Friday, October 31, 2008

30th oct

since my legs are getting numb, i couldnt jog..instead i go for a walk. wanted to jog very much. but what to do. never mind. i still can jog in the evening. in the evening the weather was getting dark.i was praying hard. and it didnt rain. :D i managed to jog one round. after that, my sis, friends and i went for a drink at hawker centre. as usual, we will start crapping around. lolx. gonna miss those times cause a friend of sis is going to leave msia soon. sobs. i am here to wish u all the best ya..take care.. =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

proud.. whee

i am proud of myself today..ehe.. but my legs are getting numb..ahaha..keep up the good work!!!! =) i believe i can do it!!!!!!!! :D

Monday, October 27, 2008

27th oct

27th oct- since it is a public holiday, i had to turn one big round to park my bike. after jogging, i went to petrol station as my bike is running out of petrol. then i rode to pokok assam to take things from my aunt. as soon as i just back from aunt's house, my mum asked me to go to market with her. then i reached home and did some cleaning and helped aunt with cooking. :) since i had finished the work that were assigned by my mummy and aunt, i went to take a two hours nap. its nice to sleep in living room especially sleeping on the round chair.. after i woke up, i had my lunch. later i went for a walk in lake garden with mum n sis. before we went back, we bought bread and some 'kuih-s' for tomorrow's breakfast. hoping tomorrow will be a better day for me. i wish the weather is as beautiful as today. hoping to jog in the evening tomorrow as my sis plans to go with me in the morning. gosh!! better stop myself from eating. or else i will get FAT!!! aha

26th oct

26th oct- nothing much to usual i went jogging. went for breakfast with mum and sis. after that, three of us went to the office. mum planned to work during weekends. my mummy got loads of office work to do. i listened to music as usual while sis was busy studying her biology reference book. later on, her friend came and three of us walked to tuition centre together. initially, i planned to visit my 'friend'..aha. we chatted alot. he is funny as well. i waited for my sis to end her bm class. then two of us walked to kfc to buy our lunch before walking back to office. :) about 4pm later, my mummy bought her lunch and my aunt's as well. we bought alot of fruits. favourite - banana... i drove home and had our fruit feast..since the weather is still hot, we lied flat on the floor and about 5.30pm later, sis n i changed our clothes to go for jogging.initially we only jogged a lil while cause we just had alot of fruits and our lunch as well. sis and i rested on the grass where the golf ball lies and chit chatted. =) then, sis walked to find her friends while i went to talk to my friends. =) about 7pm, we went home. i took a bathe and went for dinner about 8.30pm. i slept about 10.50pm that night..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

25th october

nice day for me. i woke up early to go jogging.. a friend of mine couldnt wake up. so i had to jog alone. aha. as soon as i had finished jogging, i went back home. i went back and crapped with my sister. all of a sudden, my sister wanted to eat chocolate. we went out for breakfast and after our breakfast, we headed to supermarket to buy chocolate for sis. while waiting for the telekom technician to arrive at our house, i was busy watching tv. after fixing the internet problem, i drove out to collect things. then, i reached home. half an hour later, i fetched my sister to tuition centre. =) in the evening, the weather was nice. it's been days that tpg had rained nonstop. happy that i can jog again. :D but this time, i just went for a walk with my sister. there were too many people in the lake garden. definitely it was hard for us to jog around the lake garden. before we went back, i dropped at hawker centre to buy my favourite-soya beancurd.. whee.... then i rode home.. on our way back, again we did something stupid.aha.. (u know i know) hmm...about 7smth, we went for dinner. after dinner, i surfed the net awhile and continued watching chinese drama series. im going to sleep after this. =) ehe

Friday, October 24, 2008

24th oct

today was a boring day for me. i was busy watching chinese series as i was having problems with internet connection at my home. damn. i had nothing to do. so i had to lie on the couch doing nothing. what a boring day for me.. :( i was hoping my time will pass fast as im bored at home..hoping to go jogging. but it was raining.sob. never mind. then, i took 5mins nap. after that, i enjoyed listening to music while lying on sofa. nice and comfortable. it's been a month im in tpg. how time flies. :( later at night, i was waiting for my mum to bring back dinner for my sis and i. i wasnt hungry. but the malay food tempted me a lot.. since i didnt had them for alm0st a year.later i went to prima cafe with a friend of mine. my purpose of going there was to surf net. =) i enjoyed myself a lot. =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a day in hell

