Monday, September 29, 2008


no words can ever describe my feelings today.. i was happy before i went jogging..met minshen and seongho when i wanted to go back home. as soon as i reached pretty upset..i cried nonstop...why would this kind of things happen to me? wish i can turn back the time..damn... :'(

Sunday, September 28, 2008

wonderful day?

wonderful day? i guess it's not. i woke up at 6.50am this morning. my dad called me to go jogging. my mum was going sis woke up too. but she was joining her friends for volleyball. i jogged nonstop for one and a half round today. amazing. ahah.. i am proud of myself. :D hmm..then went for breakfast with my mummy and daddy. had wantan mee..hmm..miss that..yum yum.. :) dint eat that for centuries. aha.. then, i reached home at 8.10am. went out to market at 8.30am. bought alot of things in the market. met beeting in the market.. chatted with her for awhile. went back about 9.30am. took a nap till 11.30am. quite tired.. took a bathe and get ready for work. suddenly i called my colleagues and told her that i wanted to stop working. it wasnt fun to work there. not my type. i rather stay at home or perhaps go jogging everyday. :D since all my ex-collegues had been complaining that i had grown fatter since the day i had stopped working. so i must prove to them that i can do it. get back my old shape and make them proud of me.. ehehee.... =)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

first day of work.. was my first day of work in shopalot in taiping sentral.. i woke up early at 7am to go jogging as usual. after jogging, i got myself ready and got ready for work..i reached there about 9.15am. but when i reached there, the whole building was dark. i got up by the escalator and walked to my shop. the doors were closed. after a few minutes of standing outside the door, i noticed there's a pathway to the shop by using the back door. i walked in and told the supervisor that it was my first day of work. i was in charged of working in ruscoe. i had never heard of ruscoe..but the stuffs that are sold in ruscoe are rather expensive.. i was told by my supervisor that no handphones were allowed during work.. haih.. never mind. i just have to sms in the rest room when i am able to. ehehe. hmm..i couldnt wait for my lunch time cause im meeting shihui and zian for lunch. three of us walked to tesco to have our lunch. we wanted to have lunch at tesco food court. but it wasnt worth it. so we walked inside the tesco to buy our lunch. the tesco was crowded..a lot of people in tesco busy buying food..hmmph.. we walked to the food section to find cheapest food as our lunch. then, we spotted sardine,curry and anchovies puffs. the puffs were cheap cause we got one free for each of the puffs that we purchased. i was happy cause i can save money.. whee... :D about 1.40pm, we walked back to taiping sentral. three of us walked to find c2o. i told him that i duwana work again.. ahaha...cause i dint have the mood to work. my daddy asked me dont work and relax at home. perhaps i need some time to consider whether i wana continue working. haih.. about 2pm, i had to rush back to work. haih. while i was worknig, i met cerenna, and amirah. nice meeting them. about 5.40pm, shihui came to find me cos she was having her break. i couldnt have mine cause i was working from 10a.m till 7p.m only. haih. never mind. i can go back home and have my dinner.. ehehe. about 6pm later, c2o came to my place and chatted with me...few minutes later, zian came in..both of them wanted to have their they dropped by at my place before going for dinner. later, i was busy serving the customers.. about 7pm, i carried my bag and ready to go back home..whee... before i went back, i visited zian, c2o and sh. i reached home and have my delicious dinner.. whee...pray that tomorrow will be a better day for me... let's pray for the best. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

another day...

