Sunday, October 17, 2010


I didn't work yesterday. Yup. I work on Saturday as well. I am a bad worker there. Haih. Not feeling well in the middle of the night till the next morning. The pain is totally unbearable. I thought of going to work but too bad i couldn't help with the pain. I finally took a MC from my supervisor. Anyway, i think my tummy cannot take in too much of spicy food. That's why i ended up like this. I admitted i was stubborn. But i need to try out some spicy food sometimes to make my life colourful (as if). Anyway, mummy told me not to take in any spicy food anymore. Or else there will be second time again. 

By the way, it's been awhile since i blogged. First, too busy to blog. Second, i dont have any exciting events to blog about. Perhaps next week? Hopefully. I promised to give you an exciting post very soon. =)

P/s: I love my colleagues especially my lovely supervisor aka my older sister.
Pp/s: I miss my auntie buu alot even though we skype often. Her first paper starts tomorrow! Good luck love! =)

Trying to be a pro guitarist here. LOL! 

Friday, October 8, 2010


Since my officers aren't here, so I take the opportunity to write a short post here. Well, basically I dislike the way management handle their things. But this week and next week will be an awesome weeks of all as I only need to stay in the lab and walk over to OS store to take some samples to be tested. I don't have to expose to sun so much. Wish me luck peeps. Shall update again! Chaos :)

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Monday, October 4, 2010

I *Heart* You!

Full time companion wherever i go. ❤
My companion when i'm in Penang =D

Interns is finally here. And it's my third day already.
Today was the best! I had the opportunity to do some lab tests and observed the processes going on. wee.
Anyway, it is my first time im staying in Penang since i travelled to and fro from Taiping everyday.

Finally i got to settle myself down. Room is uber huge.
But i'm staying with guys as my housemates (ie. engineers and accountants)
For sure you know i'm abit stressful staying with them. hmm.

Anyway forgot bout that.
I'm going back to Taiping tomorrow again! whee.
I miss my family, bed & home.

That's all peeps.

P/s: My first post of the month. ❤