Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teeny Updates

Blogging is part of my life. 
I will be busy starting next week. 
You guys must be feeling weird about it cause i 'whee' at the end of the sentence. 
This is because i have more important things to do next week.

Wont be telling you guys till i'm back. =p
In order to replace my busy week, i need to compensate my time by studying and finishing up my lab report by this week.
And this week is my last lab for the semester. Weee wang wang. =DD

Anyway i just came back from Taiping on Monday.
I miss my family. =( 
I enjoyed my short weekend with my family and friends.

Anyway will update you guys with more photos in the upcoming post before i officially announce myself to be a busy girl next week.

Sis Jo's. haha


Thursday, June 24, 2010


The title above describes my feelings right now. *winkz*
You know why?
Cause i will be going back to Taiping to see my baby girl, daddy, mummy, aunt and my besties ^^ 

And i'm just super excited about our outing on Saturday.
I can't wait to go for haircut with sis as well.
I can't wait to go jogging and hopefully it won't rain on these few days.

The best part is that my brother will be back in Taiping too. 
Frankly speaking i hadn't seen him for almost 4 to 5 months already.
I can't halt myself from thinking how will he look like after so long. =p
A gathering for us this time. 

So i will treasure the time we have together this weekend. =D
❤ you guys.

How i wish i can just speed at 140km/h just to reach home ASAP since i'm alone.
Too bad my car is only FERRARI KENARI. LOL!

winkz. =D

P.s: Bi, I can't wait to have pillow talk with you every night. =D    


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I'm making announcement here.
From today onwards, I, Janice Yeap won't be sending sms-es to you guys anymore except my family unless in critical condition. 
Sorry to make such so-called shocking announcement.
So be prepared to receive my calls 24/7, babes^^

And today my mood is rather good.
Not affected by yesterday's incident anymore.
Just right now i'm too fatigue to continue my assignment.
But i have to cause i had promised my project manager to send to her latest by Thursday.

Attending labs every week is too tiring and sickening.
Anyway, glad to know more friends^^

P/s: I can't wait to go back to Taiping to meet my baby, family and my dearies this weekend. =D 

Monday, June 21, 2010


I never really come across such thoughtless people in my life. 
Speechless about it! Damn.
Nothing can be done already.

How i wish i can just said right to their faces!!
These people can't be helped at all.
Please be more considerate next time! 
I dislike taking revenge on you people.
And before that, please think of what you have done to other people.

Do not blame me if i start to take revenge as you guys force me to.
Do not cry over spilt milk!
Make sure you guys think twice before doing anything that might affect your life in future!

I'm not a stupid girl!

P/s: A gloomy day today. WTF!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I hate weekend! 
Yoy know why?
Cause i sleep like nobody's business! sobs.
That's the very last thing i wanna do all the time.

After a few hours of searching infos for my assignments, i couldnt bear the pain (i was having headache at that time) but to SLEEP!
I'm just like a pig only.! 
 I shouldnt be wasting my time sleeping.

I need to complete everything by this week as i will be going back to Taiping this coming weekend.=D
I hate this weekend. Grr.

Say no no to naps as i hate taking naps on the afternoon.
And i'm having fever now. What the.....!!!! 
I'm so stupid~

That's all for my ranting. 
I gotta continue being a nerd like HER!

LOL. My sister's =D


Stop playing with phone please! =p

 With ❤,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sushi Party Set

I'm hungry now. 
I think by looking at the photo below can reduce my hunger. Zzz.
Hopefully. =)

P/s: I'm too good and being nice lately. 
Should have changed my character. 
Not a good example to be followed. *sigh*


Miss you, sis ❤

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Does Matchmaking Still Exist?

So what do you think about the title above? 

Perhaps a lot of people might be saying that in this era, there's no matchmaking thingy happen anymore.
And sadly, it still happen after such long decade.

Why am i sharing this with you guys today? 
Let me tell you something.

I'm one of the so-called victim in this thing. LOL.
I never feel unhappy about it.
Instead i laughed nonstop.

Somehow i think my mummy was worried about me being single for so long.
Sorry mummy. 
It's not the time for me yet. 
I will find my true love it one day.


Anyway if my mummy introduced her friends' sons to me, i will consider.
IF ONLY, their sons are future doctors, engineers and lawyers. =X
Too materialistic huh?! LOL. 