i had been in taiping for two days.. today wasnt a good day for me..i was having major flu..worst flu of the year...this morning i couldnt wake up to go jogging...damn me...about 10am, finally i woke up.. i was totally aunt called me an asking me to help her to cook..aha..i told rather lazy at that moment. i told her to give me a few minutes break to reduce my blurness for a moment. my flu couldnt stop. aunt told me to get flu tablet and ate it up.. but i told her i couldnt eat at that moment cause the tablet will make me feel sleepy.. i will eat it tonight. :D then, after waiting for my sis to come back, i played with her.. both of us are crazy.. acted like a two year old kids..ahaha...just missed the time fooling around with her.. after this, i went out with my aunt to visit my another aunt. i drove my sister's car..that kenari is no longer my car.. i got only bike for now..ahaha...pity me..but never mind..cause i dun mind sharing with my sister.. :) about 2.15pm i reached home.. then i played with my laptop for awhile. watched moonlight resonance with my aunt again. about 4pm, i went to take a nap cause i felt so sleepy.. i woke up at 5 pm and went jogging.. i couldnt jog long today..stupid janice.. :P i stopped jogging at the zoo.. my flu was very bad..making my nose block and i couldnt breathe..sob.. so i just have to stop. after this, i went back and watched tv. after that, i went out with my best buddy, kc and wc.. kc fetched me n wc to prima cafe..three of us chatted nonstop..i enjoyed myself very much.. im happy to meet them back..miss them so much.. its been like ages we dint c each other.. :) hope to c u guys again..muacksss.. :)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

my home...

wow...the feeling of being at home is totally great.. i love almost all the things in the house...especially my babies.. ehehe... :D i went jogging in the morning as usual. met mr yau-my former chemistry tuition teacher. he kept asking about my sister..hmm... about 1pm later, shihui called me and told me she was having her lunch break now. she is currently working in adidas shop in taiping sentral. i went and met her up.. then, i saw kak izma and kak amy over there. all of them were working happily i guess. :) im happy for them. i planned to work there but kinda lazy.. considering now..ehehe...wana work in vincci? or other shop? hm..i duwan to work...but even if i wana work , im in dilemma...hmm...i will jus c how.. :) then i went jogging with my lil baby...:D

plans after final exam.. :) soon as i had finished my exam,i went midv to enjoy myself. was happy even though im tired. :) took lrt from wangsa maju to bangsar and took bus to reach midv. :D as soon as i reached there, there were a lot of people around. now it's fasting everyone especially the malays were there. too crowded. hmmph.. about 6 something i was hungry and tried to look for a place to eat. wanted to nandos but the place was fully booked. haih. went to fish market manhattan. again it is fully booked. never mind. went sushi king, no body wanted to serve us. was too hungry. sob. then i took lrt back and went to klcc to have my dinner at kim gary. :D hm.. i enjoyed myself. cause not many people were there. then went back. i watched moonlight resonance. i dint catch up with the show since i was busy having exam. i slept at 2 am. guess tomorrow will be a better day.

busy eating mango snow mellow.. :)

the next day, i went midv with shuyin, wanjie and jiunn shyan again. went for dinner at sushi king. finally i get to eat sushi..ahaha.. hm..then we went for a movie. lame-iest movie i had ever watch. my third time watching movie in cinema. i never watched in cinema before cause i felt it is a waste of time and money. i rather take the time to go shopping than watching movie. ehehe.. hm..i watch the movie because i wanted to get the experience watching in cinema plus i wanted to enjoy with my friends before im coming back to taiping to grow some fungus. *ehe*
i guess tomorrow will be a better day too.. :D

took a pic in a car..aha

the following day,shu, js and i went one utama. i wanted to go badly since last year. thanks to js. or else i wouldnt get the chance to go. :) went wong kok for lunch. our lunch is at 4pm. cause we went there late. after our lunch, its shopping time. shu n i bought a bracelet each. and i bought a pair of earrings for my lil girl. i bet she will like it. =) went into nichii..i tried on a black gown. it was nice. i dint buy. just wanted to try for fun. i can try them on in the fitting room for FREE.. ehe.. then went to padini. tried a jacket. nice. but i duwana buy cause i had one already. and my dream for now is to get a nike jacket. and i will get it soon.ahaha.. and i wanted to get one for my lil girl also. i also went to forever 21 to try all the clothes shu and i had chosen. i like them..but i just tried it for fun cause i dont think i will have the chance to wear them out. i went tropicana life to get a cool jacket for my sis. but it wasnt nice. especially the design. i will get her one next time. i went to the nike shop too.. the shop was too small.. went another nike shop. nothing to buy. the nike shops in one utama are small. not much choices in one utama. nike pavilion is better.. ehehe. then wj and her friends met us up in one utama. she was in sungei wang before she came. after that we went to have our pancakes at paddington. the pancakes were delicious. i love the topping especially. :) will bring my sis to have them one day. ehehe... then went back home after this. enjoyable day.
as soon as i had reached home, i quickly took a bath. we did some cleaning in the kitchen till 3 something because all of us are going back to hometown for semester break. went to bed at 4 something.

