Friday, August 29, 2008

my home..

i went back to my beloved hometown by sookyee's car. it was a great experience as three of us doesnt know the way to lead us to highway. aha. finally we get to go out of the town through sookyee's map..ehe.. then we started our journey at 10something in the morning. and we reached our hometown about 2pm.. fun and exciting experience we had. as soon as i reached home, i went back to have my lunch.. i even went jogging under the was fun..but too bad nobody iin lake garden. :( then , my baby fetched me home.. :) then, i had my dinner. i ate mooncake as well..yum yum, its delicious.. then i had a great talk with my mum.. :) tmr will be a great day for me!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fun and interesting

today i went to uni to attend one hr of programming exam. before i went to take my exam which is at the lecture hall, i went to have a look at my english coursework pasted on the notice board at 5th surprised that i got such low marks.damn. what is going on to my english? sucks.. haihh... then my grp mates and i went to times square to enjoy ourself. we played bowling. it was exciting. then, i went back home by lrt. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008


when it comes to week14, that means i am going to finish my first semester in university. :) but at the same time, finals are coming too..haih..pretty worried bout my exams.. im happy that i can gobek to taiping to spend my time with my family and study as well.. haih.. :( never mind..just two weeks only..i can take it..ehe..wish me luck ya.. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

wonderful day

today i was excited.. cause i got to meet meiyuin in klcc after for quite sometime.. i miss her so much.. wonder how she look like huh? i woke up early and got myself early this morning to go to klcc and met her. i went with zian. a great day to go on. i hugged meiyuin when i saw her in kinokuniya. oh no, she looked thinner alot. maybe because she told me she couldnt eat pork in her uni.aha. we walked to madam kwan's restaurant to have our lunch. unfortunately, we had to queue up to get some seats. we did not want to wait cause we were pretty hungry actually. ehe. then we went to california pizza kitchen since yuin wanted to eat pizza badly. when we stepped into the place and looked at the menus, we walked out again. and i guess you know why did we do that right? ehe.. then i suggested to have our lunch at kim gary. yuin and zian agreed with me. then we looked for kim gary. and we walked all the way- crossed the road, went into the avenue k, used escalator and we still couldnt find kim gary. then we walked down again and finally we spotted kim gary. to our surprise, kim gary was just beside the klcc lrt station. how silly we were. but at least we gained some experiences. aha. then we ordered cheese baked rice, hot n spice noodles, hot n spicy chicken chop spaghetti, seaweed french fries and a toast bread. yum yum..delicious.. :) we chitchatted nonstop and finished our lunch about 2 something. then we walked around the klcc. about 4pm, yuin headed home. before she went back, she bought 5 rotiboys for her aunt and sisters. i gave her a goodbye hug before she went back. miss her so much..:) then i went to the pavilion to look for jamie's clothes. initially i couldnt find. sob. then i walked to sungei wang to look for it again. fortunately, i met my aunt n cousins in mcd. i dint see them for ages. im very glad to see them. then we chatted for quite long. :) then i headed home after that. went back by lrt and walked back home. tiring day but i enjoyed myself. hope to see yuin, my aunt and cousins again.. :)
wonder what were they doing?

spot the hidden mickey..ehe

meow's thumb with the seaweed fries..

Friday, August 22, 2008


it is friday.. eventually i am looking forward to go back to my hometown next week again. as i can stay longer since it is a study week.. :D but it is not a good thing to be happy about cause my finals are coming!! and i am going to finish my first semester in utar. pretty fast huh? cant imagine how time flies. later i can see myself working and my parents are getting old. sob. :( today was a boring friday for me. i couldnt wake up this morning.damn. luckily i had another hsemate going to the uni at 9 am. then i walked to the library to complete my report. and after today i do not have to worry about lab reports anymore!! hooray...but still i have programming assignment to be completed..haih. and written test too...boring! haih. never mind..i can go back to my hometown after this week and do my daily routine at home.. ehe..:) i had to stay back in the uni till 6pm to finish up our programming assignment. and yet we couldnt complete it as we are being chased away by the lab officer.haih. it was raining very heavily. the road that the bus im was sitting was flooded. eww...what kind of road they were building? why such things could happen? improper drainage was built by the contractors? hmm..totally speechless..

