my readers!
All you have to do is to comment below this blog post and tell me "Why do you want to try out this customised treatment from Mayfair Bodyline?" 10 readers who came out with the most creative comments will be entitled for customised treatment by Mayfair.

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3. Remember to give me your Name and Email Address after your answer so that I can contact you personally if you are the winner.
4. Good luck to all of you! :D

Mayfair has the best service ever and it fulfilled my desire. With the treatments that I have tried, Mayfair actually helped to build my confidence and I have learnt to love myself after this. I feel that everyone deserves to be pretty and which is why they are coming up with this awesome promotion where you can get 5 treatment of your choice for only RM29! I think all of you should try this promotion as well. (: Mayfair is one of the leading slimming and beauty industry you can trust with 29 years of experience.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Nuffnang.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

[Review] Fairy Beauty Clenz ❤

Holla readers! I am back with another review of detox drink again. And this time it's from Fairy Beauty Clenz. I am pretty sure that those of you who have been reading my blog, you will notice that this brand looked familiar as I reviewed their beauty drinks and weight loss products before. You can read my review for Fairy Whitez, Fairy Blossom and Fairy Beauty LifeFood here (click on the words to open the link) for more details. (:

Received two boxes of Clenz all thanks to HiShop Malaysia! (:

Fairy Beauty Clenz is the special awards winner of the Beauty Supplements category in Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty, Mina and ViVi magazines. Our body produces toxins through its daily functions which needs to be eliminated. When these toxins are not eliminated, this will cause auto-intoxication: An increased growth in bacteria which ferments undigested food residues, turning them into compounds to reabsorbed in the body organs, liver and kidney.

Each box comes with 10 bottles of Clenz in 12 ml.

Clenz is practicing the natural nutritional medical theory using 100% pure natural organic nano plant essence, it helps to retain its effective active constituent and it's extremely easy to consume. 10 days of consumption of Fairy Beauty Clenz will produce the following benefits:

1. Detoxification
- Alfalfa
  • A good source of crude fiber that helps digestion, natural cleans
  •  Repairing to restore the intestinal function
  •  Discharge the saggy and odor toxin after 24 hours
- Pumpkin content
  • An excellent source of fruit collagen and multi mineral
  • Combat virus and bacteria
  • Breaks down impacted food residue and thoroughly cleanses the bowel
2. Strengthens Intestines and Stomach Functions

- Fructo-Oligosaccharid (F.O.S)
  • Reduce stomach and colon cancer's risk by beneficial fungus enhancement and production rate.
  • Ease constipation
  • Improve digestion
  • Prevent water-retention
  • Reduce discomfort and bloating
  • Improve and maintain body well-being and quality of life
This small bottle of Clenz is even smaller than my palm.
3. Eye Protection
- L-Theanine
  • Improve learning and concentration as well as improvement in sleep induction and relaxation
- The Lotus Leaf
  • Contain anti oxidant that help control cholesterol (reported by researched team),
  • Avoid harmful body backflow absorption.
- Lutein (Marigold Extract)
  • Protect eye vision by increasing xanthophyl in the central area of the retina (responsible for vision), relieves tired eyes and supports eye health
  • Prevent gradual loss of eyesight such as developing of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) which causes blindness among the elders
  • Act as a filter to filter-out UV rays from sun, fluorescent light bulbs, television and computer screens
  • Maintain a healthy cholesterol level, inhibits the formation and oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL)

4. Nutrition Boosting
- Spirulina
  • Soften and heal skin.
- Barley Grass
  • Excellent source of chlorophyll, amino acid, vitamin A, B for energy production.

Each box comes with 10 bottles of Clenz, 10 straws and a stopper. This stopper is used to insert the hole on the bottle so that the straw can be inserted in for consumption.

Push the stopper into the cover of the bottle.

Insert the straw and you are ready to drink it! :D
Overall Review
Don't judge by the look of the small packaging. This magic drink started to react to my body two hours after I consumed it. Tummy started to feel a little bit uncomfortable and I went to the toilet immediately. Went to the toilet for almost 4 - 5 times in a day. Probably this is because I have very bad constipation all these while, I went to toilet quite often to remove all the toxins in my body which is good.
I always feel bloated after eating and no matter how much I ate vegetables, fruits or food which contains fiber, I will still not able to go toilet regularly. I know it's bad for health. So I have to rely on these detox drinks for a week or two till I can finally go to the toilet everyday without depending on it anymore. Appetite gets better and tummy doesn't feel bloated as usual anymore after consuming Fairy Beauty Clenz. (:
Fairy Beauty Clenz is sold at RM88.00 for a box. However, you can get discount by using this coupon code: JANICEYEAP. For more information, check out: I would like to thank HiShop Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to review this product.

