Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Global Youth Symposium

Global Youth Symposium (GYS) was originally a vision of a young, local undergraduate who was studying in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This undergraduate went on to successfully lead the first installation of this project in 2007.

This event embraces young people or youths as the focus for the future, thus aiming to accelerate ‘youth empowerment’ by providing a platform for young minds around the globe. Its purpose is to challenge youths to come together and discuss issues faced by the world today in an open manner.

To achieve this, all differences will be set aside without forgoing the cultural identity, linguistic diversity and social responsibility as unique in their own respect.

So basically, this is not a "save-the-cheerleader-save-the-world" kinda mission. This is where the youths, and future leaders express their thoughts in order to find the way to curb issues. And of course, you don't need to be a superhero (or a cheerleader). Just be yourself!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Upcoming post will be up soon! 
Readers wait for me!~ <3

Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 Minutes

Allow me to blog for 10 minutes. 
First of all i'm blogging right in the lab. 
Not going out for lunch. 
So i spare some of my free time to blog for awhile.
I had been very busy with the assignments given by my supervisor.
Seriously i only have the time to rest during my one-hour lunch break.
And not forgetting during my one-hour lunch break, i still need to work on my brightness of my handsheets.

Really going crazy soon.
I will update my birthday celebration's post soon!
Readers gotta wait for me! 


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Euphoric Karaoke Session with Sizzy ❤

It happened on two days after my final exam was over on 25th of September 2010.
I had fun with her and it was our first time singing karaoke together.

Venue: RedBox, Sunway Pyramid
Time: 2.50pm till 6pm

Eventually we still continued our singing session till 6pm. No one actually came and forbided us from picking the songs from the list after 6pm. The waiter came in finally and said they extended our karaoke session till 6.30pm.

When the time comes, we still had lotsa songs to sing but we were running out of time.
We skipped and jumped the songs that we wanted to sing and placed them at the upper list. But to my surprise, the playlist kept on playing and we had no songs to pick from anymore. In the end, we simply picked Korean songs to dance and sing along. LOL!

By 7pm, the playlist was still on. I couldnt stand it anymore.
My voice was getting harsh cause only sis and i went for the session.
We finally gave up and let the playlist kept on playing and walked out from the room. 
Cool! The best karaoke session ever since i never sing till i run out of voice. LOL!

 We even spared sometime to camwhore since we need to rest our throat. We had fun really. And thanks for the wonderful outing in Sunway before i would be laying my feet at Taiping for my three months break and would be starting my internship on the 1st of October at the same time. This would be my last sleepover at Subang before sis continues her Degree level in another place. 

Seriously speaking, Subang is an awesome place to be. I'm gonna miss the food in Subang. =(

Final photo of the singing session ❤

p/s: See you next year KL! =D


Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November baby~ ❤

November is here finally! 5 more days to go before i officially become 22 years old. Two similar numbers appeared this year. 

I must admit that i'm getting older in the sense that im not longer the teenage girl that need to depend 100% on my parents. But i admit that i'm still depending on them. If not, where do i get the money to buy clothes, pay fees, own my cute baby car, shopping and etc etc?

Anyway, I know that i have been abandoning my blog lately. I think i blogged not more than 5 last month. & im pretty sure that last month's outcome wasn't convincing. 

Sorry readers! Internet's down. I focused more on Twitter lately since it's super convenient compared to blog. However i promise to blog a big one this month! And it's coming! *evil grin*

Do we look alike? Teehee. I miss her terribly. =(

*She won't be able to celebrate my big day this year*