21st october 2008 is like a hell to me..all of a sudden i received a bad news which i cant accept at all.. why is the world so unfair to me???!!! fine!! i had been gone through such life and what is this to me?? small matter right?? i will just have forget used to it...oh gosh!!! now i knew my life isn't easy.. why do i exist in this world? why??!! can anybody tell me why??!!!! i feel im useless...just geetting sick of myself from day to day... wish can find a good solution to endure the hardship that i have been through.. god please tell me what am i suppose to do??????? =(

Sunday, October 19, 2008

18th & 19th october

18th october - nothing much to describe. woke up early and went jogging alone. wanted to train my stamina. jogged rather fast at first. before the entrance of the zoo, i started to pant. i tried to slow down. did a pretty good job. m proud of myself. :) stopped at the lily pond. walked for awhile before went back. somehow, met a friend of mine on the way. she wanted to continue jogging but our conversation made her stopped from doing so.. ops.. sorry ya.. we chatted till about 8.45am. then, we called it off cause she had to rush back to get home as lake garden was peaceful after 8.30am. then, i rode my bike back and reached home. went to take a bath. my mum told me she was not going to work today. i was happy. :D after few minutes later, mum told me that she wanted to work.sobs. never mind.i will just follow her. at least i had things to do. not just sitting at home rotting..ahaha...hmm...accompanied mum to office.watched her work. and i listened to music. suddenly i fell asleep. my sister went for tuition already. or else i wont be that bored. hmm..we waited for my sis to come back to have our lunch. oh ya..before we reached the office a couple hours ago, we already had mcd as our lunch..ehehe... hmm..went to casual market to have our dessert. we had leng chee kang. sis had laksa and curry mee for lunch. my mummy and i shared with her as well. meanwhile waiting for the rain to stop, we chatted like nobody's business. talked nonstop hoping that the rain will stop as we only brought one tiny umbrella which could only fit one person. ahahha... after the rain had finally stopped, we quickly ran over to get our car. then, we headed home. :) hoping to go lake garden to jog. but it was raining very heavily. so my plan was cancelled. sob. :( i slept early that night. =)

19th october - i went jogging. my sis followed me. she went with her friend. after finished jogging, i waited for her for half an hour..haha..nevermind..since i had nothing to do, i just listened to music and did some stretching on my own. then, we went home. mum told us to go to market to do some shopping.. ahaha.. then, we had our breakfast. we bought alot of fruits. oh ya, before i went to market, my mum offered me to drink enzyme.. eww..very sour... then, we headed home. had fruits. after that, we went to office again. mum wanted to work again. as usual, my sis had tuition class to attend. so my mum wil ltake the time to work while waiting for her to finish her class. then, we went to popular to buy her stationaries. we went to watson as well.bought alot of tit bits.. ehehe.. then, we had our lunch at yu li with dad at 4.00pm. wow, lunch at 4pm? amazing huh?? ehehe.. then, my mum wanted to go to tesco to buy some food. bought alot of things. then we went home. we didnt drop by at tpg sentral cause there was nothing to shop. ehehe.. we went home. :) i didnt jog that evening cause by the time we had reached home, it was already 6.15pm. too late for me to jog...we didnt had our dinner already as we were too full during our lunch hour just now.. ehhee...=)

Friday, October 17, 2008


we planned to go jogging. however we were worried that it might rain. so we decided to drive instead of riding bike. too bad it dint rain. aha. we dropped by at photo shop and developed her school pictures. then, we dropped by at photocopy's shop to photocopy her school stuffs as well. after that, we headed to lake garden. nobody was in lake garden. how come? it dint rain. the sky was rather dark only. my sis and i prayed hard that it wouldnt rain as we wanted to go jogging badly. as usual when i jogged with her, i will talk nonstop and make her start laughing.. of course she will stop jogging since she couldnt stop laughing.. ahaha..naughty lil girl of mine... after finished jogging, we walked back. met her friend on our way back. thank god that it dint rain. im glad that we were able to sweat.. ehehe... :D my sis is going to be a stick soon.. ahaha...i think she know what i mean..always relax yourself okay? remember to find me when you need me. i will be crazy with you together...ahaha... :D muaxxxxxxieeeee