took a pic in 1 utama's wong kok char chan teng.. :)
the drinks that we had ordered in wong kok.. =) (mine was the tallest..ehe)

pancake that was ordered by me.. :)

the next morning, i packed all my stuffs into the luggage cause i am going back to my hometown for three months. :) went to wangsa maju lrt at 10 a.m. reached pudu lrt at 10.40 a.m. i waited for the time to pass.. ehe.. about 11.25a.m i got up into the bus and planned to sleep. before that, my mummy called me asking me whether i had started my journey or not. then i called my dad and my aunt. started my journey back to taiping at 11.35a.m. i took a nap in the bus. couldnt sleep well. the seat was uncomfortable. i reached kamunting bus station about 3.30pm. my dad fetched me home. :) im glad that im back home. i quickly had my lunch. about 5pm, i went jogging before meeting up with yuyuan and kimsoon at 5.30p.m in lake garden. yuyuan called shijia..and four of us chatted happily. talking about our university life, how tough our courses and so on. later, we met ah beh and we continued chatting till 7 something. i had to go back as it was dark. i was riding bike to lake garden. rather dangerous. my mummy n daddy were worried about me. so i better rushed back. chatted with mummy n daddy..
after this, i quickly took a bath and started to do my housework. my normal routine at home. i didnt mind helping my mummy.pity her. after work, she had to go back home and do housework. so, i will help her. :D then, i watched moonlight resonance with my aunt using my laptop. pity my sis..she couldnt watch it because she was having spm trial exam. i went to bed about 12a.m. i guess tomorrow will be a great day for me again.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


finally my finals were over.. i need not have to worry bout it anymore...excited to enjoy my 3months break.. :D well...i wanted to go bek soon..but due to my lil cute cheeky sis having her trials, i couldnt go back as soon as i finished my exam. i will just have to go back to taiping about 3 to 4 days miss those times when im with my lil sister..crapping from morning till night whenever i gobek taiping just for two days. :D baby, i really enjoy having u as my sister...ur my best sister i ever had though we quarrel sometimes. but that wun spoil our sister-ship rite? ehe...hmm...looking forward to c u..muaxxxxx

Friday, September 19, 2008

16hrs to go

16 hrs to go before my chemistry for engineering exam starts.:) initially, i was excited to do chemistry test..but too bad im not. too many things to study..sobs. from alkenes to alkynes..from benzene to carbonyl compounds, carboxylic acids, lipids ( which i hate the most), ethers and epoxides (rather hard), amines, alcohols and blah blah blah.. too many...each chapters are too long to finish.. haih.. oh ya, the chapter that im confused the most is NMR spectroscopy. with chemical shift and identification of carbon and hydrogen atoms in a chemical structure make me feel so sick of it. i did put alot of effort to understand it.. and yet i got wrong for the answers that i did during mid term test. haih.. it was fun to study NMR actually. but when i got wrong for doing that question, i feel that no words can ever describe my feeling. *sigh* wish me luck for the coming exam. and after this exam, that is the end of my year one semester one in utar.. :D 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

amazing :)

