Friday, May 31, 2013

I Want To Join The Butterfly Project's Spa Party! ❤

Before I want to say something, can you please look at the banner below. :)

 The Butterfly Project is organizing a massive June campaign for all the butterflies out there which is THE SPA PARTY!

To those who don't know, The Butterfly Project is a beauty and lifestyle blogging community so that all the bloggers can gather, exchange information and mingle around to build social networking with the rest of the bloggers.  

Let me share with you guys my personal experience. When I first join this community, I was just an ordinary blogger who blogs for almost 8 years (5 years using Blogger platform)  and know nothing and beauty stuffs. I love all the different brands of skincare and makeup products, but I never really share or review about the products I have tried/used before. Somehow through this community I learnt a lot especially reading the blogs from the experts in beauty reviews which widens my knowledge and skills in blogging beauty reviews. At the same time, I learnt on how to mingle around the fellow bloggers whom are in the same community and they are really super nice and friendly! Thank you The Butterfly Project for everything! *muah*

Met these two awesome bloggers from the community. L-R: Amelie, Chency and Yours truly.

So through this SPA Party, I would like to take this opportunity to widen my social networking, build good relationship with the fellow bloggers and at the same learn some tips on makeup and skincare products!

Not forgetting I would like to thank all the collaborating brands in making this Spa Party a  successful one and make the butterflies' dreams come true!

Posh! Nail Spa

Thank you Posh! Nail Spa for the venue. I finally can have pampering session with my girls together while gossiping nonstop.  


 I can't wait to have pretty nails done during The Spa Party and at the same time to learn some skills from the experts on how to maintain the nails. *wide grin*

 I can have pretty nails like this finally! Yay!

 Idea Food Solution

How could I miss this opportunity to attend this Spa Party? I can enjoy all the finger food and yummy delicacies from Idea Food Solution! Looking at the photo now makes me hungry already. *stomach growling*


What's more? I can enjoy selca-ing with ma dear girls at the photobooth which will be customised according to our party theme! Yeehah~~~ I can take thousands of photos with all the girls and keep all the photos as memories~ Yay! *in excited mode*

 Tres Chic Party Planner

Who wants to miss this renowned party planner from Tres Chic? I just can't wait to see how the venue is decorated with awesome and cool party props! I definitely would not want to miss this Spa Party!

That's not all. The Body Shop Malaysia, so Soft. so JOHNSON'S®, Havaianas Malaysia and TT Malaysia are the collaborators in making this Spa Party a successful one! So let me tell you, how could I miss this when I get to enjoy all the pampering session from skincare, makeup and etc from all these notable brands? You should know that all the girls love these stuffs. (thinking about it makes me over-excited that I couldn't sleep right now. Hee)

The Body Shop Malaysia

so Soft. so JOHNSON'S®

Havaianas Malaysia

TT Mask Malaysia

Last but not least,, the new concept of online communication portal that believes in bringing beauty to everyone using the new interactive method. They deliver samples and vouchers to the members' doorsteps as well as provide the latest news on beauty products, reviews and etc. Not only that, there's no subscription fees in order to be the member!

 I seriously can't wait for the Spa Party because I might receive a few samples and vouchers of beauty products for the Butterflies! *jump with joy*

Pink and purple balloons theme for the mood board! *1000 likes*

I personally love balloons and this party's mood board is purple and pink balloons! I just can't wait to join this Spa Party and play with the balloons!

Even my Stitch loves playing balloons like me. *wide grin*

Posing with my pretty balloons! I am a happy girl! *yay*

That's not all, PinkNProper, the online boutique which brings all the trendiest brands and items in UK especially for passionate shoppers like me in a value for a money price. They bring brands from Forever 21, Fred Perry, Rare London, Boohoo, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Lipsy London, ASOS, and many more. Who knows I might get the opportunity to witness the latest trends and items that they bring in from UK? *jump with joy*

I would love to join this Butterfly Project's Spa Party because I want to have a pampering session with the girls. It's been my dream having girlfriends to do pampering session together as well as at the same time gossiping about personal life, blog, work and etc. I find it's a bit hard for me to catch up with my blogger friends since I have already started working. Life would be totally dull without having girls outing. So I want to take this opportunity to have a girly session with the girls and so coincidence that this Spa Party falls on Saturday which I definitely can make it to meet up with new friends! 

