Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture of the Day

Haha. My sis asked me to pose this. Zzzzz...I was imitating her friend actually. lol.

In pyjamas. :b

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


What is dynamics all about? i wonder. haih. Damn. I will kill 'you' pretty soon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

End of Year1 Semester2

Regarding of the title above means that's the end of my freshmen year in UTAR. I was waiting eagerly to go back to hometown for study week. Plus it's been months i didnt go back to Taiping. Supposingly, i could actually go back to Taiping on the 17th of April which was on Friday cause my one-hour lecture was cancelled. But i couldnt make it cause i had class on Saturday. Swt! :( I had my luggage ready and put in my friend's car that morning. Thank god i had Sally, Kah Khey and Jing Yin going Pudu with me. Sally, Kah Khey and i took metro bus from uni to Pudu. And that was my first time taking bus to Pudu. Meanwhile Jing Yin had her tasks done before she came to join us in McD for our lunch. :) We finished our lecture early and hung out in McD for hours while waiting for the time to pass. =)

Here's a few shots i took. ------>

Pudu bus station

My bag. :D

Another shot of Pudu bus station.

That's the place where my bus stopped.

I started my journey at 4pm and reached Taiping about 7something. :) I love Taiping. I miss Taiping food so much. :D The best part was to spend more time with my loved ones. :D I miss my sister so much and of course my parents and my dearest aunt. hehhe... Having my study week in Taiping was the best. I could sleep whenever and wherever i want. From living room to my sister's room and in the kitchen as well. hahhaa... Daddy complained for bringing that Sony bag. :( He insisted me on using the trolley luggage which is freaking BIG! I was only in Taiping for a week. So no point bringing that. Plus i'm going back to KL by bus. So HELL NO WAY!!! :b

My aunt cooked my favourite dishes that day. I finished all of them though they were in big portions. What to do!!!?? I didnt eat that for centuries already. :))))) I'm happy to be back cause: -

1. I can act abnormal with my sister. haha.
2. Had jokes and shared them together.
3. Can exercise. :DDDD
4. Squeeze together with sister in her bed.
5. Have pillow talks every night.
6. Can go for breakfast with my family every morning.
7. Can go to morning market with mum.
8. Can go to mummy's office. I spend most of my time doing revision that week. Haih.
9. Have my favourite Pu-Er every night. =)
and the list goes on and on. Heehe..

P/s: More updates on my study week in Taiping are coming real soon! =D


Another paper had flown! And i did very badly in it. First, each questions that i did were time-consuming. SUCKs la!! How to finish everything on time? Secondly, i spent too much time on a question which only took 5marks? Duhh!!! Why!!! WHY!! I'm so dumb and stupid. Seriously i hate myself now. Four papers to go before m going to play! HAIH. I'll bet this semester's results are very terrible. I was hoping that i could work something on it. =(

Monday, April 27, 2009

Well Prepared.

It seemed so perfect to me. Having all my notes and tutorials ready and prepared to fight in the war. But it turned out to be a real disaster to me. I never encounter such thing in my life before. Just feeling so stupid about it. How could i do such thing in my life!!!???? And there will no more second chance for me to do so. I hate to say that i regretted for preparing so well. God is being unfair to me! *cry* My first day of finals had given me bad impression for this semester's results. =(

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I hate to say this but i'm back in KL now!!! I left Taiping this morning with a heavy heart. Seriously, I'm missing my home now.!!! How i wish finals are over and I can spend more time with my family in Taiping. :((((((( I dont want to stay in KL. Hate KL lifestyle so much!! *sad* T.T

Monday, April 20, 2009


That's the place where i am right now. Been in Taiping- my lovely town for the past few days. Spending time with my family is the best. Nothing could describe how i feel. :D

Definitely there is a lot of things for me to talk about. But i'm too lazy to describe further more. Too lazy to upload the photos and share with my readers over there. But i promise that i will update when i have the free time ok? Plus i dont have the mood cause i will be having finals soon.