Thursday, August 21, 2008


it was a great day. i enjoyed in the thermo lecture today. my thermo lec celebrated her birthday with us. we felt so guilty cause we did not know it was her birthday today. :( she was cutting her cake after we sang her a birthday song

we are the one who are supposed to wish and make a surprise birthday celebration for her. instead, she got each of us a packet of biscuits and bought herself a small cake.. that was so sweet of her. 
surprisingly today was my coursemate's birthday as well. :) hmm..then after the small celebration, we continued our lecture. she gave us a quiz to do and handed up on the day itself. the class ended at 12pm. then, i headed to the cafeteria to have my lunch. i wanted to have bread for lunch.but too bad, i couldnt resist the temptation. i had chicken rice instead.sob. :( i was supposed to go for a diet plan. but i did not follow it. and i even went to the pasar malam to have lots of junk food.:( i did not eat that for quite long already. haih.. never mind. musnt do that again. control!!! i even bought a mooncake for myself since i cant go back to my hometown to celebrate mooncake festival with my loved ones. i will just have to accept the facts that i am going to have exam the day before. unless i plan to go back to celebrate and more precisely play lanterns with my li baby..ehehe...shhhhh :X hm..then i continued doing my report and chemistry tutorial while watching my favourite tv show again.ehehe...i guess i have to sleep late tonight to complete ma' favourite subject...ehee

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

boring day

today i woke up quite late.i was supposed to wake up at 8am to study but i didn't. :( never mind..after i did not have the mood to study. obviously i cant study since i am still not in a good mood.. just missed her so much.. :( my lecture started at 12pm. i had my breakfast at home and waited for bus at 11smth.. luckily i get it. i can save money again.ehe. then when i reached the lecture hall, nobody was there. nobody informed me that the lecture was cancelled. never mind. i walked to the other block for tutorial class. then, i listened to my musics till i did not notice that my friend walked into the class. my lecturer came into the class about 5minutes late ans gave us some english work to do. about an hour later the class was dismissed. the class was supposed to end at 3pm but it ended at 1.50pm. then i walked to the bus stop to wait for bus. then i headed home. i was pretty bored at home. then i took a 20minutes nap and after awhile i watch a tvb series with shu yin. initially, i planned to cut my hair.but my plan was cancelled due to heavy rain. ah! never mind. i will have to wait for tomorrow again. then, i bought a nasi lemak ayam for my dinner while watching tv. boring day huh? ehe... was hoping for the better tomorrow.. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

new day

a great day for me.. i have to learn to be independent when i had lost someone who is precious in my life... i gotta face the world and i have to learn to be myself.. i will study hard and do well in my finals.. may god and ahma pray for me!!! :)

rainy day

i woke up quite early this morning. i found out the weather is dark.i thought it would be raining anytime. n my wish had granted. it rained quite heavily. but luckily my class started at 2pm. an english lecture was cancelled. i got no idea why did the lecturer had cancelled never mind. that means i have extra time to revise my programming since i did not touch it since i was in taiping. who would have the mood to do it if you were in my situation? luckily mum and dad understood me. they did not scold me cause they know how i felt.. i went to university quite early cause i wanna accompany my housemate to university since she is alone.i reached at uni about 12.15pm. it was still raining mind. luckily i had an umbrella with me. i felt lost all of a sudden. i did not know where to go to. i wanted to go to the library but it was full. so i went to the se room to do some reading. then about 1.25pm i went straight to the lecture hall and look for a place to sit. after my programming lecture, i went for my programming exam. it was really tough for me. i felt so blur and stupid. haih. den i went back home. as soon as i reached home, i quickly finished up my report. then about 7pm, shuyin, my hsemate n i went to brj to have our dinner. we had nasi lemak ayam and roti pisangs. yummy. it was delicious. :) then three of us walked home and hurriedly went back home to watch our drama series. ehe...since exam is coming, i could not afford to waste any more i better stop my blog right now and start doing my revision. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


i love u..ur the best person ever in my heart..u spread your love around and make me feel warm each time.. thanks for all the guidance, support and love you gave..u will always in my heart...i love you alot...misss u..muaxxx...may u rest in peace...:)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

happy n sad?

i was excited to be back in tpg..but i had received a bad news from my mum today..i was so shocked and surprised..after 6weeks of not back to taiping, all of a sudden, i received such news.. i jus cant accept the facts... my tears rolled down my cheeks when i heard that news.. :( i was supposed to enjoy myself in taiping.. in the end, i received such news.. :( haihh...unforgettable moment i ever had.. love u always..miss you..