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why I Want A Havaianas? ❤

It's been my favourite wearing flip flops when it comes to grocery shopping and casual outing with friends. I personally do not like to wear covered shoes for long hours because I feel uncomfortable except for work. T.T I have been wearing the same old brand of flip flop for the past few years and each time the straps snapped about a year later. This made me sad which it does not long lasting at all! =/ Few days ago, my flip flop's straps just snapped while I was walking to my car at my housing area.

 Here's my ugly flip flop~

Time for a new flip flop. Heheh.

I just happened to read about the Spa Party from The Butterfly Project and the dress code is bathrobes and flip flops. It's the perfect time for me to get a flip flop from Havaianas! *wide grin*


Can I have a pair of Havaianas flip flop so that I can wear to the spa party? I love all the vibrant colours for each flip flops! They are so pretty!! *drool*

I have never tried wearing Havaianas flip flops before. So definitely it will be my pleasure wearing on the Havaianas flip flops for the first time and my first time will definitely be given to the SPA PARTY! I read number of reviews and feedbacks from the buyers who bought the flip flops and they commented that the flip flops are super comfy! Can I be part of Havaianas community to try on their flip flops? They are super stylist and beautiful and it's so eye-catchy! 

Spa Party organized by The Butterfly Project! Remember to join the contest in order to win invites to the Spa Party! 

Let us party with Havaianas at Spa Party! Yay! *wide grin*

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I Want To Have Flawless Korean Beauty Look! ❤

I guess all the girls out there want to have glowing, vibrant and younger-looking skin. It's A BIG YES to definitely! I personally want to a fabulous skin like the Korea's sweetheart actress, Song Hye-Kyo! I am sure that all of you know that Song Hye-Kyo is the ambassador for the Laneige, one of the Korea's leading premium cosmetic brand!

I want to have a glowing skin like her! T.T 

In conjunction with Laneige contest organized by Nuffnang, I am going to share with you guys which is my favourite Laneige skincare and make-up product and why? 

My favourite Laneige skincare would be the Water Bank essence.

It locks up the moisture in my skin for 24 hours which creates smooth and clear skin texture. I bought a bottle of the Water Bank Essence few weeks ago and the beauty consultant gave me a few packets of the samples for me to try on. 

The essence comes in white colour and the texture is slighty creamy. But I really love the smell of it. 

This 24-hour long-lasting moisture essence that contains mineral water for skin regeneration and water pump system for circulation to safeguard skin moisture and hold it in to leave the skin smooth and moisturised. It also instantly dampens my skin with the sufficient moisture and form a natural moisture barrier on my skin surface to the moisture in the skin. I feel my skin is moisturised all day long! At the same time, it helps to enhance the keratin turnover to fight roughness and energizes the skin for smoother and healthier texture on my skin due to the chestnut and seaweed extracts. 

As for the make-up product, Snow BB Soothing Cushion (No.13 True Beige) will be my top favourite BB cream I have ever tried! I saw the free samples voucher in the Female magazine for May and hurriedly redeemed it in the Laneige outlet in Lot10 few weeks ago. A week after I have tried the samples given by them and like the Snow BB Soothing Cushion immediately after I tried them. After that, I purchased the Snow BB Soothing Cushion and it comes with a refill in  each box! Cool! I do not have to worry about looking for replacement in case it finishes. 

It comes with a refill as well! *wide grin* 

It has a mirror as well! 