aha..i cant believe that i didnt sleep for more than 20 hrs. eventually i got headache right after my thermo exam was ended yesterday. but i duwana to rest even for a second cause i duwana to give up on my coming paper. my favourite subject ... (i guess u know)...ehehe. hm..i was studying the whole day. feeling so restless and yet i dint want to sleep at all.. never mind..anything i would do for my lil chemistry. ehe.:D later about 5 something, my housemate fetched me, shuyin n wanjie to buy our dinner. we bought kueyteow soup with minced pork. hmm..lovely..i missed it so much. since i stayed in kl, i havent get the chance to eat kueyteow soup. these few weeks i only eat fried food which is totally unhealthy for me. but what to do?? anything for my exam. i duwana waste any time to go for dinner at wangsa which is a walking distance from the place i stay. but it will waste alot of time walking to and fro jus to have our dinner. so no point right? i rather have my dinner at my condo's coffee shop. after we had bought our dinner, my housemate sent us back using the other way cos we afraid that we might caught in traffic. aha.. still the same. we were caught in a traffic too. cos it was peak hour. mostly it was the time where everyone just back from soon as i reached home, i quickly had my dinner while watching a chinese series which was aired on ntv7. after that, i took a bathe and continued studying. later, we had rainbow glutinous rice ball in genting klang as our so called 'teatime'.. aha.. first time ever i had this rainbow glutinous rice ball. it was nice. i even ate cola french fries. delicious. something different.. ahaa... then we went home. i continued studying again till 5am. too tired to continue studying. will be a brand new day for me.. :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


phew...i managed to complete one paper today.. :) it was thermodynamics exam. i was neither happy nor sad cause i knew how to do the questions. unfortunately, i couldnt finish them on time. initially i knew how to do it. but how come the time is running so fast? haih... if i were given another half an hour, i can complete all the questions that were given. no point crying over split milk. now i just hope that the results aren't as bad as what i thought. just pray for the best. :) and i still have one more paper left which is my favourite subject - CHEMISTRY !! :) i still have two days for me to get prepared everything and try my very best to score good marks for this subject. :) pray hard for me especially my baby out there.. :D miss u so much...:)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

boring day

as usual i try to wake up early though i sleep late or early every night. but it wouldnt work at all.. what a lazy girl huh???!!! hmm...feeling tired in these few days. i couldnt wake up early to take my maths exam after all..great!!, i didn't online much. i was busy preparing for thermo paper.. it is a tough subject. i spent almost 4 days to look through all the chapters that were being taught. luckily it is an open book test. or else i am going to become a dead fish soon. aha.. now i was too tired to look at the chemistry notes. so i decided to write a blog. while i was searching for my page to write a blog, i saw my lil baby's blog. oh? since when my baby like to write blog? ahhaa... i am glad to see my sister writing blog. cause i will be able to know what is she doing in taiping all day..:) hmm..i dint noe im such a great influence to happy...i just love her so much...i was upset when i read her blog. she was having stomach pain..pity her..few days already.. and why the stupid pain havent go off from her lil tummy? pity...luckily she can rest at home since she will not have to go to school.. :) wish her 'get well soon'...muaxxxx :D

Monday, September 15, 2008

moon cake celebration

yesterday was moon cake festival..i didn't get to celebrate with my family because im having final exam. sob.. the first time i didnt get the chance to celebrate with my family. each year, my dad will organize a dinner in conjunction with moon cake celebration. normally, my sis and i will go to the dinner to accompany each other. :) not only that, both of us always seemed to be the youngest ones in the dinner.. pretty great huh? ahaha.. back in kl, we had dinner at nandos since we did not get to celebrate with family. ehe.. not really celebrate actually. just a dinner. i had 1/4 chicken with potato salad and peri chips. not bad. i love it. when i have the chance to eat again, i will bring my sister along.. ehehe.. :) after dinner, i bought two apples to eat since i dint eat any fruits when i was busy having exam.. rather hectic. busy with this n that. *sigh* looking forward to enjoy my life in my hometown- taiping since my dad doesnt let me work in kl.ahaha..:)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

basic weight loss mistakes

A lot of us are out there watching what we eat and exercising, but still not making a dent in our bellies and body weight. There are a few things we are probably not doing, or doing too much of, that would mean major improvements in our health.

