Thursday, March 29, 2012

Premiere Screening of The Hunger Games ❤

My first movie of the month of March. Well, i didnt expect much from this movie since i don't read the novel. But thanks to my friend for giving the tickets to me. I didn't join any of the contests since i don't have much time to watch. My friend said i should just take some of my time to relax cause he said i looked so stressful with tonnes of assignments, reports and discussion to go on.

So here i am for the movie. I would say it is kinda draggy. But i really love the story. =) Finally i have the time to catch up with a good friend of mine after so long. He was busy working and i was busy with my final semester in uni. =.=" Thanks for spending your busy time for me and not forgetting the treat too. :D I saw my sis during the premiere screening. But we didn't sit together cause the seats are based on first come first served basis. 

Anyway people out there, you should give yourself a try on this movie. Liam Hemsworth is acting in the movie!! =D 

Thanks Nuffnang and my friend for the invitation. 

lots of love, janiceyeap

Monday, March 19, 2012

Long or Short?

After nine months of not cutting my hair, my hair has finally grown up to my waist. It is my first time keeping to that length. After making a tough decision which i already can't stand myself sweating under the hot weather and thick long hair, i have decided to cut it. 

Imagine myself having that length of hair.

and i chopped it off to this length?

Sis said it made no difference and no one can actually spot it. But to my surprise, a good friend of mine spotted it right the next day i went to uni for class. Awesome! haha.. That proved it did make a difference on my hair... :P 

Before and after. 

So what do you think? Some of my friends asked me to try on shorter hair. But for now i won't be doing it cause i need the long hair for my big day. Prolly i will only try it after my big day. For your information, i really miss my waist-length hair a lot even though i cut it for only a week. What to do? My hair ends spoilt badly=( I told myself not to dye my hair anymore even though i did numerous of hair treatments at home every three days. Hair colouring chemicals are not good for hair at all!

❤ lotsa love, janiceyeap 

❛Many things in life can bring you down, but it is not for you to focus on them. The key is to keep being positive❜

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sometimes I Wonder

I am back, readers! This time i am back with an emotional post. Sometimes i do wonder whether i am suitable to study engineering course. This thinking stroke my mind suddenly and i wanna know myself better though. Maybe one of the reasons i am studying engineering course is due to my so-called interest. But as time goes by, i realised that studying engineering is no longer my interest anymore. What had actually happened to myself? Am i starting to lose faith towards myself? I think so. 

Sorry readers, this post is going to be a very boring post. Things i always want don't go along my way. No matter how hard i work for it, the results will still equal to NIL! Why? Not to say that i don't put effort on it. I indeed put a lot of effort to make it work in the way i want. But still it is still the SAME! 

I tried super hard and believe that i can do it well. But when i came to face it, my mind went blank totally and in the end i cried at the corner of the room! Like the workshop i had attended last Sunday, it really made me think twice that whether the ratio 80:20 will work on me or not. The ratio 80:20 refers to 20% of hard work will contribute to 80% of success. How far is it true? I can't think of it yet. Perhaps i had been putting on 80% effort and the results only contribute 20% of success. TIME FOR A CHANGE MAYBE?

Anyway, i heard a sad news from a friend of mine that his friend committed suicide due to bad results. Of all the ways, why choose to COMMIT SUICIDE? There's other ways to solve the problems but why that stupid solution? Does that mean i need to commit suicide every time i got terrible results? Seriously committing suicide is not a good solution to halt your problems. In fact, you are making your loved ones around you feel sad for you whenever they think of it.

Seriously, ever since i started my degree life in UTAR, i have been through a lot of hard times especially my studies and still i managed to pull them through till my final semester now. (I don't know whether i can really survive on this final semester though). Trying super hard to cope with the problems, assignments and studies i am currently facing with and wish to end them right now. But dear GOD, please bless me on this final semester. I seriously need your blessings a lot.

