Thursday, November 27, 2008

worst days of my life...

i cant believe right after my first job, i fell sick. the worst sick of the year. i was having high fever. bad cough, sore throat and flu as well. oh well, i was waiting for my sis to finish her exam to fetch me to see doctor. it was my second time she fetched me.. ehehe...she felt nervous when fetching me..ahaha.. all i can do was just sleep and rest well. :( i couldnt jog as well. the funniest thing was i was craving to eat 'pau'. aha. but too bad, my mum didnt buy for me right after work. i made faces in front of my dad and mum. aha. sorry dad and mum for my stupid attitude. forgive me please cause i was sick at that time. hehe :) later about 11pm, my dad wanted to go out and bought some 'pau-s' back. my mum stopped him from doing so cause my mum said i just craved for pau at that moment. after awhile i didnt want to eat anymore. after that, i had my medicine and dozed off very quickly. the next morning, my dad woke me up and asked me to eat 'pau'. i was deeply touched. my dad went to get 'pau-s' the next morning just because of my childish attitude. hmm..thanks alot daddy. when things didnt happen, you wouldnt know how much your family love you. so please before you could do something silly, think of them first. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

back with old lifestyle...lolx

i am back. back to my old lifestyle after i had finished my first project yesterday. the job was rather boring. oh no!! i am not supposed to say like that. yesterday my mood wasnt that good. lazy consulting my consumers all the way.i was just hoping to go back and had a GOOD rest. i miss my sis tho it was only two days of working. and i guessed this will be my first and last project after this. :) i wished right now i can spend more time with my family cause i only have a month left from now in taiping. i will just have to wait next year for my semester break again. oh ya, yesterday i met my dearest sulin, sweeling, anita, and also nicole's parents. owhhhhh....i miss nicole alot. miss my smc friends soooooooo much!! when will we have the time to gather around and chitchatting? hopefully we do have the chance... :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

peaceful days...=(

my parents werent at home for the past three days. my house was totally quiet especially without my mummy's jokes around. i miss the sounds everytime my mummy came back from work. my dad's voice calling our names each time he comes back home. and the sound of footsteps walking into my sister's room. hmm.. everyone will be happy if parents werent around at home. he or she will take this opportunity to loiter around till midnight without having mummy's nag all night..he or she will drive daddy's car around fetching friends here and there? or hang out at somewhere else? or perhaps having friends to stay over at his/her house and mess up the whole place? haha.. but to me, i wasnt happy and excited at all sis and i were just having the advantage of sleeping in the master room. lolx. And also the chance of watching tv in master room without having my feet walking down to the living room. ahaha...even though mum and dad werent here for few days, it seems like they were not here for a week! thank god my mum n dad will give us a call every night telling us what they did over there. lolx. and today is my daddy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! =) thanks for all the love and care you gave to us.. love ya..muackss... <3

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

deeply depressed...

i was upset when i didnt see my name were in the list. god..i worked all day hoping that i will get it..but ? haih....the world is being unfair to me....i told myself not to be hardworking anymore...ahahaa...

Monday, November 17, 2008


finally i had experienced working inside the tesco hypermarket. oh my.the rules are rather need to wear black shoes with black socks with white blouse or t-shirt in order to go to the staff entrance. i couldnt get a black shoes at i got my mum's to wear it. it fits perfectly. but too bad my toes were hurt. cause that shoes cant take me to stand for 10hours.ahaha. i had to bear with it for a day. then, i went to get a pair of black shoes as soon as i back from work on my first day. :) i had my mum's blazer too. lolx. everything i wore belongs to my mum..i was happy cause i get to work in group. then it wouldnt be that boring. but the idea of standing for 10 hours excluded 2 hours break wasnt good. it really made you feel tired. and i have to stand for four days before another weekend. it is f***king tired. but i get to know alot of things.the best to work there was RECESS. ehe. i got to visit shihui, kak amy, c2o and zian. however through this job i had gained alot of experience. thanks for giving such opportunity to me to work. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my first task. hmm...