Thursday, October 16, 2008


as usual i woke up early.. met a friend of mine... wakaka... both of us go for a walk while chatting... its fun chatting with him since we dint spend our time chatting together since i left for kl to study.. :( i will start crapping with him again.. aahaha...we crapped nonstop. we chatted almost everything... keep arguing among each other..ahahaa...just nice to have him as my friend.. then he fetched me for breakfast. we had 'chee cheong fan' for our breakfast.. ehehehe...after breakfast, he dropped me at lake garden to collect my bike..ehehe...when i reached home, i cleaned and washed my shoes.. then, rested awhile on a chair and surfed the net awhile. and now im blogging.., ehehe...i hope this evening i can jog cause i dint jog since yesterday. :( must start to keep myself fit!! or else my sis will say im fatty girl... ehehee

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


im feeling lazy yesterday.. after jogging, i went for breakfast. ate two roti pisang. (my fave) went back took a bath and went to take a nap. i woke up at 2.30pm. wow!! i slept for is not an afternoon nap anymore..ahahaa.... come i would be so idle?? damn..i just hate myself. get up from the ass and do something else!!!! i received good news when my sis was back from school. :) im very happy.. thus, i offered her to eat sushi..aha...all of the sudden my mummy called.. and our plan was cancelled. sob. never mind..we will make it on other day.. :) had my dinner at 5.20pm. aha.since i dint have my lunch. as usual i helped my mum with housework.. that's the part where i wont feel that myself was useless at that moment. =) hmm...i couldnt sleep at night even though my sis asked me to lie on the bed with her. my eyes were opened wide. i couldnt sleep. sob. i forced myself to sleep..about (no idea what time was it), i finally dozed off... :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

beautiful day.. :)

i woke up early Saturday morning with my little sister. she planned to go to lake garden with me..i was meeting my friend and she was meeting her friend. :) after finished jogging, i waited for my sister as both of us came to lake garden together. then, we chatted awhile before we left. her friend was not joining us for breakfast. ehehe...something funny happened in lake garden. and i would think that the people who were there that morning knew what i was saying. haha.. we took a few pictures before we went back..ehehe...then, sis and i bought breakfast for mummy and aunt.after that, my sis and i went home by motorcycle. we did something stupid on the way back. ahahahaha... :P as soon as we reached home, we took a bath. we put on our casual clothes and followed our mummy to office. mummy planned to work today. i was so boring that i took a nap in the office. ahaha. later i played games in my handphone. about 3.00pm, my dad called asking us to have lunch with him. i waited for my sister before we went for lunch cause my sister was having her tuition. then we had mee rebus and ais kacang for lunch. and i shared with my sister. then, my dad sent us to popular book stores to buy graph papers and correction tapes which my sister needed them for school usage. my mummy, sis and i walked back to collect our car which was parked near mummy's office. then we headed home. :) i dint go jogging in the evening caue i predicted it might rain in the evening but it didnt (ops) haha...anyway i went jogging that morning already..

with my cute and lovely sis... :)

sweet.. :)
smile... :D

feeling hurt and betrayed.....

i couldnt believe with my own eyes or hear it with my own ears.. pretty upset and deeply and why such thing could happen? i never expect such thing could happen..with stupid village idiot's mouth and u believe it? NO WAY!! you are just a loser to me!!!!! and you make me look down on you alot! we are NOT going to trust your words anymore....just stay yourself away from me!!! damn...

