Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 4 - Ikano Power Centre

Sorry for the late late post!

Next day, we worked in Ikano Power Centre. New place and new working environment. =) This time i helped my friends in game's stall. It's only 1o am in the morning and the place was full of crowd. I was afraid that my friend couldnt manage the crowd therefore i helped her. =D

These were the photos we had taken. =)


Sien's tattoo



my sleepy eyes. =/

cute plush toys. :D

the crowd early in the morning.

the cute lil girl was playing games.

Steven and Sien

Azura and her bf

Xmas deco in Ikano

The group photo

That night we celebrated Draven's birthday too. We enjoyed that night. We had to go back right after the event ended. We would be working in Tropicana Mall the following day. ❤❤

✻ had breakfast with my dearest meow ♥♥ ✻
✻ enjoyed my short vacation with family ✻


Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Header

I love my new header. XD
Do you guys love it?
teehee. ❤❤❤


Surprises Awaiting?

Look at the photo below
and i bet no one knows what i'm going to blog about.

My dressing kinda weird right? Haih.
I'm short and stout! =(
Not going to blog about it today.
Will steal some time to blog some other time.

I can't wait for my vacation with my family!!!
Bro is coming back tonight from Kedah.
*whee* ❤❤


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sky Bar =)

Gosh! It's been awhile since i blog.
Wonder hows the world of blogging nowadays.
Been hiding myself these few days and
finally i get the opportunity to blog today!

Well, i was pretty busy doing things assigning by my parents.
Sorry nic! I had promised you to decorate your church and
in the end i didnt turn up.

Today i wouldnt spend my time typing boring stuffs.
Let me shared with you guys the last gathering i had with my dear friends. ❤

Last week, Pei Wen, Pauline and i had small gathering in Sky Bar at Flemington Hotel near my house.
Supposedly, Wei Wen and Ling Ling should be there too but too bad they were too busy to meet us up. =(
Without wasting time, let me shared the photos i had taken with you guys. ♥♥


✻ Thanks for the small gathering babes✻
✻ More photos on facebook! ✻
✻ Sorry for the late post! =) ✻


Saturday, December 19, 2009


I'm upset right now. =(

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 3 - Sunway Pyramid

We had rehearsal the night before we worked here. We had to start working at 9am. Therefore we started our journey early since our place is rather far from Sunway Pyramid.

Our event would be held at orange atrium. We unpacked all the plush toys to be displayed later. Carpets were cleaned for the kids and guardians to be seated when the agenda started.

the unpacked plush toys.

I was freaking nervous when the first agenda of the day started. I afraid i couldn't do well. Yeah! I wasnt too playful during the agenda started. My boss reminded me. hmm.

Stall games were ready at 10 am. All the kids were allowed to play and gifts were given to them if they won. =)

Check out these photos. P/s: Lazy wanna elaborate. =p

Crowd gathered at the games' stalls

one of the games for the whole event. =)

Sorry! I'm not the person-in-charge of the game. Photo was taken for fun. teehee

22 inches plush toy. *drool*

taken with Stitch before given to the winners. =)

Jensen was trying to rape him. Uh oh! =p

with Huei

with the plush toys.

one more shot! =)

Lee and Huei

Steven and Jensen

Kevin's fave pose. =p

the stage

Stitch would appear on stage at 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm in a day. Free admissions to the kids and guardians. However, registration would be needed in order to get free passes. =)
Here's the photos of Stitch with a boy dancing on stage at the end of the day. ❤

with Azura, the host

Bye Bye, Stitch! ❤

✳ Almost fainted just now. Lacked of glucose.✳
✳ Going back tomorrow ✳
✳ Will be leaving my blog for few days ✳
✳ Will be in KL on this Friday again! But this time with family. =D ✳


Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 2 - Hilton KL

I'm back with the post regarding my job as event crew! My second day working as a crew was pretty COOL! All the GRPs which stands for Guest Relation Personalities worked in Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Pretty cool right?!!? My first time entering the hotel. =D

Not only that, we also got the opportunity to try the buffet that was served mainly for the guests who came that day. We're lucky! teehee. =D The cuisine wasnt that bad. Obviously, this is what a 5-star hotel should serve for the guests right? =p

Anyway, check out the photos that were taken on that day. ♥♥

in the toilet. :D

the registration counter

the ballroom that was decorated for the press conference and the hi-tea party

cute cutout of Stitich

the lamps

posing with Stitch as the door gifts

another cute cutout :D

with Huei


posters with the view outside the hotel

the GRPs.

Later on, Stitch appeared on the stage and kids were allowed to take photos with him. We were told to usher the kids and manage the crowd.

After the event was over, we had our tea time in the ballroom after we cleaned up the whole place.

✳ Completed my task. Hooray! ✳
✳ No more movie marathon. Wanna save the money to watch with friends in hometown. =D ✳
✳ Changes of plan again =)✳
✳ Happy birthday cousin!! ♥♥ ✳