Friday, August 30, 2013

[Event] Astro - Your Malaysian is showing + Go Beyond Positive MeterLaunch ❤

Managed to spend some quality time on last weekend by attending Your Malaysian is Showing + Go Beyond Positive Meter Launch organized by Astro and Nuffnang in the Saturday afternoon.  I was thrilled and excited because it's another bloggers' event from Astro apart of Astro-On-The-Go Live Explorer which was held at Sunway Pyramid months ago. They are the #GoBeyond and #UrMalaysianIsShowing campaigns, as well as the launch of a new music video, entitled “Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing”.


Public can also take photos with the props and posted the photos in social media platform and they would receive either passport holder or Astro bag. (: Meanwhile yours truly (which is me) managed to take one photo with the prop and uploaded it in Instagram.

Yours truly posing with the Astro #GoBeyond and #UrMalaysianIsShowing prop. (:

Was there at 2.30 pm sharp and managed to see some of my blogger friends at the event and even took photos with them. (: This event is to celebrate the best of Malaysia through a variety of activities on air, online and on ground to spread positivity and happiness in conjunction with Malaysia’s 56th Independence Day which falls on  this coming Saturday! 
Meet my blogger friends, Kelly Chin, JQ Lee, Jeff and yours truly. (P.s: Can you guys notice that the word lenglui at the backdrop? It was just pointing right at my head!! LOL!) 

While waiting for the event to start, I started to look around for friends and took a few shots with them. It's kinda fun especially you got to meet all of them at once in such a wonderful event. (: 

Meet Anne from Nuffnang. She is a super friendly and nice girl I tell you. (:

Meet Kelly from whom I know from few events back then. Thank you for being a big sister to me each time we attended events together! (:

Meet Tian Chad from He could still remember my name even though we met each other for the third time only. Thank you so much! (:

Here's the hosts of the day. They were smiling at my camera! :D 

They were many artists who attended the launch that day and they were Lisa Surihani, Dato' Haji Aznil Nawawi,Geraldine Gan, Jie Ying, Revathy, Lingkesh. Mr Henry Tan, the Chief Operating of Astro was there to launch the #GoBeyond campaign and positive engine which is the first of its kind that features Malaysian landmarks and is housed in the 3rd floor in Mid Valley Megamall for all to see.

During the speech, Mr Henry Tan said “This year, our Merdeka Campaign revolves around celebrating our uniqueness as Malaysians and encouraging everyone to do something positive to put a smile on the faces of others. We invite everyone to participate in our #gobeyond campaign and tell us about it on social media with the #gobeyond hashtag. Your positive action can be helping someone in need or even writing an inspiring message, which will trigger the Positive Engine. Every positive act will be tabulated. To date, we have received over 140,000 positive contributions and we are aiming to exceed the million mark."

These were the artists who attended that day. (:

To those who do not know what is positive engine all about, you can always check it out at the 3rd floor at Midvalley alright? Here's the photo of the positive engine. (:

Introducing the Positive Engine!

Astro celebrates the best of 1Malaysia and our Malaysianess by recognising our unique lingo such as Syok!, Gostan, Brudder, Fuyoh, Macha, understood only by fellow Malaysians. Everyone can be a part of this and own their favourite lingo on a T-shirt via the #UrMalaysianIsShowing Facebook app. Proceeds from the sale will contribute towards a charitable cause. 

A booth which sells unique lingo T-shirts to represent our fellow Malaysians from different races. (:

Now that the launch was over, Nuffnangers and Churpers would be starting the bloggers event shortly. I was put under the Team 6 and there were 15 groups altogether. I was feeling excited about this event because I was really curious about how this event will work when it required us to tweet and Instagram during the whole event. *hmm*  

All the bloggers getting ready to start the event. (:

Two teams would have one Marshal where the marshal would give us the list of tasks and a bag of stuffs that would be used in the game later on. The Marshal for Team 5 and 6 would be Charissa. 

Meet my team mate, Hafiz, Liyana, Cik Lily Putih and I. 

