Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Special Lunch XD

This is going to be a short post.Referring to the title above, I would like to share with you guys what i had for my lunch before i went back to KL during Deepavali week. Was rushing to Ipoh to have the special fish imported from Sabah. I dont really fancy eating the fish but since the fish costs me more than RM2k, so i would just have to eat it. I just dont understand why would men spend so much money on a fish. With RM2k, i can actually just buy diamond necklace for myself or maybe shop for clothings. hmm.

Here's the fish before it was being cooked.

Daddy named it - Wang Bu Liao. hehe

The fish was then steamed and turned out to be like this. hmm.

Look at the scales!

without the scales.

Uncle scraped the scales away. Daddy said that the fish's scales can be eaten. Uncle fried the scales. It's nice though. Daddy gave me a plate of the fish. I was amazed when it was in my mouth. The smooth texture of the fish made me actually enjoyed eating it more. It was sweet too. *drool* I would rate the fish 10 out of 10! Delicious! Yummy! =D Encore for the fish! XD

Big head prawn! =)

There were too many dishes after that but i couldn't finish them and i wasn't in the mood of taking the pictures anymore. Gotta drove back to KL with my girl. Missing my parents badly. We bade farewell here before we left. I stayed overnight at my sister's place before going back to Wangsa. =)

*enjoyed that night*
*in dilemma again*

Janice Yeap

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SMC babes are BACK!

It would be my happiest day ever since I'm back to KL. Meeting up with them is always the hardest thing to do. First they are too busy to go out. And finally four of us get to meet up with each other after so long. I hadn't see Linet for more than a year, Mei Yuin for almost half a year and Shi Hui for a week. lol. =p

This time four of us get to see each other. Sorry kc, wc and dan. It's a girls' outing anyway. haha. I don't think you guys will know how did four of us ended up being so close together. First of all, four of us studied Form Six back in 2006. Secondly, four of us studying in Physics stream. Third, four of us ended up in the same class. Last but not least, only four of us are from Convent. Fate made four of us got close together and be who we are today. Even though we live quite near, we hadn't have the time to meet up with each other. And it would be the best gathering for four of us after so long. I truly appreciate it. Thanks babes. ^^

Meow and i. =)

Hui and Linet

Linet, Shi Hui and i.

I love Linet's face expression. XD

Linet, Shi Hui and Mei Yuin

Four of us squeezed ourselves to fit into the picture. Poor meow. =(

nice one!

I love this. Friends forever. XD

Another face expression of Linet. :p

My big face couldnt fit into the picture. lol

My tiny eyes. :)


Hui =D

Meow =D

Nerd =D

*Hopefully our friendship will last forever =)*
*Gonna miss all of you*


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My 1st Nuffnang Cheque

I would like to thank Nuffnang for the cheque I had received a few weeks ago. My first Nuffnang cheque! Thanks a million, Nuffnang!

My cheque. XD

Nuffnang rawks! =D


Janice Yeap

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mooncake Festival 09

Sorry for the late post. I know it's too late to blog about Mooncake festival. But still i wanna blog about how i celebrated this year's mooncake festival. =) This year’s mooncake festival is totally awesome. I didn’t get to celebrate with my family the previous year. But this year I had the opportunity to celebrate with my loved ones. Too bad my baby girl wasn’t here beside me. =( This year’s celebration was quite rather boring especially the dinner part. First, my sister wasn’t beside me to accompany me to the dinner. Every year daddy would organize a dinner in conjunction with Mooncake Festival. Most of the people attended the dinner were uncles and aunties. So you guys would know the reason why I would feel bored during the dinner. *yawn*

Right after the dinner ended, to my despair, Taiping was drizzling. =( But still I wanted to go and joined my friends in the Lake Garden. I asked my mum to drop me in the Lake before she headed back home. The whole garden was wet and filled with water. I thought with the wet path ways and grass fields, there were no one playing lanterns or lighting the candles. However my judgment was wrong. Despite the rain, there were still number of people in the lake. This kind of weather still never stop the Taiping people to join in the fun. What a beautiful view each time on Mooncake Festival! =D

But definitely I wouldn’t like the place each time Mooncake festival ended. There were candle waxes and piles of rubbish thrown everywhere polluting my favourite Lake Garden. =( It would also be hard for joggers to jog around the pathways provided as the pathways are full with candle waxes and causing the pathways to be very slippery.

Only four of us were there – the usual gang (incomplete gang without Linet, Daniel and Mei Yuin – miss you guys terribly) Most of my friends didn’t come back cause they are too busy preparing for their finals soon. All the best guys!! =D

Here’s the photos we have taken in the Lake Garden. =) Enjoy!

TF stands for my name. =)

my babes. XD

our names. =D


shi hui, my babe.



sh, wc and i

sh and i.

i love this picture sooooo much...

four of us without nerd, yuin and dan =(

wc and i. XD

sh and wc

sh's favourite pose.

my turn to imitate her. lol

i have no idea what pose is that. hmm

serious look of kc and wc

four of us with lanterns. XD

last but not least, my 38 wc and i. =)

*More pictures on Facebook. ^^*

P/s: New determination and aim as usual. teehee


Janice Yeap

First Movie After Finals

This is my first time watching movie. Oopss! Sorry! What I meant was my first time watching movie after finals ended. It was also my first time watching with Shu Yin ever since I had my car in KL.

Both of us had our lunch at Popeyes. The chicken tenders and fish fillets were in big portions. Both of us regretted for not sharing. But the food wasn’t taste that bad. I would strongly recommend to you guys. Try that! It is located in Midvalley at the opposite of the McDonald’s. And it will be opened in Wangsa Walk Mall too. Check that out! =)

Yin's Chicken Tenders

Jan's Fish Fillets

unique Mashed Potato. XD

The cute bottles of sauces.

Later we headed to the cinema. Both of us planned to watch the Singapore movie. And to my surprise it was a lil bit scary even though it was quite funny. I had my scarf covered my eyes most of the time. Lolx. :P

After the movie, both of us loitered around. We had some desserts. Check them out! =)

mine. =D


We even ordered sweet potato fries too. :)

I drove back after that. Had dinner with a friend of mine. =)

*Thanks for the wonderful day, Yin! =D

*Thanks to you too. ^^

P/s: Sorry for such late updates. Have a nice day =)