Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My 23rd Surprise Post Birthday Celebration ❤

Knowing myself super tired after being the helper for the UTAR Trekkathon 2011 on 13th November 2011, you will never expect what kind of plans planned by your own sibling on that day. I was pretty tired on that day and she keen to come over to KL to have dinner with me and i reluctantly said yes to her. I didn't feel like going out after the tiring day in Shah Alam and all i wanted is to rest and sleep. After a short nap, i woke up and got myself ready and she came to pick me up after I was done. 

My look for that day ❤

She called and told me that she was at my car park condo. So i hurriedly got up and locked my room. When i opened my condo's door, i got a surprise from Jamie Yeap and Nicholas. Oh my~ They brought my favourite green tea cake from RT Pastry and a candle on it. I was fooled by them~ LOL

Not knowing where to celebrate cause it wasnt planned beforehand, we headed straight to KL Festival City Mall which is located along the Genting Kelang road. Here's a photo of sis and i at the carpark with the board that they had specially made for my birthday =)

Lovely and creative ❤

We decided to celebrate at Nando's in the end cause there are no restaurants that suit our taste. We took out the cake and lit the candles again. LOL! But this time we put on the two giant candles and three small candles to represent my age - TWO THREE! =)

We took a few shots using polaroid camera and here's the outcome of the shots. Not bad though. hehe

After that, i made my three birthday wishes as usual

and blew the candles after the wishes had been made.

Below is the overall look of the cake. Ma favourite!~ Teeheee

Time for photo-taking session with cake.. With ma one and only sister, Jamie Yeap. She is naughty and cheeky at times but i love her to the max. We argue at times but i think we don't let our argument ruin our sistership. Right sis? ❤

It's time for cake cutting ceremony. Can't wait to eat my favourite green tea cake from RT Pastry. Yums~ They bought this cake all the way from SS15, Subang Jaya.

We totally forgot to order our food cause we were too busy taking photos in addition all of us were too hungry. oopsie. =P Here comes our food. Taadaa~~

Feeling hungry, all of us ate quietly and finished all the food within minutes. LOL!~ We looked like glutton though. And coming up, photos of sis and i after eating. 

Birthday kiss from my lil girl ❤

With my lil girl ❤

Favourite shot of the year ❤

Sexy look of sis while eating the cake. lol.

Trying to finish half of the cake. I'm a cake lover fyi. LOL

Here comes another small birthday gift from sis apart from the board that they had made for me. ❤

An old photo back in 2010 while i was in Singapore was pasted on the gift. 

Camwhored with my birthday gift. ❤

Posing with my gift. =P

After that, we played with Nicholas' camera and i was trying to look professional here. HAHA. 

After working with Nikon for three events this year, i totally addicted and eager to invest in lenses and flashlight after that. Plan to own a mid range level camera before investing on those lenses. hehe

Sis' turn. 

Posing with the camera =)

Sis ❤

Random shot of sis. Nicely taken by Nicholas. ❤

A photo of myself

I was busy updating my twitter while sis was laughing nonstop. haha

with Nicholas ❤

Most unforgettable birthday gifts this year! ❤ 

Thanks to both of you! ❤

Even my dearest Peki wants to pose with my birthday gift. HAHA

Ps: I enjoyed my post birthday celebration a lot. Seriously i never expect from both of you. I was really happy bout it and couldnt sleep that night. Hehe. Photos taken using Canon 60D and credit to Nicholas ❤


signing off, janiceyeap 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

[Ad] Clinique's Who's That Girl Search Contest

Well well. This is my 2nd time joining the contest by Clinique. =) The first time was the Clinique Star Tour 2011. And this time Clinique is collaborating with Clove to hold another contest which is Who's That Girl Search Contest.

You can have the makeover for free done by the Clinique's make up artists. The contest opens for Malaysian female age from 16 to 28 years only. It's pretty simply actually. You can enter the contest by visiting any Clinique counters nationwide for November 7 till 30th 2011 and you can learn on how to create the perfect style from Fashionably Flirty, Classic Chic, Laid-Back Luxe and Downtown Cool. Cool enough? 

What's more? Clinique will be giving out free treats for you. You get to choose between Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Fireberry or Bonfire and 7-Day Scrub Cream upon consultation. After the makeover, take two shots of your makeover (close-up and full body length) and upload in the Who's That Girl Search Contest webpage. Bear in mind that only one set to a client and while supplies last. Hurry up and visit the Clinique counters TODAY! 

Freebies given to me by Clinique after the makeover: Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Bonfire and 7-Day Scrub Cream

For more details, log on to the Who's That Girl Search Contest webpage. JOIN NOW and you might stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM8000! 

Below are the photos taken while i was doing the makeover together with my sister, Jamie Yeap

Applying face powder

 Applying eyeshadow on my eyes

95% almost done.

Applying the bottom liner.

Putting on blusher.


 My sister, Jamie Yeap didn't plan to go for the makeover actually. She accompanied me and the Clinique salesgirl actually persuaded her to join the makeover since she can have the free makeover and join the contest at the same time. Below are her photos while she was doing the makeover. =p

After the makeover session, here comes the new look of us.. 

Beautiful =)

Her new look

My pretty sis after her makeover 

 My ugly shots. =(

With sis 

Self snapshot of mine.

My custom shades that were done by the make-up artist are: 
❥ Supermoisture 65 Neutral
❥ Blended Face Powder 02 Transparency 
❥ Powder Blush 112 Giddy Pink
❥ Eyeshadow Quad 112 Pink Chocolate
❥ Vitamin C Lip Smoothie 06 Pink Me Up
❥ Quickliner 10 Dark Chocolate
❥ Volumnizing Mascara 01 Black 

So girls out there what are you waiting for? Hurry up and join the contest as the contest ends on 30th November. 

P/s: Thanks Clinique for the invitation and photos credit to Nicholas. Thanks ❤

signing off, janiceyeap©