Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year 2012 ❤

I'm here wishing you guys Happy New Year 2012 ❤ Time flies and next year will be my final year final semester studying Chemical Engineering in UTAR. I finally do not have to bear with the stupid uni's management anymore. Happy and sad at the same time. Cause my working life starts pretty soon right after I graduate. Hopefully year 2012 will be a good year for me to start with.

This year is rather a busy year for me as i am serious with my work and studies finally! I work super hard to achieve the results i want and i manage to do it! *thumbs up* When it comes to year 4 in the mid year, i was even busier than before. I never play and enjoy my life. I never shop, watch movie or even have the time for myself as i was really busy working on my Plant Design and final year project. I almost choked to death cause i don't have the time to rest! Imagine myself having 6 presentations in a semester and never ending assignments and tests for almost every week. =.="" Robot also can't do work like this. 

With my team mates for Plant Design assignments ❤

 Joined NTV7 Feel Good Run on 2nd of July with my jogging partner. ❤

And finally i managed to achieve my target I want - losing 5 kg-s in few months without exercising. This is due to stress i was having with while i was in year 4! I was also sick for the whole month during my examination period. I lost an important person in my life during my exam period too. My dearest uncle passed away a week after i was back from hometown cause i need to attend finals. I couldn't attend my uncle's funeral cause i was having my last two papers for my year 4. I didn't get to see him for the last time. So sorry uncle. You will be deeply missed by us! ❤

Attended a conference which was held at Nanyang Technological University Singapore on August. It was about Membrane Science and Technology conference which will be useful for me in future. ❤

Attended three cousins' wedding in a year. Relatives came and gathered in my house and finally i could feel the family bond there. =)

I even attended my bestie's engagement party. Congrats to you my dear! ❤

Attended a photo shoot which was invited by Clinique. Thanks! ❤

Spiffy is added into my Apple collection in mid of September. Thanks daddy! ❤ Everything is in white! Whee...

Worked for Nokia N9 Launching Event in Lowyat Plaza on October. ❤

Worked at I Am Nikon roadshow in Midvalley for 5 days. ❤ 

Worked as Nikon promoter in PC Expo Midvalley on my birthday. 

Celebrated my birthday with two new Nikon friends after work. Thanks ❤!

Meet The Casts of Aladdin the Musical with the bloggers. ❤

Post birthday celebration with sis and Nicholas. ❤

Attended a free makeover by Clinique with my sis on 23rd Nov! ❤

 Completed my 10 km Nike Run KL and got this limited edition thumb drive on 27th November 2011 ❤

Went for Aladdin the Musical at Sunway Lagoon. Thanks for the free tickets. ❤ 

Attended my dearest's 21st birthday party at The Gardens Hotel and Residences on 10th Dec after my work at Subang Parade ❤ 

 Thanks Churp Churp for the free tickets to watch the premiere screening of The Muppets ❤  

Thanks MYC! for the free tickets to watch the premiere screening of Alvin and the Chipmunks  3 ❤

Thanks My Destination Kuala Lumpur for the free tickets of Aladdin the Musical! Watched for the second time and this time I watched with my family! ❤  

Attended my bro's wedding solemnization in Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Singapore recently. Congrats bro and sis-in-law! ❤ 
Janice in pink Nikon tee shirt. ❤ 

 Xmas celebration with Nikon team. ❤ 

 Overall i had fun in year 2011 especially after my final examination on September 2011. I fully utilised my 3 months of semester break and I'm happy to meet new friends. Thanks everyone for appearing in my life. I bet the year 2012 which is in 3 days' time will be a better year ahead. Let's wish that everyone will stay healthy and happy always ❤ 

A photo of myself to end this post. ❤ 


P.s: Final blog post of the year 2011 as i will be working starting from tomorrow till Sunday! Chaoz. ❤ 

signing off,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 Celebration with ❤

We, the Nikon team were lucky last week. Right after our work at DCIM 2011 Show, which was held on 23-25th December in Midvalley Exhibition Centre, Midvalley, we had our Christmas celebration dinner at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Midvalley. 

Thanks boss for the treat! Not forgetting that we got our Christmas gifts from our boss as well! All of us especially the girls were thrilled as those gifts we had received were soft toys!!

These are the toys we received on that Christmas day itself! ❤

Actually those toys we received were the toys that were displayed for the DCIM 2011 Show for three days and our boss commented that the toys are needed to be used for future as we have another roadshow next year. 

Hundreds of bears and Rilakkuma-s that were displayed for the DCIM 2011 roadshow. ❤

George, my Taiping buddy who came down all the way from Malacca to visit the DCIM 2011 and I called him when he visited the Nikon booth as i knew we didnt see each other ever since last CNY. He asked me to take a photo with him as he wanted the proof of him being there for the roadshow. LOL!

George and I in my ugly Xmas tree hat. 

After work which ends at 8.30pm, we walked over to Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant while waiting for the rest. Our supervisors, Hooi Yee and Jane then ordered the food for us as we didn't know what to order for ourselves. 

While waiting for Yee to decide on the menu.

Photo of us while waiting for our food to be served. 

Finally our food has arrived. Yay! All of us were hungry cause we only had lunch in the afternoon. And it was almost 9 something and we still hadn't eaten anything. 

Salmon salad. Yummy!~

Fresh Vegetables salad.

The main dish. *drool* (can't recall the name of the dish)

German sausages. *nom nom*

Pizza! Yes! 

The only beer we were waiting for was this Mango Bier which is recommended by my friend. The taste was superb good. Imagine the taste of the mango blends well with the beer. It's so refreshing!

Mango Bier is my new ❤

After one and a half of hour eating, we were too full to talk. Definitely we took this opportunity to take photos to keep as memories. Who knows we might not be working together after this since my uni reopens soon and i wont be working part time anymore unless i graduate next year? Definitely i will miss all my girls and boys here. Nikon team rawks!~ What a wonderful Christmas celebration with them! 

My dearest Hui Xian ❤

Nikon partner in crime, Heidi ❤

Kar Yin, my dearest Hooi Sheng aka Hui Xian, my dearest Jia Hui and I ❤

Kar Yin, Janice (Me) and my dearest Jia Hui ❤

My dearest Hooi Shan and I ❤

Phea Sun and I ❤

My dearest Moon and I ❤

After photo shooting, here comes the desserts! Oh my~ I love the pancakes dipped with strawberry jam and the apple mousse dessert! 

We even ordered spicy wedges and french fries as their wedges and fries taste different from the one we consume normally! I couldnt stop myself from eating even though i was too full! 

Jack's vanilla ice cream with roasted almonds as the toppings! Delicious! =)

Group photos of ours in the restaurant. Check them out! 

L-R (Clockwise): Theresa, Janice (Me), Jack, Jim, Hooi Yee and Heidi

L-R (Clockwise): Ching Su, Heidi, Kar Yin, Theresa, Janice (Me), Jane and Shereen

 Cheers to the Nikon team! 

One more time! =)

L-R (Clockwise): Moon, Hooi Shan, Ching Su, Jack, Jane, Hooi Sheng, Phea Sun, Jia Hui, Shereeen, Theresa, Jim and Janice (Me) ❤

Funny faces from all of us! ❤

Last but not least, a photo of myself posing with the mango bier. Thanks Jack for being the photographer. 

❤Me, myself and I❤

We were surprised when the bill came. We spent about RM1.8k on the food and beers. Oh my~ Boss would be fainted to see the bill. LOL! Anyway had fun with the team~ Hope to have such celebration again with all of you! ❤

P/s: Photos are taken using Nikon cameras - J1 and D90 ❤

signing off,