Sunday, May 31, 2009

GoodBye! *wave*

I'm back in KL again. This time I'm not going back to Taiping for long holidays. This is because I will be continuing my studies for YEAR 2. Sounded so old huh? How time flies! I'm moving to Year 2 already.

Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. Seeing my aunts and cousins came down from KL but i couldnt afford to join in the fun was pretty forlorn. All of them came down from KL to attend my cousin's wedding which is TODAY, but i couldnt go. =( It's been ages since I attended my cousin's wedding and now i couldnt attend. How doleful i am!

My dad, mummy and sis sent me to the bus station. I tried to control my tears when i hugged all of them. I didnt want to leave them so fast cause i hadn't spend much time with them yet. But ......... That's what i can do now- reminiscing the past.

The journey back to KL was sucks. The condition of the bus was unsatisfactory. I was feeling dizzy the whole journey. I had fruits with me in my bag but i didnt consume them at all because i worried i might throw out. =(

Anyway, i'm safe to reach my kl home. And moving to single room was the best part. How i wish my sis is here right now. teehee. :D

Sorry for not being able to visit you.
and thanks for the small token you gave.
I love you. =)

Friday, May 29, 2009

WeLcOmE LaPraDos =)

I welcomed you to this world! Thanks to DHL for bringing you to me, to be exact to my sister. hehe. I was having breakfast with my dear friends yesterday morning when i received my sister's call on my way back home. You were on your way to be sent to my house. I aint the owner of you. Just i bought it under my name. And my sister named it - Laprados. Welcome you to our world! Remember to serve my sister well. Do not cause any trouble for her. :b

Here it is ------->

her Laprados. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two-Day Trip (Part 2)

Having myself woke up that early in the morning to go for buffet breakfast with my sister. Got myself ready and waited for mummy to prepare herself for the Graduation Day at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Her big day started at 8am. So she couldnt follow us for breakfast. Daddy didn't go with us cause he would be having breakfast with his friends later on. My sister and i would be having two breakfast in a day! That means we would be going together with dad for breakfast as well. Sigh!

Mummy in her formal look. :)

We had our buffet breakfast at Flavors Restaurant. The ambience isnt that bad. Here the photos i had taken.

Flavors Restaurant

Changing colours of the lights. XD

Can i have one bottle of wine for FREE? :b

There were too many food. Sis and i were drooling. lolx. Most importantly, we had cereals with milk for breakfast-our favourite anyway. heeeheee....Let my pictures do the talking ok? No more elaborations from me. Too lethargic already! :b

My breakfast. :D

Cereals of the day.

fruits and yoghurt. =)

with my fruits and yoghurt. :)

taken from upstairs. =)

In the elevator

My room

While waiting for mummy to finish her big day, we waited in the hotel and checked out the room at 2pm. We started our journey right after we finished our lunch at KFC.

Here's the photos we took while we were in the car. *camwhoring as usual* LOLX.

We stopped by Ipoh again! Had tea with Uncle Michael and dinner as well. We reached home at 11pm. =)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Amazing Race Asia

I just started to watch this programme less than a week ago. And right now I'm in love with it. First of all, thanks to my dearest sister who influenced me to watch it.

Secondly, I'm in love with it because I drooled over Allan Wu, Marc And Rovilson. :P lolx. I cant stand to see Marc's handsome and cute look seriously. Rovilson is way too cute and he's hilarious. Too bad both of them are Filipinos. Or else i would go for them. teeeheeeeeee.

And in this programme, they didnt win but in my heart they are stil the best. Marc and Rovilson, you guys RAWKSSSSS!!! love you!!!!!! :)

What Lies Within.

Nothing can be done. I just did it. So sorry mum and dad! I couldnt make you proud of me. I'm just a failure for meantime. I'm really sorry. Tears kept rolling down when i thought about it for a moment. I couldnt stop myself from thinking about it. But I knew you would say no point crying over split milk! I knew it badly. I wished i could turn back the time. But does that mean I could start all over again to retrieve it back??!!

