Sunday, May 30, 2010


Let me show you something gigantic! hehe.
Have you ever come across such giant lighter? 
I didn't realise it was displayed there till it dropped on the floor.
I know i'm a hooligan here since i never see such a huge lighter. 
Finally I can just scare off the people who bullied me with this lighter. =p

It's really huge compared with the normal lighters. 

I can just grab it with my hand. =p

P/s: New semester starts tomorrow. =(

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Updates from Taiping

I'm in Taiping writing this post. Today will be my last day in Taiping. How i wish my semester break can be extended. However, i had fun with my girls and guys for the past few days. Life is so much wonderful as I wish to. I'm hoping that our friendship will last forever. =)

Anyway milliion thanks to my friend for the day. I know it's rather busy for you to spend your precious time justfor me. Appreciate what you have done for me. Thanks! =)

New semester will be starting on this monday. I can't afford to play anymore as i'm entering YEAR 3 already! Time flies! =(

Bye bye peeps. Hope to catch up with you guys soon. =) xoxo

P/s: Will further update my outings with my friends in Taiping in the next post! =)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hey peeps! I'm back. =D
Sorry for the late post. 
Three days ago i was back in hometown spending some quality time with my family and friends.
And today i'm back in kl to be the emcee for the mass call ceremony which falls on tomorrow.
Wish me luck peeps~

I'm getting nervous by now.
The actual day is tomorrow! ARGHH!

Hopefully everything will be alright. 
Anyway i had my new babies during the holidays.
I can't wait to use them. =D

i love my curls. =D

p/s: i miss eu. =( 


Thursday, May 20, 2010

My latest addiction! ❤

My latest addiction - Coloured lens! =D

I superb in ❤ with the colour. =D

Anyway, today would be a random post. I went to university for my emcee rehearsal today. It's ain't easy. I had to pronounce the names clearly especially the UTAR's president's name. Or else i will get complained. =( Somehow, it was a remarkable experience for me even though i'm feeling a lil bit nervous. Hopefully god will bless me by making myself calm and cool on the actual day itself.

Thanks for dropping by. 

With ❤,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gosh! I'm Insane

Gosh. I'm insane totally. I kept on blogging about food. This post will be about food too.. But only McD. haha.. I bet you guys will be shocked to see the photos below since the amount of food we had taken was superb a lot. =p

Only sis and i had these. Only TWO person. haha

I had no idea why i was laughing too. =p

she took this without me being noticed

her hashbrown. 

second shot.! 

our food! I know that's alot. teehee

Wondering what was she looking at. hmm

Anyway, we had these at McD in SS15, Subang Jaya. A walking distance from sis's college. =D That's all. This will be a rather short post... 

P/s: I enjoyed myself yesterday. Thanks for accompanying me. Or else i will be bored to death the whole day. =) ❤❤

Monday, May 17, 2010

Scrumptious Cuisine XD

Yeah, it's time to blog. Since i'm too free, so i shall blog anything i want. XD
I wanna blog about food today. Yumm Yumm! Teehee
Alright. I almost went there every time I'm in Subang. 

Before that, let me introduce my sis to you first : 










Her cute expression. Lol!

Busy drinking apple juice. 

Tao Suan - It's a dessert where green beans and "you tiao-s" are mixed together

Their famous wantan mee in tomato sauce... =D

P/s: Oh gosh! I'm drooling now when i blogged bout this. Will be eating that later perhaps? 
Teeeheee...Anyway i had fun in The Library yesterday. Awesome! Big congrats to my dear Linet =D


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Life's Never That Interesting!

Oh well, since my day started with lifeless and boring kick start, let me blog about my post outings with my dear friends... First of all, i will start with my first time to Sunway Lagoon.
Initially i planned to go with my gang. However, from a gang of six, we made into a gang of three excluded my another coursemate whom willing to spend time with us. Oh yeah! =D
Thanks to you, babe. We enjoyed the moments with you.

And this big happening took place almost a month ago before my finals and study week started. We tried to enjoy to the maximum before we will start becoming nerd for the next coming weeks.

I was in Subang the day before. So my girls would be taking LRT to Kelana Jaya LRT Station and i picked them up from there. 

After that, all of us headed there and managed to reach before 10am. The door was still closed at that moment though. Hehe. And there were already a lot of people queuing up to buy the entrance tickets. 

While waiting, we killed some time by taking photographs. Jing Yin is way crazy and more excited than me. =p Here's a few shots taken by her.

And this photo was taken by me of course. hehe.:)

Clockwise :  Jing Yin, Jie Hoai, Janice and Kah Khey

Right after that, we hurriedly went in and took a lot of photos inside. =p Let my photos do the talking okie? teehee

First, we went into the wildlife park since the scream park would open at 11am.

Welcoming you guys to Sunway Wildlife Park =)

Aww. The suspension bridge =D

Say hello to pony! 

I know i'm impolite here. But who cares?

Say hello to the parrots.!

Under the elephant's legs. lol

With the mama horse this time. teehee

my dear, Jing Yin and i

The 'clean' water


P/s: Must bring my giant tripod wherever i go next time. Trying to act like a professional though. I know my camera isnt a DSLR. Only digital camera. =p

Four of us.

Promoting my camera like how the show girls did in PC Fair the day before.

I'm not a good poser. Sorry! 

I know i'm fat. I don't give a damn.

Another shot

our signature pose. =p

I ❤ this! 

Nature Walk

Jom, lets go to Pirates Revenge! heehee..

Jie Hoai and Kah Khey were terrified but Jing Yin was not. hmm

I took a ride of this pirate revenge and i'm ALIVE! Anyway, I love it. ❤

Please ignore the fat people in the photo ok?

Three of them

More photos:

We took a ride at Wagon Wheel before we headed to the Scream Park.

Skinny girl versus fat girl. lol

Here we were - IN THE SCREAM PARK NOW!!! =(
Frankly speaking, I'm afraid even though the people were just disguising. But i couldnt take it. I would need to hide myself from my friend's back anyway.

I wasn't terrified at all. You know why? Cause i was closing my eyes the whole process. =X 
I know it's kinda wasting money. But i couldn't stop myself from doing so cause i was afraid i would cry and had nightmare that night. 

Later on, we walked to the other side to try Tomahawk. At first, i was reluctant to try but in the end i tried.

It was awe-inspiring anyway. I didnt puke at all. I could still stand straight and took photos with the workers there. lol. Anyway, i had cuts on my shoulders since i held the bars of the seat too tight.

We went into the female's restroom and the girls changed their clothes cause we were planning to go for water park after that. :) Sorry that i didnt have photos of the water park cause my camera isnt a waterproof one. =( Will get one soon. 

A photo of Jing Yin and i in the restroom.

Last but not least, a photo of the suspension bridge. We didnt have the chance to walk on the bridge cause we enjoy playing in the water park too much. However, this outing was total amazing and i fell in love with it... Thanks for such wonderful memories, babes! Hope to go once again with you guys. But this time at night ok? teehee ❤❤❤❤

Four of us.

A photo of Jing Yin and Kah Khey taken by the photographer-in-charge. 

I will go one more time to play the flying fox, G-Force, Go-Kart, paint ball and bungee jump. :)

P/s: That's all. More posts will be published soon.. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it.
Have a nice holiday, guys! See you guys next semester. =D
More photos will be uploaded in Facebook!