Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my sis...

Baby, you know i miss you so much. One and a half  hour left and i'm going off for holidays without YOU! How could National Service pull you away from me? And i'm going for holidays alone without you by my side. Actually i was hoping you will come back as soon as possible. Just want to spend more time with you before you are going off for studies after your National Service. If you get the chance to study in KL, i would love to. hehe. If u get matriculations, haih. I don't hope you will go actually. haha. Pray hard that your 'little' wish to come true okay? I will buy something back for you. Waiting to see you during CNY. hehe. Remember our mission! blek. Call me when you wanted to talk to me. Love you. Miss you. muaxx. =)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a wonderful gathering. =)

I had a gathering with my convent friends on last sunday. we were supposed to meet up at Kenny Roger's. i reached there late due to certain reasons. sob. hate it. i had to drive one big round in order to reach tesco. that was why i was late. there were cycling expedition event held in lake garden. :( nicole and i reached there about 11.40am. our gathering was supposed to be at 11.15am. haih. i apologised to them. not many of our friends went there. only lay ann, jo ann, anita, annie, nicole and i. mostly all of our friends had gone back to local universities to continue their studies for 2nd semester. we had our brunch at Kenny Roger's. Anita still look the same. i think NO! even more skinny compared to when she was in secondary school. lolx. wonder how will she look like when she is pursuing her studies in New Zealand? haha. meanwhile nicole told me that she had gained weight. lolx. but i couldnt see that she is fat at all. hmm... by right she should say that i had grown fatter. cause singapore food can make me fat. lolx. after paying the bill, we walked around the mall. pretty boring! nothing new as usual. haha. we walked into the gift shop. the things that were displayed were cute and nice. hehe. later on, we headed to starbucks. nic wanted to go to starbucks badly. so we just went there and chit chatted. we went back about 2.30pm cause nic had to attend a wedding dinner at night in Penang. 

group picture in Kenny Roger's

nicole and i. best buddies forever. :D

i took this when anita is not alert to her surroundings. hehe

nic, jo and i. :D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

sad =(

sad to say she had left already. im gonna miss her a lot. miss her chubby face,. miss her jokes. miss her stupid and crazy acts. =( hopefully she will finish up her NS soon. few more weeks to go before she is coming back for CNY. love you baby. gonna miss you soooooo much.. :D remember our mission. lolx. muaxxx... 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

the day has come.. :(

i was hoping that my sister will spend more time with me..but too bad she cant. she is leaving for National Service tomorrow. :( how time flies! she managed to have one month holiday only after her SPM. why cant she go for National Service on next year? And why would the government make it so early? how i wish a cousin of mine will help me that. haih. however enjoy yourself girl..gonna miss you so much.. take care know your sister loves you the most. heehee... thanks for the wonderful day today.. muax muax.

Friday, December 26, 2008

a day trip to chalet. :)

was having lunch at matang with dad and dad's friends. uncle michael and auntie michael came all the way from ipoh to visit daddy. so daddy planned to treat them eating seafood. :) i was too full to finish up all the food that were served. nice dishes i had. after lunch, mum. sis and i headed to cousin's house.wanted to see my little nieces very badly. so we went there. had ice-cream- Love Sparks from Cornetto. hmm..yummy! after that, my cousin fetched my sis and i back to sentosa to visit chalets. she offered me to drive instead. but i rejected it cause its her new car. not wanting her to scold me if anything happen though she loves me a lot. heee... :D took a few pictures of the sceneries and decorations. :) let the pictures do the talking. hehee... :P

Merry Christmas!

Sorry and sad to say yesterday was Christmas Day. didnt have much time to update my blog. i celebrated it by going to cousin's shop. :) went tesco with mum and sister after that. something happened on our way to guardian later on. haha. but thank god.we were very lucky.

Christmas wishlist ----->
- a collection of nike stuffs. :D
- wish to keep fit. and have the figure i'm expecting.
- wish my sister get to study the course she wants. :D
- wish my parents always in the pink of health.
- wish my brother gets what he wants.
- wish to get good results in upcoming exams.

Monday, December 22, 2008

HolidaY oF The yEaR 2008

i didn't get much time to update my blog for almost a week. i was supposed to update them but the internet wasn't free of charge. sob. been busy with my vacation with my family. i looked forward to it cause i got the chance to meet my brother. whee. =D he didnt come back to taiping cause he wanted to work there. i couldn't write much about my trip as i can't recall what did i do during the past one week.

1st day ----->

my dad woke me up at 6.50am. i was very sleepy though. (get used to it already.hehe) He has this habit where he will wake up very early to start his destination. we got ready our things and put our luggage into the car boot. and we started our journey at 8am. we stopped by at ipoh and reached there about 8.45am to have our breakfast and met my dad's friend as well. i had my favourite dimsum-s. hmm...yummy yummy! =) i couldnt eat much though it is my favourite cause my stomach was rather full. after breakfast, we headed strait to south which is Johor. supposingly, dad wanted to drive us to malacca to visit some of the historical places before we headed straight to Johor, but it was cancelled. dad continued his journey and reached Skudai about afternoon. my dad went to meet his friend in Skudai. (friends all over in Malaysia. haha. :P) we stayed one night in Skudai and stayed in a budget hotel. not bad for a budget hotel. i get to sleep in a comfortable and cosy bed. that night, we had dinner in a restaurant. oh gosh! i was very full. (no wonder i'm so fat) i couldnt breathe at all.. sob sob. :( hmm... hope to find a gym and did some workout. *sigh* after dinner, we went back to our room and took a nice sleep. :)


2nd day ----->

as usual my dad will wake us up early. that day i had to wake up early cause my dad's friend planned to come over and fetched us across singapore. dad's car had to leave in my dad's friend house for four days. initially, dad's friend told us to get ready by 7 or 7.30am cause he was afraid of traffic congestion. in the end, we waited till 9am for uncle to pick us up. uncle complained that the traffic were terrible. uncle told us that the new imigration centre was just started to operate.

the side view of the new imigration centre. good bye Malaysia!

hmm. there was only a way to lead to Woodlands. and the road was a winding road.making me almost puke. lolx. before we crossed over to Singapore, uncle Lee took us for brunch in Tampoi. again i was overloaded. =.=". right after our brunch, uncle Lee sent us to the hotel which was located in Kicthener road. there is a MRT station nearby and it was convenient and easy for us to take train. :) as soon as we reached the hotel, we headed straight to our room. we waited for my brother to meet us up. wonder how he looked like. hehe. could it be fatter or thinner? lolx. later he came and we walked to Farrer Park station without our dad. (my dad hated shopping. hee.) we took a train to Clarke Quay. there is a new shopping centre-Central over there. hmm..nice building! then, i took a few pictures of christmas decorations. :) (too lazy to upload. :P) there was a ice-skating performance regarding christmas. again i would say, NICE! uniquely done. a big applause to the performers!! brother bought us tiny donuts for us to try. :) then, we took a train to Chinatown and Bugis and did some shopping. brother again bought us cream puffs for our tea time.