I didnt want to work!! All of a sudden, im feeling nervous and worried. gosh. How to overcome these feelings? help!! help! The job im going to work isnt easy. It requires great communication skill and the ability of attracting the consumers to listen to me. I have to stand for 12 hrs without sitting to draw the consumers' attention. My task is to consult every consumers about Tesco GDA labeling.

The project im doing is about introducing a food labelling system called GDA. In Malaysia,Tesco is initiating first to launch this GDA labelling reading . It is recognised all over the world and widely used in UK. Eventually this GDA helps us to understand and keep track of what we eat daily in order to have a healthy balanced diet. GDA also tells us the amount of food we consume per day. It is also an indicator to what quality food we require for our body. GDA is originally from Grocery Distribution in UK. They are the founders and they have been practising this GDA label reading for 10 years now. There is no age limit for consumers to follow GDA. It depends on how active you are, your height, weight age gender and etc that determines your GDA. Therefore, everyone's GDA is not the same.

Right now, im going to tell u what is GDA actually about. GDA stands for Guideline Daily Amounts. It is a guide to the amounts of calories, sugar, fats, saturated fats and salt that we should not try to exceed everyday in order to have a healthy balanced diet. The aim of this GDA is to provide a guide for consumers to assist them in making appropriate dietary choices. For those consumers who are concerned on their diet, why not try to use GDA today? it really helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

mars of the day

lolx. i enjoyed eating mars - one of my favourite chocolate bar. :D i enjoyed the process of biting, and chewing the chocolate bar slowly.. :) oh god my cute sis shared with me...she had a funny way of eating the chocolate bar.. ahha..i wouldnt want to mention it here cause it is a secret between both of us.. :D

before eating it.

while eating.

after eating. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

my 20th birthday

hmmph...i had turned 20 two days ago. how time flies! my bday was just a normal day. nothing much happen. as usual, i went jogging. while i was jogging i was having a severe heart pain. i rested for awhile. oh my, what is going on? did that prove that im having heart attack? lol. then, i rested at home. sis initially planned to buy me a birthday cake. but i told her she didnt have to cause i knew she was busy preparing for her SPM. i didnt have big birthday cake on my 20th bday. but i had two tiny little ones as replacement. ehe. :D i had birthday card from shu yin. thanks. :) u really surprised me with that cute birthday card. thanks alot. i was deeply touched! =) i got a birthday gift frm a good friend of mine too. thanks alot. i love it. :D aha. my cute little sis said she owed me a birthday gift since she hadnt have the time to get one. never mind. im happy anyway cause she gave me the warmest hug and a kiss. :D i also received alot of sms-es and calls from friends. thanks alot. i was sorry for those who i cant recognise your number cause my hp was snatched before. hope u guys forgave me okie? my bro called me and wished me too.. thanks bro. my mummy was in kl at that time. so mummy said she will buy me a cake later. and today i got it!! ehe. sis, mum n i celebrated in mummy's office. ehe. i was happy though it was only three of us. =D there goes our crazy acts of the day. busy taking pictures. aha. my sis forgot to bring her camera along. so i had to use my mum's camera n mine as well. ehe. thanks alot. i was really happy though it was just a simple celebration. thanks mum n sis. and i would like to thank my friends for spending their little time to sms and gave me a call.. i appreciate it alot. i wish u guys all the best.. :D lurve u guys alot..muaxxx...
my messy sis and i. lolx.
posing with my birthday cake. ehe
she was trying to lick my cake. aha..
p/s: too many photos that were taken. but i only wanted to post these three pics.. ehehe..

