Monday, June 29, 2009

Short yet simple.

I was freaking agitated.
Everything didnt go very smoothly.

My license is officially expired today.
Went to post office early in the morning and it was closed! zzz.
Went after the classes over, the JPJ office hour was closed.

Eyes were pretty painful.
Lack of sleep as usual.
Slept rather late and i woke up automatically without my alarm clock.

I didnt stop when traffic light turned red.
Not once but TWICE!!
What's wrong with my day today?
I wonder why....

P/s:I missed those times when we were together.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Come and Go.

My parents, brother, brother's gf and my dearest girl left my condo half an hour ago.
Delighted to see them of course though it was only a short period.
And i think they had reached Subang already.
Sis will be studying in Subang starting tomorrow.
How time flies!
And finally, my CAR is here. Woohoo!
That's the best part out of the best-est part. hehe.

Freaking happy when i think that i dont need to go to PUDU alone carrying loads of luggage and drenched with sweat.
Special thanks to my daddy and mummy. Muax muax. :)))
Not forgetting my brother as well for driving the car down to KL for me.
Love each and everyone of you. =)
I promised i will take good care of the car k?
I will LOVE her from the bottom of my heart. teehee. :DDD

Friday, June 26, 2009

Strongly Emotional.

Sorry about the title. Im strongly emotional today. Have tonnes of things to blog about but i got no idea where to start. :'(

I admitted these were too fast. But after all, it couldnt be judged by time right? Never mind. I accepted the fact. Let time proves everything! Who knows in future everything will be different from what we intend to have? hmm.

Life's been full of obstacles and challenges. Never know i will indulge myself in such tough situation. Mum, dad and sis been supporting me so much and yet i still upset them? Oh no! I'm so sorry dearies. =(

I admitted that I was jealous of it when i heard about it (I strongly believe my horoscope says now. =.=""") At the same time, i totally had forgotten the fact that we arent as what we think we are. Sorry for the strong emotional feelings ya! Hopefully no hard feelings after that. I should be alright by now hopefully. If there's something you wish to share problems with someone, just find me ok? Just like how I used to find you to share my problems with.

I felt so much better by now. hmm. A great relief! Thanks to my dear bloggie. And to my baby out there, I'm looking forward to see you. You better bring all the things that i had asked you to bring. And see you tonight k? Send my regards to my dearests at home. I love you guys! Muacksss. *hugs*

Thursday, June 25, 2009


My campus had its food fair yesterday. I was freaking busy. First i had two labs on the day itself. One is in the morning and another one is in the evening. That made me unable to have time for my lunch and breakfast as well. :( Right after the lab, i went straight to my booth to help my friends. An hour later which was 10am, i went for tutorials and continued my lecture till 2pm.

The ugly board. We lacked of time to decorate. Or else it would be better than this. :P

The person who created the idea of making choc fondue. :)

The cooked chocolate. :)

Done with the coating. hehe.

The chocolate is hardened. :)

I headed back to the booth and to continue helping my friends. I'm not selling this time. I was too hungry now. haha. Was waiting for my self-made choc fondue and that made me feel so great. (it was quite tasty anyway) And i ate them with my favourite banana! Been craving for bananas for the past few weeks. Mum had promised me to get one when i was in Taiping last weekend but she didn't. :( And daddy said he would buy a bunch for me since mum and him will be coming down to KL with bro and sis Jolynn and my dearest baby girl as well. :D

This banana is mine! :P

Busy coating the choc on my banana

Posing with my banana. (fat face)

You know what? Speaking of that makes me enraptured. Sis would be coming to KL to study too. :D (of course it's not in my place). That can make us spend more time together since we hadn't spend so much time together.

Sorry! I'm out of topic here. hehe. Back to my university's fes-tival. Teehee.

While i was eating, there was a photographer taking my photos eating choc fondue. I guess you guys should know that eating choc fondue would reveal your ugly look especially with the chocolate smudging all over your face! :P Hopefully i managed to escape from the shots which he had taken. Or else he would post it somewhere and made me embarrassed! hmmm.

Managed to escape from the shot. :P

The photographer with my vice chairman n treasurer

My dear Jie Hoai with her ice-blended.