Get more sleep. After a very short period of time (about 6 nights), studies show that your glucose levels can rise if you get only 4 to 7 hours of sleep each night. New parents are excluded, but everyone else should try to hit the 8 hour mark as often as you can and get to bed BEFORE midnight. Every hour of rest before 12 a.m. is twice as valuable as the hours after midnight: Our cortisol levels are lowest before midnight therefore our recovery is the highest.

Eating fewer refined and processed foods. Avoid fast and fried food and try to consume as many real foods as you can. It's also imperative to get enough fiber (helps with elimination); fruits and veggies are a great way to fill up.

Avoid sugary drinks and reach for more water. Water is great for so many things like digestion, eliminating toxins in the body, and transporting important nutrients to our cells which need energy to burn calories. Americans drink 20% of their calories, so be careful of that silent pitfall.

Get to know your kitchen. I realize it takes more work, but the simple truth is we eat out or order in too often. There is a greater opportunity to control what is in your food if you cook it yourself.

Slow down. When you do sit down to a meal, don't wolf it down. Our culture encourages eating while driving or sitting at our desks. The only time we seem to sit down and enjoy our food is at Thanksgiving. The monks chew each bite of food 100 times (which is excessive), but they also eat only until they are full. They recognize that chewing their food more makes it easier for the body to digest.

Breathe. There are so many days that I don't breathe deeply. In the morning, mid-afternoon, and at the end of the day take a 10 conscious, belly-deep breaths. Close your eyes, pull that air deep into your stomach via your nose and let all the junk out through your mouth. Whether its a stressful day, or you just want to start and end your day on the right foot, breathing is important.

Don't starve yourself. Oddly enough some of you may not be eating enough, and the lack of calories is putting your body into save mode. Our bodies are so brilliant, and if they aren't getting enough food, your metabolism will tell your body to store each and every calorie it receives or to make energy from whatever muscle tissue you have. Not good. Oh and by the way, don't skip breakfast. People who skip breakfast are over 4 times more likely to be overweight.

Do more than exercise. Even if you are working out, you can't eat and drink whatever you want. It really is a three sided puzzle: balancing exercise, food, and (oh yes) the spirit (which stress and happiness play into).

tips to transform your body faster

There are a few things that you can do besides eating well and exercising that will expedite your physical transformation:

1. Stay positive
Believe that transformation is possible even when you haven’t seen the changes that you want yet. I am sure that you can site many examples in your life where you didn’t expect something to happen and then whoa, there it was. If you don’t have enough evidence of your own, look around you. Do you know someone who thought they’d never get the job, meet that special person, or lose the weight, and then they did? Haven’t you read amazing stories about people overcoming obstacles and creating tremendous transformation in their lives, many against great odds? These are just people too, like you and me; anyone can overcome.

There is one thing that you can be sure of in life, and that is change. Make sure yours happens quickly, and in the way you want, by staying positive and then taking the steps that you know you should take.

2. Stay in the moment
If you think about your end results, the work becomes overwhelming. Just do what you know you can do today, and when tomorrow becomes today, you’ll deal with that.

3. Keep your expectations low 
Don’t expect too much too soon, you’ll only get discouraged. Aiming high is nice to say but truly it is easier to stay positive if you set your sites on realistic, smaller goals.

4. Eliminate temptation 
Remove distractions like foods that you don’t want to eat and people who have habits that you are trying to break. Surround yourself with people and materials that mirror the changes that you want for yourself. Hang out with happy, healthy people, read inspiring books, and listen to some great music that motivates you to get moving and take action.

5. Stop using excuses 
There are always excuses; I am sure you have heard, or used, them all. When your desire to change becomes greater than your fear of changing, the excuses will go away -- nothing will stop you from becoming the new you. Even though you may not be able to change the underlying reasons why you haven’t yet accomplished your goals, you can start by removing some of the actions and thought processes that encourage you to stay stuck. Enough with the excuses!

