Thursday, March 16, 2017

My First Latte Art @ #Markets22! ❤

I had a brilliant time in Markets 22 last week with my friend, Mon. The largest lifestyle bazaar in Klang Valley, #Markets22 came up with the Barista theme. Coffee lovers can visit the bazaar as they organised coffee appreciation workshop other than Latte Art Throwdown competition too. 

Coffee beans are available for sale too. (: 
There are a total of 32 rounds of Latte Art Throwdown competition whereby baristas did their latte art on the coffees according to the theme selected by the judges.

One of the participants. (: 
Since I was there during lunch hour, I dropped by at a stall to have assam laksa. I was craving for it so badly that I have decided to sit down and had a bowl of assam laksa. *yum yum*

There are many food trucks and stalls available for those who can drop by to have their light snack safter whole day of shopping at the bazaar. 

There were many food trucks and stalls available. There are varieties of food available. So awesome! 

Anyway check out some of the fashion and accessories booths that I love.

The best part about this event was I had the opportunity to go for Latte Art workshop and did my first latte art. Yay! Thank you Bucket B Cafe! 

Tried the latte art with the help from the expert, Crystal. I was too nervous and my hands were too stiff and my art turned out to be a kidney bean-shaped. LOL.

However, I had so much fun! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try it out. Now I keen to learn more and plan to go for coffee course too. *winkz* I can't wait for the next Markets soon!

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

#Markets22 is Back with Barista Theme! ❤

Hello readers! I have some good news to share with you guys! Markets is back once again and this time they have a theme with it - BARISTA theme! Most of you would have known that #Markets is one of the largest lifestyle bazaar in Klang Valley and this time would be their 22nd installments! 

Coffee lovers might want to visit the bazaar this time as they have coffee appreciation workshop to attend on these two days. The bazaar will be held at The School by Jaya One on 11th - 12th March with awesome activities on these days! 

Day 1
11.00 am - Latte Art Throwdown (Round of 32) 
2.30 pm - Coffee Appreciation Workshop 
3.00 pm - Doi Chaang Coffee Workshop 
3.30 pm - Latte Art Throwdown (Round of 16) 
6.30 pm - Announcement of Best Pour and Finalists (Top 8)

Day 2
11.00 am - Latte Art Throwdown Finals (Top 8 and Top 6) 
1.30 pm - Coffee Stain  Painting by Atelier Art Space/Gallery
2.30 pm - Performance 
3.00 pm - Prize giving ceremony 
3.30 pm - Brewing Methods Workshop 
4.00 pm - Performance 
4.30 pm - Coffee Appreciation Workshop 

Here's a snippet of what went down during Markets 21:

You may also check out the photos below from the previous #Markets21 or you can also visit my blog post on the previous Markets too:

You do not want to miss out the largest lifestyle bazaar in the Klang Valley. Do not miss this out! See you guys on this weekend! (= 

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