Saturday, November 30, 2013

[Event] Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon Event ❤

It was an exciting Saturday for me as I will be going to Sunway Lagoon for an event organized by Kiss Me! Woohoo!! Since I lived nearby and it only took about 5 minutes to get there, I reached there at 7.30 am sharp as told by the organizer. Man! When I got there, I was so surprised because there were a few events going on at Sunway Lagoon as well. 

With the bloggers and their plus 1! (:

The crowd started to make me feel sad cause I guess I needed to queue for a long period for a particular game. :( *weeping* However, Kiss Me crew was kind enough to set up a place for us to gather around and wait for the rest of the bloggers to arrive. 

Clockwise from L-R: Cik Lily Putih, Yana, Siew Cheng and I.

While waiting for the challenge to start, we were given a set of makeup to put on. I had the opportunity to try out their waterproof eyeliner and mascara. These makeup were put to test whether the make up would smudge after I dipped myself into the water and play later on.

It's my second time to Sunway Lagoon this year and I am excited to go for Vuvuzela which was my 2nd time trying out this game too. *yay*  We were given 8 challenges to complete. The first challenge was the Vuvuzela. 

My team consists of yours truly, Michelle, May Lee and Siew Cheng. 

I am so excited for the Vuvuzela challenge. However it took us about 25 minutes to wait for our turn. I did not know that we were allowed to cut the queue but we were blindly waiting for our turn. We might not be able to bag the grand prize already. =(

After the Vuvuzela challenge, we went over to the adventure park to join the next challenge. There were two challenges and we started off with the kayaking. Michelle and May Lee offered to go for kayak because they said they had experience on kayaking before.

Mich and May Lee were required to made the figure 8 to complete the challenge and they did!

Next challenge, was the wildlife challenge. I could foresee that this challenge got to be picking up something from a box containing lots of insects.

And I was correct. We were required to take out the scrabbles from the box which has Madagascar cockroaches inside! Eww! Of all insects, why it had to be cockroaches? I hate cockroaches the most! But thank god, my team mate was so kind to chase the cockroaches away when i was picking up the scrabbles.

Mich and I were taking turns to bring the scrabbles out. Phew! 

After we had completed this challenge, we proceeded to Scream Park to solve our next challenge. Another challenge that I hated the most. I dislike zombies, ghosts, humans with ugly makeups that would make me scream anytime. And we were told to go to the scream park to complete the 5 minute challenge. Oh my.. I was screaming like nobody's business. I could still remember when I went with my friends back in uni life, I closed my eyes all the way during the scream park challenge. And I told myself not to go anymore. But for this time I had no choice as I had to complete these challenges in order to win some prizes from Kiss Me. I think I was brave enough to go through that challenge. 

After the Scream Park challenge. All of us were looking so damn tired after the screaming. =/

It was already 12.30pm and we could not complete the other two challenges because time was up. We hurriedly run to the first stop to return our hints to the marshal. Most of the teams had completed the challenges except for my team. =( But seriously I had fun with the girls! Thank you Manoah and Kiss Me!

After that, we went for shower and grabbed our lunch which were provided and the food was good. I even had ice-cream after my lunch. *nom nom* There was a photobooth session for us to keep some memories about this event.

Some of the props for the photobooth. (:

We were given a full makeover from hair, manicure and face makeover. I was so happy for that because I had to attend dinner that night. So I did not have to look for saloon and go for hair makeover. :)

There were pretty cupcakes on the table. They were too pretty to be eaten. (:

Pretty heels on top of the cupcake (:

While waiting for the hair makeover, the girls were busy chitchatting and mingling around. I was glad to know a few friends through this event. As usual girls will camwhore around while waiting.. *wide grin*

Audrey and I.

Audrey is a friendly girl. Audrey is also my friend's junior from the same uni. What a small small world! (: Glad to meet Anne because the last event I saw her was the Vikings Preview Screening at Changkat. We did not talk that time because I was rushing to go home and I was glad to chat with her because I found out that she is my ex-coursemate's sister! What a small world! (:

Anne, Furfer and I. (:

Finally it was my turn for the makeover. I looked so damn weird with that makeup. Maybe I have already used to my natural makeup and I don't apply eyeliner below my lower eyes defto I felt weird that day.

That's my look before the makeover and with my plus 1, Siew Cheng. (: 

With bubbly Michelle (:

With Siew Cheng and Michelle. (: We knew other from Nuffnang's Birthday Bash in March this year.

Make up of the day. All products used were from Kiss Me makeup range.

