Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Study Mode In KL. XD

Haha. I know it's a bit too late to write this. But just to share with you guys what did i do during the past whole month in KL. Of course this time, i didnt go back to Taiping for my study week. First, i felt i wont be able to study well cause somehow i needed some guidances and advices from seniors and friends.

It seemed that having my study week in KL could be that fun. Unexpected things tend to happen along my way. But i got to learn a lot of things. Just felt bad towards my parents for not able to spend more time with you since i was too busy preparing for examinations. Sorry mum and dad. Somehow i felt delighted to have my study week in KL. Our relationship had strengthened. We shared problems, studied and played together. Hopefully things will never change somehow. =)

Most of the time i spent my time studying outside rather than at home. From National Library, Island Red Cafe to Old Town and university as well. =) Here's a few shots we took during our study time in National Library. Hehe. Funny pictures out there.

Check it out! --------------->

I am so hardworking. =p


Sien? Aiyo. Sleeping? "Study please!" =p

Sien was busy concentrating while i disturbed her. lol

My serious look with sien's happy look.

The other way round this time. haha

Playing with huei's hp. XD

Slacking awhile before continuing my study. :P

My ss pic. :)

p/s: Off to Subang to see my dear lil baby. Wonder how is she doing? hmmm.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I am back again! This time i am free to blog cause my finals was over!! HOORAY! =D

This time I am not looking forward for my three months break at all. Cause i want to take short semester. Initially my friends and i managed to pick up a few subjects to be studied in short semester and to my despair, the stupid admin of UTAR cancelled the subjects to be taken in short semester. WHAT THE ......????!!!! What's wrong with this! What the hell are you trying to do? I managed to register it. SO WHAT??? This stupid admin cancelled it cause they received too many complaints from students who were unable to register. Damn! This flexible timetable system is totally based on first come first serve basis! IDIOT! grrr...

And right now i gotta crack my brain to decide on whether to take my year 4 subject. Cause i dont want to go back to Taiping and rot. First and foremost, my sister is currently in KL. That means i will be all alone in Taiping with my parents. Secondly, if i am not planning to take short semester, i need to work to cure my boredom. But my parents dont let me work in KL. =( They prefer me to stay in Taiping and do my normal routine - eat, sleep and jog. The only thing i can do now is to pray hard so that i can take short semester. If i am in KL, i can spend more time with my sis. XD

I have a lot of things to be done in this semester. Trying to make this year's semester break a meaningful one cause i will be doing internship next year. =( How time flies.! That's the end of my year 2 semester 1. ARGH!!

Am going back to Taiping in few days time. This time i am looking forward cause i can celebrate Mooncake Festival with my friends and family. =D And I am glad to drive back. Thanks daddy for the permission for letting me to drive back home ALONE! XD The long journey will be awaiting me to explore. *winkz*

Cant wait to go back to Taiping and date with my Lake Garden. XD Here i come! =) My aim for this semester break is rather big. Too many tasks to be accomplished. Seriously i am looking forward. Just hoping that things will go along my way. *love*

My latest picture. I hate my fat face. :(

P/s: More blog posts are coming since i am so free. =p
Pp/s: Together we will work hard to achieve our dreams, girl. :) Missing you. XD
Ppp/s: All the best to my seniors who havent finish their finals. =D

Monday, September 21, 2009

Promise is MEANT to be BROKEN. XD

Sorry that i promised my readers that i will stop blogging till my finals over.
But too bad i cant.
First of all, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all my dear friends.
Sorry that i couldnt come back and have gathering with all of you.
Currently having finals. =(
Hopefully everything will go along my way.
I believe that everything will be fine if i choose to believe in it. XD
And to my dearies, 'all the best for our finals'!!
Believe that we CAN do it okay!!!??
You guys will have my support with you forever and ALWAYS. =)

A photo to brighten up my day. =p

My cute sis and i. XD

By the way, I had my parents came to kl yesterday and bought me alot of FOOD. *winkz*
The sweetest parents i ever have! =D *love*
And sis, finally i got to see you after so long.
Whenever we see each other, the noises will fill the air. *teehee*
Cant both of us keep quiet for a second? =p
Anyway, i wont be meeting you till i'm back in KL again. =(

*more posts are coming after finals over!* =)
*emo-ing for now* *sigh*

Monday, September 7, 2009

She's Officially 20~~

This will be my last post till my finals end. First of all, happy belated birthday to u, my dear huei. Hope u enjoyed every moments on your birthday. Nothing much i could give on your birthday. I'm practically sorry about it. Hope you dont mind. =)