Friday, October 10, 2008


ahahaha....tell u secretly...i dint jog for three days already.. and yesterday was my first day of jogging in a week..ahaha.. too lazy to wake up in the morning to go for jogging. i always thought that if i dint jog in the morning, i can still jog in the evening right? but too bad, it is now in rainy season. it will rain almost every evening and till night. pretty cold at night..woooo~~~~ ehehe... i had my first jogging yesterday with zian. ahaha. luckily he woke me up.or else i will be still sleeping on my cosy mattress.. :) had my first jog in a week in 16mins. too bad i was panting too much. after jogging, both of us went for a walk in the lake garden. its been quite a long time since i walked into the lake garden. normally i will just jog outside the lake garden. i didnt notice that the lake garden is such a beautiful place. :) then, we had breakfast at hawker centre. eventually i didnt plan to eat cause im on diet. after the food has arrived,i started to drool. so i had my breakfast there instead. actually, this is my first breakfast in hawker centre since i was back from kl a few weeks ago. ehehe.. then, i bought my aunt a packet also. then we headed home. as soon as i reached home, i took out a piece of cloth and started cleaning my shoes. after cleaning my shoes, i spotted a milipede crawling near the shoe rack... ewwww!!! it was huge... i cant stand the legs especially. i tried to sweep it away from my house but its legs gripped too hard on the floor making me hard to sweep it away from my porch. and finally after my hard work, i managed to let it out from my house.. yay!!! oh..i feel so disgusted when i came to think about it again. i went to take a bath and onlined awhile. suddenly i felt so sleepy and took a nap. i woke up whe nmy sis was back from school.. a sleeping beauty.. (as if) since i dint work, so i take this opportunity to sleep. perhaps when my university life starts again,i cant be wasting any more time to sleep as my course is getting tougher. *sigh* after woke up, i had chocolates for lunch..shhh.... no wonder im so fat..i had never come across people having chocolate for lunch..maybe got...but it is not malaysian lifestyle.. ehehe... then, i chatted with my sis while she was busy doing her extra homework. :) later in the evening, i did nothing but drew a cartoon. (gonna show u my piece of artwork one day).. :) i even helped mum to do housework..then i went to bed about 1 am. =D

the view of lake garden..beautiful right?

isn't the milipede is huge? eeee.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

work? damn...

haih..talking about job makes me headache.. i want to work but i have transportation problem. :( i wouldnt want to drive my daddy's big car to work cause it is rather dangerous. haih. how? :( when i plan to work, suddenly nobody wana hire mum even let me to go n work and suddenly nobody wana hire me.. im so sad.. haih..just stay at home and wait for mushrooms to grow at home..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

can i fly?

how i wish i have the wings to fly...wondering when will i be able to free from problems.. seriously im not happy with the life right now. that's not the life i want after all.. just wish that time will change my life back to normal where i am free from problems and obstacles. but i know it wont grant my wish cause it is IMPOSSIBLE!!! i hate it but i have to go on with it. *sigh* please tell me what should i do??? just forget about it and treat it as nothing happen? i dont think so i can make it.. =( how come others can enjoy the life and live happily after all? and they are free from problems?? i know they will say no matter your are sad or happy, you still have to go on with your life... and for sure i will tell you that this thing wont change till i put out my last breath... im very SURE!! darn.... just wish i didnt come back..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


nah..from the moment i found out the truth, i dont trust friends anymore.. friends dont really be there to listen to your problems. (im very sure). some were just pretending to be your closest person. where are all your friends when you need them the most? no where!! just a few sentences saying that 'aiya, nothing wan. dun think so much ok?'. that's all?? nothing much to elaborate already?? what?? this is what u call friends?? nah too tired to hear all these sentences already. i thought friends are there to support you even though they are so far away from us. maybe for me, at least when i send them sms-es, they will reply to show that they are concerned for me. i know maybe they are too busy with exams and assignments. but just an sms saying that 'sorry babe,im rather busy with my assignments now..i cant talk much with you right now..maybe you just sms me ok?i will try to spare some time for you. :)' not that kind of sentences that im used to hear till my ears feel irritating. AND please never trust your friends again once they had betrayed you before. knowing they had betrayed you before and and you think they had just made a tiny silly mistake, i would like to say dont ever forgive them even though they apologised to you and saying that they were just being careless for betraying you accidentally. they can betray you for the second and even third time though they treat u as their 'closest' friend. PLEASE do not take things easily. be more careful when looking for friends. some friends are just using you as a toy to attract people's attention. some even also take things for granted. do not take it so seriously when you ask your closest friends to keep your things secretly.. once you tell a secret to your friend, it wont be a secret anymore.. normally they will say 'i will promise you not to tell anyone'..ahah..would you just believe her that she wont tell anyone?? they might just give you empty promises and perhaps they will spread it to everyone. as the saying goes, ' dont judge a book by its cover'. this phrase is really true!! so dont ever think your closest friends are your real closest friends. you know humans are good at pretending and acting.