Each of us were given t-shirts according to the team with different captions and colours. (:We were surprised when we received the tasks because there were 27 TASKS ALTOGETHER! How were we going to finish all the tasks? *sigh*

Thank god Cik Lily Putih was in my team and she distributed the task into two groups. Hafiz and I were in a team completing the tasks from number 15 till 27. Basically, Hafiz and I were told to upload 3 videos in Instagram and 14 photos  in Twitter using Twitpic. In addition, each photos or videos uploaded in Instagram or Twitter were required to add in hashtags of #UrMalaysianIsShowing and #GoBeyond and tag @NuffnangMY.

Below are some of the tasks that we had to complete that day. 

Task: Tag a friend in Twitter and compliment him/her.

Task: Offer a stranger/passerby a cup of mineral water.

Task: Offer a passerby a sunflower.

Task: Hi-5 to your new friend.

Task: Give a passerby a hug.

Task: Most patriotic pose with Malaysian flag. 

We faced some problems during the event. I could not upload a single photos in my Twitter at all. The connection in Midvalley must be pretty bad. =.= Thank god Cik Lily Putih brought her portable internet broadband along with her and we managed to finish our tasks on time! Thank you Kak Lily! (: While waiting for the judges to calculate the numbers of tasks that had been completed, we were ushered to Blu Med to have some light refreshments.

Shah invited Lisa to come forward to present the cash to the winners.

The first winner was Team 15 which they managed to complete all the tasks given and followed by my team 6!! Yoohoo!~~~ I did not expect to win at all. I must really thank Kak Lily for her portable internet broadband or else we could not have finished some of our tasks so fast. (:

The Grand Winner who walked away with RM600 cash!

Team 6 who walked away with RM400! 

Congratulations to Jeff's team for bagging the 3rd prize which is RM200! Congrats to all the teams!! (: 

Jeff's team. 

Before I forgot, to those who did not attend the event that day, fret not. You can always go to to take part of the Positivity campaign.

I have joined mine and how about you? #GoBeyond

Other than that, you can also design your own tee to join this unique lingo which can only be understand by our fellow Malaysians. I have already designed mine and I guess the caption would suit me a lot. :P Heheh.

Last but not least, a music video aptly titled “Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing” which is uploaded by Astro Malaysia can be watched as below:

For further information, please refer to the links below, 

For more information on Astro's Negaraku campaign including "Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is Showing", please log on to

Information on Go Beyond can be found on

Make your own #UrMalaysianIsShowing T-Shirt with the #UrMalaysianIsShowing Facebook app here:

Set your own Go Beyond positive acts with the Go Beyond Facebook app here:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from Nuffnang.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

#29 Movie Review: Elysium ❤

Million thanks to Nuffnang for the tickets! (:

In 2154, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy, who live on a luxurious space station called Elysium, and the poor, who live on an overpopulated, devastated Earth. While residents on Earth are policed by ruthless androids, Elysian citizens live in comfort and safety, surrounded by robotic servants. They regularly use man-sized medical devices in their homes that keep them free from disease (so called Med-Pods).

Max Da Costa (Matt Damon), a former car thief and parolee, lives in the ruins of Los Angeles and works on the assembly line in one of the robotics factories of Armadyne Corp., the company that provides the space habitat, robots, and most of Elysium's weapons. Max grew up as an orphan and has spent much of his life in prison. After an altercation with a robot officer results in a broken arm, he reconnects with a childhood friend, Frey (Alice Braga), who works as a nurse in the rundown County Hospital. Frey's daughter Matilda is dying of leukemia.

When a caravan of illegal immigrants from Earth attempts to reach the space station, Elysian Secretary of Defense Jessica Delacourt (Jodie Foster) activates vicious mercenary Kruger, who works on Earth as a sleeper agent, and orders him to shoot down the shuttles in a covert mission. Disapproving of her methods, President Patel reprimands her, and Kruger is fired. Delacourt, vowing to protect Elysium and her own power, convinces Armadyne's billionaire CEO John Carlyle to write a program that can override Elysium's central computer and make her President. In return, she offers to guarantee renewal of Armadyne's defense contracts for the next two hundred years. Carlyle agrees to the coup, and after creating the program in his office on Earth, he encrypts it and uploads it to his brain for safekeeping until his return to Elysium.