Merry Christmas from Beard Papa. :)

my parents bought me a watch for my birthday. (though my birthday was over almost a month ago) :D thanks alot mummy and daddy. :D we reached hotel about 7pm cause we were going for dinner with uncle Lee again. :) again i was overloaded. =.=". thank god. the hotel i was staying had a gymnasium. whee..there goes my second day of trip. :)


3rd day ----->

i woke up early cause the gymnasium opened at 7am. went with my sister. we did some workout. i tried almost all the equipments. and i had a big sweat. :) after gym, we went back to our room and got ourselves ready for breakfast with uncle Lee. after breakfast, we took a train to Harbour Front and went to Vivo City.

heading to harbour front. :)

from Vivo City, we took a commuter to sentosa island. our first stop was merlion. the statue was so huge. we took a few pictures of it. then, we went to the highest part of the statue. i got to see the whole singapore. amazing views! :D next stop, we went to sky tower. this sky tower will turn 360 degree and goes up from a few hundred metres from the ground. (opps.couldnt recall how much metres from the ground already.) next, we headed to sentosa 4D magix. i would rate this 5stars out of 5 cause it was really fun and interesting. it was quite hard for me to describe it here. so why not you guys go and have a try? :D our last stop was fort siloso tour. this was quite boring. it was about the history of singapore. hehe. we were too tired to walk anymore. sob sob. then, we took a bus back to the beach station. not wanting to waste our time here, we walked to the siloso beach. oh no! i spotted some cute hunks playing beach ball. hehe.
Siloso Beach
after that, we took a commuter back to Vivo City. my brother took us to a pet shop. a BIG pet shop i would say. he even showed us how they groomed the dogs. the dogs were so cute! :D

The Pet Safari Singapore

we walked around the mall. we went back to our hotel in the evening. :D while on our way back i bought a corn bread. malaysia don't have such bread. sob. at night, we went for dinner. oh no, again i was overloaded! no words to describe my dinner every night. haha.

Vivo City

4th day ----->

i woke up early again. went for workouts in gym early in the morning. :D a good start for me. hehe. after that, we went for breakfast with uncle Lee again. after breakfast, we went to Orchard road to collect my sister's watch. then, we took a lot of pictures of Christmas decorations while we were walking. i spotted a big shop of Louis Vuitton. :D

Louis Vuitton.. heee... :D

then, we went shopping as usual. and the branded stuffs were quite cheap. after that, we headed to Suntec City and took a lof of pictures. hehe. some of the places were quite familiar to me cause i had been there before.

The Koi Garden

the best part was that particular MRT station linked to every shopping malls that i went. it could actually help me to reduce my skin from exposing to sun. cause that day the weather was VERY hot. later, we had our breads which were bought at Bread Talk. (my favourite bakery) while walking around,i spotted nike singapore shop.nice one. it was practically very unique. how i wished i own the shop. haha. my brother met his friend who worked there. *jealous*. hehe

NikeSingapore.. *drool*

my sis bought something before we went back to our hotel room. we were tired. going back for dinner with dad's friends. :) again i was overloaded. there were a lot of delicious food to eat. yummy! hehe..

5th day ----->

i woke up early again. i packed all my things in the luggage waiting for uncle Lee to fetch us back to Johor. hmm.. GOOD BYE BROTHER AND SINGAPORE! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!! we were stucked in the imigration centre for more than half an hour. haih. i was very sleepy at that time. i wished i had a bed to sleep on. hehe. later, we went for lunch before collecting our car at dad's friend's house. my dad drove all the way to Kuala Lumpur and stayed overnight. we stayed at Crystal Crown Hotel which is located in Kepong. at night, we went for dinner with dad's friends. after dinner, my mum, sis and i went to KLCC with dad's friend's wife. she fetched us there. there were a lot of great sales. :D there were midnight sales too. we went back about 11something.

ma room

6th day ----->

my aunt took us to sungei wang plaza that morning. we went shopping. hehe.met another auntie as well. a great reunion. hehe. after shopping, we went back to our hotel and started our journey back to Taiping. hmm..i miss my home after a week. :D i had a great time with my family. thanks a lot.

p/s: more pictures to upload. but i'm too lazy. haha.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

HaPpY biRTHdAY!!!


good mood.. haha

haha... guess what? i'm in the mood of blogging. lolx. i just do not have the idea of what to blog. perhaps blogging about what am i currently doing? hmm..nah ah.. i think that is not a great idea cause my lifestyle is rather boring everyday. what i do almost everyday are sleeping,eating, jogging and watching drama that my sis and i are currently addicted to.. hehee..

hmm.. nothing much to write. i am currently listening to jj's songs. been repeating the whole album about an hour ago. i am addicted to the songs since i saw jj sang the songs in show luo's tv show. i love all the songs in the album. his appearance in this new album was super cool.

last friday, he held a mini autograph session in ong's association in taiping. his dressing was cute. looks more like he is wearing a school uniform. (oops.. hope that he didnt see me writing that. :X)but he wore a hat. looks cute in it. but too bad, the audience wasnt supportive at all. compared with rynn's mini autograph session, jj's mini autograph session was dull.. no one cheered for him especially the one sitting behind my seats. i felt pity for jj. i had tried my best to cheer for him but still ....... haih....

i was totally upset with it. seemed like no one knew his new songs too. haih. would you call the audience as his fans? not knowing any songs from his album making me feel upset and disappointed for him. even though i'm not a big fan of his, at least i knew all his songs. hehe. (was admiring myself actually.. *puke*) i wasnt feel excited after all. i would rate this mini autograph session - 5/10. i'm so sorry, jj. but to me, you are the best. thanks for paying a visit to taiping. love you. muackss... =)

*currently listening to 'Wo Hai Xiang Ta' - JJ Lin
*in good mood
*dark weather ( going to rain again.. =( sobs )