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Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sailor Jerry Made Its Debut in MTV World Stage 2014! ❤

MTV World Stage 2014 once again took place in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach for the 6th-year running on last Saturday. The show marked its 6th year in Malaysia included performances from homegrown international singer-songwriter Yuna, award-winning Billboard Hot 100 hip hop artist, singer-songwriter and record producer, B.o.B, Thai-American hip hop group Thaitanium and Universal Music Group International's first K-pop idol group, Boys Republic to its line-up of performers for MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014.

Thank you Sailor Jerry for the tickets! :D 

Of course what's a party without Sailor Jerry? Special thanks to Sailor Jerry for sponsoring me a pair of VIP tickets along with Gold tickets to the post party in Soju Sunway too. 

I was worried that we could not get a parking spot so I decided to be there as early as 6.30 pm. My BFF and I even had dinner at Sunway before walking over to the Sunway Lagoon Surf Entrance to queue. The queue to the entrance was long, so I decided to pose photo with Sailor Jerry backdrop and the vintage car. (: 

My friends were there to join in the fun too as well! Yay! So all of us were excited for this as it's my first time going to MTV World Stage! The organizer was so kind to provide us fans and ponchos in case the weather decided to become hot or cold as this is an outdoor event. 

#selfie time with my BFF, Shi Hui, Penny and KC. 

Of course I won't forget to take photos with the backdrop. :P As you can see from the photo below that, I received a goodie bag from a strangers who were holding a few goodie bags from Cleo Magazine and she gave me one which had MTV World Stage T-shirt in it! Woohoo!!!~~ 

So all of us walked to the Sailor Jerry tent to try out the Caribbean Spiced Rum. There's free flow of rum for the VIPs to try. 

Sailor Jerry Spiced is a Carribean Rum blended with 100% natural spices and flavours. It is inspired by the American tattoo legend Normal 'Sailor Jerry' Collins. Sailor Jerry Spiced embodies the independent spirit and unapologetic attitude of the rum's namesake who was noted for saying "My work speaks for itself." Sailor Jerry is also a big advocate of authentic and true individuals. Sailor Jerry supports originality and individuals who express themselves creatively. 

There were Sailor Jerry merchandises to be won that night. I was aiming for the Sailor Jerry Cup. :P

He mixed the rum for me on that night. 

I truly enjoyed the taste of the rum. Sailor Jerry Spiced is the rum of choice for true individuals!  

My BFF, Shi Hui and I posing with Sailor Jerry Spiced. (: 

The night was started by the performance from Thaitanium with an upbeat 11-track medley, which included an inaugural performance of their new single with Snoop Dogg, “Wake Up (Bangkok City)”. Boys Republic made their MTV World Stage debut with the performance "You Are Special". It was then followed by our home girl, Yuna who was singing Falling, Come Back and etc with her powerful voice. B.o.B, the international rapper impressed the audience with an energetic performance comprising of a 16-track medley that kept me dancing to the tracks. (:

Pretty stage that night. 

I was a little tired after standing at the VIP area for too long. So I spotted two nice spots for my BFF and I and we were resting there while listening to the songs that were performed by the artists that night. Shortly after my friends showed me their pretty Sailor Jerry cup, I wanted one for myself too. So I decided to take up the 3-sec shot challenge in order to grab the limited edition Sailor Jerry cup.

And yeah that's me by the way. :P 

And I got it! It wasn't that tipsy at all after I had them. In fact, I have a few rounds before I tried this challenge and it was rather fine. I turned out to be an alcoholic already I guess. LOL! 

Photo with Yukiko and Shivani with our Sailor Jerry cups. (: 

Here's a photo of my BFF and I with my Sailor Jerry cup. (: I am proud of myself. :P 

Since we were not allowed to bring cameras to the event, we had a few official photographs taken by the official photographer that night. It was such a fun night having all of these girls! 

Kah Mon, Yukiko, Shivani and I. (: 

Here's another photo of us again. (: 

Group photo with Sailor Jerry team. (: 

After the event ended, both BFF and I walked over to Soju, Sunway to party for the second round. 

The live band was damn awesome. I was enjoying the music to the maximum that night. I would definitely come back to Soju again next time. *wide grin*

We managed to selfie with better lighting in the club. Heheh. :P 

Last but not least, these were the souvenirs that I brought home that night. Heheh. I can keep all of these photos for memories.

Thank you Sailor Jerry and Manoah for the night. I can't wait to enjoy the spiced rum again at home with my family. :D

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