After an accident at the plant exposes Max to a lethal dose of radiation, Carlyle has Max fired, and Max is sent home with a bottle of painkillers, having only five days to live. Knowing his only chance for survival is a Med-Pod, Max seeks help from notorious smuggler and hacker Spider (Wagner Moura), who organizes the illegal caravans to Elysium. Spider agrees to get Max to Elysium, if in exchange, Max helps him steal valuable financial information from an Elysium citizen. Max agrees, after stipulating that Carlyle is to be the mark. Spider arranges for Max to receive weapons and several medical implants, including a fake Elysium ID needed to use the Med-Pods, a primitive powered exoskeleton that increases his strength to rival the android sentinels, and a cerebral data uplink which will allow Max to transfer information from Carlyle's mind to his own. With help from a team including his friend Julio (Diego Luna), Max intercepts Carlyle's spaceship, disables his bodyguards and steals his data (including the program), uploading it to his own brain. The team, however, finds the data scrambled by Carlyle's security measures and cannot transmit it to Spider.

Delacourt secretly deploys Kruger and his men to rescue Carlyle and recover the program. In the ensuing firefight, Carlyle is mortally wounded, Spider's men are gunned down and Julio sacrifices himself fighting Kruger so Max can escape. Max is stabbed before getting away, and seeks Frey for help treating his wound. She asks him to help smuggle Matilda into Elysium so she can be cured of her leukemia, but he refuses, believing it to be a suicide mission. Meanwhile, Delacourt locks down Los Angeles airspace and sends Kruger's team on a manhunt demanding Max be captured with his brain undamaged, as it now holds the only viable copy of the program. Max returns to Spider to extract the information from his head, and they discover Carlyle's program. They realize that during the reboot it performs, they could change any data they wanted, including making all of Earth's residents legal citizens of Elysium. However, the lockdown prevents Spider from launching a ship for Max until his men can crack the jamming signal, by which time Max will be dead.
Max instead bargains with Kruger to be taken to Elysium in exchange for the program (threatening suicide by a live grenade next to his head). Kruger, who unbeknownst to Max has captured Frey and Matilda as hostages, agrees. With the lockdown lifted so Kruger's ship can leave Earth, Spider hastily gathers a team and also heads for Elysium. As Kruger's ship is approaching the station, his men attempt to disarm Max of the grenade, and it ultimately detonates, severely mutilating Kruger's face and disabling the shuttle which crash-lands into Elysium. Delacourt seizes the opportunity to declare a state of emergency and relieves President Patel of his duties.

Max, Frey and Matilda are captured from the wreckage and handed over to Delacourt. Carlyle's security measures for the program are discovered, and it becomes clear that extracting the program from Max' mind will kill him. Delacourt is unfazed by this and orders her men to proceed. Meanwhile, Kruger's men put their badly-disfigured boss in a Med-Pod in the armory nearby, and his face is reconstructed. The team is chastised by Delacourt for letting the situation get out of hand, but the mentally-unhinged Kruger now has his own plan; he wants the program for himself, to become President and make Elysium his private playground. He stabs Delacourt in the neck and leaves her with Frey and a comatose Matilda. Despite Frey's best efforts, Delacourt refuses her help and dies. Max escapes from the data extraction team, and rescues Frey and Matilda, sending them to the surface of Elysium to find a Med-Pod.

Realizing that the Med-Pod will not work on the now-comatose Matilda as she is not a citizen of Elysium, and also knowing that between his radiation sickness and the program in his brain, he is a dead man walking, Max resolves to use Carlyle's program to make everyone a citizen. He meets with Spider and his men, who landed safely on Elysium during the chaos, and takes the last of his painkillers in an overdose for an edge against Kruger's team. Kruger meanwhile bolts on a more advanced, military grade exoskeleton and rampages through Elysium's central command looking for Max, while his men assassinate most of Elysium's leaders. As Max and Spider reach the main control hub, they are ambushed by Kruger, who fights to disable Max's exoskeleton and render him powerless. Max finally turns the tables, disconnecting Kruger's exoskeleton. Desperately, Kruger attempts to kill Max in a murder–suicide using a grenade, but Max breaks free and throws Kruger over a ledge. The grenade detonates, killing Kruger.