Finally, i can do it..i can make it through. (i can make it through the rain!! woohoo..:P) when i had learnt to be myself ( what i meant was my true self), i found out that nothing cant make me go through the journey of my life.

for the past few weeks, i had learnt something which was very important and meaningful to me. knowing myself being the most stupid in the family, i knew i had turned myself into a better human. with parents' and siblings' support, nothing else matters to me anymore. of cause there are certain friends whom i treasure the most in my life. i wouldnt want to mention it here. as long u guys are in my heart, you are always in my heart. (i'm telling the truth). i'm terribly soory (oopss...i typed wrongly. it should be SORRY..haha.) if i had done anything wrong to you.

there were times that we were being childish. lolx. i promised you such characters wont happen in our life again. seriously i was very glad that i can forget about it. my life will not get affected by it anymore! yay!!! thanks to myself. haha. thanks for making it through with me... i just love you so much ----> my soul!!! =)

p/s: wont be spending much time on blogging this week. will update when i'm free... =)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

the chemistry of the bond. =)

i am looking forward to it...that will give me at least a week break to run from facing the truth. i am learning to become more and more childish nowadays. thanks to my little baby who helped me to transform into such young girl. *laugh* almost every second, both of us will make something silly. i had told her that she really influenced me a lot. the janice she used to know since she was young was a coward girl. never ever once make her family proud of her. always make her parents upset and disappointed. haih. but right now, she changed me a lot. that is why i am very thankful to have her. =)

i am glad that she will always beside me. having her in my life is the best gift from god. she helps me a lot especially in giving advice, solving problems and most importantly, she helps me to stand up for myself. as she knows, i am always a weak sister in her heart. lolx. WHY do i said so?

first, i cant protect myself. secondly, i am a soft-hearted girl (which means i am weak right?? )
thirdly, i am stupid. (you know what i mean baby...:P ) frankly speaking, my sister is a tough and hardworking girl. she studies. she sleeps. she eats. and she even good at COMPUTER. hehe. but there is one thing that she is not good at. i guessed she knows what i mean. haha. what a bad sister you have girl. :P

i love her being straight forward to me. whenever she is angry, her cute and chubby face makes me wanna pinch her more. after all, i am good at making her laugh. hehe. the countdown to the national service is just in few weeks time. hmm. gonna miss her jokes and laughter.

i always tell her that she is the best sister in the world. but she keeps ignoring it. ignoring the facts!! haha. never mind. i will just have to keep in mind. and i wouldnt tell her that anymore. hehe.

besides, i always hope that she will further her studies in kl after her spm. so that i can spend more time with her. hmm. the one and only way to keep her beside me. haha. i know i am being selfish. i think after all i am the only one who get the advantages more. :P sorry girl. lolx.

how time flies. a quick glance back to our childhood. we were young at that time when three of us being naughty at home. fighting over toys and quarrelling among us. and now all of us have grown up. we have learn to cherish each other. each of us are busy chasing our own dreams and not wanting to disappoint our parents. when we were young, we always aim to be grown ups so that we can help to contribute to the societies later on. right now, i do not want to grow older because i am leaving my home to chase after my dreams. =( i felt sad for them especially when my siblings and i are leaving them for studies making my parents feel lonely.

the bond i have in my heart will always in my mind. please bear in my mind that do not let money destroy our family bond. family bond is always the best. even when we are too poor, we should not let money betray us.

few days more to go. am looking forward to it. hope it will make me forget my sad moments in taiping. and no one would ever understand me more than my little sister. baby, good luck in everything you do okay? make us proud of you. ehe. muackss... =)

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Do i get the chance that i always wanted to? do i have the opportunity to do what i want? and did you ever appreciate me? and have you ever think of maintaining it? perhaps every questions that i am willing to know the answers from each and everyone of you were USELESS!! cause no one take the initiative to do so. and i had told myself to leave everything to GOD to decide it. and i know what went wrong. after this, everything will be GONE forever. thanks for letting me to know who and what you are.. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i have everything you said in me.

YES!! you are sure to be right! definitely it is right! everything she had said to me was the best words to describe me. she just makes me admire her for saying people like that! but PLEASE!! do consider your own situation before you start commenting people. don't ever judge people through others. i NEVER ever said i am strong. i am powerful. i am the ruler. and i DON'T conquer the world around me. i always believe in fate. because of FATE, i get to know each and everyone of you. because of fate i get to know a lot of friends.

You guys make me change my impression towards you and now you started to say you are disappointed in me? those words were coming out from your mouth and you hurt me a lot. i knew i might hurt you as well. never ever once people said that to me even when we were arguing. they always advice me in a proper way making me appreciate what they have done to me.. after all what i want is the words coming out from your mouth and blurt everything out right onto my FACE. i will accept it if you just scold right in front of me. but too BAD you didn't do so.

i am not who you think i am. i am who i think i am!!!!!!!!!! don't always blame yourself to ask for sympathy from friends. only idiot people will think that you are pitiful!!!!! you are not in my shoes, don't assume you know everything about me!!

The worst situation was you were sad cause i hurt your friend and you came right after to blame me. i didn't even know what was going on. and you said i hurt a friend of yours? alright.. maybe that was the previous incident happened before making you feel that i hurt her. but why cant your friend just tell me straight? and why would you have to go through a cycle where i knew how i hurt her from you?

Maybe the word 'close' isn't the best to describe us yet. for all i know, friends never end up in such condition. definitely after a few minutes of fight, we will be back to normal. but we didn't in the end. and i knew what went wrong already. i am very disappointed. =( never mind. after all, any mistakes that had been done couldn't be rewinded back. i just wished my new life begin at this moment. =)

Lastly, i don't judge friends like this. after all, now i know i love my friends a lot even though we used to have arguments since we were in secondary school. i used to think that we were kinda childish at that moment. but i really love you guys a lot. at least you guys brightened up my secondary school life. i am terribly sorry if i had hurt anyone of you. and thank you for the advice that you guys gave to me!! love you guys...muaxxx... =)

Monday, December 8, 2008

linda is in town!!