Jing Yin and i.

another one. Fat (me) versus the thin one (Jingyin).

Group pic.

An hour later we continued our lab session again. It's different lab this time. We were able to carry out our experiment and finished it in an hour's time. Woohoo! Right after, we continued helping to clean the booth and here comes the HEAVY RAIN! :(

Banana look. haha

My 'banana' gang. :b

Busy counting the coupons.

My new shoes were totally wet. :( My pants was wet too and the worst part was my friend's umbrella flipped upwards when both of us were using it. That made us yell and screamed like mad cows! Lolx. And everyone was looking at us. *faces turned red* It was quite fun though it rained. :) Another fun and exciting experience for me again! :P

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LAck of Ideas.

Lacking of ideas on what to blog.

Will think about it.
Update them real soon!

Wait for my good news.

Thanks for the confession you made.
I'm happy to know about it.
You are the best. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Special Gratitude. :)

Special gratitude to you.
Thanks for the chocolate cake today.
It's nice and delicious.
Wish i could have another chance to have them again. hehe.
Thanks a lot.
Muackss. :))))

My 300th post in blogspot finally. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009











You make my day worthwhile.
Thanks. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Exploration in Day 2.

Day 1 was over.Day 2's turn was here. She wanted to go to Midvalley so much. So both of us went to Midvalley instead. Sorry ya. Kampung girls like us love shopping in Midvalley. :P

Seriously i'm bored of Midvalley. Nothing much to do. Both of us had our lunch at Nando's and did some window shopping. We went back home rather early cause we were too tired.

No more elaborations from me. I'll just let my pictures do all the talking. "Pictures speak a thousand words." lolx.





Posing with the Nando's sauce. :P

It's me. :)

What were you thinking?

Mine. I'm a potato lover. Couldn't help it. hehe

Sister's. =)

with my food.

my serious pose.

Save the environment.=)

*tongue's out*

isn't she cute? heehee.

Gosh! I love the water fountain. :)

in the Gardens Club

Posing with her favourite bread in Bread Talk.

Back home later on.
Reuniting with my family.
Miss my sister so much.
Teehee. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tiring Day.

My tiring day started with Fluid Mechanics tutorial. There were only four girls including me in the class. Zzz. Later on, i headed to SE block to have my Numerical tutorial. The tutor sucks. She talks even softer than me. How could UTAR hire a tutor like this? And i started to feel Miss Yap (not me obviously) is better than her a lot.

After tutorial, i walked to cafeteria to have my lunch. Initially i didnt plan to eat cause i wasn't hungry. In addition, i would be back late from university and wont be able to do some workout in gym. In the end, i had it. Attended an hour of Unit Operation lecture and that's the end of the day? Hell no. I needed to stay back in university to do something. And finally i got to go back at 5pm. While waiting, we camwhored. lolx. Normal lah. hehe. :P

Rushed for LRT to buy bus ticket to go back hometown. It wasn't me. My friend whom was the one buying the ticket. I just accompanied her. Had our dinner at Petaling Street and the food sucks. Pretty tough luck today. Suppose to have the famous fried hokkien mee but it was closed today! ZZzzz.

Just reached home an hour ago. Feeling tired today. But wasn't sleepy. I couldn't be sleeping because i need to brush up my work and did some revisions. Will be sleeping late tonight again. :( Chaoz. Tata. Haih.


My dinner for yesterday. :)

Feeling worried.
Not knowing what to do.
Am i making a mistake?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scream! Ahhhhh!

My favourite song meantime. =)

by Zac Efron (High School Musical 3)

The day a door is closed
The echoes fill your soul
They won't say which way to go
Just trust your heart

To find you're here for
Open another door
But i'm not sure anymore
It's just so hard

Voices in my head
Tell me they know best
Got me on the edge
they're pushin', pushin',
they're pushin'
I know they've got a plan
But the balls in my hands
This time its man-to-man,
I'm driving, fighting inside

A world that's upside down
Spinning faster
What do I do now? Without you

I don't know, where to go, what's the right team?
I want my own thing. So bad I'm gonna Scream!
I can't choose, so confused! What's it all mean?
I want my own dream. So bad I'm gonna Scream!

