Wednesday, December 29, 2010

She Says

'She Says' is the latest album from JJ Lin. 
He is an awesome guy.

Much in love with his songs.

Your songs brightened up my day today! <3


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Belated Xmas Everyone!

Well peeps.
Hows your xmas celebration?

It was pretty good in the morning.
Cousins came and visited us in the house.
I love it! ❤

In the evening, it was a total disaster.
Anyway my bestie & i planned not to organise anymore.
We are SICK of it TOTALLY!! 

Anyway wishing ya'll merry belated xmas!! ❤

p/s: Im wishing all of you have a great new year ahead!
My list of new year's resolutions is coming REAL soon! 
And tata to my INTERNS in three days' time!!! ❤


Smile XD


Friday, December 24, 2010

Seafood for Lunch ❤

Well well.
I'm so sorry for the late post.
Lately i had been very busy with my final report and secondly my internet's connection DAMN sucks. 
Stupid BB Maxis~

I'm grateful and lucky to know my god dad and god sis.
Thanks for everything! 
Thanks for taking good care of me.
I will always remember how you guys treated me while I'm in NTPM.

Anyway, god sis and i had lunch at godfather's house.
Thanks god mum for the delicacies.
Where on earth to find such scrumptious lunch in Nibong Tebal?
I know where it is.

At my godparents' house.

My god dad lied to us saying that god mum would only cook a simple lunch for us. 
But it turned out to be .....
 awesome seafood lunch! 

Every dishes that were served were delicious.
I was just like having my lunch at a high class seafood restaurant!!!

I hate god dad for cheating us.=p 
Anyway thank you so much! 
We owe you a lot.
I'm honoured to know you guys! ❤

Without wasting time, check out the photos i had taken in his house. ❤❤

They looked delicious, didn't they? 
I'm lucky! <3

Now it was time for us to take photos for memories. ❤

God sis and i planned to buy god dad a souvenir beforehand. 

I wrapped it. (Swiss Chocolate and a bottle of red wine)

Handmade card

The souvenir ❤


p/s: Next week will be my last week of interns in NTPM.
Seriously speaking i will feel sad to leave my colleagues and good friends here but i'm happy cause i don't have to wake up at 6.30 am everyday to prepare to work! Hooray! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Teeny Updates

Here comes my teeny update. 
It's been awhile since i blog. 
Well, blogger hadnt treated me well lately. 
I don't even get the chance to view friends' updated blogs.
What more if i don't get to upload photos in the blogger?

Anyway, here a shot of my sis and i at home.
We hadn't camwhored for ages.
So here it is. 

Specially dedicated for readers =)

Us in her room full of books. (her mini library) ❤ you buu.

Okay. Shall update a longer post after work. <3
Hopefully it will work today.
Or else im gonna kill you! =p


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Effortless Things We Did! (Part 1) ❤

Since i had nothing to do during the weekends, friends and i planned to go for expensive yet affordable lunch.

Here we were :

The Manhattan Fish Market (MFM)

It is located in 
Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang. 
Well, service was sucks to the max. 
Food was terribly horrible.
I didn't get the bottomless iced peach tea in HERE!

Why on earth i get to refill my peach tea in Subang Jaya? 
And the place over there is much more classy than here. Damn.
Was quite disappointed with the food here.
The fish chips that were served were stale! 

And the waitress said they were nothing wrong.
HELLO! I was the one eating the fish chips.
I replied to her asking her to try those staled chips that i had eaten.
And she said she would call her manager to come.

And the manager finally came and changed the whole plate of fish chips to me.
*ignore the whole situation above*

Back to others.

I was busy talking on the phone when they actually took photos of me. LOL!

Ignore my mouth. =p

Another shot. lol

They actually took my camera and snapped a few shots of the places, cutlery and blah blah. 

Back to the normal photos, haha

Jing Yin with the menu

Jie Hoai with her signature peace pose. =p

Now i'm acting stupid here.

Check this out: 


Taking my purse as my phone. lol.

My camwhoring photo.

