Friday, January 30, 2009

2nd day of CNY.. :D

It’s the second day of Chinese new year. I woke up rather early today. Supposed to go jogging alone but my plan was cancelled. I had to meet my smc gang in lake garden at 9am. For your information, i didnt dress up cause i rode bike to lake garden. hehe. sorry for my dressing. I went there rather early cause I wanted to meet up with Wei Wen. Miss her. Didnt see her for quite sometimes. We chatted awhile while waiting for my friends to come. Later she went back and here were my friends. Anita came first. Later on, meow came and I hugged her. Miss her so much. Spotted Su Yee. Oh no! Su Yee is so fair. She looked like a Korean. Haha. Didnt see her for almost 2years. Then, Lay Ann, and Joann came.

Nicole couldn’t come early cause she woke up late. Lolx. I miss her a lot though we just met each other last month. Hmm. Annie came later on. We took a lot of pictures as well. You know we left SMC for almost 4years. So we will take such opportunity to take a lot of pictures. Seriously, I did miss all of them. Especially the time where all of us hung out together right after class and during recess. No matter where you guys are, the friendship bond will always remain in my heart. This is a PROMISE! For those who went to oversea to further their studies, always remember Convent girls ok? :) Remember Convent’s spirit! I really love you guys a lot. Thanks for the time girls. =)

I went back rather early. So sorry guys. Couldn’t join all of you for brunch. I had to visit my relative’s house. Oh ya, my plan to meet up with linet was cancelled too due to heavy rain. Haih. Miss linet a lot. Never mind. I still can meet her in kl if I’m free. I was glad to see my nephews and nieces. They were so lovely. :)

Below was the photo of me and Desmond. :D

Again I took a lot of pictures. Haha. My favourite pastime. I love my cute niece. I just love her BIG eyes. Hehe.

Let me introduce to you ---->my niece. Below were the pictures of her. hehe.

I took a nap in my aunt’s house. Hehe. I was so bored that I took a nap together with my sis and my niece. About 7pm, I woke up and had my dinner- LAKSA. Then, we went to my aunt’s house to pick my aunt there. Oh no, I saw my cousins. I would say I miss them. I used to play and stay with them when I was young. They are just like my siblings. No matter how old are we, we are still that close. =)

Finally I went back to my beloved home. =) I love my home. I felt cold and it’s rather cooling. I had a great time. Hopefully, my CNY break in Taiping will be used up to the fullest. Hehe. :D

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chinese New Year. =)


I was glad that it was Chinese new year. :D I woke up early and had ‘mee suah’. Again my daddy cooked them. :) After breakfast, my sis and I got ourselves ready. Lolx. Sis was wearing purple stripes tee while I wore red. Haha. She wore everything in purple except for the pants. Thank god. Blek. We took a few photographs as usual. HAHA

We went to visit all the aunts after that. Took a lot of pictures as usual. Haha. Oh no, i took a nap in my aunt’s house.! Hahaha. I was lying on the floor and dozed off. Heehee. Actually we were supposed to watch a tvb drama series with cousins but I just fell asleep. :P And I skipped my lunch.


p/s: I only upload two pictures. Sorry guys.

We went back home and had dinner. Initially I didn’t want to eat dinner. But since mummy was grumbling and worried that I might had gastric, so I just ate it.

Went to bed after that. Pretty tired though. Looking forward to meet my nieces and nephews the next day.

Chinese New Year eve. =D

25th January 2009

Hooray! It was Chinese New Year eve. I was so glad. Was supposed to do the last cleaning before preparing for Chinese new year. My dad woke up early and cooked curry bihun for all of us. Hmm. delicious! And fyi I couldnt eat spicy food. So I just tasted a lil bit. But it was nice. :D Then, here was the chores of the day- BAKING cakes. I helped my aunt to bake layered cakes. Baking cakes were fun. Hehee. And again I took a lot of pics of them. Lolx.

I took a nap after that. Tired! Later sis woke up saying that she wanna go to tesco. Alright! We went. Bro fetched us there. He was meeting his friend in town, so he dropped us by. Oh god, there was traffic congestion. Haih. Bro just dropped us by the road side and went off. Sis wanted to get something for her friends. So we went searching to look for the best gifts. In tesco, I met Rachel and Mei Ching. Long time no see girls. :D

We took a picture of us. hehe. :D

We went back home after that. Dad prepared for the reunion dinner. Lolx. My dad is good at cooking. :D We had our dinner and I helped mum to do the household chores later on.

At night, my friend visited me. We chatted awhile. He had to go back cause he had to go for a drink with friends. Then, I continued watching tv. I couldn’t sleep till 1smth in the morning though I was so tired. :(

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a day before new year eve. :)

24th January 2009

I woke up early in the morning. Got myself ready to go to Sungai Bakap And picked my baby up from the Ns Camp. Woohoo!! I’m excited to see her. :D We started our journey at 10 something cause we are not allowed to fetch her back till 2.30pm. but she told us that we can visit her at 12pm.
And to my surprise, my daddy drove rather slow and steady. Maybe it was because he wanted to reach there by 12pm. It was my first time sitting on daddy’s car with slow and steady speed. Before we reached my baby’s camp, we went for breakfast at Jawi. Eating ‘chai kueys’. Delicious I would say. It was daddy’s favourite place. I guessed he introduced good and delicious delicacies to all his friends as well as making that place become famous. LOLX.