Kiss Me Photobooth. (: 

Last but not least, a group photo of the bloggers that day. Thank you Manoah and Kiss Me for giving us the opportunity to visit Sunway Lagoon and meet all the awesome bloggers from different parts of the city. Glad to know all of you. (:

P/s: Sorry for the late post. T.T

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

[Review] Geo Contact Lens ❤

It's always been my favourite brand of contact lens since few years ago. I have been wearing Geo contact lens for quite some time. I love how the colours bring out my look each time I wear them. And thank you HiShop Malaysia for the opportunity to review the contact lenses. *yay*

Geo Lens in Nudy Violet.

Code for Nudy Violet - CH-621.

I was given a pair Geo Lens in Nudy Violet with code CH621. I love how it brings out the colour and I can go around showing people I can look like a "Caucasian" too. *wide grin* I can have purple eyes in reality! I do not have to edit the colour of my eyes using some photo apps in my phone. I can look pretty too in reality. *jump with joy*
Let me pose with my lenses first before I put them on. (: And sorry for the dark eye circle.

Before and after wearing the lenses. :)

It is important to follow a good care lens routine. I have been very particular in taking care of lenses as I work in construction site. There are dusts flying around everyday. So I need to wash them thoroughly. And of course, make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling the lenses. Change the saline solution in your case each time you have stored your lenses. 

If you only wear your lenses once in a while, opt for the daily disposable type which you can use once and throw away after. I will wear my lens every day to work. So I would suggest you guys to try this lens as it can be replaced after a year. RM45.00 for a pair of contact lens that will last you for a year is definitely worth price. (:

Don't worry if you think that wearing that for 12 months isn't good, you can always opt to wear for 3 months or 6 months and I still feel the price is reasonable enough compared to other brands in the market. (: Before I forgot, always look for Geo lens sticker on the bottle as this proves the authenticity of the product. (:

The Geo lens sticker which proves the authenticity of the lenses.

You can look at the difference in before and after wearing the Geo contact lenses. (: My eyes are getting bigger and bolder after wearing the Nudy Violet contact lenses. I love how it doesn't make my eyes feel dry after wearing it for more than 8 hours. This Geo contact lenses is definitely my ultimate choice! (: I will rate the product: 4.5 / 5. Click here to know more about the lenses.

My eyes are getting bigger and bolder after wearing them.

Anyway, to those who wish to purchase Geo Contact Lenses, here's the good news for all. Geo Contact Lenses products will be on 10% discount on HiShop from now till 30th Nov 2013. The price of the Geo Contact Lenses will be now at RM45.00 instead of RM50.00. 

That's not all, my readers will get an exclusive RM20 rebate with minimum purchase of RM99. Type GEO20 and this promotion is valid till 30th November 2013. Go and grab now since they are having such awesome promotion! So why not purchase and try it yourself? I am sure you will pretty love it!

So check out their social media sites for more info:
Subscribe to HiShop for exclusive updates: 

And thank you for reading! (:

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own. 

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[Work] Days in Manila! ❤

Holla people in Malaysia. I am writing my very first personal post all the way from Philippines! Not sure if anyone in Malaysia miss me as much as I do? I hope you guys do! (: Life's pretty depressing here. This is because I have been working from 8 am to 5 pm in the office every day and continue with my work back at home. T.T I want back my KL life. =/ Almost every night I complained to my sister that I want to go home. First of all, I don't understand Tagalog which is Philippines' mother tongue language and secondly I was not prepared to be here for few months. (Even though I will be back in Malaysia once a month).

Feeling so depressed on the first week in Manila.

Partly because my ang moh boss was only for two days and I was afraid that no one would help me with the documents that I have to submit to the client every day. Been working on the documents for the past one week and I am still continue working in this week. I guess I won't be able to go shopping on weekends till next week. :( There's one of the largest shopping mall nearby my place where you can reach there within 5 minutes with cab.

 SM Mall of Asia - The largest shopping mall in Asia.

Thirdly, the workers here are talking Tagalog to me! Wtf. Do I look like a Filipino here? I am Malaysian ok? And how I wish I can find a few Chinese colleagues who can speak Cantonese or Mandarin with me since my client is actually from Hong Kong.  For your information, my client owns casinos in Macau and they are planning to build another City of Dreams of Macau in Manila here. It will be one of my biggest project I have ever handle. Everyone will be wondering will I get any benefit from there like commission or something? Nah! Not a single cent. I am not the one who will get the credits in the end even though I am the person who are handling the documents and projects. So pathetic right? I think the most valuable things I can benefit from this project is getting more experience in handling such big project and will become an expert in AutoCAD drawings in future. :P Maybe I can also get the opportunity to meet the owner and I can become his mistress. Then I will be rich for good. *evil laugh*

 It's called City of Dreams Manila by the way. You guys can google the name if you want. (:

Anyway, AutoCAD was never my thing since degree life. Never really like to use AutoCAD and whenever we have assignment on AutoCAD, I will choose to help my friends with paper work instead of working on the AutoCAD drawings. Right now, I have to face AutoCAD all day long in Manila. *hate*

Fourth, the internet connection here is darn slow even with the mobile broadband. Who says that the green bars on the broadband has the strongest connection here? Bull shit! It works even slower than my EDGE connection on my phone. I definitely have no patience in loading the page over and over again anymore. (P.s: Right now I am blogging this with the page loading half way only. FML!) Almost everyday I decided to sleep at 10.30 pm because of the slow connection here. I rather go and sleep than waiting for the slow connection to load one page every 5 minutes. While waiting for the page to load, this is what I always eat.

 Dried Mangoes! *om nom nom*

Pretty sad with the bad internet connection here. Definitely I won't be blogging so much already. Sigh. My views are definitely gonna drop by 50%. =( All my hard work does not pay off when you lack of blogging already. With so many bloggers around the world, everyone has to update her blog creatively and constantly in order to increase the traffic. Am I right?

Wore my ChurpOut 2013 tee to work. Don't ever wear so nicely in site as you will get dirty and messy here. =/

What I am trying to emphasize here is that you gotta have passion in blogging and not just blogging because the whole world are blogging too. You seriously need to have the passion to blog about anything you like. And not forgetting my passion is still there after 8 years. (: This is why I love blogging. (:

Spotted the Starbucks Philippines planner for year 2014. It's so pretty! T.T

I know all of you will be bored of me ranting about my life in Manila. But I will be back two weeks from now. Gotta be in Malaysia for 4 days before I am back again in Manila. Hmm...Anyway I will try to put up some photos here to ensure that my post doesn't look dull and boring. Hehe.

Stitch and I in Manila saying holla to everyone! (:

Year end is coming soon and I have not achieved anything yet so far. So sad. I think I need to start thinking about my next year's resolution now. Hmm. (:

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Talent Corp Sector Focused Career Fair (SFCF), UiTM Shah Alam ❤

Last Tuesday, I attended Sector Focused Career Fair which was held at Dewan Seri Budiman, UiTM Shah Alam to explore various career opportunities in Shared Services and Outsourcing Sector (SSO). This event was organized by Talent Corp Malaysia to optimize Malaysian talent as well as facilitating awareness among the public of the career opportunities available in priority sectors under the 11 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs). 

 #SFCFUiTM sticker.

Today, the SSO sector in Malaysia provides a wider array of career paths in five different industries. They are:
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) 
  • Energy, Chemicals and Resources (ECR) 
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Logistics and Transportation (L&T)
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare (P&H)
Over 300 multi-national and local companies have made Malaysia their SSO hubs. Because a career in SSO offers global opportunities, the list of multinational corporations who will employ your services are endless. But just to name a few that I had seen during the #SFCFUiTM were Hewlett-Packard (HP), Shell, BASF, IBM, Kimberly-Clark, BP Asia BSC, Lafarge, Worley Parsons BSC, Ranhill Bersekutu, Manulife, Hilti and etc


 BP Asia BSC

 Worley Parsons

 Some of the exhibitors in the #SFCFUiTM.


The SFCF provides an opportunity for graduates to meet with CEOs and senior HR representatives of participating companies, while providing a platform for companies to scout for potential talent from universities in Malaysia. Several critical industries are in need of top talent and the undergraduates are able to use this opportunity to better understand these developing sectors in Malaysia. The companies also have the opportunity to educate the public about industry developments, sectoral branding and increase understanding of the SSO sector.  


Shared services is a business model that involves centralizing of taks, operations, jobs, processes or functions that were once performed in separate divisions or locations, but keeps it in house. The services that can be shared among various business units of a company include finance, procurement, inventory management, payroll processing, recruitment, information technology and engineering services. Outsourcing on the other hand is defined as contracting of non-core business activities (operations, jobs or processes) to a third party for a significant period of time based on predefined service level agreements.


Went to the Kimberly-Clark booth and turns out that the jobs in KL are more on business and not engineering field. =/ However, the lady mentioned that I can still apply the jobs in her company as they have a production company in Johor. (:

The two-day event included Career Talks and Couch Corner Slot. Career Talks is a platform developed for the young generation to engage with prominent industry leaders while the Couch Corner Slot was designed for the visitors, especially students, to interact with the companies in a relaxed atmosphere.

At the MSC Malaysia booth, we were told to do a short survey on the #SFCFUiTM and each of the survey form that has been filled will be given a foldable water bottle for free.

I chose the green one. :)

 Industry Career Quiz for the visitors.

For further information on TalentCorp and SFCF, please visit or

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Nuffnang.

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