It's me! =D

Come and eat the garlic rice! hehe

Busy with their handphones. zzz

Candid shot. haha

with Jie Hoai. Take #1

A nicer shot. Take #2

P/s: Promised to blog an interesting blog but i cant. Eyes are abit painful. So i need to avoid looking at the computer for too long and prevent myself from straining my eyes too much.
Will update the interesting one ok? I promise the readers here. ❤


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Impromptu Trip to Genting ❤

Unplanned trip. 
We never expect to reach at the top of the place and enjoyed the cool breeze there.
Yes. It was none other than Genting Highlands. <3

Initially daddy planned to fetch sis back from Subang since she had finished her A-level in Taylor's officially.
She had loads of stuffs to be brought back.
Therefore, daddy went all the way to pick her up and probably stayed a night in KL before heading back to Taiping the next day.
However, our plan failed cause daddy's car was full of her belongings till we planned to go back to Taiping on the day itself.

We had Bak Kut Teh as brunch in Klang with Uncle Ong.
Since daddy had so much things to do in KL, daddy suggested to drop us at a shopping mall nearby his workplace.
We agreed.
But then, Uncle Ong offered to fetch us to Genting. 
It's been awhile since i last went to Genting.
We enjoyed the cool breeze that day.

Here are some of the photos i had taken using my Shanice. ❤

This year's Christmas' decoration in Genting is awesome. 
They used recycled bottles, plastic caps and cups to decorate their tourist attractions.
Environmental friendly!
I was amazed by their hard work. Good job! 

This year's Xmas' decoration in Genting

Stupid smile. hehe

Carlsberg's bottles

Plastic caps. =D

Even the fly in Genting is huge in size. Eww!

Sis and i had the opportunity to go for Motion Master ride while mummy went shopping around the place. 

I would rate the motion master 3/10. Lame! Not fun at all compared to Sentosa 4D Magix in Singapore. 

Sis craved for cotton candy. So i bought her one. 

Posing with her candy. lol

We went down to KL and had our dinner together with uncle Ong before headed back to Taiping.
Thanks uncle for sparing some of your time for us. 
We enjoyed ourselves even though the trip was short.
Thanks a million! 

P/s: Gonna miss Subang a lot. hmm.
Pp/s: Some of the photos are not in the post cause they are with Cherubi =)


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Zealand ❤

I bet everyone yearns to go for holidays in New Zealand. 

And have a look at the sheeps living in the country.

New Zealand, in the opinion of many travellers is the most beautiful country on earth. Situated in the temperate zone of the South Pacific, this isolated group of islands, contain every landscape imaginable and some you cannot imagine. The scenic South Island contains a mountain range bigger than the European Alps, spectacular fjords like Norway, and ancient rain forests. The North Island is famous for it's volcanic attractions, Maori culture, and big cities. New Zealand's stunning coastline is comparable in size to the mainland USA's coast and coupled with unique flora and fauna, this country packs a lot in a relatively small area. 

Now you can have the opportunity to go to New Zealand without spending lots of money on air ticket itself.

AirAsiaX is now offering direct flights to Christchurch New Zealand starting from only RM199!! 

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab this chance.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Short Excursion ❤

Well well.
I don't have much time to go shopping or movie with friends ever since i started my internship.
Anyway, the day has come.

My dearies and i went for a movie at Sunway Carnival.
We planned to watch Harry Potter's new movie that was just released not long ago.

Since our movie would be starting at 9.15pm, we went for dinner. 
And here we were.


Oh my, i craved for their sushi-s a lot. 
Below are one of my favourites =D

Introducing my 38 dearie,

Jing Yin

Another one,

Kah Khey and Jing Yin

Each time, Jing Yin comes to Sakae Sushi, she will definitely order this:

Her favourite.

Now here are the photos that you guys wouldnt want to see. LOL!

My friend and i (p.s: Sorry for the fat face here)

With Jie Hoai ❤

The time for us to gather was short.
Nevertheless i enjoyed a lot.
Appreciating what i have now.
They are my loved ones.
Without them, i wont be able to overcome all the consequences that had happened to me in the previous semesters. ❤

Anyway speaking of the movie, i can't rate it cause i fell asleep during the movie.
Ops. Sorry readers. Perhaps i was too tired since we got there after my work on Saturday.
I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter series though. =p