Speaking about finals make me feel nervous and scared. And this means that's the end of my year 1 in UTAR. How time flies! Let us pray hard together and wish everyone 'All the best in finals!' Good luck guys!! Hope to meet up with you guys during semester break. :D

P/s: I won't be blogging so often till finals over. Sorry! Chaoz. :D

Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Gathering. :))))

I had great time today! My plan was to meet up with Meow in KLCC after my lecture. It was great to see her. We chit chatted a lot as usual. She was so desperate to eat cheese. So she asked me to have lunch with her at Kim Gary. I agreed. Therefore, we walked to Avenue K. But to my surprise, Kim Gary was no longer there ANYMORE!! So sad! :(

Then, I suggested to have sushi-s at Sushi King since Sushi King was having promotion at that time. When we reached there, it was too crowded. Too many people lining up outside the shop. So we changed plan again. hehe.

We walked over to Sakae Sushi and waited for waiter to serve us. All of the sudden, meow told me she doesnt eat sushi. Adui. In the end, we had our lunch in Nando's instead since she had a RM5 voucher with her plus a free soup. :D


Another view

Soup. I got no idea what soup is that. haha

Meow didnt want to look here. :b


Mine. :)

When we paid our bill, the voucher couldnt be used cause we ate not more than RM50. Swt! ZZz. After our lunch, both of us plan to watch a movie entitled 'He´s Just Not That Into You'.Funny movie though. hehe. And that was my first time watching movie with meow. :D We also took a photo of us in front of Quiksilver. :)))))

My dear meow and i. =D

I was craving for McD ice-cream. So both of us walked over to McD to buy. In the end, we ate nothing cause the machine was spoiled! GOd! How unlucky we were! We went to Burger King instead and ordered the caramel-flavoured ice-cream and Hershey's sundae pie.

Caramel-flavoured ice cream with Hershey's Sundae Pie

This is how the Sundae Pie looks like.

Hugo Boss' Perfume.

We hugged each other before we went our separate ways. Freaking happy and had fun with her. Thanks a lot girl. Hope to meet up with you again. Love ya. :))))))) Muaxx. :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Midvalley. =)

P/s: Sorry guys. This post will be freaking long. Teehee. :D Hope you enjoy reading it. =))))

Wow. Speaking of the title above make me feel so excited. I hadnt been there for months. Definitely i would love to go to with a friend of mine. :) Initially she called a friend of hers to accompany her. But he or she couldnt make it i guessed. So she asked me instead! hahaa. P/s: Just wanna disturb you only. No hard feelings ok? =)

I went there by LRT station. Took a free shuttle bus from Bangsar LRT and headed to MIdvalley. Unfortunately, i was later than her. I thought i could b earlier than her and gave her a surprise. :P Both of us planned to meet up in GSC. In the end, she was in Toy City. You know i know. Haha. Lego girl loves toys! :b

First thing we did was finding a place to eat! I'm hungry already. QUICK!!! We walked all over the place to search for food. And finally we settled down at Manhattan Fish Market. I had a friend of mine having his lunch at Manhattan Fish Market on that day too. Like the saying goes 'great minds think alike!' :b

Manhattan Fish Market

Table top (closer shot)

Cause they are having promotion! She complained that she wanna eat something that could make her full. Plus this place was having promotion - BUY ONE FREE ONE , so we went for it.

Buy one free one. That's the purpose of having lunch here. :b

Table top again

The decorations.

She took this while i was exploring my new baby. :)

The salt and pepper bottles. cute right?

"Hey, you read the menu upside down ler." haha

She wasn't aware when i took this. :b

I'll bet she will make herself full to the maximum. ahhaha. We ordered two sets of Pacific Dory. She changed the chips to rice. HAHA. I'll repeat again. She wanted to eat something that could make her full. :b We ordered a Tropical Breeze drink to share. :) No idea what was that. When the drink came, it tasted like mango. SOUR!

Our tropical breeze.

*Eik, I thought this was supposed to be fruit mocktail?* Aint it suppose to have all kinds of fruits in it? OR selected days only? sob sob.


She was playing with the straws i guessed.

Can you spot the difference of the drink? It changed colour. lol.

Uhh never mind. I'll just make it my first time and no more SECOND time. While waiting for food to arrive, we snapped photos of the shop.