4 reasons we regain weight

Losing weight and changing one’s eating and fitness lifestyle is hard work -- that’s a given -- but maintaining a weight loss is even harder. There's no longer the challenge of juggling numbers or the reward of seeing them drop, and keeping up the enthusiasm and dedication necessary to stay at the weight that you worked hard to get to doesn't come easy.

The National Weight Registry surveys and collects data from “regular people” who have managed to maintain a weight loss of 30 pounds or more for at least one year. Based on the data that they have received from more than 7,000 people, there are certain things that almost all successful “losers” seem to do to maintain their newer and slimmer figures:

  • Participate in aerobic exercise for least one hour or more each day
  • Focus on watching calories
  • Keep food logs
  • Choose healthier and lower fat foods

I never thought I would be (nor did I want to be) one of the many people who have lost a significant amount of weight only to gain a lot of it back. But, it is high time to admit that I have gained 15 pounds since the start of the year.

Yes, that’s right. I just admitted that on the world wide web, for all to see, that I have gained back 15 of the 50 pounds I worked so hard to lose.

So what happened?

Well, I stopped doing what successful losers do to maintain a weight loss. I stopped exercising as much as I was. I started to think, “a little bit of this and a little bit of that won’t hurt.” And I stopped writing in my food log, because if I don’t write it down, it doesn’t count, right?

I lost track of calories and stopped being accountable to myself. I started to neglect myself. I stopped preparing meals and snacks ahead of time. I stopped getting up early to get to the gym because I was busy and tired. My will power began to crumble, eating special treats everyday rather than on special occasions only.

I have been watching my weight creep up these past 8 months, and instead of getting back on the beam right away, it has become a bit of a vicious cycle.

You become depressed because you know better. You get angry with yourself because you can’t believe you let yourself go. You get paranoid about what people will think—especially since you write this blog aboutmaintaining your weight. You get emotional because getting dressed puts you in a bad mood; pants you looked awesome in a few months ago, no longer fit.

The last thing you want to do when you feel so bad about yourself is get up early the next day, go to the gym and forego the ice cream as the last days of summer arrive. I have been struggling with not throwing in the towel, not caving in and eating everything in sight, only to see the scale not budge or go up!

Now that that skeleton is out of the closet, what do I do?

Well I pick up the tools that have been so freely given to me by the successful losers that have come before me; the same tools that have helped me to be successful in the past, and I apply them again (food logs, calorie watching, exercising more). And this time I try not to think that I am ever cured from my tendency to overeat and under exercise.

In admitting my weight gain I end it there. I hold myself accountable because no one can do this for me, but me.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 more to go

hm..static was just over. now i still left two more papers. the coming paper is rather tough though it is an open book test. sigh. hmm..wonder will i get through this semester or not? sob. dare not think about it when i started to think about it. :( hmm...been really stressful these few days. wanted to cry but housemates were around. so i have to stop my tears from rolling down my cheek. :( uh..never mind..just do my best.. :) hmm..i did something stupid yesterday..ehehe...

this is what i do when i was studying. aha.

Friday, September 12, 2008

oh no....

damn....i need help!!! u know what???? i took a nap in the afternoon..i am not supposed to take afternoon nap cause i planned to sleep early tonight.. damn.. i am afraid i could not wake up like what i did on last tuesday..haih.. damn stressed...mummy, i need ur help and support!!!! 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i am back

it is my second blog of the day. pretty tired after studying statics for few hours. now, i wanna write a blog to relax. ehe. i just had few pieces of bread and a bun for my lunch. this morning, i had an oat drink which made me rather full till 2 p.m. i was hungry and hurriedly went down to the shop to buy some food to eat. initially, i planned to eat fried kuey teow for my lunch. all of a sudden, i felt i did not eat bread for quite some time. so i bought a loaf of bread, a packet of twiggies and an anchovies sambal bun. it cost me rm4.20. aha. i can still keep it and eat for tomorrow's breakfast. cheap huh? ehhe... enjoyed my so-called lunch. :)