It's super convenient for me when I bring this along with me because it easily fits in a cosmetic pouch for quick touch-ups on the go. I do not have to worry bringing extra mirror when I travel or go shopping. :P 

This Snow BB-Soothing Cushion is a new-concept cushion-type BB with 5 active ingredients for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing and Make-up contained in a cushion to maximise the refreshing and soothing sensation! What I like the most is that the BB cushion comes in two separate containers which it's easier for us to change the refill in future after we have finished using them.

This Snow BB Soothing Cushion gives me bright and clear skin in addition to the high SPF 50+ PA +++ which blocks UV rays even under the strong sunlight. I do not have to worry about getting a dark skin on my face! Yay! Other than that, it provides a long-lasting makeup on my skin which I do not have to touch up my makeup all the time.

The special puff designed to feel the refreshing soothing sensation absorbs the moisture less than ordinary puff to deliver the refreshing sensation of moisture to the face and stay clean and sanitary. The formulas apply smoothly without irration and even a small amou nt can spread to cover a large area. 

This is how my skin looked like after applying the BB Soothing Cushion! 

Here's the final selca shot of myself. Not really good but this is the best I can get. 

I sincerely hope to learn more from the Laneige beauty consultants on how to achieve flawless-looking skin just like Song Hye-Kyo. Hope to get selected to join the beauty workshop by Laneige. 

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Music Conference Asia and Global Sound System ❤

This is an outdated post. Sorry for the late post. This is my first rave party. Never really had the chance to go rave party because I can't find a group of friends who can really go to the rave party with me. Anyway, thanks to Don from Manoah for the opportunity to join this rave party with Define! 

Got myself a pair of Define VIP tickets and 6 complimentary beers from Don! *jump with joy*

Music Conference Asia is the first dance music first dance music platform of its kind in the region. Heralding a beginning like no other in the Asian dance music circuit, M.C.Asia is a two-tier conference aimed at raising the standards of the entertainment music industry with creativity, the celebration of talents and most importantly, through the sharing of knowledge.

 Begin with a series of events and now an annual festival gathering, the dance music faithful will be treated to an extraordinary musical experience, comprehensive and varied workshops in the day as well as a music festival with huge international line-up of international DJ producers, live acts and regional music practitioners showcasing their very best on stage with state of the art visual, lighting and sound system..

The schedule for the rave party. I reached at 6 something right after I attended another event at Midvalley. I thought I was late for the party. Since it was my first time to rave party, of course I am very excited to this rave party. 

But T laughed at me because no one would be there so early. And he was right. Not many people were there yet. Anyway it's alright. I can take a lot of photos in the event. *wide grin*

Anyway check out the photos I had taken. Let my photos do the talking alright? 

From the photos above, you can really guess what time I was there. *hee*

There were some miscommunication with the organizer that night. Every Define VIP guests who were there were complaining including myself. They actually did not let me in because they said my name was not inside the guest list. =(

I waited for almost 45 minutes outside before they allowed me in. Finally I could witness the rave party myself! Yay! *jump with joy*

The entrance to the rave party event. 

A shot of myself posing with the Define VIP signboard aka light pole. #ootd - Top to bottom from F21 and shoes from FitFlop. 

It was still empty when I entered the place. So I began my photo-taking session first before I went into the Define VIP zone. #girlsbeinggirls

Asahi Beer VIP zone. 

Define VIP zone from far. 

Posing in front of the Define VIP zone.

This is how the Define VIP zone looked like. Looked so classy and grand! *excited*

Walked into the VIP zone and started partying! Yay!

Some of the shots I had taken during the party and enjoyed drinking Asahi dry beer that night.

Shot #1

Shot #2

Asahi Dry Beer *slurp*

A dark photo of myself. Sorry for the low quality photo. =)

Judge Jules in the house!

Look at the pretty lights! *wide grin* 

Left the place about 11 something because I was not feeling well. Anyway thank you Don for giving me an awesome opportunity to party with Global Sound System! Hope to join more rave parties in future! *teehee*

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