The surroundings. :)

My cutlery. Where is my food??!!~~ *stomach growling*

Next Miss Malaysia?

Finally, the food had arrived. It was in big portion.



I wonder whether the girl sat opposite me (meaning Pei Wen. haha) could finish up the food. :b The fish i ate was ok. But quite oily. I could taste the oil that was used to cook the fish. ZZz. So you know what i did? I'll try to put a lot of mayonnaise and chili sauce on my fish. The chili sauce wasnt taste that good some more. Not the type of sauce i was expecting. *sigh* I was too full. Trying ma best to finish up all the food. And it took me quite long to finish it up. And the poor girl who was sitting at the opposite of me couldnt finish up and finally gave up. SEE!! Greedy girl! :b

I managed to finish it up. Hooray!

We walked around the mall and simply took pictures of the shops. There was an iPhone fair collaborating with Maxis. sob. I want one too. The phone is quite big for a girl's palm. But i freaking love it. =))))) Here's the photos i took during the fair.

Next, we stepped into the Esprit and Puma. Spotted nice caps. *drool*

I love the cap. whee

Camwhoring in the shop. :b

Everywhere we go, the camera was on standby. =b We headed to The Gardens after that. She wanted to go to Lego shop badly. Haha.

Heading to the Gardens. Can you spot me?

On our way to The Gardens, I had this girl promoting Robinsons' membership card. Since it was free of charge, so I made one for myself. And the card was black in colour. Cool! =D We had to collect our card at level2 at Robinsons. So both of us went. Nice customer service centre.

ATM machine.

Robinsons' Service Centre.

My membership card was done! :)

Hey! Stop taking pictures ler.. Zzz.

Tiamo. I love the things that were displayed. :)

Later, we walked around. We merely did window-shopping. J I took a picture with my favourite iPHONE. Whee. :) It's a replica phone anyway. hehe. Then, a salesgirl helped us to take a photo of us with the replica iPhone. Thanks. =)

My iPhone. :b

iPhone poster.

Pei Wen and i with the iPhone. =))

We headed to GSC Signature to check out the movie time. But we couldn’t make it cause we needed to go back about 3something. So again, we took photos around. Camwhoring wherever we go. :b

GSC Signature. :)

Posing with GSC Signature

Ss-ing again. :)

Red Box.

There were a lot of people in Red Box.

Pei Wen and i with the Red Box. :b

This one also wanna take? haha. Sony Centre in The Gardens.

No idea what is the name of the shop. But i love the bicycles displayed there.

I named her - Shanice. =)

Levis Kids. How lucky the kids are nowadays! hmm.

A shop named Choo!! Choo!! Train?

We'll try this one day. :)

Drooling when you see the food displayed on the wall? :b

Ss-ing again. hehe.

Think Toys? Toys that could make you think? *wonder*

We even went to the Action City and spotted cute telephones. They used the aluminium cans, batteries and film rolls to make into telephones. It can function really! That's so cool!

Action City

Welcome To Action City!

Posing with the phones.

*ring ring* "Hello?"

Forced to smile. haha.

We even walked to the Lego shop which is Pei Wen’s favourite shop. Haha. I used to play when I was young. My brother , sis and I used to play together. That would be the sweetest memory of us playing Lego together.

Pei Wen with the Legos. :)

This cowboy is made from Lego sets. Cool!

On the water. :)

Cakes being displayed at Baskin 31 Robins.

As usual, I will step into the Nike shop wherever I go. The Nike Culture in Midvalley has turned into NIKE SPORTWEAR! Woot. Nice signboard though! =P

My 'shop'

Posing with Nike at The Gardens.

Before I went back, I bought cream puffs at Beard Papa's. My sis called suddenly and I told her that I bought cream puffs. It’s her favourite by the way. :b

Introducing Beard Papa's

Chocolate cream puff. :)

A few shots we took before we went back.

Huge whale in Midvalley! :)

Another shot.

There was an exhibition regarding the Whale. hehe.

Waited for bus for more than half an hour and finally reached home about 5.00pm. I enjoyed myself a lot. See you soon. Thanks and muaxx. :D