2days more....

it is thursday. two days more to face static exam. and now you see what am i doing? writing blog again. i told myself that i wouldnt write blog till i finish my exam. it seems that i cant. i need blogging to reduce my stress and to let out my painful feelings. haih.. why would this happen to me? i havent finish a chapter.. too long to finish one..damn.. im pretty upset..tell me what to do?? :( 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 days more

i still have three days to finish up all my statics' syllabus before my exam.. but it seems doesn't work. i read the notes,i did some questions yet i still feel unclear about the chapters. i love this subject very much.. eventually i love all the subjects i'm studying for my course now. but when i do not know how to do it, everything seems turn to hatred. i hate the subjects so much yet i still do not want to give up. i know my mummy and daddy put high hope on me.. and i really do not want to disappoint them. oh god!! can tell me what to do?? i really don't want to make myself to become an useless person in future. what should i do? tell me please. my problems for now is only studies.. STUDIES AND STUDIES!!! oh no...i just want to focus on studies and WHY don't you just grant my wish?? i am depressed right now.. i need my baby!! help me girl!!! now my only way to reduce stress is blogging and expressed all my feelings through here. but it seems to work only 20% out of 100%.. :( damn.. is there anymore way to reduce it? haihhh...

this is because of studying too much. :( that is why i feel so depressed

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


OMG!!! i woke up late for exam today... i quickly rushed to the taxi stand to get a cab.. pretty worried that i might late for exam.. luckily i managed to get there on time...phew~~ then, i went in to take exam.. and all of a sudden, i just realised that i forgot to bring my calculator to exam hall!! oh no!!! i raised up my hand and told the person in-charge that i wanted to go out from the hall to get my calculator. he scolded me..i was quite pissed off.. i just told him i wasn't there when he gave some briefing before the exam started.  you know the feeling of being late for exam and all of a sudden u forgot to bring your stationaries to exam hall... was pretty hectic and pissed off actually.. and it ended the paper turned to be a tough paper. i knew how to do. but when i'm late for exam, it seemed that i forgot almost everything. then no point taking exam right? *sigh* i slept late actually.. that was why i'm late for exam. plus i couldn't sleep even i lied on the bed and planned to sleep. damn.. why was going on with me? insomnia? maybe.. lately i couldn't sleep at all.. last time, i used to sleep quite early even though i'm busy no matter what. and i will wake up early the next morning. but my sleeping time has totally changed. i'm no longer the girl who used to sleep and wake up early. i'm pretty worried that i will become a nocturnal soon... god!! please tell me what to do!!!!!! sob

Monday, September 8, 2008


yesterday i could not sleep... was worrying too much about my exam tomorrow which is mathematics... this subject had been my worst subject since i was in secondary school. frankly speaking, i hate figures and numbers. but i could not just hate the subject for that stupid reason. i will just have to work hard for it as the current course i am studying requires a lot of calculations. i once ever wished not to study any of the courses that require mathematics. but it seems i cant because my favourite course have to study mathematics. *sigh* i tried to sleep at 3.45am yesterday. but i kept on rolling on the bed till 4.10am before i could really put myself into deep sleep. wished i could wake up early to continue doing my mathematics. it was fun to do mathematics especially when you know how to do them. but if  you happened not knowing how to do any of the questions, you will tend to look angry and frustrated. so be prepared for tomorrow's exam.. i wish all my course mates, "good luck!!!". :) pray hard for it!! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

here i come!!!~~~~

4 more papers to go.. gambateh ya!! believe in yourself that u can do it!!! no matter how stressful you not let any obstacles overcome you... jus do it!!! remember that your family is always be there to support you...and please stop eating snacks and tit bits already... they arent healthy..:)

Friday, September 5, 2008

diet please!!!

now its already late...10.54pm..and u noe wat i had done? i had just finished eating my dinner..ahha...great huH? aiyo..fenq, please diet k?? ur getting fatter d....almost all your friends lose weight except for u..u better stop this habit k??? no more nex time please...hmm...i ate watan ho  actually.. and it reminds me of taiping..i used to have watanho for my breakfast on everyday at a small coffee shop.. whenever i go, i will order it and eat...just got back the lovin it.. :) 

