Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Out of One's Mind

Help! I'm out of my mind now. Terrible terms and facts are needed to be memorised~~ =(
I need some magical power to keep all the terms stucked onto my brain cells! Please!


Anyway, how i wish the crucial day will end as i will be going back to Taiping. 
I miss my aunt, mummy and daddy so much.
And i can't wait to go breakfast with them every morning as well as go jogging in Lake Garden. =D

Gotta stop writing now as i need to continue with that horrible subject! Grrr.


This is how i look like right now. Zzzz

Friday, July 23, 2010

Convent Girls' Gathering ❤

Well this would be our first gathering in KL after so long. I was really glad to see all of them that day. Thanks to those who came all the way. =) Besides that, it was also a gathering for Mei Yuann since she would be going back to USA after her summer holidays ended.

I really thanked all my girls for coming even though there were only 8 of us. It's the thought that counts. Considered not bad that my plan was successful. But sorry girls, i am a bad organiser. Next time i will come out with more exciting plans for all of us ok? =)

Anyway, we had our so-called dinner at Chilis. I was too full that i couldnt even breathe. Zzz. I told myself not to be greedy anymore. Must learn to share with friends. Sharing is caring! LOL! =D

Check out the photos we had taken. 

Appetizer - Triple Play

Shu Yin and Jane's


Mei Yuin's

Lay Ann's


Linet, Jane aka Mei Yuann and i 

Shu Yin and Mei Yuann

Shu Yin, Mei Yuin and Lay Ann

Linet and i

Group photo excluded me. 

Funny pose and expression. =D

Lay Ann was the photographer this time. 

All of us. ❤❤

P.s: Gonna miss all of you. Thanks for the night. Love you guys! ❤

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Stupid Case from UTAR!

Let share with you something idiot incident happening to me.

This morning it rained quite heavily and i needed to go to university to attend classes as usual at 8am on wednesday. So after i picked Shu Yin, we headed to uni and i thought of trying my luck to park my car and the guard eventually let me drove in. But of course he took my student ID away.

The next thing, after i ended my class which was at 2pm, I drove my car out and collected my student ID at the guardhouse. All of the sudden, i had this stupid fucking idiot Chinese guard raised his voice and scolded me.

"What time you came to university this morning?!!!", he raised his voice.
I said, "8am in the morning".
"You know you are not supposed to park your car in uni since you dont have the parking sticker?!!! You know i can just clamp your car and you need to pay me rm20!!. RM20 per clamp! You don't know the rules is it?" This fucking idiot chinese guard yelled at me!

Hello! I was talking nicely to you and why would you shouted at me like MAD COW? No social etiquette? FUCK OFF MAN! I even apologised to you and you just ignored me and scolding me like i'm nobody's child? My mummy gave birth to me ok? I'm not collected from trash OK! I was so patient and let him scolded me. Damn. And I cried the moment i left. Never ever people scolded me like that before! If that time i couldnt bear with it, i might fight with him and the whole guard house will be exploded!

Imagine if he spoke nicely to me at that time, i would at least still accept for what he was doing since it's his responsibility. But PLEASE! Your malay guard never even tell me to drive out the car when the rain stopped while i passed the student ID to him. So it's not my fault at all. Don't simply scold me idiot! Don't challenge me to do something that i dont wish to do. I might publish in newspaper and humiliate you! I might turn the whole UTAR down if i want. I can even make you lose your job! 


This fucking guard need no respect from me ANYMORE since he doesnt even know how to respect people. Why should i respect an old man since he never learn how to respect people? No wonder he is still working as guard!!!!

P/s: I don't mind telling all these to readers out there cause i want people out there to know how SUCKS the management of UTAR!!!!

Pp/s: A new lesson to be learnt today - learn to respect people before you want people to respect you first!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Humiliating UTAR!

What's with this DBKL officers coming to TBR every day to tow the cars that are parked in TBR? I know you guys must have received lots of complaints from the neighbourhood.
But have you ever think that this is not we want?

All right. Come to think of it, if UTAR willing to provide more bus trips to university everyday, i'm pretty sure that all the students will take the opportunity to take UTAR's bus to uni EVERYDAY!

Instead what i have heard so far is sorry, we can't provide more buses and trips in one hour. What the fuck! Where did our money went to?
IF UTAR admin cannot do that, then please dont accept students anymore!
You are just thinking on your behalf.
And all the students are suffering so much. 

To these officers, since you guys are so free to tow the cars, why not you guys take the time to clean the drains along the roads and repair all the potholes on the roads!!! 
I'm not the victim here. But i just hope that UTAR will do something please!
Maybe provide more buses to us if you guys want to receive more students to university.

If this kind of incident happen to us daily, i bet any of us will report to the newspaper and spread to the whole Malaysia. Trust me! 
When such things happen, there's no way UTAR can turn back the time. You ain't going to receive students anymore!

Another thing, parking spaces in university are LIMITED! We don't mind paying rm100 for a semester. But what do we get in return for those who paid rm100 per month? UTAR provides washing and cleaning services to all the cars that are parked inside?
Does that parking stickers cost rm100? The stickers are made from silver or gold paper is it?!!

And some even more pitiful. They have been applying the car park sticker for the whole 4-year degree programme and they didn't even get a single one! WTH! Arent you guys suppose to give the privilege to the final year's students and seniors? 

SRC members please do something!
I'm not blaming the TBR's residents. I understand your feelings.
But please have mercy on those people who cannot get the parking stickers. 

Here are the videos of the DBKL towing 4 to 5 cars a day! Earn alot like that!

P/s: I really hope that UTAR will bring this issue out and solve it. I will really appreciate it if you guys have put an effort on it. Definitely UTAR wouldnt want this case to be spread out to the whole world and receive no students later on. 

Thanks to those who are reading it. =D

Monday, July 19, 2010

iluma singapore ❤

Since today i'm free from my midterm today which is a disaster to me, i thought of blogging and continued from my previous post to ease my anger.

Back in Singapore, we went to Bugis Street and i'm in love with shopping in People's Park. 
Since time is running out, i only managed to walk around Bugis street. And i love the iluma. That's f***ing nice. I love their design. It's new to me since i hadnt step into Singapore since end year of 2008. 

Each time i go there, i would praise nonstop. Cause i really love Singapore. Of course not to mention the busy times there. Everything they have there is super convenient. I don't have to walked to another shopping centre by crossing the roads. They have these tunnels linking to each shopping centres. So cool! =D

Anyway i will just stop bragging here and let you guys see the photos yourself.
It will be good if you guys go and see it on your own. ❤

EzyLink card. Cute right? =D

Bus ticket

Introducing ------> Chewy Junior

They are cream puffs with fillings and toppings on it.

One of my favourite=D 
iluma =D

Mummy, sis and i ❤

With the link-bridge to iluma =)

the design. ohsem! 

with my bro. 

too many bananas =D

the graffiti. nice!

the longest escalator i have ever seen so far!


my turn

mummy and sis jo finally.

Too bad sis didnt have the chance to take the escalator cause she was the photographer. =(

I love the colours.

After that, we had decided to dine in Subway before going back to prepare for the ceremony.

with sis Jo

Looking at the signboard.teehee

one-foot long of sandwich.

It's not available in malaysia. It's cheese something chicken (cannot recall). Something different! Yums!

raisin and white choc macadamia cookies =D

The interior designs of the shopping mall. ----->

On our way back to the bus stop.

a random pose here. lol

Ben 10 Cafe! oops. It's Benten! haha

Oh ya, my sister graduated on the same day as my brother too.! LOL!







Congratulations! =p