Based on my caption above, i guess everyone will know what am i going to write right? well, im writing about my experience seeing a hk artist-Linda Chung in Taiping Sentral recently. an autograph session was held on 6th of december 2008 in Taiping Sentral. first time ever, i saw there was a big crowd gathering in taiping sentral just to see linda. everyone was very anxious to see her. i was supposed to work on that day, but i sneaked out just to see her cause i admire her a lot. hehe. hope no one complained to my supervisor on that day. lolx. the event supposed to start at 3pm but all of us kept on waiting for her till 3.40pm. while waiting for her to appear on stage, an emcee distributed linda's poster which were sponsored by bio-essence. currently linda is the ambassador for tanaka's white facial product of bio-essence. :)

the huge crowd of fans waiting for linda in the mall.

I didnt get the poster. never mind. cause im happy to see her. that is what i'm concerning about. hehe. initially i couldnt get a place to look closer at her. then, a friend of mine spotted a tiny little spaces between the KOSE poster boards and both of us sneacked in. haha. phoebe- dj came later to start the event. then here comes the talk of the day - LINDA CHUNG!! she was very tall and her skin is tanned. NICE!! i just admire her beauty. wow. no words to describe her. she is superb beautiful. =) she came on the stage and sang a few songs. i was busy taking her pictures and videos as well. eventually, i didnt really know her new songs. ehehe. so i wouldnt call myself a big fan of hers. after that, here comes her autograph session. i couldnt go up on the stage cause i didnt buy her album. then, i planned to go back after this. later i spotted engsoon and he told me kuo chin and way choon were there. there goes way choon and kuo chin. both of them are crazy of her. haha. i heard there was a crowd yelling "I LOVE CHUNG KAR YAN" at linda. haha. i guessed it must be way choon's gang. lolx.

phoebe- dj

linda with phoebe
linda was singing her new song
she was singing her new song

the side view of hers

I went and look for them. haha.i just cant describe the feelings of theirs. both of them stood so near the stage just to look closer at her. haha. pretty crazy huh? i managed to take a few pictures of her side views. half an hour later, she went back with her private body guards escorting her out from the mall. she was heading to penang after this autograph session for another one. i guessed the news of linda coming to my town is making me proud of my town. A Hong Kong artist would come to my town? haha. perhaps no one will believe that but it do happen. ehe. im glad. =)

the stage that was made specially for her autograph session.

linda's poster pasted outside the glass window of the mall.

Friday, December 5, 2008

part time job. its my working day again.. hopefully it will be my last project after this and hopefully i can enjoy it to the max.. mainly because i hardly spend time with my mummy.. as i know my mummy is only free on weekends. accompanying her shopping makes me feel the best. i enjoy shopping with her a lot. though we dont get to buy things due to certain circumstances. ehe. and particularly im working on weekends. does that mean i cant spend much time with her right?

after this, i will be back to kl to continue my studies. my sister wont be around accompanying her as well cause she is going for NATIONAL SERVICE!! talking about that make me sad at first. but luckily i am not at home thinking of being lonely cause i will be busy with studying. therefore, i can take my studying excuse not to miss her so much..hehe. actually i am hoping to stay together with her after her form5. i am hoping to see her studying in college cause i can spend more time with her during weekends if she will be in kl. right? haha. my lame excuse again. never mind. she understands me well. lolx.

oh ya, mummy, you will always hav my support with you. remember that ok? love you mummy!! no matter where you go, you will have your daughters and son by your side. =)

right now, i was thinking now whether i should go to kl this week. pretty tired when i think about it. haih. what am i suppose to do? sob.. :( many things occured in my mind. problems and more problems coming in. i hardly spend time with my beloved gang too. im so sorry. after my holiday, i will try to organise a trip for us to enjoy before our uni life starts ok? ehehe... miss you guys..muaxx... =)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

an outing.. :)

haha. its been quite long i dint go out with you. thanks for fetching me to watch movie. i enjoyed it alot. but its your little mistake that made us late for the movie. haha. busy reading newspaper before you came to fetch me. in the end both of us were late for the movie. haha. its your fault for making me blur when we watched the front part of the movie. but luckily i understood what was the movie about. e watched 'beast stalker'. my favourite actor was acting in the movie. haha.. its my second time watching movie in such low class cinema. my first time was with my little baby. ehe. hm. why would i claim the cinema is a low class cinema? first, the seat wasnt uncomfortable at all. secondly, it made me dizzy and almost puked. sob. fortunately i managed to control myself till the show ended. there were some spectators busy talking and werent paying attention to the movie at all.. and there was a boy who was sitting behind me kept on kicking my seat.damn. i was pissed off. i wanted to scold him badly for disturbing me. and beside waychoon, there's a few gals busy laughing and chitchatting all the way. i was wondering whether they were busy watching movie or just paying the ticket to sit in the cinema and chitchatting? ish.. after the movie, he took me to panorama and had our so-called dinner. haha. i had egg sandwiches while he had panorama fried rice. initially i planned to eat ice-cream but i was still coughing. so my intention to eat ice-cream was cancelled. hehe. here comes my freaking hobby- taking pictures. lolx. i took a picture of my food. ehhe... thanks for the movie my friend. i enjoyed watching with you. and thanks for a ride. :)

the food that i had ordered - egg sandwiches
movie that we watched. =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

hatred and unfairness

my life had been changing since the day i had learnt something. perhaps that was what im thinking. but it is getting obvious. now i knew my life turned upside down. i know the reason. i wished to tell it here. but i think it is just the secret between myself. i wanted to blurt everything out here. but do you think i have the choice to do so? oh no.i hate myself. why am i putting myself into such major problems???!!! fakers are everywhere. some were just pretending. and never ever trust them please!! i hate to trust people anymore... i knew im cruel sometimes. oops! maybe not cruel sometimes. but CRUEL ALL THE TIME!! i always hurt my friends. and sorry to say i dont deserve to be your friend. maybe that will better if i quit them and live everything on my own. let me be the one suffer, endure my pain and solve everything on my own...i knew all my word were rather mean to you. i always break my promises... and it will be better if i didnt start it. never start to know each and everyone of you. im deeply hurt and sad after all things wonder no friends will always be with me till forever. now i knew it. im destinied to live without friends FOREVER!!!!!!!!! its good if no one cares for me. let me cry and solve my own problems. starting from today, janice yeap tsuey fenq will not reply anybody's sms-es anymore.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

worst days of my life...