Spider and Max lock themselves in Elysium's main datacenter and prepare the reboot as Patel leads a group to detain them. Max radios Frey to say goodbye, reminding her of a promise he made when they were children, that he would get them up to Elysium someday. After Spider configures the data changes, Max activates the program, killing himself. The computer core is rebooted with Spider's modifications, registering every Earth resident as a citizen of Elysium. Matilda is now recognized and cured by the Med-Pod Frey was able to find, and Patel, upon breaking into the core, finds himself powerless to stop Spider, as the android sentinels now recognize him as a citizen and refuse to arrest him. As a massive number of new citizens on Earth are now recognized by Elysium's main computer as being in need of medical treatment, fleets of emergency medical spacecraft equipped with Med-Pods and medical droids are dispatched to Earth and begin their work.

A science fiction action-thriller film written by Neill Blomkamp starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. It's been awhile since I watched Jodie Foster acting. She still looks pretty and gorgeous as well, And I love her short hair in this movie. This movie explores political and sociological themes such as immigration, health care and class issues. I somehow find that some of the scenes are abit gory. But overall the plot was good and I was touched to see how Max sacrificed himself to save his people. Rate of the movie: 4/5.

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#28 Movie Review: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones ❤

Thank you Nuffnang! :D

Brooklyn teenager Clary Fray goes with her best friend Simon Lewis to a nightclub, and witnesses a murder. Even with Simon by her side, Clary seems to be the only actual witness to the crime. At the club she meets shadowhunter Jace Wayland and is catapulted into a world that has so far been unknown to her. She then discovers that her mother, Jocelyn, has been attacked and taken from their home in New York City by a man named Valentine in his search of an object known as the Mortal Cup.

She gets in touch with her new friend, Jace, and his adoptive siblings and fellow shadowhunters, Alec and Isabelle Lightwood, to help her on her quest to rescue her mother. Along the way Clary finds out the truth that her mother had wanted to protect her from, about her past and bloodline and how she, like Jace, Alec and Isabelle, is a shadowhunter, which are part angel, part human warriors.

Clary is shocked to learn that her mother is also a shadowhunter and that she too has the powers of one, and she must master her powers in time to save her mother from Valentine. Using her newfound gifts, Clary finds the Cup that her mother safely hid, only to be betrayed and forced to let it slip into the wrong hands. Clary must fight to reclaim the Cup and save her mother before it is too late, and soon she finds herself caught in a battle between forces of good and evil that she barely understands.

The beginning part of the movie was ok. I find that the title of the movie does not relate the title of the movie. Maybe they only potray a few scenes of City of Bones but I still find it not related. Anyway overall the story is not bad.. Clarry is so pretty and so do Jace. He is damn hot. Anyway I will rate this movie: 3.5/5.

My "Strength" rune. Need more strength to blog more. :P

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour - Live in Kuala Lumpur! ❤

Guess what people????!!! CNBLUE is coming to Malaysia to do their first solo performance at National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur on 24th August on this Saturday! Yeeehahhhh!!~~~ Thank you Samsung for being the sponsor of CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour and all the fans out there finally have the opportunity to watch CNBLUE perform live in KL!

To those who don't know, CNBLUE is a South Korean rock band formed in Seoul in 2009. The band consists of Jung Yong-hwa (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Lee Jong-hyun (lead guitar, vocals), Lee Jung Shin (bass guitar, vocals) and Kang Min-hyuk (drums, vocals). 

CN is an abbreviation of 'Code Name' while BLUE is an abbreviation of the members’ individual images. The band debuted on August 19, 2009 in Japan with their first mini album, Now or Never. They released four teasers for their 1st Korean mini album Bluetory, starring one member per each of the videos in the sequence of Jonghyun, Minhyuk, Jungshin and lastly, Yonghwa.

On January 14, 2010, CNBLUE debuted their first mini-album in Korea with the lead single "I'm a Loner" (Korean: 외톨이야). Their fan club is called "Boice". New album has been launched, which is [RE:BLUE] in the first half of 2013.

One of my favourite song is  직감  from CNBLUE 1st Album "First Step".

On January 22, FNC Entertainment announced the 2013 CN Blue Blue Moon World Tour, stating "They won't be going to just Asian countries such as China, Singapore, and Hong Kong, but also Europe, Australia, North America, and South America.”. The label confirmed stops for Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia, and is in the process of planning America and Europe stops.Taiwan will be the first stop for the world tour starting on April 6,making them the first South Korean rock band to hold a world tour of this kind.