p/s: so what are you waiting for? drop me your comments if you have any opinions regarding the blog i had written!! thanks.. :)

6th of october.... :)

this morning i woke up about 8.35am. i had planned with shihui to go to our ex school at 10am at first. yesterday night she sms-ed me telling me that the time was brought forward to 9am. but i slept early. so i dint get to reply her sms. sorry ya.. too tired too reply u this morning.aha. luckily i managed to reply her before our meeting. :) i quickly got up and got ready to school. i waited for her till 9.30am in my living room cause i didnt want to wait alone outside the school compound. furthermore, i was riding bike to school. pretty dangerous. [as if] haha. as soon as i reached the school, we went to look for mr ong. shihui wanted to ask sir for opinions. the nwe walked to the library to find madam lee. miss her so much. miss talking to her. aha. we chatted about our friends and her daughters as well. aha. just miss teacher alot. :) about 11am, we went back. i told shihui that i wanted to go the bank before i went back home. she wanted to follow me as well cause she wanted to get lunch at the nearby coffee shop. i bought myself a packet of chicken rice in prima. :) it is the cheapest chicken rice in taipnig town so far.. ehe. then, both of us went back cause she needed to prepare to work. :) nothing much to do at home. i went surfing the net. uploading the tvb series to watch. but the connection was rather slow. then, i thought i could pass my time by listening to music and blogging while waiting for sis to come back. i just felt bored at home .. *sigh* about 2.50pm, my sister reached home. it was raining heavily. hmm..luckily she managed to reach home safely. she always make me worried about her although she is already 17. aha. what cna i do? my lil gal wert.. =) she looked down. i asked her why but she didnt want to answer me. instead she put her bag on the chair and went to bathe. finally, i confronted her. now i knew why was she feeling so down. i tried to make her laugh and i did it. whee. she told me everything. then, i fried some french fries for her to make her happy and forgot about everything happened in school today. just want her to be happy always. i didnt want to make her feel so stressful all the time. then, we chatted for a moment and i let her studied awhile. later both of us took half an hour nap before we wanted to go jogging. the rain seemed to stop. then, we changed our outfit and i drove to lake garden. all of a sudden, the rain was heavy. oh gawd.. our plan was ruined.sob. we went for dinner instead. aha. we had porridge for dinner. and we bought fried bihun for mummy and daddy. we even bought soya bean drink and soya beancurd as our dessert. :) then we headed home. nothing much to do. as usual, i will help my mum to do some housework. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

thoughtless.. :(

what would u do when someone who is close with u break your heart? for sure u will feel upset and cry right? the same thing goes to me.. i feel upset, depressed and my life is totally meaningless. it is all in a mess right now... damn.. why would this happen to me when im back in taiping with my family? no friends were there to support me.. all were just showing off among each other and not wanting to share or lend me their ears to listen to my problems... why??!! why!!?? why!!!?? things arent the same right now.. some were busy with boyfriends and some were just comparing with each other.. can i just find a true friend that is always beside me to support me and listens to my problems all the time? you are NUTS i would said. FAKERS everywhere. no true friends exist in this world alright? just face the reality!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just hate to be in this world anywhere... im too tired to face any obstacles in my life...please let me go!!!~~~ :(

Sunday, October 5, 2008

happiness & sadness?