i cant believe right after my first job, i fell sick. the worst sick of the year. i was having high fever. bad cough, sore throat and flu as well. oh well, i was waiting for my sis to finish her exam to fetch me to see doctor. it was my second time she fetched me.. ehehe...she felt nervous when fetching me..ahaha.. all i can do was just sleep and rest well. :( i couldnt jog as well. the funniest thing was i was craving to eat 'pau'. aha. but too bad, my mum didnt buy for me right after work. i made faces in front of my dad and mum. aha. sorry dad and mum for my stupid attitude. forgive me please cause i was sick at that time. hehe :) later about 11pm, my dad wanted to go out and bought some 'pau-s' back. my mum stopped him from doing so cause my mum said i just craved for pau at that moment. after awhile i didnt want to eat anymore. after that, i had my medicine and dozed off very quickly. the next morning, my dad woke me up and asked me to eat 'pau'. i was deeply touched. my dad went to get 'pau-s' the next morning just because of my childish attitude. hmm..thanks alot daddy. when things didnt happen, you wouldnt know how much your family love you. so please before you could do something silly, think of them first. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

back with old lifestyle...lolx

i am back. back to my old lifestyle after i had finished my first project yesterday. the job was rather boring. oh no!! i am not supposed to say like that. yesterday my mood wasnt that good. lazy consulting my consumers all the way.i was just hoping to go back and had a GOOD rest. i miss my sis tho it was only two days of working. and i guessed this will be my first and last project after this. :) i wished right now i can spend more time with my family cause i only have a month left from now in taiping. i will just have to wait next year for my semester break again. oh ya, yesterday i met my dearest sulin, sweeling, anita, and also nicole's parents. owhhhhh....i miss nicole alot. miss my smc friends soooooooo much!! when will we have the time to gather around and chitchatting? hopefully we do have the chance... :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

peaceful days...=(

my parents werent at home for the past three days. my house was totally quiet especially without my mummy's jokes around. i miss the sounds everytime my mummy came back from work. my dad's voice calling our names each time he comes back home. and the sound of footsteps walking into my sister's room. hmm.. everyone will be happy if parents werent around at home. he or she will take this opportunity to loiter around till midnight without having mummy's nag all night..he or she will drive daddy's car around fetching friends here and there? or hang out at somewhere else? or perhaps having friends to stay over at his/her house and mess up the whole place? haha.. but to me, i wasnt happy and excited at all sis and i were just having the advantage of sleeping in the master room. lolx. And also the chance of watching tv in master room without having my feet walking down to the living room. ahaha...even though mum and dad werent here for few days, it seems like they were not here for a week! thank god my mum n dad will give us a call every night telling us what they did over there. lolx. and today is my daddy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! =) thanks for all the love and care you gave to us.. love ya..muackss... <3

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

deeply depressed...

i was upset when i didnt see my name were in the list. god..i worked all day hoping that i will get it..but ? haih....the world is being unfair to me....i told myself not to be hardworking anymore...ahahaa...

Monday, November 17, 2008


finally i had experienced working inside the tesco hypermarket. oh my.the rules are rather need to wear black shoes with black socks with white blouse or t-shirt in order to go to the staff entrance. i couldnt get a black shoes at i got my mum's to wear it. it fits perfectly. but too bad my toes were hurt. cause that shoes cant take me to stand for 10hours.ahaha. i had to bear with it for a day. then, i went to get a pair of black shoes as soon as i back from work on my first day. :) i had my mum's blazer too. lolx. everything i wore belongs to my mum..i was happy cause i get to work in group. then it wouldnt be that boring. but the idea of standing for 10 hours excluded 2 hours break wasnt good. it really made you feel tired. and i have to stand for four days before another weekend. it is f***king tired. but i get to know alot of things.the best to work there was RECESS. ehe. i got to visit shihui, kak amy, c2o and zian. however through this job i had gained alot of experience. thanks for giving such opportunity to me to work. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my first task. hmm...

I didnt want to work!! All of a sudden, im feeling nervous and worried. gosh. How to overcome these feelings? help!! help! The job im going to work isnt easy. It requires great communication skill and the ability of attracting the consumers to listen to me. I have to stand for 12 hrs without sitting to draw the consumers' attention. My task is to consult every consumers about Tesco GDA labeling.

The project im doing is about introducing a food labelling system called GDA. In Malaysia,Tesco is initiating first to launch this GDA labelling reading . It is recognised all over the world and widely used in UK. Eventually this GDA helps us to understand and keep track of what we eat daily in order to have a healthy balanced diet. GDA also tells us the amount of food we consume per day. It is also an indicator to what quality food we require for our body. GDA is originally from Grocery Distribution in UK. They are the founders and they have been practising this GDA label reading for 10 years now. There is no age limit for consumers to follow GDA. It depends on how active you are, your height, weight age gender and etc that determines your GDA. Therefore, everyone's GDA is not the same.

Right now, im going to tell u what is GDA actually about. GDA stands for Guideline Daily Amounts. It is a guide to the amounts of calories, sugar, fats, saturated fats and salt that we should not try to exceed everyday in order to have a healthy balanced diet. The aim of this GDA is to provide a guide for consumers to assist them in making appropriate dietary choices. For those consumers who are concerned on their diet, why not try to use GDA today? it really helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

mars of the day

lolx. i enjoyed eating mars - one of my favourite chocolate bar. :D i enjoyed the process of biting, and chewing the chocolate bar slowly.. :) oh god my cute sis shared with me...she had a funny way of eating the chocolate bar.. ahha..i wouldnt want to mention it here cause it is a secret between both of us.. :D

before eating it.

while eating.

after eating. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

my 20th birthday

hmmph...i had turned 20 two days ago. how time flies! my bday was just a normal day. nothing much happen. as usual, i went jogging. while i was jogging i was having a severe heart pain. i rested for awhile. oh my, what is going on? did that prove that im having heart attack? lol. then, i rested at home. sis initially planned to buy me a birthday cake. but i told her she didnt have to cause i knew she was busy preparing for her SPM. i didnt have big birthday cake on my 20th bday. but i had two tiny little ones as replacement. ehe. :D i had birthday card from shu yin. thanks. :) u really surprised me with that cute birthday card. thanks alot. i was deeply touched! =) i got a birthday gift frm a good friend of mine too. thanks alot. i love it. :D aha. my cute little sis said she owed me a birthday gift since she hadnt have the time to get one. never mind. im happy anyway cause she gave me the warmest hug and a kiss. :D i also received alot of sms-es and calls from friends. thanks alot. i was sorry for those who i cant recognise your number cause my hp was snatched before. hope u guys forgave me okie? my bro called me and wished me too.. thanks bro. my mummy was in kl at that time. so mummy said she will buy me a cake later. and today i got it!! ehe. sis, mum n i celebrated in mummy's office. ehe. i was happy though it was only three of us. =D there goes our crazy acts of the day. busy taking pictures. aha. my sis forgot to bring her camera along. so i had to use my mum's camera n mine as well. ehe. thanks alot. i was really happy though it was just a simple celebration. thanks mum n sis. and i would like to thank my friends for spending their little time to sms and gave me a call.. i appreciate it alot. i wish u guys all the best.. :D lurve u guys alot..muaxxx...
my messy sis and i. lolx.
posing with my birthday cake. ehe
she was trying to lick my cake. aha..
p/s: too many photos that were taken. but i only wanted to post these three pics.. ehehe..