I miss home so much. I miss my dd, mami and auntie. Thank god that my sis is in KL. I can always find her whenever i have problems to deal with. Having siblings who are being so supportive to me is the best thing i have in my entire life! Thanks bro and sis!Muah! <3

Gotta stop blogging now. Need to work on my lab report which is due tomorrow. Chao.. xoxo

lots of love,

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hectic Month of March ❤

Hello readers. Sorry for the late update. Anyway starting from today onwards, i will be very busy chasing after my assignments, FYP, mid term tests, workshops and revision as next week i will be having two midterm tests in a day! Pretty cool huh? I have no idea what was the teacher teaching for the past 8 weeks and he didn't even teach us in fact and how am i supposed to know what kinds of questions are coming out? *loud cry* 

Here's a random outing with friends after the whole day of discussion in uni. We went for movie entitled The Wedding Diary and it's been awhile since i last went for the free movie. Aww.. How i miss those times! =( Anyway check out the photos i have taken using my Samsung Galaxy S2. ❤

Posing with huge slipper of Stitch!
Posing with Mickey, my favourite cartoon since young. (Eyes are super tired)
I love the toddler's shoes from Nike. It is even smaller than my palm. ❤
Camwhored using my baby Sam. P/s: I love the front camera a lot! ❤
Had my Herbal jelly from Koong Woh Tong before my movie started. *thumbs up*

These few hours in the shopping mall gives me some time to relax and chill before going for another big war which is coming real soon. (My war is my final test, dreadful Plant Design and FYP report deadline) *sigh*

P/s: Please help me to pull this through. I need some moral support from you guys and God too! Won't be blogging that often till i can spare some time blogging about my pre-graduation shoot with my friends on last month. ❤

❤ lots of love, janiceyeap™ ❤

Thursday, March 1, 2012

iCity, Shah Alam ❤

It was my second time to iCity, Shah Alam and my first time was with my two dearies and my dear sis, Jamie Yeap. This time we went during the public holiday back on February. I know definitely it is going to be a late late post of our outing to iCity.

Of course i wanna thank Groupon Malaysia for the great deal which i find it quite reasonable and affordable for this trip. The deal consists of a meal of KFC, one ride of outdoor games, a Ferris Wheel ride and SnoWalk. 

Since i had been there before, not many photos were taken at outdoor cause the only things i was interested are the Ferris Wheel ride and SnoWalk. But to show some gratitude to my readers, here are the photos i had taken while i was in iCity. 

Kah Khey with her cow. LOL
Posing with the tall giraffe. 

First stop was Ferris Wheel ride. With the G12 around, it makes my camwhoring skill improved better day by day. LOL. 

with Seok Li. 

on the Ferris Wheel. 
Camwhoring while we rode on the Ferris Wheel
Ugly faces of Kah Khey and i. :P
Took a few photos outside with the trees of lights and posed with those trees. :P

One of my favourite photos.. 
Seok Li, Jie Hoai and Kah Khey.
Cherry lights. 
Seok Li and i posing with peacock. 
Camwhored every corner of the place we have been to. LOL
with the trees as the background. 
Colourful trees. 
Bollywood style of posing.
Try to look posh. =.=""
Last stop was the SnoWalk. We were told to wear the winter jackets as the place is very cold. Thank god i wore long leggings to cover my legs from freezing. =)

A shot of us before we went into the SnoWalk. 

We were freezing cold to the max. *shiver*

Four of us. 
in front of the igloo shivering. 
posing with igloo. 

Ice blocks with colourful lights. 

posing on the bar counter. 
sitting on the boat. 
Posing according to the sculptures. Shot #1
Shot #2
with the ice house. 

with Seok Li and Jie Hoai. 
Peeping through the window. 
With Kah Khey at the ice glider.
Seok Li.
A shot of me in the SnoWalk before we left. It was way too cold and i couldnt bear the degrees anymore. 
Photo taken in blur effect. Thanks to the mist that were created by the SnoWalk on the lens of the camera. 
Blurry effect. 
Final shot of myself in the iCity before we left.

P/s: Thanks girls for the awesome outing. And sorry readers for the short and simple photos. More photos than words in this post. Busy with FYP and assignments which are due starting next week. =/ Life as a final year student is BUSY! Sigh. I need to take in fresh air!

❤ lotsa love, janiceyeap ❤