Thursday, August 14, 2008


i could not believe i am such a weak person..getting lousy from day by day..what is going on with me?? what cause janiceyeap to become like that?? can anyone tell me? haih...i am getting sick of myself seriously...:( what should i do to cure it? and if i drop my tears now, can it help me? pls!!! i really need help...i am getting moody day by day..i feel so weak in studies.. :( i wish i can turn back the time..oh god!! please help me!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


phew..i jus finished my exam and presentation hands was trembling when i presented my slides today..after my presentation, i went to have my lunch at 3pm. :) i had fried mee, tuna toast for my lunch.. yum yum..delicous.. :) hm.after that i went for lecture hall to do my exam.. i finished my exam at 5.30pm.. and i went back home about 6.30pm.. :) more things are yet to come... hope i can manage it well.. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

normal day..

i woke up late today.. i overslept. damn..what was going on? why am i been overslept these few days? getting more lazy..sigh... when i woke up, i noticed that the fan was on. i thought the electricity might had been recovered back last night when i was sleeping. i was studying and memorising my presentation and all of a sudden, the electricity was tripped. so i had to go to bed and sleep. i went for statics lecture at 11am as usual. i went for public transport today. n luckily i got it. but as soon as i reached, i saw the utar bus was on its way to university. damn.. i have been fooled again.. :( hm..never mind. there is still other options for me. :) i went for lunch. i had nasi lemak for lunch. and right after i had my lunch, my stomach was feeling not right. suddenly, i felt the pain on my stomach. i cant be going back cause i had to attend maths lecture. sob. i tried to bear the pain till i went back at 3pm. i have to prepare for my presentation and maths..wish me luck.. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008


it is on monday again. i could not believe with my eyes that it is already the 12th week i am studying in utar..  how time flies huh? and now i have to rush for my assignments which is supposed to hand up on friday. i could not imagine myself that i am going to finish up my 1st semester in utar. and do you know what does that mean? it means finals are coming!!! damn.. i have to be crazy again. too much things to do at the same time can make me go insane very soon.. as usual today i woke up late again. i was supposed to wake up at 8am. in the end, i turn off my alarm clock and continued sleeping till 9.30am. aha. new pig is coming!! :P luckily my class started at 12pm. or else i will be late for lecture.. ehehe. i got myself ready and ate some crackers for my breakfast. i walked out hurriedly to get bus. but the bus did not wait for me. damn. luckily there was a metro bus and i managed to get into the bus and go to university. :) i am happy that i can save money on cab.. ehe.. then i reached university about 11.45am. i walked to the SE room quickly to get a place to sit. i saw my friends wore formally. they looked good in it. i was wondering whether i can look good like them cause i looked rather plump. this was the saddest thing i am reluctantly to say. staying in kl for almost 2months can make me grow fatter. and i did not have the determination to go jogging here as there is no recreation park for me to go jogging. *sigh* i could not even resist the temptation of eating all the delicious food in kl. but still i prefer my taiping food which is always the best. and not forgotten my aunt's home cooked food. :) after two hours in the room hearing and seeing how my friends presented, i walked to the lecture hall for programming class. and something is not right today. bad mood swing. *sigh* suddenly oggy called me to tell me that the bus tickets to taiping had sold out. she has to skip her class on this friday just to go back taiping as there is only 8.30am bus ticket is available. she even asked me to buy the tickets back to kl on sun as early as possible as a lot of people will be going back to taiping since it is the 15th of july of lunar month. i hurriedly phoned my mum and asked her to buy tickets for me. in the conversation, my mum told me that my dad is going to china tonight. hmm.. watching olympics in beijing is it? i wonder. aha.. but i hope i can see my dad on this coming friday as i miss him so much. hope he will be back in malaysia when i am in taiping. :) i am looking forward to go back to taiping as i dint go back since more than a month ago. hope there is no lectures or extra classes on saturday again.. *praying hard to god*

Sunday, August 10, 2008

10th of august 2008

it is sunday. suppose to be a great day for me. i planned to go jogging around my condo today. but i couldn't wake up. too tired to wake up. i couldn't even hear my alarm clock rang. i had missed a chance to go jogging again. never mind. there is still some other time for me to go again. then i continued sleeping again. and to my great surprise, i woke up at 11.57am, 3 minutes before it was going to be 12pm. great sleeping habit huh? felt so tired after sleeping too long. got headache all of a sudden. *sigh* what was going on? am i feeling alright? hmm.. then i got up and took a bath. then i continued studying till 3pm and went online while doing my slides for english presentation. about 5pm, i walked to a nearest stall to have my dinner. i had spagetti with chicken meat for dinner. not that expensive. but it could not satisfy my stomach. :P then i bought banana fritters and curry puffs. this time, i felt full and it could really satisfy my stomach. whee. then i walked home and continued my studies. another weekend had gone. coming up is my EXAM and PRESENTATION!! 