Friday, November 7, 2008

miserable and deeply hurt

i was deeply hurt when you said like that to me...haih.. no words can ever describe my feelings. sad..:( worst day i ever had... whatever u had said. i wont let it bothered me anymore.. no more!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i was feeling nervous yesterday. i was supposed to go for training in ipoh. oh god.scary..ehe..i drove to ipoh with my daddy beside me.. ehehe...i dint noticed i was speeding rather fast on the highway.i reached ipoh about 12pm. went to the training venue. to my surprise, my training started at 6pm. then, i waited for 6hrs. while waiting, i was reading the training guides and memorised some of the script. it wasn't bored at all. to my surprise, i wasnt yawning. i didnt fall asleep at all. whee. my fs sent me home about 7.30pm. and i managed to reach home safely. :) hope i will do well in this coming project. do support me!! thanks guys.. :D

my sis took a pic of me before i went to ipoh..ehehe

Sunday, November 2, 2008

2nd nov. =)

i love today tho it was quite bored during the afternoon. as usual, i will accompany my mum to office. ehe..nothing much to do there. sleep, eat, listen to music and REST (of course). about 3pm, my mum fetched me to pick my sis up from her tuition class. then, we went to tesco and taiping sentral.oh no!! the wedding fair was awesome. mum's friend did a fair there. the decorations were beautiful. =) i had my so-called lunch in kenny roger's because mum planned to celebrate my birthday early since she is leaving to kl on my birthday due to her work. nevermind. celebrate earlier better than nothing right?im really happy... hmm...we ordered for two person cause mummy afraid she couldnt finish it up later on. so, three of us shared two sets of meals. ooo...the food were delicious and tasty.. while i was busy eating my chicken, suddenly a fly went into my drink.sob.i had to ask the waiter to change it. lolx. hm.. later on, my mum paid the bill.. the waiter gave us a toothpaste as a free gift. oh god? free gift? for what? a toothpaste as a free gift to remind us to brush our teeth after having their food? lolx. i couldnt stop laughing with my sis. we even took pics posing with the toothpaste. will upload the pics soon. ehe. then, we went and visit other shops. mum wanted to buy the vincci heels but it wasnt comfortable. so my mummy decided not to get them. my mum went to another shoes' shop while i went to look for shi hui. i was chatting with her for awhile. :) then i headed to another shoes' shop to look for my ex-colleague. she was busy, so i couldnt talk much to her. later mum, sis and i walked to look for my colleague and friend. mum and i chatted with my ex-colleague. we were making jokes all the way and talking nonsense. aha. miss it. =D then, we went over to tesco to buy our daily things. after that, we went back. i enjoyed it alot. thanks mum and sis. :)

the day that i enjoyed the most.. :D

Saturday, November 1, 2008

1st nov

oh god..i woke up early today cause i cant sleep last night. my stomach was aching. i went walking instead of jogging. cos my legs were still numb. :( hmm..i gonna miss my friend so much. he is a funny guy.. had fun talking to him. here comes my favourite moment.ehe. we took a few pictures with him before we went back. then i took a bath and got ready for breakfast. dad took us to a new place to have our breakfast. yum yum...the wan tan mee was delicious. i ate till my stomach was full..then i followed mummy to office. mummy was busy working while i was busy doing mine. sis was doing her add maths. ehe.. while we were busy doing our things, sis started to make jokes. i laughed till my stomach was going to burst. it was hurting. lolx. then, later she walked to tuition centre while i was busy listening to my mp4. :) then, i fell asleep. aha. later dad asked us to have our so-called lunch and dinner at nagaria. wow...i missed the place so much. i had been there almost every weekend since i was small till i was 16. i felt everything had changed. i knew the place was renovated. but i couldnt have the chance to have my meals there. ehe. i had chicken chop and banana boat. the food was tasty. i couldnt stop myself from eating. then, after our meals, my mummy sent us to hair saloon to cut my sis' and my hair... we went for a walk in the lake garden since we just had our 'lunch'. lolx. it was raining when we walked home.i ran as fast as i could. but my whole body was wet. sob sob.. i was wearing white t-shirt. huh? hahaah...i went back after that..nice day..ahaha...i enjoyed myself very much..

my sis n i. =)

zian n i were looking at the blue sky. ehe

my sis, weiming n i. =)

Friday, October 31, 2008

30th oct

since my legs are getting numb, i couldnt jog..instead i go for a walk. wanted to jog very much. but what to do. never mind. i still can jog in the evening. in the evening the weather was getting dark.i was praying hard. and it didnt rain. :D i managed to jog one round. after that, my sis, friends and i went for a drink at hawker centre. as usual, we will start crapping around. lolx. gonna miss those times cause a friend of sis is going to leave msia soon. sobs. i am here to wish u all the best ya..take care.. =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

proud.. whee

i am proud of myself today..ehe.. but my legs are getting numb..ahaha..keep up the good work!!!! =) i believe i can do it!!!!!!!! :D

Monday, October 27, 2008

27th oct

27th oct- since it is a public holiday, i had to turn one big round to park my bike. after jogging, i went to petrol station as my bike is running out of petrol. then i rode to pokok assam to take things from my aunt. as soon as i just back from aunt's house, my mum asked me to go to market with her. then i reached home and did some cleaning and helped aunt with cooking. :) since i had finished the work that were assigned by my mummy and aunt, i went to take a two hours nap. its nice to sleep in living room especially sleeping on the round chair.. after i woke up, i had my lunch. later i went for a walk in lake garden with mum n sis. before we went back, we bought bread and some 'kuih-s' for tomorrow's breakfast. hoping tomorrow will be a better day for me. i wish the weather is as beautiful as today. hoping to jog in the evening tomorrow as my sis plans to go with me in the morning. gosh!! better stop myself from eating. or else i will get FAT!!! aha