I'm kickin' down the walls
I gotta make 'em fall
Just break through them all
I'm punchin', crashin', I'm gonna
Fight to find myself
Me and no one else
Which way? I can't tell,
I'm searchin', searchin', can't find the
Road that I should take
I should! turn right or left is
It's like nothing works without you

I don't know, where to go, what's the right team?
I want my own thing. So bad I'm gonna Scream!
I can't choose, so confused! What's it all mean?
I want my own dream. So bad I'm gonna Scream!

Yeah, the clock's running down,
hear the crowd gettin' loud!
I'm consumed by the sound!
Is it her? Is it love?
Can the music ever be enough?
Gotta work it out, gotta work it out!
You can do it, you can do it!

I don't know, where to go, what's the right team?
I want my own thing. So bad I'm gonna Scream!
I can't choose, so confused! What's it all mean?
I want my own dream. So bad I'm gonna Scream!

I don't know, where to go, what's the right team?
I want my own thing. I want my own thing!
I can't choose, so confused! What's it all mean?
I want my own dream. So bad I'm gonna Scream!

Ohh! Ahh!!!!

reminiscing the past.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Super LAME!

I'm gonna write a LAME post today!
No pictures for today.

Wait till I finished up all my reports tonight and i will surprise you guys with 'beauuuuuuutyyyyyyyyyyfuuuulllll' photos ok?

Pretty upset and disappointed today.
I know i mean nothing to you.
Alright! Nothing totally!
Right, forget about it!

That's it.

The End.

I am a 'fan' who helps to provide 'wind' to you.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Continued from the previous three posts (short and precise this time)

As soon as we reached KLCC, both of us hurriedly rushed to A&W. Sorry ya, too hungry already!

We quenched our thirst with root beers. The weather was too hot at that time and we had become hydrated in addition we ran out of water.


Here comes the snapshots of us in A&W. :)

Sis sipped my root beer. haha

Busy drinking. lolx *thirsty*

Rootbeers. :)

We had this while waiting for our hotdogs. :)

And speaking about this, sister and i were approached by a UCSI student who asked us to give some donation regarding the spastic children. And i donated. That particular guy wanted my sister to donate as well and i told him that we are siblings. So, we could escape ourselves from donating twice! Teehee. =)

Finally after filling up our lil tummies, both of us walked around. Wanted to watch movie but we were afraid it might too late for us to go back home later on. The plan was cancelled. *sobs* We spotted Lego having some events in KLCC. Cool models were made up from Lego. I was totally amazed.

Without wasting time, I took a few shots of the models. But I only managed to take a few of the models due to 'traffic congestion' in the mall. hehe.

Here are the photos : ----->

No joke k? It was built by using Lego. Amazing right?


No idea what was it. Sorry. hehe

Taj Mahal. :)

We walked around and spotted gigantic Blackberry Storm smartphone. Cool! Here's the picture of me with the phone. =)


P/s: No more pictures from me already guys! Sorry!
Too tired to take anymore.

We didn't buy anything cause both of us were running out of CASH! *sad* Too tired to continue walking anymore. Therefore, we went back home. And that's the end of sister's 1st day of self-exploration in KL. =)

More to come on the next day. =)

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The 12th case confirmed in Malaysia already. Haih.


iPhone 3G[s]- The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet

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Revolutionary Phone

With the Multi-Touch interface on iPhone, you can make a call simply by tapping a name or number in your contacts or favorites list, your call log, or just about anywhere. Visual Voicemail lets you select and listen to messages in whatever order you want — just like email.

Widescreen iPod

iPhone shows off your content — music, movies, TV shows, and more — on a beautiful 3.5-inch display. Add to your collection by downloading music and video wirelessly from the iTunes Store. Scroll through songs and playlists with the touch of a finger. Even browse your album artwork using Cover Flow.

Breakthrough Internet Device

iPhone uses fast 3G and Wi-Fi wireless connections to deliver rich HTML email, Maps with GPS, and Safari — the most advanced web browser on a mobile device. It has Google and Yahoo! search built in. And since iPhone multitasks, you can make a phone call while emailing a photo or surfing the web over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

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Now you can shoot video, edit it, and share it — all on your iPhone 3G S. Shoot high-quality VGA video in portrait or landscape. Trim your footage by adjusting start and end points. Then share your video in an email, post it to your MobileMe gallery, publish it on YouTube, or sync it back to your Mac or PC using iTunes.