Are you all excited? *wide grin*  I'll be going to the CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour concert on this Saturday! I am super excited as my favourite Jung Yong-Hwa, the lead vocal from CNBLUE is performing live on this Saturday! *drool* So hope to see all the CNBLUE fans there! Can't wait  to watch for their performance. Hooray!

Anyway, check out this Youtube video. CNBLUE did a cover of Geek in The Pink! (:

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Monday, August 19, 2013

[Review] Beautymate Polypeptide Collagen Revitalising Mask ❤

Have you ever encounter rough and dry skin? These are the main factors that will generate fine lines and makes your skin imperfect.

Beautymate Collagen Revitalizing Mask

But fret not, Beautymate Collagen Revitalizing Mask which contain collagen peptide multi, is the best nutrition supplement for reducing wrinkles caused by dehydration. It also penetrates to skin underlying which can regain the moisture lost and increase the moisture level instantaneously.

Thank you to HiShop Malaysia for giving me two pieces of this mask to try on.

The packaging is easier to be torn.

The size of the mask fits well on all types of faces.

I love how the material of the mask itself. It is thin and lightweighted and easy to be put on the face. The porous paper is easier to be taken off from the mask and the mask was wet and contained a lot of essence when I took it out from the packaging.

 Take off the porous paper. 

 Spread mask over face.

 Gently press on mask with fingertips to ensure a snug fit.

 Leave the mask for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove. Wipe off remaining essence with a cotton pad. 
It is suggested to use 1 to 2 times a week, or more often if necessary. Apart from that, with advanced Japanese Nano Technology combined with wood pulp with silk from Japan, this mask has a strong water-locking power, which can perfectly hold the essence, so that the skin can absorb full nutrients to bring you a long-lasting skin care experience.

Day 1

Day 2

Can you see the difference between Day 1 and Day 2? It shows immediate radiance on my skin and I felt my skin gets softer and more supple. Besides that, it locks the moisture on my skin for more than 12 hours even I slept under air cond every night. My face could still feel the softness after Day 2. It gives me intense moisturizing even after the first application. On the other hand, my fine lines are not visible enough. Therefore, I can't see any differences on improving the fine lines on the skin. This mask is also suitable for all skin types especially dry and sensitive skin like me.

Rate of the product: 4.5/5

Oh ya, Beautymate is currently having 20% off promotion and the promo ends on 31st August 2013. Do check out the website for more details alright? And before I forgot, there's an exclusive RM20 rebate for my readers with the code: TRYUSNOW. However, this rebate only applies with minimum purchase of RM99 and it is valid until 31st August 2013.

For more information, 
Click 'Like' HiShop on Facebook:
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Disclaimer: These masks were sent to me for review purposes. However, this does not affect my judgement in any way. All feedback and opinions are based on my personal and honest opinion.

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#27 Movie Review: Unbeatable ❤

As usual, million thanks to Nuffnang for the tickets. (:

The present day: After a biking holiday in Yunnan province, China, Lin Siqi (Eddie Peng), the son of a wealthy businessman (Jack Kao), returns to Beijing and bumps into an old friend, Chen (Wang Baoqiang), who is enjoying some conspicuous spending after his father died and left him a fortune. 

In Hong Kong, meanwhile, Hong Kong taxi driver Ching Fai, aka "Scumbag Fai" (Nick Cheung), a former boxer and ex-con with gambling debts of HK$200,000 (US$25,000), flees to neighbouring Macau and gets a menial job at the gym of old friend Tai-sui (Philip Keung). 

He rents a room in the flat of Wang Mingjun (Mei Ting), a Mainlander who has a 10-year-old daughter, Leung Pui-dan (Crystal Lee). Mingjun still suffers from depression, after a nervous breakdown when her husband left them for another women four years ago, and Ching Fai slowly becomes attached to her and the mouthy Pui-dan. Meanwhile, Siqi has washed up, penniless, in Macau with his father, who has lost the will to live after being bankrupted by a stock-market collapse. 

Finding work as a manual labourer, Siqi decides to enter the forthcoming Golden Rumble MMA Championship, which has a purse of HK$2 million. With some experience in taekwondo, he enrols at the same gym where Ching Fai happens to work, in order to learn MMA. 