26th oct

26th oct- nothing much to usual i went jogging. went for breakfast with mum and sis. after that, three of us went to the office. mum planned to work during weekends. my mummy got loads of office work to do. i listened to music as usual while sis was busy studying her biology reference book. later on, her friend came and three of us walked to tuition centre together. initially, i planned to visit my 'friend'..aha. we chatted alot. he is funny as well. i waited for my sis to end her bm class. then two of us walked to kfc to buy our lunch before walking back to office. :) about 4pm later, my mummy bought her lunch and my aunt's as well. we bought alot of fruits. favourite - banana... i drove home and had our fruit feast..since the weather is still hot, we lied flat on the floor and about 5.30pm later, sis n i changed our clothes to go for jogging.initially we only jogged a lil while cause we just had alot of fruits and our lunch as well. sis and i rested on the grass where the golf ball lies and chit chatted. =) then, sis walked to find her friends while i went to talk to my friends. =) about 7pm, we went home. i took a bathe and went for dinner about 8.30pm. i slept about 10.50pm that night..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

25th october

nice day for me. i woke up early to go jogging.. a friend of mine couldnt wake up. so i had to jog alone. aha. as soon as i had finished jogging, i went back home. i went back and crapped with my sister. all of a sudden, my sister wanted to eat chocolate. we went out for breakfast and after our breakfast, we headed to supermarket to buy chocolate for sis. while waiting for the telekom technician to arrive at our house, i was busy watching tv. after fixing the internet problem, i drove out to collect things. then, i reached home. half an hour later, i fetched my sister to tuition centre. =) in the evening, the weather was nice. it's been days that tpg had rained nonstop. happy that i can jog again. :D but this time, i just went for a walk with my sister. there were too many people in the lake garden. definitely it was hard for us to jog around the lake garden. before we went back, i dropped at hawker centre to buy my favourite-soya beancurd.. whee.... then i rode home.. on our way back, again we did something stupid.aha.. (u know i know) hmm...about 7smth, we went for dinner. after dinner, i surfed the net awhile and continued watching chinese drama series. im going to sleep after this. =) ehe

Friday, October 24, 2008

24th oct

today was a boring day for me. i was busy watching chinese series as i was having problems with internet connection at my home. damn. i had nothing to do. so i had to lie on the couch doing nothing. what a boring day for me.. :( i was hoping my time will pass fast as im bored at home..hoping to go jogging. but it was raining.sob. never mind. then, i took 5mins nap. after that, i enjoyed listening to music while lying on sofa. nice and comfortable. it's been a month im in tpg. how time flies. :( later at night, i was waiting for my mum to bring back dinner for my sis and i. i wasnt hungry. but the malay food tempted me a lot.. since i didnt had them for alm0st a year.later i went to prima cafe with a friend of mine. my purpose of going there was to surf net. =) i enjoyed myself a lot. =)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a day in hell

21st october 2008 is like a hell to me..all of a sudden i received a bad news which i cant accept at all.. why is the world so unfair to me???!!! fine!! i had been gone through such life and what is this to me?? small matter right?? i will just have forget used to it...oh gosh!!! now i knew my life isn't easy.. why do i exist in this world? why??!! can anybody tell me why??!!!! i feel im useless...just geetting sick of myself from day to day... wish can find a good solution to endure the hardship that i have been through.. god please tell me what am i suppose to do??????? =(

Sunday, October 19, 2008

18th & 19th october

18th october - nothing much to describe. woke up early and went jogging alone. wanted to train my stamina. jogged rather fast at first. before the entrance of the zoo, i started to pant. i tried to slow down. did a pretty good job. m proud of myself. :) stopped at the lily pond. walked for awhile before went back. somehow, met a friend of mine on the way. she wanted to continue jogging but our conversation made her stopped from doing so.. ops.. sorry ya.. we chatted till about 8.45am. then, we called it off cause she had to rush back to get home as lake garden was peaceful after 8.30am. then, i rode my bike back and reached home. went to take a bath. my mum told me she was not going to work today. i was happy. :D after few minutes later, mum told me that she wanted to work.sobs. never mind.i will just follow her. at least i had things to do. not just sitting at home rotting..ahaha...hmm...accompanied mum to office.watched her work. and i listened to music. suddenly i fell asleep. my sister went for tuition already. or else i wont be that bored. hmm..we waited for my sis to come back to have our lunch. oh ya..before we reached the office a couple hours ago, we already had mcd as our lunch..ehehe... hmm..went to casual market to have our dessert. we had leng chee kang. sis had laksa and curry mee for lunch. my mummy and i shared with her as well. meanwhile waiting for the rain to stop, we chatted like nobody's business. talked nonstop hoping that the rain will stop as we only brought one tiny umbrella which could only fit one person. ahahha... after the rain had finally stopped, we quickly ran over to get our car. then, we headed home. :) hoping to go lake garden to jog. but it was raining very heavily. so my plan was cancelled. sob. :( i slept early that night. =)

19th october - i went jogging. my sis followed me. she went with her friend. after finished jogging, i waited for her for half an hour..haha..nevermind..since i had nothing to do, i just listened to music and did some stretching on my own. then, we went home. mum told us to go to market to do some shopping.. ahaha.. then, we had our breakfast. we bought alot of fruits. oh ya, before i went to market, my mum offered me to drink enzyme.. eww..very sour... then, we headed home. had fruits. after that, we went to office again. mum wanted to work again. as usual, my sis had tuition class to attend. so my mum wil ltake the time to work while waiting for her to finish her class. then, we went to popular to buy her stationaries. we went to watson as well.bought alot of tit bits.. ehehe.. then, we had our lunch at yu li with dad at 4.00pm. wow, lunch at 4pm? amazing huh?? ehehe.. then, my mum wanted to go to tesco to buy some food. bought alot of things. then we went home. we didnt drop by at tpg sentral cause there was nothing to shop. ehehe.. we went home. :) i didnt jog that evening cause by the time we had reached home, it was already 6.15pm. too late for me to jog...we didnt had our dinner already as we were too full during our lunch hour just now.. ehhee...=)