Saturday, August 9, 2008


not a great weekend for me. tired and felt restless.. i had to go to university to attend my maths extra class. started at 8am making me feel so lazy and tired to go to university. furthermore, it was too early for me. luckily i slept early last night at 9.30am due to dizziness on my head. luckily i did not faint. or else i did not know what to do. i woke up early the next morning and got myself ready. and yet i am still late for the extra class by 5 minutes. my class ended at 10.25am and i rushed outside to get a public transport. i reached home about 10.40am. i was alone in the house. i went straight to my room to get some rest. i almost fell asleep when i was listening to musics. then i get myself ready about 11am to go out with my friend to get my formal clothes which i need to wear on my presentation day on this coming wednesday. oh gosh!! it is hard to get a nice formal outfit for myself.. i am too upset to get one and quickly look out for a place to have my lunch..i had fries and donut for lunch. 

i felt so full. i went to pavilion to get my formal clothing. luckily i got an esprit singlet :) and a skirt at jusco on my way back from pavilion. a tiring day for me. i gotta sleep early tonight. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

came and gone

i had my peaceful day. early in the morning i woke up early to go to university with my room mate. i reached at university about 8.15am. then i walked straight to the library. i planned to walk into the seminar room to book a row of places for my friends and i to sit during chemistry lecture as well. too bad, the room was fully occupied by a group of seniors to do their mid term examination. then i headed to the reading room to do some mathematics calculations. the calculations seemed to look interesting. i enjoyed them a lot with my musics on. :) about 9.45am, i quickly packed up my things and walked to the seminar room. i walked to get a place to sit to do my tutorial. my lecturer came and gave us some lectures about organic chemistry. interesting subject i would say cause it has been my favourite since i was in secondary school. 
all of a sudden another lecturer came to tell us that she needed the room for her students to sit for examination. she negotiated with my lecturer and we had to move to the lecture hall and continue our lectures. the lecture ended at 12.25pm. then, i walked with my friends to the cafeteria to have our lunch. i had nasi lemak and banana cake (again i am going to tell you that it is my favourite) today. after that, i walked to the SA block to go for my maths tutorial at 2pm. the tutorial ended at 3.15pm and i had to rush for another class which is suppose to start at 3pm till 6pm. an experiment needed to be done. it was a long process. however, i enjoyed it cause i had my friends to crap with while doing it. we manage to finish it at 5.45pm. my friends and i again walked to get a public transport at tar college. two of my friends went back first. left another friend of mine and me waiting for bus. my friend suggested to get a cab and a girl wanted to get a cab too. so three of us got up on a cab and headed to our next destination. i walked to jusco to buy my daily groceries and walked back home after that. a tiring day for me and i enjoyed it. :) 

Thursday, August 7, 2008


today my life wasn't that dull. but guess wat? i felt i am so useless in the thermo lecture today..all of a sudden, i felt so pressured and almost dropped my tears. luckily i have a few great friends around me consoling me. unlike certain people. after my thermo lecture had ended, i walked with my new friends to the cafeteria for lunch. i had bihun with vege roll, banana cake (my favourite) and bread. though it sounds alot, i enjoyed eatin them cause eating can change my unhappy mood. :) about 12.50pm, i went for statics tutorial at SE Block. after this, i continued for my maths lecture. another boring lecture. and to my surprise, i did not fall asleep. aha. cause all my friends were busy talking as they did not understand what did the lecturer was saying. i was just trying to pay attention to the lecture. after all, the lecture wasn't boring. just the lecturer spoke in a broken english..ehe... i guess if my lecturer sees this, he is going to chop me off. :P after his lecture, i went for programming class with ning xin, wei sien and hong huei. :) my practical ended at 4.50pm and i went back home. there goes another day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


i am writing my first blog here. my life however can be considered as boring and stressful. somehow i am enjoying it.. now i am studying my favourite course. but behind these stories, no one knows how stressful i am to study my favourite course. sometimes the outsiders do not understand the actual process of my journey to further my studies in this course. only i am the one who understand how the process looks like and how is it going on.
at first i was happy and excited to study my favourite course. as time goes by, somehow i felt i have made a wrong decision (i guess). but i told myself to continue it and work harder on it. can anyone understand my feelings right now?i wanted to express all my unhappy feelings right here but i do not even have the time to continue writing it anymore as i have to rush my lab reports. hope to continue it some other time.