Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back To Basic

Everything is back to normal. Semester break officially ends today. Hmm. No more sleeping till 11 am everyday. I need to change my biological clock from today onwards. No more playing with sis anymore too. Worst of the worst, it's my final year which means i need to work on my final year project. Im going to be super busy ever again. No more going back to hommie so often after this. Argh! Too fast! Time flies!

Anyway i had fun during my semester break although i sleep and eat alot. I enjoyed singing songs while Gaetana's owner strummed her almost everyday. Sis and i had fun watching Glee over and over again. And the final episode of Glee - New York is awe-inspiring. Finn and Rachel are together again. Teeeheeee... =D Looking forward to the next season. I'm happy that Scotty McCreery was announced as the winner of the American Idol season 10~ Congratulation Scotty!!He is only 17 by the way. Alright, I shall stop blogging now. Need to select a fyp title for my project. Wish me luck peeps!

Will update my escapade with family soon.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Latest Obsession ❤

A random post from me. FYI, finals were over a few days ago and I am back in Taiping for my two weeks semester break. Since i don't have proper internet connection at home, I am currently blogging using my phone. Anyway, I am happy that I lost weight and satisfied with the current weight since it's the ideal weight for a girl like me. Knowing myself losing so much weight, I sleep and eat like a glutton just to satisfy my cravings for Taiping food. Well, happy holidays peeps! Don't wish to enter the final of my degree life. Imagine yourself facing your FYP 24/7 and cracking your brain to work and balance your time on both studies and project, I think I will be super busy again like my current semester. Hope to utilise my holidays in Taiping and in a week's time, i'm going back to study again. Being a Year 4 engineering student is ain't easy. 

Back to my title, I'm currently obsessed with polaroid camera. I'm super in love with it. Check out the photos below. (using the photo booth to capture them though. teehee)

Looking forward to this weekend. ❤ Are you guys ready? Let's hit it! Lol. That's all. Thank you peeps for spending your time to read my boring post. I heart all of you! Muah! ❤


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get It Right

It took me some time to get it right. And finally i made it with the heart to heart conversation  yesterday. I finally realised that i was the one who lacked of confidence of getting things right. I never come across such problems till my close friend revealed it. Seriously i never have such true friend who dared to voice out everything that i wish to hear from friends who are close with me. Yes, you made it! And i am glad that you stepped into my life. Without your advice, i wouldn't know how i could end up in future. At least, it's never too late to know anything right? 

Trying to reduce the stress i'm currently having

After yesterday, i finally let it go. I never think that much like how i did in the beginning semester. I have a dream. And i will not stop believing myself that i can do it like how you first did it. I will prove to the world that i'm not the stupid dummy girl you guys used to know. Live and learn! =) 

➜6 days to my final paper and i will be free this semester. *elated*
➜The start of my final year battle with FYP shall begin soon. *sigh*

P/s: If your heart and mind got issues, keep that fingers crossed. You need that trust and faith to keep going. (I love this because it resembles my current problem)

~Get It Right (Rachel Berry)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loser Like Me!

I'm such a loser. Practically i lost my self-confidence today. From today onwards, don't put high hopes on me cause you will feel disappointed thereafter. I learnt a BIG lesson today. Never take things for GRANTED. I took my brain for granted. I took my book and notes for granted. How on earth i can be such a loser to the extent i feel like throwing myself out from my window. Why am i so DUMB? I don't wish to upset everyone around me but i think i just did a couple of hours ago. 

My friend told me to get married straight away since i think of my future too much. Yes. I do care for my future. Well everyone did. Who didnt? Tell me and I'm gonna smack you right into your face! As we grow older, things will change. For sure, we wont be able to take up all the responsibilities and duties as well as pressures and heavy workloads from family, work and friends. Nevertheless, we need to learn. Learning to work on something is very important in life. From learning, you are then able to think wiser and grow smarter. 

I realised i am not good in time management during exam period. Sis also reminded me on that. I learnt a big mistake today but it's too LATE to know now. I'm pretty depressed now. No more A for me. =/ I want an A for my this particular subject. My university doesnt have proper time scheduling as well. The lecturers set the hard questions for the students and never even come across the time they need to work on each tough question. Imagine you yourself are facing the paper for two hours with 4 tough and lengthy calculations to be worked on in two hours & it is an open book exam. And sorry to tell you guys that please do not have such thinking that open book tests are EASY! And they are not when you need to flip the book for two hours looking for the compound data and information. And they aren't easy to be found. Even though it is easy, you might made mistake by calculating and substituting them wrongly. So tell me how to complete them in two friggin hours?

You can if you have all the answers in the book. Duhh. Like i don't know. Zzzz. Apparently, i was ill-treated for these past few days. Hopefully the last final examination in 8 days' time will light up my dull life and make myself enjoying to the fullest during the coming semester break. Dont go breaking my heart please! I have a weak heart these days. & STOP BEING A LOSER LIKE ME! 

A photo of cute Stitch to end my lifeless post.

~I heart all of you~
~God, I need you to be with me 24/7 to pull it through~