Thursday, September 4, 2008


finals are coming and im back in kl to do my final exam for my first semester.. pretty fast huh? how time flies...i wun b spending much writing blog again...mayb i will start writing it once i finish my exam..wish me luck ya... i hope i can do my best in exam and not upsetting my parents...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


i love being in taiping..i can sleep, rest and relax i can go jogging as well..the best place i ever stayed.. :) feel lazy to gobek to kl and study and facing final EXAM...*sigh* wish to gobek to tpg as soon as soon as i finish my final exam..ehee...looking forward...:) oh ya, i have to diet starting from today.. my aunt has been complaining that im very FAT!!! wait for me, LAKE GARDEN!! i will come back to u soon...ahaa

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

nice trip..:)

it was early in the morning that i had planned with my baby to go jogging in lake garden. when i woke up, to my surprise, my dad woke up at the same and told us to get ready to pack our luggage to go to ipoh to stay overnight over there. i told him i wanted to go jogging first before that. it was quite early to go ipoh actually..and luckily my dad soon as i came back from lake garden, i quickly took bathe and got ready all my things. we started our journey at 10am. cause i helped my mum with housework before we left to ipoh. when we reached ipoh, my dad took me to his friend's restaurant to have our so-called breakfast. we have japanese mee and fish noodle for our breakfast. i was too full till i couldnt walk. :( then, my dad offered to fetch us to ipoh parade for shopping as our hotel is just opposite the shopping mall. then he dropped us in ipoh parade and he went to look for his friends. my mum, sis and i shopped nonstop. we just bought whatever we want. ahah...thank god my mum had enough cash with her..=) then we shopped till our legs were tired. we finally decide to walk to our hotel and rest. my mum and dad's room was so far from my room. never mind.. we can have more freedom!! ehe :P my dad told us to get ready for the function. we had to change asap... i wore a black dress while my mummy, daddy and sis wore white. i the odd one? ehe.. we took a lift to lobby and walked to the ballroom. the decorations for the function was fantastic! hydrogen balloons were decorated beautifully. :) the food that were being served were not bad. the dinner ended at 11pm. sis, mum n i went back to our room and rest. my sis and i studied before we slept.

the next morning, my mum called us and woke us up before 7am to have our buffet breakfast at the hotel's coffee house. damn.. it was too early that my sis and i couldnt wake up. but we forced ourselves to do so. then we got ready and went to find mum and dad. we went down to the coffee house for breakfast. can u believe that my breakfast on 7something? early breakfast i would say. but that early did not affect my stomach to eat less.. instead i ate alot. aha..yum yum!! i had all kinds of food for my breakfast. since it was a buffet breakfast, i had nasilemak,hams, sausages,pau,cereals,fruits,orange juice and curry puffs. :) is that alot? aha.. then we headed back to our own hotel room.. i studied for awhile before i fell asleep on the couch. aha..before i managed to lei on the bed, my mum called and said she wanted to come over. then i continued sleeping till 9something when my dad called and ask us to pack our luggage to check out. to my surprise, we are heading to eat another breakfast which is dimsum. (my favourite)...ehe.. wow, DOUBLE BREAKFAST!!! i tried to control myself from eating.. but too bad i cant cos i had been craving for dimsum since i studied in kl. and this popular dimsum restaurant had been my favourite spot to have my dimsum in ipoh since i was young. then, my mum went jusco to do another shopping. dad didnt follow us. u know..guys hardly can go shopping with ladies..ahaha. my dad prefered to join his friends and chitchatting. again, we bought alot of things. amazing huh? aha..we shopped till 5something and dad fetched us home..though it is a tired trip, i enjoyed it alot as i can spend some time with my family after for so long. :)

the ballroom was decorated beautifully

my cheeky sis and i