i slept very late yesterday. couldnt sleep early cause i took afternoon nap. played with my sis before we slept. i planned to wake up early this morning cause my friend had promised me to have breakfast together. initially, i planned to called another friend of mine for breakfast but she didnt reply my sms. then, i will just have to forget about it then. i woke up at 7.55am and gotta ready to have my breakfast. suddenly my friend told me that it was too early. haih. then i called it off cause i duwan to have my breakfast at such late in the morning. then i continued sleeping till 9am. my sis woke me up cause my mum was going out to meet her friend in her office. i quickly took a bathe and got myself ready. after meeting my mummy's friend, three of us went for breakfast at prima coffee shop. we had wantan mee for breakfast. :) spotted an american lil boy having breakfast too. damn..he was just so cute and chubby. ehe. :) then, my mummy send us to tesco to get our groceries. we managed to get a parking space. whee.. then, we walked up using escalator and suddenly my mummy suggested us to go to taiping sentral first. she didnt go there for weeks. there were new shops in the mall. we walked down from tesco and walked over to the mall. i greeted kak izma and chatted with her. then i waved to shihui before went to the first floor. chatted with zian when my mummy went to the shop where i worked for one day only. aha. :P i wouldnt want to step into that shop again. never!! ahha.. then, we walked to tesco to get our things. my sis and i were playing with the things displayed over there. ahah. never knew we are that childish huh? aha. after grabbing our stuffs, we queued up to pay our things. later, we passed by a optical shop and i waved to siew wen. then, we walked down using escalator and walked to our parking space and headed home. oh ya. my sis had to attend her tuition class. before we dropped her at the tuition centre, we went to guardian to buy my lotion and masks. after that, my sis crossed the road to go for her tuition class. (just a walking distance only) :) then my mummy and i went home. nothing much to do at home. so i listened to musics while waiting to pick my sister up from the tuition centre. about 3.02pm, i drove the car out and fetched her back. later i took a half an hour nap before going to jog. today i jogged rather slow. only 16minutes per round. damn.. gotta train myself more often. haih. and why would my cough and flu havent recover? *sigh* if not, i would can run faster without nose blocking and having breathing problem due to the cough. damn. went back hgome right after i finished my jogging. took a bathe and put on my pyjamas.aha. i quickly had my dinner before 8pm. :) that's all for today. :)

took a pic before we went to bed.. ahaha...

p/s: i noticed everyone dont care about me anymore.. rather upset.. got lotsa problems nowadays. and nobody tend to hear out my problems at all. how come? i guess something is going wrong in my life. i hate it and i hate myself!!???!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

boring? aha.. =) usual i woke up early..i went jogging alone... a lot of people were in lake garden today.. i guess there were some activities done in lake garden. today i jogged rather slow. 19minutes to reach the skating rink. damn.. i have to train it more often. :) hope my diet plan is working. im trying to reduce it to my ideal weight as all my ex-colleagues were complaining that i gained weight alot. haih. i admit it was true. for now, i have to trained it till i get my ideal weight.. ahah.. after jogging, i went back and took a bathe and headed to mum's office to 'work'. i brought along my laptop to work. ehehe.. busy watching mr with my lil sis while my mum was busy working. about 11.20am, my sis and i walked to casual market to buy our lunch since my favourite chicken rice stall didnt open. sob. had been craving for that chicken rice since i was back from kl. after buying lunch, we walked back to mummy's office. on my way i met gaikli and eeling. nice meeting them. but i got nothing to talk about. how come? haih.. im so useless. supposed i had alot fo things to talk to but how come i got no topics to talk to? damn.. i must train myself more often. aha. then sis and i continued our movie. half an hour later, my sister wanted to eat mcd ice-cream. we walked to mcd to buy our icecream. my lil sis wanted to eat nuggets as well.. i bought a large mcvalue meal for her and a cornetto mcflurry for her. before we walked back, i dropped by at tropics bakery and bought some bread for mummy and myself as well. ehe. well, i love eating bread. :D after buying bread, we walked to mummy's office. then, we had our feast at mummy's office. we enjoyed eating while watching mr. about 2pm later, we went back home. i bought my favourite blueberry cheese tart at ipoh's bakery on my way back home. about 3.15pm, i took a nap till 7pm. aha. too lazy to jog since i went jogging already this morning. that's all... :) hope tomorrow will be a great day for me.