We celebrated her birthday early at Feeling Cafe. And finally you are officially 20! =) Without wasting time, let my pictures do the talking. =D







Birthday girl and i. XD

Sien, birthday girl and i

She acted innocent. =p

Kenneth and huei. =)

I had my first bottle of beer here. The taste of Tuborg is quite bitter. And i managed to finish drinking the whole bottle in addition another half bottle from huei. And to my surprise, my face didnt turn red at all. (feeling proud of it. lol) I even felt energetic after having that one and a half bottle of beer. Hope to try Corona Extra on my special day. teehee. XD

Tuborg =)


My dinner aka supper. =)

When the clock stroke past 12, we gave her a surprise. Her elder sister and younger brother were there. =)

Huei with her birthday cake..

With her elder sister. =)

With her younger brother. :)

Us. =D

Sien with her bottle of beer

Huei's turn. =)

Camwhored with my bottle of beer. Sorry for the sleepy look. =p

Huei and Sien.

three of us. =)

Sista forever. XD

hugging each other. *huggies*

*mi re do* lol. =p

P/s: Sorry for the blur pictures. I was so careless that i forgot to clean the lenses of my Shanice. =(
Pp/s: Bad hair day that night. =/

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bruises. XD

My best gifts for the last weekend. XD

Surprised to see that? haha. No worries. I'm still alive. =p

Friday, September 4, 2009

Midnight in Genting =)

The best weekend i had. I wanted to watch movie before i went back to hometown to celebrate Independence Day but friends were too busy. So my plan was cancelled. :/ I was still awake on that night. And my buddy called me to ask whether i wanted to go to Genting since i hadnt been there for four years. =) Without any hesitation, i hurriedly agreed. It's ok for me if i didnt sleep the whole night since i wouldnt be driving back to Taiping. I would only drive to Subang Jaya to pick up my dear girl and off we go to Petaling Jaya to meet up with my cousin. My friends were worried for me because i needed to drive the following day. Thanks for the concern guys anyway. *LOVE*

I was feeling excited. =p The mixed feelings couldnt make me sleep after all. lolx. I hadnt have the chance to play the indoor and outdoor games but at least i got to take some crazy photos. hehe. =) Let me share my photos with you guys. ENJOY! =)))))))









the bottles are real.

ze kai and i. :)

ze kai & sien

kevin is soooo 'short'

cute sien. :)

kev and i. :)


them. =)

Ze Kai's buddha pose. lol

he just simply climbed up and grabbed the pole. lol

facing their backs promoting the SnowWorld.

i grabbed hold of my hair. XD

cute sien and i. =)

stupid expression of kevin. isk

acting only. :b

my eyes were closed. lol

funny pose out there!

pretending again. hehe

them. :)

sien and i.


with the hoodies on. :)

acting cool and serious with the hoodies on. :P

kevin and kenny

guess who is that? =p

which one is me? hehe

kevin was imitating Bruce Lee's signature pose. :P

cool ze kai. :)

look at how serious is ze kai!! hehe

Ze Kai : Arghhhhh!!! Stop that!

Sien and i again. :)

Ze Kai and Sien

Them again at the elevator.:P

acting as couple. :P

my turn to be the guy. haha

nice! =)


with ze kai.

*kissing* the car. =p

Ze Kai will be executed. haha

Sien's turn to get the punishment. Arghhh! HELP!

Kevin and Sien

Funny expression of Kevin and i. =)

Arghhh! *piak*

Kevin posed with the terrible cool air out there. hmm.

Ze Kai couldnt stand the coldness out there.

Sien and i were freaking cold to the maximum

Sien still posed even though it was freaking cold

We challenged Ze Kai to take out the jacket. LOLX

sis said both of us look alike. =)

Three of them

us. :)

Sien and i again. =)


Sien with the huge tree.

my turn. hehe

Kevin was throwing coin.

My 'kaki lang', kevin. =)

Sweet sien and i.

Ze Kai's serious look. lol

football team. haha


Kevin & i: Look! What's that?
Ze Kai: Huh! *shock*

Acting cool

hugging kevin. hehe

I won the MyVi! wheee

Kevin was imitating the picture of the girl playing bowling.

So real yet so fake. haha

funny pose.

jumping with joy. :)

one more!

unprepared. :P

one more! teeeheee

lining up with legs up. *winkz*


kevin looked girlish with my bag. :P

P/s: This is the maddest thing i ever done for my entire life. Nevertheless it was fun. Thanks for letting me to have such experience. Thanks a lot guys! =)
Pp/s: There are still numbers of pictures i havent upload. To find out more, check it out at my FACEBOOK profile! Thanks. XD