Thursday, July 30, 2009

Latest Update. =p

I bet you guys will shock to death after seeing my latest photos.
It doesnt look like me at all.
Sometimes pictures might be deceiving.
But who cares?
I bet nobody cares and me too. XD

Doesnt look like me right? teehee

I love the effect. A great photography skill. lolx. *flattering myself* =p

Yeah yeah!! My beloved parents are coming down to KL to visit my sister and i. woohoo. =D This will be the best weekend for me though i'm rather busy with assignments and midterms. And happy to say that i turned down the offer of working in pc fair cos of my parents. Nothing else matters other than my loved ones. =)))) But seriously how i wish my aunt will be here too. =( Sad to say i miss her. (wondering how is she now) Calling her everyday wont help me much anyway.*sigh*

p/s: Am looking forward tomorrow.
my date with dearies is on! teehee. :D
finally i can get the opportunity to splurge.
and a big surprise is awaiting me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dreadfully Sorry!

I couldnt help myself to figure it out. Why would people tend to hurt you over and over again when you are innocently doesnt know any of the stories behind it? The way you speak might hurt others and please think twice before you want to say anything! And practically i'm worn out. Oh god, what should i do? Avoid it from happening again? Seriously im reluctant to face it. All i want is enjoying my current life to the max with studies and entertainment. You had it correct and please, I have my own principles of life too! Stop making me feel annoyed about it. I lost my faith once in all of you. Dont ever make me making the same old mistake again.

I had it all i want for now. Maybe no. Cause i need to splurge. Well baby, let's come over this weekend and hangout! heeheee.. =p

And more assignments and exams are coming. Sob sob. =(

Week10 - IA midterm and Unit Operation midterm.*almost faint*
Week11 - Material Science midterm and Numerical assignment's due date. *faint*
Week12 - Numerical midterm, Principles of Electrical Engineering's assignment's due date, Unit Operation's assignment's due date. *half dead*
Week13- MAY YOU R.I.P!

P/s: Awaiting for my parents' arrival.
Where's my birdy nest?
woohoo. =p

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sick of it!

Im totally sick of it. I cant afford to bear the pain anymore. Why would you come to me on the wrong time? sucks.. Whatever i consume, it is still unbearable. It will still come no matter i have my lunch or dinner. That's painful. God save me please! The worst days of my semester. Haih.

P.s: Need a time off.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Advise of the Day

Yup. My advise of the day - Do not simply eat the food from the stalls outside since the weather is so hazy.. On the other hand, i was diagnosed with food poisoning two days ago. Consulted a doctor hoping that i would be better in a day's time. And hell yeah. I managed to go to uni for the following day. But today i couldnt. The puking and diarrhoea are back! :( No more medicine for me as i had finished them up. Now im depending fully on my self-defense system. I suffered a lot during these hours but thanks to all my friends around me giving me support and thanks for the concern. :) And i seriously homesick now. :( i miss my aunt's porridge. :( can you deliver that for me? haih.

How i wish my sis is here now. I know u cant cause ur too busy with ur assignments and exams. :(

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bon Odori 2009

I had no idea on how to go, where the event was located and it was my first time driving so far apart from around Genting Kelang and Wangsa Maju. I told my parents about it and they said i was brave to explore on my own. Of course not exploring the routes alone but together with my two friends and not forgetting my baby jamie. :)

I searched for maps on how to go from Wangsa Maju to Subang Jaya and to Shah Alam as well. The maps seemed easy. I thought i could drive and reached on time. It took me almost an hour to reach my girl's place to pick her up before heading to Shah Alam for another hour which practically i was lost again and got mixed up with the roads and signboards. =.=""""" And hate to say i was confused with the roundabouts. Totally dislike roundabouts and it took me quite sometimes to reach to a destination. Damn. And mostly all the roads i drove on particularly had roundabouts. I couldnt actually recall on how many of roundabouts i happened to pass by.

Finally i had reached the destination at Shah Alam. The event was held at Panasonic Sports Complex. I reached at 5 pm and to my surprise, the place were crowded with people already. GOSH! Some were even earlier than me. The first thing i did was to get the free fan. haha. And i was quite greedy. I kept two and took another two. lolx. :P

And here were the random photos i had taken and there it goes- my new look. Dont be surprised. hehe. Check this out ---------> =)

Sis took it. Swt!