Friday, October 3, 2008

sisters' day out

ahaha...i had a blast today.. enjoyed myself very much. dint go out this morning. cause i was lazy. aha.. went out for a movie with my lil sis after the rain stopped. dad gave us some money to watch movie... whee... alot of cars on the road.. i parked my car in tesco parking lot and walked over to taiping sentral. went to find shihui, c2o and zian awhile before buying our movie tickets. :) jamie and i planned to watch connected since both of us havent watch it yet. since our movie started at 4.10pm. v still have an hour for us to have our lunch. we walked to sushi king and had our lunch. :) i wouldnt want to mention what was happened when we were having sushi-s. only my sis and i knew about it. aha. =) we quickly walked up to the cinema and waited for more than half an hour before we got to get into the cinema. the movie was aired 10minutes ago. damn. we had missed the first 10 minutes of the movie. what kind of service huh? not punctual at all. i even opened my bag and let the worker to check first as we were late. but he asked us to wait for few more minutes. wasted a few more minutes again. haih. sis and i quickly went into the room and hurriedly looked up for our seats. i couldnt believe that the seats were hard and uncomfortable. i was having headache when the movie was aired. i was shivering as it was too cold. luckily i brought my jacket along and quickly wore it. my sis and i quickly walked out as soon as the movie had ended. we walked to find zian. spotted shihui was there too.. chatted awhile before walked over to tesco to buy something. we went back after this. :)


today was the 2nd day of hari raya. it was also the 49th day of my beloved grandma's death. miss her so much.. :( woke up early. i dint jog this morning as i had planned to jog in the evening. :) my dad took us for breakfast at one of kampung boyan's coffee shop. had roti telur and 'kuih kak' for breakfast. i wasnt in a good appetite. so i shared with my sister. then, we headed to sungai mas. i prayed my grandma. saw my lil nieces and nephews playing. joined in with them. aha. im still being childish. haha. after that, i went back home about lunch hour. had lunch at home. played with my laptop for awhile. updated my friendster and facebook and i even uploaded some pictures. :) took a nap till 4.45pm. went jogging alone. alot of people were in lake garden. hmm... alot of cars were on the road too. i went back and took a bath. had dinner at hawker centre. sis dint join us cause she was in her friend's house. our plan dint worked. postponed to tomorrow. sob. hope it will work. :) fetched my sis back home. went home and helped mum with housework. that's all for today. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008


nothing special :) just went to grandma house.. prayed my grandma. went to visit my aunt. visit my cousin's 5month old baby. damn.she is so cute. she reminded me of my lil baby. chubby and fat.. wakaka... went back home as usual. dint go jogging. too tired. cause i jogged this morning. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

something is not right

i hate such feeling...why would this thing happen to me? why???!!!!! ohh good..nobody unds me well.. i hate that....i try to overcome it..but i cant...i wish i can change everything back to really sad...i couldnt sleep yesterday till 6.20am.. when i woke up, it was already 9.35am.. i brushed up my teeth and went down to have my breakfast. hmm... then, i went surfing the net.. downloading movies and tvb series. waited for my sis to come back from volleyball..chatted with her.. :) miss her even for few hours.. ehehe...sister's bond will never die.. =) i love her so much.. i took a nap from 2something till 4.50pm. got up and changed my outfit.. wanted to have a walk with my little sis.. wore orange school tee (tun teja's tee) to lake garden..just go for a walk..chatted nonstop..crazy again..ahaha..on my way back, met lil girl's fren..walked together.. as soon as i reached skating rink, met seong ho and wei wen.. chatted with wei wen awhile.. then went back. :) took a bathe and wanted to go out with wc,kc,nerd, and meow...wc fetched me to tpg sentral.. met swee ling.. :) then, met chen way and eelaine.. :) waited for shihui...then wc fetched me back..thanks dude.. :) thanks for the night..miss all of you...