I wished nothing had happened before. But will I be able to escape from this??!! I guessed I won't. GOD had decided which path is the best for me to move. My heart keeps pounding very hard. Why is it so??!! Can anybody figure it out and tell me why?? Or i had made a big mistake AGAIN???!!!!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully i didnt!

Sorry babe. I knew i put you in dilemma again. :'(

Monday, May 25, 2009

Two-Day Trip (Part 1)

Though the time is short, i enjoyed every moments with my family. :) Mummy woke us up very early to get ourselves ready to go to KL later on.

She was getting ready to go to KL for her graduation day. And she is graduated finally! Congratulations mummy! =) We started our journey in the morning and stopped by at Ipoh to have my usual favorite dim sums. =)

Oh no! I miss the dim sums soooooooo much! We met up with Uncle and Auntie Michael for breakfast as usual. We continued our journey. Meantime, we camwhored in the car. hehee.

lazy smile


lil girl and i.

serious look. lolx

2hours later we reached KL. Daddy drove us to Wangsa Maju to pay a visit at my house in KL. After visiting my house, we headed to Swiss Garden Hotel.

Closer look at the logo

All of us were so dumb that we made a silly mistake. We didnt know how to operate the elevator. This elevator needs a room card to access. Without the card, we couldnt go up to our room using the escalator. My dad taught us how to use it. And it was my first time experiencing this. heeheee.

this is how the escalator look like.

my sis posing with the buttons. :b

As soon as we reached the room, here came our crazy moment- taking photos. heehee. :D


another shot

posing with the TV. =)

jumping with joy. heehee.

another ss shot

Once we reached there, three of us walked to Bukit Bintang to go shopping leaving daddy with his friends. My daddy has a lot of friends all over Malaysia. :) Mummy, sis and i met up with cousins and aunts in Sungei Wang Plaza. Mummy bought a lot of things for us. From chocolates to my sister's favourite gummy bears. :)

my favourite macadamia chocs and sis's gummy bears

I didnt take any photos with my cousins and aunts cause we were too busy chitchatting. heehe. We found a place to chitchat. First, we settled down at KFC, then followed by McD and later on, by the road side. Too many things to chat till all the shops closed. hehe. My aunt sent us back to hotel. :)

Here's the photos of the night view of the hotel. :)

My first day ended with my beauty sleep. =) Gotta wake up early for buffet breakfast the next morning.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm A Standout In Life

I dont really know how standout i am in life. But i will give myself a try whether i'm eligible to win the invitation to this event.

First of all, I don't go jogging when i was young. I only go for brisk walking with parents since I was young. As time flies, i realised i'm putting on weight. I never believe myself putting on weight drastically. =( A good friend of mine kept on telling me that i'm FAT. His words made me who I am today! Thanks Dan! This urged me to start jogging in my hometown. I went jogging almost everyday regardless the condition of the weather . I tried my best to avoid from consuming junk food for almost two months. I even weighed myself everyday to check whether i had reduced my weight. And after 3months, I managed to lose 4kgs! Initially, I wore L size tshirts and I managed to reduce to one size smaller! I'm proud of myself. And right now, i love jogging very much! Nothing is impossible!

Secondly, I don't eat spicy food. I can't eat curry, tomyam, sambal belacan and etc etc. I dont inherit this from my parents because my parents and even my siblings love spicy food. I'm the odd one.

I'm talkative when i was in secondary school. Almost all the teachers complained that i was too noisy. But back in pre-university, I was no longer talkative. I turned myself into a quiet person. Surprising? Things might changed somehow.

I dislike watching movies. I feel it's a waste of time watching movies. That makes my life quite dull and boring! And my first time watching in a cinema was last year where i watched with my coursemates. I found out that watching movies could be that fun and exciting. And seriously I'm not fond of watching horror movies. People who dont know me will not believe that i dont watch horror movies. I cant sleep once i watch horror movies and i will start hallucinating.