Posing with the fans.

The stage

Took this while Sien and Huei werent aware of it. :b

My stupid look. haha

Walked over to the field to look for food. My baby havent consume anything. Pity her. So i grabbed an ice-cream and ice-cream puff and shared with her. :)

The stall which sold my favourite food. :)

Dont misunderstand me. Didnt mean to stalk this guy. Was taking the picture of the cute banner.

Green tea-flavoured ice-cream

Camwhored with our food. XD

with the ice-cream puff

Baby with her ice-cream.:)

Sien and Huei with their ice-creams too. XD

Posing with fan and the non-alcoholic beers. hmm.

Someone stalked me. XD

Random shot from sis

Another one. hmm.

I wanted to try the blue 'thingy'. But......... Got no idea where was it. hehe

Conveyor belt was there too. Amazing! =)

The stalls.

They were promoting their beers while i was promoting my bottle. Just do it! LOL

I love her pouting her lips. teehee.

Smile. XD

Trying to cover her face with the two fans.

Spotted the guy behind me? He is cute. lolx. :b

Took this without any preparation. lolx.

Walked over to the other side of the field and rested. A few random shots we had taken. :)

She was wearing my sunglasses and posed with the fan. *winkz*

Japanese babes with kimonos. =D

The tongue jutting out. Cute. :D

Sis took this. I love the blue sky. :D

The event started at 7pm. We walked over to the field to watch the dances.

the crowd.

Spotted the Malays were wearing the kimonos too.

Camwhoring again. :b

Me, myself and i. :D

Sis spotted someone with kimonos cuddling. lolx.

A shot before we went back.

My new sweaty look. hmm.

Bye bye Bon Odori 2009! =)

Went back early cause we were too tired. Couldnt afford to wait for the another event coming up next. And i was lost again. Almost drove back to my hometown. haha. The roads were too confused but thank god we managed to reach safely. On my way back, i fetched my sis back to Subang to take her stuffs in Subang cos she came over to my place and stayed for a night. We missed our babbling. teehee. Would fetch her back to Subang the next morning. =) I had learnt a lot of new things that day. Would set it as a new record for me. teeeheee. *winkz*

P/s: I need some comments from readers regarding my new hair look.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lunch At Pizza Hut

For the past few days, baby jamie told me about her trip to Pizza Hut for lunch. I gaped when she told me. How could she went for pizza without me? And i was craving for pizza since last year and she had it for like errrr.... TWICE ?? before i even managed to have it once at all. NOT FAIR! =(

So i decided to go for pizza with Huei and Sien before our lecture would start. Finally, my dream came true! lolx. I was supposed to go for a diet plan but it was cancelled due to my crave-for-pizza plan. :b Sorry girls. =( And that day, the food looked appetizing. Yummy! I could actually finish them up though it was in a big portion. I should thank my gastric problems for making me so appetite. :b

While waiting for food, here we come. Photo session! teehee. :D --------->

I dont think i still have to introduce to you guys. Both of them are my so-called neighbours and my coursemates aka besties with the menu. :)

Pizza Hut in Wangsa Maju. =)

My pale look. :(

Sien was grudging while huei was happily posing. :P

Sien's cute look. teehee.

Our beverages and mushroom soup.

Our pizzas. 3 persons for two regular pizzas! lolx.

She served us.

I took this without her noticing me taking photos

Another pose of her with her pizza.

And now it's my turn. hehe

After our pizza feast, we camwhored.

But to my disappointment, my camera ran out of battery again. =( Everytime my baby shanice sulks at the wrong time! Grrrr....Never mind. I still have my secondary camera. :D We continued camwhoring while waiting for dessert.

Deflating my 'balloon'. :P

ss-ing. lolx.

with my drink.

Busy sipping my drink.

We continued camwhoring again till we were satisfied. haha.

Pouting our lips. :)

Finally our dessert had arrived. Our desserts only cost RM2. :) Not too bad for a RM2-dessert.

The dessert comprised of pudding, ice-cream and a muffin.

Posing with my dessert. :)

After our lunch, we headed back for one-hour lecture and went for a haircut after that.Dont be surprised to see my new look. lolx. I bet you guys will shock to death. More on up-coming post. :)

P/s: My wish was granted.