I'm lazy to write captions on my pictures. So, let my pictures do the talking. :P

And we continued our journey and reached at her camp about 11.35am. There was an event-regarding kayaking. Then, we walked further down to look for my sister. We were not supposed to see her till the event was over. After the event, we went to the registration counter and called her name. Finally she walked towards us. I hugged her. Hehe. Oh no, she is getting taller and skinnier. Sob. How I wished I could grow tall some more. Haih. But never mind. As long as I’m taller than her. *evil grins*

My mummy wanted to see the commandant to extend my sis’s holiday. At first our intention was just to extend the holiday but the management gave us the permission to go back on the spot. I was delighted. HEhe. :D She hurriedly went back to her dorm and collected her stuffs and got ready to go back. HEEhee.

My dad was waiting in the car while we waited for her to collect her hp back from the trainer. Then, here we were. GOING BACK TO TAIPING!!! WHEE. We reached home finally. Then I helped my mummy with cookies. My sis helped us as well. :D Not bad actually. Haha. Praising myself . :P

My cookies. :D

My cookies were done. Heehee. =)

After baking, I helped mum to continue our cleaning. This time I asked bro to help as well. He was lazy. *tongue’s out* I asked him to contribute as well. Haha. In the evening, I fetched my sis out by bike. Not to say go out actually. Just riding around my housing area. All of a sudden, the rain came. Sob. We couldn’t ride for another round again. Never mind. Some other time then.

Later at night, mummy and daddy went for new year dinner. Meanwhile I fetched my sis and aunt out to collect things from my aunt. We went back after a moment. My sis and I squeezed ourselves on my bed cause we wanted to sleep together. Hehe. Both of us planned to sleep early. But eventually we talked nonstop till 12am. Haha. Finally we dozed off. :P


Sunday, January 25, 2009

My home.. :D

Sorry guys. Was too busy to keep myself blogging on time. Here was the post of two days ago.

I started my day by going to morning market with mummy and daddy. Initially, bro had promised to tag along. But he couldn’t wake up cause it was just 6.30am. haha. I woke up rather early cause I’m feeling excited. I had no idea why was I feeling excited at that time. :P Perhaps new year is coming soon. Whee. The morning market was so crowded though it was rather early. Everyone was busy shopping for groceries for Chinese New Year. Hmm. Later, daddy took us for breakfast at Green House area. After breakfast, we went back home. I helped my mummy to continue her cleaning. While we were busy cleaning, I turned on the hi-fi set and played some music. It was kinda relaxing when we did cleaning while listening to music. :P
After the whole day of housework, my brother sent me to post office to collect my registered letter. When I found out what was the content of the letter, I was delighted and happy. Hopefully right after Chinese new year I will be able to get it. *pray*
Brother later sent me to maxis centre to consult them regarding my hand phone number. Thank god it was ok.  I’m glad. My mummy wanted to get some ingredients for daddy to cook. We went to tesco instead. Crazy brother was hungry. Haha. We were going to have a new year dinner at night. So we stopped him from eating. We went back home and prepared for attending dinner. =)
I was too full cause all the food was in big portions. Haih. But the food was really delicious. Yummy. =) Then, we ended the dinner with firecrackers. It was beautiful. We went back home later on. Had a great day . Enjoyed with my family a lot. How I wished my sister was there too. Sob sob. Hmm..i miss her so much. =D

Here there are : PICTURES! Heehee.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My First Time. :D

Date: 21st Jan. :)

Yea yea. It was my first time. Yup. My first time to go for karaoke session. It was great. Just i cant sing some of mandarin songs cause i don't know how to read mandarin. hee hee. They didnt provide the pin yin version for me. So i couldnt really sing. HAIH. But thank god i can speak well. HAHA. As if i can. I felt shy cause i cant sing well like my coursemates did. How lousy i am. I used to sing karaoke at home when i was small. But due to certain circumstances, i stopped practising already. LOL. When my coursemates asked me to sing using the microphone, i was shy actually. I dare not sing in front of many people. And i sang alone too. *face turned red* Furthermore some of the songs i chose weren't the type they wanted. I hope i didnt make you guys felt bored. So sorry guys. But thanks for spending your time with me. Sorry ya. I'm orignally from 'kampung'. It isn't weird if i told you that i never been for karaoke session before. :D We went to Sungei Wang right after our lectures. But due to certain reasons, both lectures were cancelled. Haih. Wasted 2hours in the university doing nothing. HAIH.

And for your information, I ate a lot. Everything they had on the table i just grabbed them. Ate nonstop till i felt satisfied with it. lolx. The food weren't that bad as what my course mate had mentioned before. I had gained a few kgs in my stomach again. sob sob. During the karaoke session, we played a lot. There were some funny moments too. Oh ya, i begged the waiter to give me extra angpow packets. HAHA. How greedy am i! Initially he didnt want to give me extra until i made sad faces in front of him. lolx. thanks for the good service anyway. :D By the way, he looked cute. HEEheee. As usual i camwhored. (my favourite pastime) :P Took a lot of pictures with my coursemates. =) Had a great time with all of you before i'm going back to taiping to celebrate my Chinese New Year with my family. whee. Looking forward to meet my baby especially. :D And too my lil bro, don't miss me too much. And please stop flirting around! Or else i will chop you into pieces. haha.

p/s: i had accomplished a mission. whee. :D