Friday, October 17, 2008


we planned to go jogging. however we were worried that it might rain. so we decided to drive instead of riding bike. too bad it dint rain. aha. we dropped by at photo shop and developed her school pictures. then, we dropped by at photocopy's shop to photocopy her school stuffs as well. after that, we headed to lake garden. nobody was in lake garden. how come? it dint rain. the sky was rather dark only. my sis and i prayed hard that it wouldnt rain as we wanted to go jogging badly. as usual when i jogged with her, i will talk nonstop and make her start laughing.. of course she will stop jogging since she couldnt stop laughing.. ahaha..naughty lil girl of mine... after finished jogging, we walked back. met her friend on our way back. thank god that it dint rain. im glad that we were able to sweat.. ehehe... :D my sis is going to be a stick soon.. ahaha...i think she know what i mean..always relax yourself okay? remember to find me when you need me. i will be crazy with you together...ahaha... :D muaxxxxxxieeeee

Thursday, October 16, 2008


as usual i woke up early.. met a friend of mine... wakaka... both of us go for a walk while chatting... its fun chatting with him since we dint spend our time chatting together since i left for kl to study.. :( i will start crapping with him again.. aahaha...we crapped nonstop. we chatted almost everything... keep arguing among each other..ahahaa...just nice to have him as my friend.. then he fetched me for breakfast. we had 'chee cheong fan' for our breakfast.. ehehehe...after breakfast, he dropped me at lake garden to collect my bike..ehehe...when i reached home, i cleaned and washed my shoes.. then, rested awhile on a chair and surfed the net awhile. and now im blogging.., ehehe...i hope this evening i can jog cause i dint jog since yesterday. :( must start to keep myself fit!! or else my sis will say im fatty girl... ehehee

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


im feeling lazy yesterday.. after jogging, i went for breakfast. ate two roti pisang. (my fave) went back took a bath and went to take a nap. i woke up at 2.30pm. wow!! i slept for is not an afternoon nap anymore..ahahaa.... come i would be so idle?? damn..i just hate myself. get up from the ass and do something else!!!! i received good news when my sis was back from school. :) im very happy.. thus, i offered her to eat sushi..aha...all of the sudden my mummy called.. and our plan was cancelled. sob. never mind..we will make it on other day.. :) had my dinner at 5.20pm. aha.since i dint have my lunch. as usual i helped my mum with housework.. that's the part where i wont feel that myself was useless at that moment. =) hmm...i couldnt sleep at night even though my sis asked me to lie on the bed with her. my eyes were opened wide. i couldnt sleep. sob. i forced myself to sleep..about (no idea what time was it), i finally dozed off... :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

beautiful day.. :)

i woke up early Saturday morning with my little sister. she planned to go to lake garden with me..i was meeting my friend and she was meeting her friend. :) after finished jogging, i waited for my sister as both of us came to lake garden together. then, we chatted awhile before we left. her friend was not joining us for breakfast. ehehe...something funny happened in lake garden. and i would think that the people who were there that morning knew what i was saying. haha.. we took a few pictures before we went back..ehehe...then, sis and i bought breakfast for mummy and aunt.after that, my sis and i went home by motorcycle. we did something stupid on the way back. ahahahaha... :P as soon as we reached home, we took a bath. we put on our casual clothes and followed our mummy to office. mummy planned to work today. i was so boring that i took a nap in the office. ahaha. later i played games in my handphone. about 3.00pm, my dad called asking us to have lunch with him. i waited for my sister before we went for lunch cause my sister was having her tuition. then we had mee rebus and ais kacang for lunch. and i shared with my sister. then, my dad sent us to popular book stores to buy graph papers and correction tapes which my sister needed them for school usage. my mummy, sis and i walked back to collect our car which was parked near mummy's office. then we headed home. :) i dint go jogging in the evening caue i predicted it might rain in the evening but it didnt (ops) haha...anyway i went jogging that morning already..

with my cute and lovely sis... :)

sweet.. :)
smile... :D

feeling hurt and betrayed.....

i couldnt believe with my own eyes or hear it with my own ears.. pretty upset and deeply and why such thing could happen? i never expect such thing could happen..with stupid village idiot's mouth and u believe it? NO WAY!! you are just a loser to me!!!!! and you make me look down on you alot! we are NOT going to trust your words anymore....just stay yourself away from me!!! damn...

Friday, October 10, 2008


ahahaha....tell u secretly...i dint jog for three days already.. and yesterday was my first day of jogging in a week..ahaha.. too lazy to wake up in the morning to go for jogging. i always thought that if i dint jog in the morning, i can still jog in the evening right? but too bad, it is now in rainy season. it will rain almost every evening and till night. pretty cold at night..woooo~~~~ ehehe... i had my first jogging yesterday with zian. ahaha. luckily he woke me up.or else i will be still sleeping on my cosy mattress.. :) had my first jog in a week in 16mins. too bad i was panting too much. after jogging, both of us went for a walk in the lake garden. its been quite a long time since i walked into the lake garden. normally i will just jog outside the lake garden. i didnt notice that the lake garden is such a beautiful place. :) then, we had breakfast at hawker centre. eventually i didnt plan to eat cause im on diet. after the food has arrived,i started to drool. so i had my breakfast there instead. actually, this is my first breakfast in hawker centre since i was back from kl a few weeks ago. ehehe.. then, i bought my aunt a packet also. then we headed home. as soon as i reached home, i took out a piece of cloth and started cleaning my shoes. after cleaning my shoes, i spotted a milipede crawling near the shoe rack... ewwww!!! it was huge... i cant stand the legs especially. i tried to sweep it away from my house but its legs gripped too hard on the floor making me hard to sweep it away from my porch. and finally after my hard work, i managed to let it out from my house.. yay!!! oh..i feel so disgusted when i came to think about it again. i went to take a bath and onlined awhile. suddenly i felt so sleepy and took a nap. i woke up whe nmy sis was back from school.. a sleeping beauty.. (as if) since i dint work, so i take this opportunity to sleep. perhaps when my university life starts again,i cant be wasting any more time to sleep as my course is getting tougher. *sigh* after woke up, i had chocolates for lunch..shhh.... no wonder im so fat..i had never come across people having chocolate for lunch..maybe got...but it is not malaysian lifestyle.. ehehe... then, i chatted with my sis while she was busy doing her extra homework. :) later in the evening, i did nothing but drew a cartoon. (gonna show u my piece of artwork one day).. :) i even helped mum to do housework..then i went to bed about 1 am. =D

the view of lake garden..beautiful right?

isn't the milipede is huge? eeee.....