After Ching Fai by chance helps out Siqi one night when the latter's father turns violent, Ching Fai agrees to help Siqi with his MMA training, even though the championship is only 10 weeks away. However, Ching Fai, despite being 48, also harbours a secret desire to compete for the prize money which he so desperately needs.

The main focus of this drama is on two male protagonists, here not on opposite sides of the law but brought together by the need for money to fix their lives and the need to win for personal self-esteem. The relationships and sub-plots are all totally formulaic (suffering single mum, beautiful ex-girlfriend, pushy kid, ex-boxer gone wrong, rich kid on the skids with a problem father to support).

But it's sustained by the acting of Nick Cheung, who makes his middle-aged loser a genuinely shaded, believable character, and by the chemistry between him and Peng, which even gets away with them sending up the borderline homo-erotic aspects of the movie, with super-buff male torsos fulsomely on display. (In this respect, Cheung, 45, who trained particularly hard for the role, gives Peng, 31, a serious run for his money.)
I would rate this movie: 4/5. To know more about this movie, please watch the trailer below. (:

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Monday, August 12, 2013

#LepakWithNuffies at Coffee Societe ❤

Knowing that it was a public holiday that day, I was more excited than anyone else because it would be my first time attending #LepakWithNuffies session with Nuffies and 15 Nuffnangers at Coffee Societe at Publika. (:

Since it was a public holiday for Selangor area, I started journey quite early to Publika afraid that it would cause traffic jam along the expressway. Oh my I was wrong. It was pretty jam when I got out from the expressway. =( However, I managed to reach 10 minutes earlier before the actual time. And there were some Nuffies and Nuffnangers waiting for us already. =/

Anyway Coffee Societe is currently active in social networking site such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Check out the photo below for their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts alright? (: As for the Instagram, do put on a hashtag #coffeesociete if you upload photos in Coffee Societe! *hee*

While waiting for the rest to come, I ordered my drink. I ordered a cappuccino. We get to drink free flow coffee that night. But too bad I can't drink much because my tummy can't really take much of the coffee. Sorry guys! But frankly speaking the coffee here is not bad. 

Their menu. 

My cappucino. (:

Dustyhawk's coffee with minion design. (: Love this!

I love how they displayed the bottle of coffee beans on the table. This is one of a unique decoration instead of putting flowers on the centre of the table. (:

We then started off with a short briefing of the purpose of this #LepakWithNuffies session. After that, we were told to introduce ourselves one by one about our blog, personal life and etc. Anne, the Community Relation Manager briefly talked about her department's job scope. I seriously love their job scopes where they can interact / communicate with us, the bloggers itself. (:

Group photo with Kelly, Anne, Janice (yours truly) and Darren with his food. Thank you Dustyhawk and Shah for photobombing our photo. Lol!

Darren and Shah also explained about the other departments' job scopes in order for us to know better. I seriously love and enjoy their working environment each time I visited their office.

A photo of myself with Anne and Darren. 

Guess what? All the Nuffies are damn friendly. I kinda enjoyed this session a lot as I get to know each of them better. I always thought their work is pretty easy and relaxing. But throughout this session, I realised that their job is never easy. They have to face certain challenges when dealing with bloggers themselves sometime. They are truly amazing! (: A small team does all the work to make each of the Nuffnangers happy! (: Great job guys!

Shah, Anne and Darren waiting patiently for their turn to speak up. *hee*

After all the chitchatting session, we also had a Q&A session where we got to ask whatever questions that we would like to ask. I think I asked quite number of questions that night. *oops*

Group photo before we called it a day. Group shot #1

Group shot #2 - Nuffnang Stickman's pose.

I seriously hope that I will get another chance to attend this #LepakWithNuffies session again. Nice knowing all the Nuffnangers and Nuffies. I had so much fun that night despite it was a short session. Last but not least, thank you Nuffnang for the awesome Nuffnang tee and I can wear the tee in the upcoming Nuffnang events! Not forgetting Coffee Societe for the awesome free-flow coffee! You guys should go there and visit Coffee Societe one day and try the coffee yourself! (: 

Thank you Nuffnang! I love you Stickman! (:

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