Friday, November 7, 2008

miserable and deeply hurt

i was deeply hurt when you said like that to me...haih.. no words can ever describe my feelings. sad..:( worst day i ever had... whatever u had said. i wont let it bothered me anymore.. no more!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i was feeling nervous yesterday. i was supposed to go for training in ipoh. oh god.scary..ehe..i drove to ipoh with my daddy beside me.. ehehe...i dint noticed i was speeding rather fast on the highway.i reached ipoh about 12pm. went to the training venue. to my surprise, my training started at 6pm. then, i waited for 6hrs. while waiting, i was reading the training guides and memorised some of the script. it wasn't bored at all. to my surprise, i wasnt yawning. i didnt fall asleep at all. whee. my fs sent me home about 7.30pm. and i managed to reach home safely. :) hope i will do well in this coming project. do support me!! thanks guys.. :D

my sis took a pic of me before i went to ipoh..ehehe

Sunday, November 2, 2008

2nd nov. =)

i love today tho it was quite bored during the afternoon. as usual, i will accompany my mum to office. ehe..nothing much to do there. sleep, eat, listen to music and REST (of course). about 3pm, my mum fetched me to pick my sis up from her tuition class. then, we went to tesco and taiping sentral.oh no!! the wedding fair was awesome. mum's friend did a fair there. the decorations were beautiful. =) i had my so-called lunch in kenny roger's because mum planned to celebrate my birthday early since she is leaving to kl on my birthday due to her work. nevermind. celebrate earlier better than nothing right?im really happy... hmm...we ordered for two person cause mummy afraid she couldnt finish it up later on. so, three of us shared two sets of meals. ooo...the food were delicious and tasty.. while i was busy eating my chicken, suddenly a fly went into my drink.sob.i had to ask the waiter to change it. lolx. hm.. later on, my mum paid the bill.. the waiter gave us a toothpaste as a free gift. oh god? free gift? for what? a toothpaste as a free gift to remind us to brush our teeth after having their food? lolx. i couldnt stop laughing with my sis. we even took pics posing with the toothpaste. will upload the pics soon. ehe. then, we went and visit other shops. mum wanted to buy the vincci heels but it wasnt comfortable. so my mummy decided not to get them. my mum went to another shoes' shop while i went to look for shi hui. i was chatting with her for awhile. :) then i headed to another shoes' shop to look for my ex-colleague. she was busy, so i couldnt talk much to her. later mum, sis and i walked to look for my colleague and friend. mum and i chatted with my ex-colleague. we were making jokes all the way and talking nonsense. aha. miss it. =D then, we went over to tesco to buy our daily things. after that, we went back. i enjoyed it alot. thanks mum and sis. :)

the day that i enjoyed the most.. :D

Saturday, November 1, 2008

1st nov

oh god..i woke up early today cause i cant sleep last night. my stomach was aching. i went walking instead of jogging. cos my legs were still numb. :( hmm..i gonna miss my friend so much. he is a funny guy.. had fun talking to him. here comes my favourite moment.ehe. we took a few pictures with him before we went back. then i took a bath and got ready for breakfast. dad took us to a new place to have our breakfast. yum yum...the wan tan mee was delicious. i ate till my stomach was full..then i followed mummy to office. mummy was busy working while i was busy doing mine. sis was doing her add maths. ehe.. while we were busy doing our things, sis started to make jokes. i laughed till my stomach was going to burst. it was hurting. lolx. then, later she walked to tuition centre while i was busy listening to my mp4. :) then, i fell asleep. aha. later dad asked us to have our so-called lunch and dinner at nagaria. wow...i missed the place so much. i had been there almost every weekend since i was small till i was 16. i felt everything had changed. i knew the place was renovated. but i couldnt have the chance to have my meals there. ehe. i had chicken chop and banana boat. the food was tasty. i couldnt stop myself from eating. then, after our meals, my mummy sent us to hair saloon to cut my sis' and my hair... we went for a walk in the lake garden since we just had our 'lunch'. lolx. it was raining when we walked home.i ran as fast as i could. but my whole body was wet. sob sob.. i was wearing white t-shirt. huh? hahaah...i went back after that..nice day..ahaha...i enjoyed myself very much..

my sis n i. =)

zian n i were looking at the blue sky. ehe

my sis, weiming n i. =)