Anyway, it's aint easy to find one.
It's hard to find someone who shares the same interest as you, hardly look down on you especially studies, withstand the long-distance relationship, tolerate, patient and most importantly, he loves you for who you are.

I might sound a bit picky and fussy here,
but i think these are the basic characteristics one guy must have. 
I don't hope for rich and handsome man.
Even if he comes from average family, that's enough for me.
I am willing to share and go through all the ups and downs with him.

Sounded very simple right?
And yet such guy is hard to be found. 

Right now, i will just focus on my studies for meantime because love is not something you can rush about. 
We have to go through lotsa process in order to lead a happy life in future. =)
So wait for ya prince to come to you! haha. =)


P/s: That's all for my personal review.
It's been a while since i wrote a long wordy post. 
Hope you guys enjoy reading it. =D


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Karaoke Session ❤

I only go for karaoke session once a semester. 
And this semester i went with my girls.
This time we went to Neway for our singing session.
We danced and sang our lungs out.
It was an enjoyable outing. Thanks! ❤

My 'hubby' =p

three of us

Self-timer =D

Last of all,

my ss photo. =p


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Sorry for being temperamental at this moment.
I'm just pissed off with the report that i need to hand in to the officer tomorrow.
I don't wish to do group lab report with strangers cause they were really SUCKS to the maximum!

However, today i enjoyed jogging in Titiwangsa lake. 
Thanks to my friend for accompanying me there. =)
It's nice to go jogging after so long.

And to my dear daddy and mummy, thanks for dropping by yesterday.
I enjoyed your companions although it's only for a short while. 
If my class wasn't started at 8am this morning, definitely i will follow both of you to hotel for sleepover.

Thanks for the huggies. ❤ ya lots! 

Arbi, i know ur in Taiping now.
Can't wait to see you dear. 
Can't wait to hear your long grandmother stories during your trip =D

miss eu miss eu bi :D


p/s: autumn concerto rawks. =D

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ionic-Bonded Friendship ❤

We treasure each other so much. 
We care for each other.
We don't argue cause we speak out if we aren't satisfied with each other.
A true friendship we have.
Hope that we don't forget each other once we leave university. ❤

with cute frame. =D

with sunset effect. =D

Jing Yin and i =D

Jie Hoai and i. =D

love ya always. =)

 ❤ 我 爱 你 们 。。。❤


Friday, June 11, 2010


A short post this time. 
I'm currently running out of idea to blog about. 
So i will just upload some photos to make my bloggie alive.
Anyway, this outing was a month ago.

Thanks everything bi. =D

sis with her cute expression ❤

I'm thinking. =p

Enjoying my hot potato fries. =)

Look over there! =D

It's hot. 

P.s: Photos were taken in Sunway Pyramid. =D


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mass Call Ceremony for May 2010 Intake

It's my first time being an emcee in a formal event in my university.
At first, i would think that i will freak out and made a lot of mistakes and thank god i didn't in the end. =D

It's been awhile since i went up on stage to talk ever since i graduated from secondary school. 
Nevertheless, it's fun to know new friends during the event. 
Thanks for giving me the chance to be an emcee. 
Appreciate it to the max. =D
Photos below were taken during the ceremony. ----> 
Credits to all my friends and technical crews. =D

Let me introduce to you guys my partner of the day, Mr Ngoh aka Bobo 

Before the actual ceremony started. 

Thanks a million guys! ❤

P/s: I can't blog more words today cause my brain is rather tired to think of ideas of what to write. Anyway i bet you guys can just browse the photos to know what was happening exactly on that day. 


Monday, June 7, 2010

Amazing Weekend

I enjoyed my weekend break with my dearest. =)
I enjoyed cooking macaroni cheese pasta for you for both days. 

Anyway i hope you like it. =)

Thanks for listening to me when i rant nonstop.
And every single moment we had is priceless.

Thanks for letting me to take over your small part of your bed while i was napping when i'm actually not supposed to as i knew i will distract you a lot. haha. =p

I enjoyed doing my nails in your place. lol.

Thank euu so much for filling up my craving for Cool Blog. =)

my mango yoghurt =)

Sorry that i forgot to bring my Sakae card that day. Nevertheless, we still ate sushi-s for dinner that night right? teehee.

Last but not least, my cute dearest ❤❤

Love you always. 

P.s: Busy weekend with notes and paperwork too. =( Anyway i had fun with her since we didn't gather for quite sometime.