I'm a great actress when I was in primary school. I love to act when I was young. And i was a good singer as well. I won first prize in singing competition when i was in Standard 2.

There was once i cycled from my house to my secondary school with my neighbour aka school mate. It was 4km journey long! A great and wonderful experience because my house is situated near the hill. Poor us! We had to cycle back on steep roads.

I love riding motorcycle wherever i go. I ride motorcycle to school everyday. And there was once I was caught in the rain and drenched to the skin once i reached home. My school uniform was terribly wet. It was as if having bath with my uniform on! lolx.

I hate sleeping and waking up late. If you happen to see me sleeping and waking up late, that means I'm busy preparing for exams.

Am Back!

Sorry for not updating my blog.
Was in KL two days ago.
I promised to write a super long post once i'm in the mood okay?
Will upload the pictures soon. :) Chaoz.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol 2009

Congratulations to Kris Allen!!!!
He is the Winner of American Idol 2009!
Good Job! =)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It was cool. I had to meet up with Shi Hui, Way Choon, Kuo Chin, Eng Han, Pui Zheng and Eng Han for movie. =) Six of us watched Angels and Demons. The cinema was freaking cold and i was shivering even though i had my jackets on. The movie was awesome. Talking about the idea of a historical conflict between science and religion, particularly that between the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church.. Too cool! I love this movie so much.

After the movie, we walked around the mall. And here i come. Photos time! heehee.

Without KC (He is the cameraman)


My dearest. =)

Six of us had dinner at Sushi King later on. Poor Way Choon! We teased him all the way. haha. And to be exact, we just love to tease him. hehee... As usual, we chitchatted nonstop. We didnt know that Eng Han's sister is the assistant manager of Sushi King. hmm. Can ask for more discount next time! Lolx.

Sushi King

While chatting, i spotted Nicole outside. I walked out from the restaurant and hugged her. Miss her so much though. We promised each other to have a gathering before I'm going back to KL end of this month. *sad*

Then, we continued chatting and taking photos. hehe. =P

Pz with his set meal.

Pz and Kc

Curry noodle set meal

Crazy Wc

Please ignore Wc! haha

Our golden balls

Shi Hui and i shared this.

Our plates

We went back after our dinner. Thanks for everything! Love you guys. =)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Prize Giving Day

Talking about this make me feel solemn. This will be the last prize giving ceremony i'm attending after this year. This is because no one will be studying in that particular school anymore. And the particular school i'm refering too is

SMK Convent, Taiping. =)
I'm proud to be part of Convent. Thanks for bringing me up with knowledges and making me to learn something which i would never ever get from the outside. I love my friends and teachers in SMC even though I had a lot of sweet and bad memories in it. But this made me grew up day by day.

I attended the ceremony with my mummy. To be exact, I went there to be busybody only in addition accompanying my mummy. I'm not even a mother of somebody but a sister. :b

Oh no! I'm a stranger here. I didnt even know the teachers here. All i know is Mr Tan, my Physics and Add Maths teacher and Puan Soo. The rest i think i didnt know. More and more new teachers in SMC now. That made me an alien over there. I couldn't see Mrs Cecilia at all. Wonder where was she. Miss her though. :D

Spotted Madam Lee (my MUET teacher in HL) and chitchatted with her. It's nice meeting her. She came to represent her daughter to receive the SPM High Achiever Award. =) Spotted May Ling as well. And she will be coming over to KL campus to continue her studies. Hooray! We can go back to Taiping together. :D

So let my pictures do all the talking. ----->

The stage

The principal was giving her speech

Guest of Honour, Alice Teen giving her speech

Choral Speaking team

Indian dancer
Traditional fan dance

Top SPM student. Good job girl! =)

SPM High Achievers. Congratulations!

School Hall
Babe May Ling and i. :D