Friday, September 24, 2010

Short Vacation (Part 3)

This is an old old post. 
Sorry peeps. 
I hadnt have the time to upload those pics as the photos' sizes are rather big. 

As I am busy preparing my paper now for tomorrow, 
so i wont elaborate a lot here.
I will just let my pictures do the talking ok? 

Anyway this post is the continuation from the Singapore trip back in July. 
Check them out!

Posing along the road. haha

A unique name for MRT Station

i couldnt help but to step in and 'wash' my feet. haha

Posers of the day. lol

lame photo. lol

Suntec City Wealth Fountain

Owh. im hungry. Let us go for TeoChew restaurant to have our lunch. Our usual favourite spot each time we are here. It is situated at Boon Lay. =)

this dish is a cold dish. contains duck meat i think.

This noodle is made from chives

There was this Singapore actor having lunch next to our table. Too bad we didnt get to take this face. So i pretended to ask sis to pose while my intention was to take his photo. wakaka! :X

I forgot his name already. owh!

Sis with him. haha

Last but not least, my favourite desert ----->

My favourite - Yam paste! yummy


Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Back!

Yeah yeah peeps. 
I'm back here to blog. 
Anyway im sorry to all the readers out there for abandoning my blog for almost two weeks.
Well i am currently having finals. 
And my last paper will be on this Saturday! 
Cool right?

After this finals, i will be doing my interns which im quite excited about it. =D
Anyway i just came back from Taiping last week. 
And i will be going back again this Sunday to spend more time in Taiping with my loved ones. 

However sis wont be in Taiping with me for three months.
And im gonna miss her laughter and existence back in hometown.
All the best for your finals which is approaching soon, buu! 
Dont stress up urself. You are always the best in my ❤!

Well gotta stop blogging.
Just drop by to make my bloggie alive.
And probably the chances of blogging are quite low as i don't have internet back in hometown.

I ❤ my bangs. Thanks Zach! =D

Chaoz peeps!
Wishing you guys happy holidays and all the best for those who are still having exams! =D

Monday, September 13, 2010


When I realize that it's already Monday, this indicates that finals is here in four days time. Oh hell! Time flies like a bullet train! And this reminds me of going back to kl again! I don't wish to go back at all cause I love my current place which is my hometown. I get to eat good food everywhere I want. Life is always like this. When you start to appreciate, it is time for you to leave again.;'(

Anyway this holiday break is a study week for me. So I didn't get to meet with any of my friends. Even I didn't have the chance to meet my bestie during raya. I was in outstation and was too busy the whole weekend. Am terrible sorry to you babe. hope to catch up with you some other time;)

Anyway I'm feeling nervous here. God please give me some courage to face it! God bless! :D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

iWant Camera

So random today. I am just in dilemma in choosing cameras. I had no idea which camera to choose between compact camera and dslr. Compact camera is definitely not bulky for girls. But I want to have one dslr at home. The one I have now is the film-type.;( so how? Sigh. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I will be disappearing from today onwards. Not my blog but facebook. I will spend less time on blog as well. Will update when I have the time. By the time I have the time to blog, I will be doing my internship.;) Time flies! It's been almost a week since I'm in hometown.

I don't have the mood to face my exam which is in two weeks' time. Oh my, it's going to be my toughest semester of all. I'm feeling stressful right now. Anyway let us wish the best for finals to all my friends out there.;)

A random shot of myself :D

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