3-Megapixel Camera

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Voice Control

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The best part of this phone is the

Nike+ iPod

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For those who can't live without Youtube, this is the best. =) You can watch YouTube videos wherever you are. Log in to your YouTube account to save and sync bookmarks and rate your favorites.

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Why are you waiting for? Quickly get it from the Apple Store. =)

For more info, check this out!

    Friday, June 12, 2009

    It's Friday!

    Yup. It's Friday today. And guess what? That's the end of my second week in my new semester. How time flies! A lot of things to be done and still I feel I'm doing nothing. Worrying about a lot of stuffs. Thinking where to start from it. I'm pretty stressful a few hours ago and now I felt better. Hopefully I can pull it through. =)

    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    Subang Jaya. =)

    Time to wake up! It's time to get ready to explore the whole of Subang. hehe. Both sister and i were feeling excited to explore Subang in addition looking rooms for her future lodging when she is coming down to further her studies. =)

    Poser. :P

    a shot before we went out. =)

    We woke up rather early and prepared ourselves to start our journey to Subang. We took LRT to KL Sentral and took the KTM commuter. Damn commuter! It stopped all of a sudden making us wasted our time on the commuter for nothing. Furthermore we felt very hungry. Sob sob. It took us almost an hour to reach Subang KTM station.

    I thought I could actually stop walking soon we reached Subang. And feeling despair, we needed to walk for at least 30minutes before we could reach the place we wanted to be. Rested awhile and took a few shots. lolx.

    Adui. I haven't prepare ler. isk

    Visitor only. I'm the one. hehe.

    I think my intention to find her during weekends when she is in KL is cancelled. Way too far that both of us couldn’t imagine at all. =( I guessed with the help of my car, I could still change it. Hehe.

    Beautiful Inti College. *jealous*

    Taylor's.. *drool*

    The main door of Taylor's

    I love the study environment in Subang seriously. How i wished i get to study with her here. hmm. And thanks to my sister’s friend who helped us out. We were very grateful to him. Thanks a million! =) Lazy to describe anymore. Therefore, long story short. TaaDaa!!!! PICTURES!!! =D

    Camwhoring. :P

    Took in My Place Apartment

    Look here not there. :b

    *smiling broadly* lol

    Tired of walking. Therefore, we rested at sis’s friend’s house. We almost gave up and her friend happened to see the notice. And finally we got it! But sis said she was still in consideration. Hmmph. Or else, cousin’s house will be our next solution. :P

    We took bus to Sunway Pyramid after that since both of us hadn’t been going there for ages. We walked around and bought a protector for her Laprados. (Sis still think of her Laprados even though she was away from him. So touched!) Oh my, I spotted Daniel in the mall. Such a small small world! =) Sorry kor, didn’t ask you out. We planned that in a sudden. Chit-chatted with him for awhile before we went our separate ways. And my biggest mistake of the day was i totally had forgotten to take a picture with Daniel. Sigh!

    Orange atrium

    I love the piano. =)

    Auntie posing with her big 'handbag'. haha

    Sis dislike this picture.

    The skating rink.

    Less than an hour later, we planned to go back. The feeling being in the stranger’s place was too strong in my heart. I felt alienated in the mall in addition we were too tired to walk. Then, both of us came to a conclusion to head back to Wangsa Maju for our so-called lunch (it was almost 4.30pm and we hadn’t had anything for lunch or breakfast)

    Cleopatra? hehe

    Closer look of the statue.

    Hmm. We walked back to the place we waited for our bus. And damn the bus driver! I was freaking agitated when it comes to this moment. I wouldn’t want to say it here. I’m afraid it will spoil my blogging mood. Grrr.

    Feeling frustrated over the bus driver, we decided to take a cab to Kelana Jaya LRT station. P/s: I wouldn’t die without your irrational actions, IDIOTIC bus driver!!!!!

    Finally, we were in the LRT feeling exhausted and restless. Sis offered to go to KLCC to have her A&W meal and I nodded.

    A cute shot of her in LRT. =P

    To be continued……

    P/s: Happy birthday my beloved meow. =)